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Web2Cast Lets You Send Any Webpage to Chromecast From an Android Device

Chromecast has been booming in popularity lately, given the recent release of its SDK. We have seen everything from Android mirroring to Cards Against Humanity pop up on the platform, so it’s safe to say that the apps will just keep flowing in.

The latest to join the party is Web2Cast, a utility app letting Android users beam pretty much anything displayable in the browser to the big screen in your living room.

You can add a webpage using the app’s interface and give it a name to recognize it by, and then tap on it to send it over to your Chromecast. HTML files and many types of images are supported, so you won’t have trouble finding content to place on your TV.

Also supported is the ability to Cast files stored on a local server, given that your Chromecast is on the server’s WiFi network. The developer recommends uploading files to a service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, though, to easily access these kinds of files without being tethered to that particular WiFi network.

Web2Cast is now available for $1.99 over on Google Play. Chromecast aficionados, are we jumping on this one?

Play Link ($1.99)

  • Jake

    There are only three reviews, one of which says that you can cast the page, but can’t navigate it. Therefore, I wonder if all it’s really doing is taking a screen capture, then casting the resulting jpg or png file.

  • All I need is Windows Mediaserver / DLNA PLEASE!!!!

    • edoggy

      Download Serviio for Windows, It’s free. On your Android Phone/Tablet use something like Avia or AllCast. They both support DLNA. Those apps will see Serviio running on your home network. Remember that Chromecast only support MP4 so you may have to recode some of your video. You can use a free (and awesome) program called Handbrake. Serviio can recode on the fly, but you need a pretty fast processor.

      • Hmm. Ive tired AllCast but it just loads and loads forever trying to find devices. Ill try Avia I suppose. Thanks for the tip.

  • Jack

    Honestly, I don’t get all these cast a webpage to the TV apps – none of them have worked even half decently for me. Videostream (www.streamchromecast.com) + downloaded movies + Chromecast is all I need!

    • Dan P

      Seconded. Videostream is basically all I need to get the stuff I want onto my TV.

      • Redux

        Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! I’ve been wishing for this app since I got my Chromecast!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

    • Jeff C

      Plex does this far better, right from my phone or tablet.

      • Redux

        Except they want 4 dollar a month (plus another 3 for the app) and force me to install their media server. Videostream definitely needs tablet /phone app though, they’re very new and still lacking in that department.

    • edoggy

      I use Serviio for Windows plus Avia on Android. I can see all my videos on my home server on my Android Phone/Tablet, and play them on my Chromecast. A little more setup but quite nice. I’m thinking of picking up a new router that supports DLNA so then I don’t even need Serviio. Just plug in a USB hard drive to the router with all my media and the Avia app will be able to see it.

  • Michael swaim

    So I tried this app……. Don’t get it unless there are a few more updates. It does load the Web pages but…. I couldn’t scroll up or down…. So take that for what it is.

  • Reynolds

    I’ll wait til Chrome embeds this into their browser. The developer at least needs to include a free trial to get more interest.

  • Zee

    I still want to be able to cast shows from NBC et al, either through their app or their website. Doesn’t sound like this will work for what I want yet…

    • Ryan

      see my post below…or above..

  • Nayners

    I’m sorry, but this is a horrible DL post. Step up your game, Rithvik. I’m starting to ignore your posts.

    • Ethan T

      I disagree – this seems quite useful in a “broad use for Chrome Cast” fashion.

      • Ryan

        Agreed I want to see every app about chromecast even the stupid ones.

    • In what sense is this “horrible”?

      I’d like to improve, so constructive feedback is useful.

  • Ryan

    If anyone wants a way to use chromecast with movies use show box and avia. Un check use internal player when starting a movie then select Avia. Works great for me.


    • Ryan

      Im waiting for Tim to chime in on how I have a lead charging cable for my G pad…..and G2…..LOL

    • Matt

      Videostream! I hate getting videos to my phone, download on my pc. Another commenter already dropped a link somewhere here – it lets you cast from PC in 1080p.

    • Big_EZ

      Show Box quit working for me back in December. There hasn’t been any show updates since December 18th, and all the old shows have been removed. How do you have it working?

  • Aaron E

    Zero downloads on Google play. That is all.

    • It came out just today… It usually takes a couple hours for Google Play to propagate downloads.