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HTC One (2014) for Verizon Now on Sale Through eBay, But It’s a Dummy Unit

March 25 is the date set in which HTC plans on unveiling the next rendition of the One. Thanks to the Internet, folks who can’t wait that long to see just how the device will feel in their hands can place bids for a Verizon dummy unit.

Dummy units are devices shipped to carriers and other retailers for display purposes only, featuring zero working internals and fake displays. The only point of them is to give customers an idea of how the phone feels while in hand, as the weight and dimensions should be identical to a working unit. 

The bidding appears to end right on March 25, and the price is still pretty solid at around $65. Whoever posted the device took some very nice pictures of the unit, and if this is exactly what we should expect from the Big Red model, we’re impressed with the logo subtlety.

Ready to get your hands on this dummy device? Bidding is currently taking place over on eBay, so head on down.

Gotta say, this phone’s design is really starting to grow on us.


NEW_January_1_NON_Working_Dummy_Display_Sample_Phone_HTC_ONE_FOR_M8_2___eBay-2 4 NEW_January_1_NON_Working_Dummy_Display_Sample_Phone_HTC_ONE_FOR_M8_2___eBay-2 2 NEW_January_1_NON_Working_Dummy_Display_Sample_Phone_HTC_ONE_FOR_M8_2___eBay-2 NEW_January_1_NON_Working_Dummy_Display_Sample_Phone_HTC_ONE_FOR_M8_2___eBay-2 5 NEW_January_1_NON_Working_Dummy_Display_Sample_Phone_HTC_ONE_FOR_M8_2___eBay-2 3

Via: eBay | NoWhereElse.fr
  • Rob

    That damn black bar =[

  • wolfedude88

    Am I the only one still going for the lighter silver color, like that of the original One? While I like this new color I am glad that this is still an option.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I’m starting to wonder how many of these color styles are actually real. Black Inserts vs White Inserts etc

      • wolfedude88

        Same thing they did last year. Evleaks is usually reliable. Should be four colors at launch.

    • flosserelli

      Agreed. I prefer black (or as close to black as possible), but that dark grey is off…something is just not right about it. It reminds me of a plumbing pipe.

  • i mean i love that design…that dark metallic id love this phone…but man they made it way way way to big…come on htc you think little girls wanna take selfies when they cant hold the phone in one hand?

  • Epic Tea

    i just can’t get over that massive Chin. Its not so bad on my M7 because there is buttons there but speakers + bar + software keys make the screen seem like its still 4.7 but the phone is bigger?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s 5inches

  • hyperbeatser

    love that color, but that chin is so unnecessarily large

  • Seth Kwon

    So HTC was laughing at S5 with their flagship still having DDR2 ram. That’s so 2012.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      HTC didn’t say anything about DDR2 RAM. It doesn’t matter either way especially when Samsung can’t optimize their Skin properly

      • Seth Kwon

        And still the same camera. It doesn’t matter either way when HTC will still have hard time selling 10 million of their flagship.

      • Average DL Sheep

        Oh you have a hands on review of the GS5? Please share where you got this information!

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          LOL. Watch any video and you’ll see exactly what I mean, I’ts the same skin unchanged stuttering it’s way along. Wait patiently for the reviews.

  • imHOWIE

    I like the color, but the bezels are ridiculous and so is the huge HTC logo below the screen. That thing looks a lot bigger than it needs to be. I guess HTC missed the memo that the goal now is to fit a bigger screen into a body as small as possible.

  • AllThingsReviewed215
    • Damn it only sold for 500 bucks.

      • Ugh. UltraPixel, again. It better have something larger than 4MP.

        • Simpsons Did It

          If it was a number worth talking about (like the 5mp front camera) they would talk about it.

          also dat ddr2

          • 2GB of RAM too. Now all the people that were trashing the GS5 because it only had 2GB can shut up now.

          • Seth Kwon

            GS5 at least DDR3. HTC is DDR2. Even GS4 had DDR3 last year.

          • Hipster Troll Carwash

            No way bro, the GS4 had dd3 because they had commercials everywhere. If HTC advertised they would have better internals too!

  • RaptorOO7

    Its last years design with slight changes, reduced internal storage by 50-75% (depending on 32GB or 64GB) microSD is no real help when you can’t move apps to it and having 10GB usable space is useless. Welcome to 2010.

    • There was one that supposedly sold on ebay showing 32gb storage. Let’s not cast stones quite yet. HTC can’t win with you guys. They add an SD card after everyone whines they don’t have one and now you just move onto something else.

  • Ray

    dummy unit=dummy purchase

  • tylerc23

    That’s definitely the color I’m getting. Real nice

  • Bob

    160 grams? No thanks… I’ll take a Note 3 instead.

    • waaaaa phone so heavy for my tiny hands n muscles

  • Intellectua1

    Who the heck would buy a dummy unit..

    • Nexoduss

      A dummy

    • tylerc23

      a dummy

      • Logan Jinks

        A case manufacture is a good example. So is anyone who makes and sells accessories for it.

  • The Narrator

    That color is gorgeous

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      I know! I was about to jump to eBay and then I finished reading the title 🙁

    • Charles Walker

      I don’t think I’ll be able to resist that color when the phone becomes available. It’s by far the sexiest phone I’ve ever seen. Can only imagine how nice it is in person. Now that the One offers expandable storage, the only real advantage Galaxy has now is a removable battery.

      • Tim242

        What about that awful camera?

        • Simpsons Did It

          Don’t forget updates after 1 year…

        • PurpleHaze

          Something went wrong with the camera in my friend’s HTC One which causes it to take purple tinted pictures in low light environments. I guess it’s been happening to a good percentage of the phones and the only known fix is to go and get the hardware in the phone replaced. It’s really soured him on HTC as a whole because he’s taken really good care of his phone and it just started happening like a month ago after only having the phone for less than a year.

          I’ve never seen anything like that happen on any phone. I’ve read tons of articles on it happening with the One though.. what a shame.

          • PurpleHaze
          • Charles Walker

            I’d be surprised if they didn’t fix it with 2014 model.

          • PurpleHaze

            They might have, but I’m more than sure that in the meantime the people experiencing the problem probably won’t ever buy another device from HTC anytime soon.

          • Jim Kalista

            For anyone with the purple issue.. HTC has said they will replace it for free.. even if you didn’t buy it from a store.. I had one I got from Craigslist and it had the purple tint.. no questions asked sent it off and it was back in a few days good as new..

          • PurpleHaze

            Thanks for the tip! I will definitely tell my friend.

        • Charles Walker

          It was always my understanding that the One takes better photos indoor/darker environments, where Galaxy excels in bright/outdoor environments. I would expect the 2014 One to take even better photos.

          • Tim242

            Galaxy has a low light mode. Why would you expect the all new one to take better photos? It’s the same camera …

          • TSY87

            the galaxy low light mode is a joke. At least it was/is on my s4 and note 3

          • Grayson

            Even the original Galaxy S had a low light mode. Having that mode doesn’t mean it takes good pictures in low light.

          • Tim242

            The GS4 and Notes 2 &,3 both take better pics in auto low light mode, than the One. Anandtech and GSM Arena have done extensive tests.

          • Grayson

            Whatever you say, captain.

          • michael arazan

            My GS3 takes horrible pictures in the dark without flash, pretty good with flash unless there is a reflective surface, like water.

        • Cory Pitkavish

          Uh oh here’s tim242 trolling anyone who doesn’t go for Samsung look out

          • Tim242

            Really? You think the removable battery is the only real advantage? that was troll talk.

  • morteum

    That was a buzzkill

  • Guy Pierce

    About as good as the actual “One” will be.

  • Logan Jinks

    I think this new design has finally grown on me. I was preferring the original one design, but I think I like this ‘One’ better.

    • Nexoduss

      That’s like saying the iphone 5s design is finally growing on you over the iphone 5 design. HTC is awful and so are all of their products.

      • tylerc23

        Your opinion

        • Nexoduss

          Im gonna say that it’s a majority opinion seeing as how awful they do with sells. Id also like to see their numbers for customer retention because i feel like whe people buy one of their phones they end up hating it by the end of their time with it.

          • K

            Majority opinion? LOL. The majority of people more than likely don’t know much about HTC due to their marketing presence, or lack thereof…not cause their products are awful. It’s a whole different ballgame when referring to us android addicts that know more about tech than the regular person.

          • but thanks though

            I doubt this is even true.

            When people want to buy something they google it. When they walk into the stores they browse the phones on display.

            They don’t go “NO DON’T SHOW ME THAT PHONE, I DIDN’T SEE A COMMERCIAL ON IT!”, they go “No, don’t show me that phone, it has a pointless black bezel and a 4mp camera in 2014”.

            Fact of the matter is people these days do browse sites that rate and review phones. So can you show me a site that only reviews Samsung and Apple? Because I’m pretty sure the most popular ones have reviewed all of them.

            HTC is dead, it is time to move on.

            Oh and “us android addicts that know more about tech than the regular person.”

            I highly doubt that, please inform us of your career. Working in the Geek Squad does not make you an expert on “tech”.

          • Actually most people don’t research. They walk into a store and do whatever the sales person says to do. HTC does not have a huge presence here because they are not able to run promotions and such. People will walk in and say I saw that Galaxy on TV. Salesman will show it to them and latch on to that because they are interested. Some research but most don’t. On top of that the One was mostly well reviewed and just one the best phone award from CTIA. It’s not like if you look it up there is nothing but bad things to say about it.

            Also, who cares what that guy does for a living? He may drive a garbage truck but if he reads and is interested he probably does know more than the “regular person”.

          • deskjob

            You’re talking about a well-informed consumer who’s done decent research and is tech savvy.. In other words. us. We’re not representative of the majority of consumers. Just the other day I had to go into my local VZ store to help a friend pick out a phone. While I was there, there were a couple families there picking phones for grandparents and kids. The sales people all herded them directly to the Galaxy phones because of the price promotions. One of the kids seemed a little bit tech savvy and was asking about battery life, but the sales people mentioned the Droid maxx but then said that the S4 was lasts “almost as long”. Another kid, girl, was looking at the HTC One because I think it looked like the iPhone, but the sales people didn’t even stop. It was very clear they were trying to push Samsung. It was sad, because they sales team were saying things like “the 2GB ram allows you to save a lot of photos”.

          • Ranjan Srinivas

            The average customer probably doesnt even know what bezel is. Yeah , saying 4MP would put a lot of customers off. But this year, the second camera will intigue the people as to what its purpose is. HTC is no blackberry. I think they’re here to stay….

          • Tim242

            HTC used to be the main Android OEM. Their years of putting out bad hardware that failed, and horrible updates killed them.

          • Their sales are not awful, they’re just down. The profits are where they are really hurting. You can’t judge the quality of a product by its sales numbers alone. What device are you crazy about?

          • Tim242

            The device had horrible sales. The camera was the main issue.

          • athom07

            The HTC One sold around 5 million in its opening month…I know that because I was watching the S4, the One and the Moto X to see which one I was going to get. I don’t think they had a problem with sales although they may not have kept pace with Samsung after a while (I’m sure they didn’t). It took the LG G2 a WHOLE QUARTER to sell 2 million. So I would say 5 mil in a month isn’t bad at all.

          • Tim242

            That doesn’t account for the returns.

          • athom07

            Well no, you said they had horrible sales and I pointed out that they did not. I don’t know what kind of return rates they had and I suspect you don’t either.

          • Tim242

            Their sales is not just one month. Their sales were flat after that.

          • athom07

            So just by using Google (which you clearly aren’t), I found that it is estimated they sold around 1.2 million per month in the following months. So 5 million in the first month, and then 1.2 in the following months are horrible then? Your talking out of your ass.

            There’s a report on BGR that HTC was the third best selling phone in Q3 behind S4 and the iPhone.

          • Ranjan Srinivas

            Just cause they’re awful with sales that doesnt necessarily means the phone sucks. HTC One was ‘one’ of the first phones to receive kitkat. Combined with schemes such as HTC Advantage, im pretty sure they’re trying to keep their customers happy as much as possible.

          • jnt

            Would you consider the Nexus devices, or Moto X, better? I’m only asking that because of your name and profile picture. If your answer is “yes”, then your premise is totally flawed I’m afraid.

        • tdurden64111


      • The iPhone 5s only changed color options and the home button. This phone while looking similar is a lot different in design. You are awful.

        • Nexoduss

          Its not different. Its just another awful htc product. This phone just changed color and a little more roundness to the body. From your profile picture i can tell that youre a big fruitcake who like male genetalia inside him.

          • Dude, the new “One” has a larger display, two cameras, different look (rounded, taller, different color, etc), higher specs, and more. It’s not “just a different color and more roundness”

          • Tim242

            It has the same size display as the Droid DNA. With the buttons on screen, it will still be at 4.7 most of the time though. 2 cameras? Gimmick! It’s still a 4MP crapshooter. Higher specs? Still DDR2 2GB of RAM. Only the processor is different. It’s only taller because they were too stupid to remove the bar.

          • jnt

            I can’t believe it’ll be 4mp on the back, and 5 on the front… smh

          • I think you’re quoting the wrong person… My reply was to Nexoduss who said the only change between the One 2012 and One 2013 was a different color and more roundness. I corrected him saying it has a larger display, two cameras, a new look besides just the color, and higher specs. I didn’t mention the DNA, I didn’t say the cameras were good, and I didn’t mention I prefer the new look.

          • It’s not just more round. They took out the plastic trim on the sides and redesigned the top to enhance radio performance because of more metal on the enclosure. That’s a large difference. However, I don’t know why I am even replying to someone who is either a. intentionally trolling or b. mildly retarded. I’ll let people make decisions based on the intelligence of your argument all day.

          • Tim242

            I like male genitals inside of me, and I hate HTC…

          • TSY87

            the iphone 5 to 5s was hardly any difference.. you could probably use the same cases. the one and the new one (terrible name btw) are completely different. Sure, the change is evolutionary at best, but its still different.

        • tdurden64111

          I agree that I like the darker gunmetal color and the more curved back (very Moto X-esq), but other than that I don’t see THAT big of a difference. I’m not like the guy above you, I think the design is alright.

          • Grayson

            Well, for one thing, the original One had plastic on the sides, but the metal on this new One continues from the back and wraps around the sides. Also, the screen is noticeably larger, 5.0 vs. 4.7. And on this unit, the metal has a completely different color and texture compared to the original One. I think this new brushed metal looks awesome.

      • Logan Jinks

        No quite an accurate analogy, but it’s ok if you just want to rag on HTC.

      • LiterofCola

        you’re an idiot

        • Simpsons Did It

          Interesting retort. Must have put a lot of thought into it you mental invalid.

        • Tim242

          You are blind.

    • I’m with you. At first I liked the old one better. Its the roundness that I was not crazy about but I’m coming around.

  • Ben Murphy

    You’d have to be a dummy to buy this.

    • eeeeeeeeeee

      This also applies to the actual One (2014 (sic))

  • r0l

    I’m sure HTC will have something left to announce in two weeks….

    • I hope so… I’m going to the London event, don’t want to fake a surprised look.

    • 213ninja

      price, maybe?

    • Logan Jinks

      Actually the one thing that is most interesting about the phone, Duo Camera, hasn’t actually been revealed. We yet to have found out what the second camera actually does. I read the speculations, but nothing really shows what it can do.

    • michael arazan

      For the right price the dummy unit could make you money if you get it cheap then scrap it for the weight of the material.