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OnePlus One to Feature 5.5-inch Display in a 5-inch Phone’s Body

OnePlus, a new phone manufacturer led by a former Oppo exec, has decided that the best way to unveil their CyanogenMod-powered phone is to slowly announce specs as we close in on a launch. I’m not sure if this is better or HTC’s approach, which is to let everyone in the world leak your phone for you. Either way, the new company is going to try to bring a phone with incredibly high-end specs at a reasonable price, with CM on board. Oh yeah, it’s called the One, if you didn’t know yet. OnePlus One, get it? 

The first tease included mention of the multiple LTE bands that the phone will support. The second confirmed that the phone will run a Snapdragon 800 processor. The third, which came last week, outed the phone’s “specially optimized” 3,100mAh battery. The fourth, and probably the most notable to date, talks of the phone’s 5.5-inch 1080p display that somehow fits into a body that you have seen house smaller displays.

The example OnePlus gives us can be seen below. According to today’s tease, the OnePlus One is lying underneath the Xperia Z1 you are seeing pictured, which as you know has a 5-inch display. So OnePlus apparently has put a 5.5-inch display in a phone body the same size as the Xperia Z1. Not bad.

The display sits somewhere around 400ppi and is 1080p because “QHD is overkill,” according to OnePlus.

As far as I know, this other One is still coming in Q2. Interested?

oneplus one xperia z1

Via:  OnePlus Forums [2]
  • tdurden64111


  • and this pissing contest with screen size is annoying…i want to use a phone to make calls and text and use on my daily routine and when i need a tablet ill pick up my flippin tablet…stop it with these 5+ screen size phones these stupid companies call “phones”…this is the one area i gotta give apple credit because the masses dont wanna carry a phone they cant fit in their pocket or purse…my opinion of course

    • Robert

      I like how you say “stop it with these 5+ screen size phone” and “the masses don’t wanna carry a phone they cant fit in their pocket or purse”.. when my Galaxy Note 2 fits in both my pocket and my wife’s purse just fine.. these two statements make no sense together.. or you are referring to two different pieces of tech… and you say “the masses don’t wanna” then say “my opinion of course”.. how can your opinion be the will of the masses? again, logic fail…

      • By that statement i can tell you and your wife arent the most attractive couple and lack style… I stick by my statement

        • Robert


  • why would they name their phone so close to htc’s phone…just like…stupid…be original call it the OnePlus Cyano or something…OnePlus One is just stupid how you going to be taken seriously

  • Jacob Mustin

    I refuse to buy it simply due to the name. HTC naming the One AFTER already having the OneX is stupid enough. Now the all new One… AND the One+ …. how can you brag to your friends about that phone?

    • Steve B

      Just call it “the Cyanogenmod phone.”

  • Ryan

    I dunno. I probably wouldn’t bother as any phone at 5″ or above are what I consider phablets to me. (Of course, this is a subjective opinion on the matter.. so take it for what you will.)

    That aside, I’m quite happy with the Moto X, so I have no intentions of checking this phone out. Besides, I got off the CyanogenMOD base, and still looking for a ROM on my Nexus 7 (2012) since the stock firmware on the Moto X is handling itself quite nicely actually. And with XPosed, its basically mine again.

  • T_Dizzle

    Definitely, looking to leave my unlimited data with two dummy lines plan behind. I don’t use enough data to justify the extra money. I use CM so a phone designed for it has my attention.

  • DimStyle

    Take my money !

  • jb


  • 2?

  • cjohn4043

    and here I am reading the title thinking that this was going to be a new phablet coming from HTC.

  • Steve B

    If this comes at Nexus 5 price or below (which seems likely), and has a better camera and all my form factor preferences, I’ll jump on it in a heartbeat.

    • MJ

      Why do you think it is likely a small company with a relatively low production run of a phone will be priced lower then the Nexus 5 which is not sold for profit by Google?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i am interested. i’ve been following

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    It fits, if that’s what you want to hear.

    5.5″ diagonal @ 1080p = 16:9 = 2.695″ x 4.785″
    Sony Xperia Z = 5.69″ x 2.91″

    That makes the bezels almost identical to the LG G2.

    That said, the Z1 was a pretty big phone, all things considered. I will withhold judgement for now, but it sounds like it will not be a device for me, as the LG G2 is just a hair large for my tastes, and the Z1 was significantly larger than that.

    • JMonkeYJ

      Also, this picture only shows that the phone is narrower than the Z1. Since it doesn’t show the entire Z1, the 1+ phone could be longer. Z1 is already a long phone…

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Actually, this isn’t exactly something special OnePlus is doing. The Xperia Z1 is overly large for its screen size, with lots of bezel on all four sides on the front, so it’s not a fair comparison. The Xperia Z1 is almost the same size as the Note 3, which actually has a 5.7-inch screen, so it’s nothing that unique or new.

    But still, maybe they could surprise us, and it’s good to see they kept the proportions small.

  • morteum

    So…. when is HTC going to sue?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The HTC One is just that, the “HTC One”. That is what they have trademarked, not “One”.
      Hence, there’s nothing they can do.

    • Cael

      HTC would have been sued if they named the One (2014) the HTC One+

  • T4rd

    Intradasting.. I have a 9-Inch member in a 4-Inch member’s body!

    • Jonathan Williams

      The size of the fight on the dong…

    • Nexoduss

      that’s funny because I have a 4 inch member on a 9 inch member’s body haha: )

  • CraigGCox

    One would assume the next major spec in line to be announced would be the camera. Looking at the image above, you can also see that after that, there is only one more announcement. Hopefully that will be the actual reveal of the phone! http://num.to/2227-7540-4286

  • bogy25

    They couldn’t come up with a better name? Something creative? Or is creativity gone for good now? If so I can create a new phone called the iphone+?

  • flosserelli

    It would have been more convincing if they showed a video of the Xperia Z1 covering their phone, rather than a static photo of an Xperia Z1 lying on a table.

  • Guy Pierce


  • Menger40

    It all sounds good, but until specs, price, and a release date are confirmed I won’t be too excited.

  • 1+1= 2

  • Mackster248

    Is the company making this based on the US or overseas?

    • silver_arrow

      They are a group of former Oppo employees so they are probably based out of China.

      • Mackster248

        Thanks! Hopefully this will be fully compatible with T-Mobile’s network.

      • The Narrator

        Oppo makes quality hardware, so I’m looking forward to it.

      • michael arazan

        Can I get it with stock android instead?

  • Mike Dye

    Very interested. It will all come down to price. 🙂

  • Jkdem85

    I am interested, but being on Verizon I guess it doesn’t matter

    • Open1Your1Eyes0


    • Adam

      That’s why I switched to T-Mobile. They paid my ETFs.

      • Jkdem85

        Company pays and I have ulim data still I’m stuck

        • tdurden64111

          I’m in the same boat, and imagine that many people are. Biggest first world problem ever.

      • Sam

        …after you traded in your phone.

  • Tony Byatt

    April 1st is in a few weeks isn’t it…