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HTC US President Talks One (2014) Leaks, Broader Device Portfolio in 2014

It must be hard working at HTC, having to build hype around an upcoming device that has been leaked more times than one can keep track of. Thanks to last year’s One, the Taiwan-based company is beginning to build a recognizable brand that should help the cause, with the HTC America President Jason Mackenzie leading the charge here in the US.

Recently interviewed by CNBC, Jason touches on a few crucial points for the company – excessive leaks, building a broader device portfolio that includes mid-range and pre-paid devices, and a focus on building the best flagship they possibly can. 

In the interview , when Jason brings up that the One was voted Best Smartphone of the Year at MWC in February, he points out that this is a case of “the best getting better” on March 25 – that being the date which is set for the company to unveil the All New One. Funny enough, the CNBC reporter then asks if all of the leaks of the new One have “stolen their thunder.” Seeming somewhat flattered by the amount of leaks, Jason replies that he is happy there is so much excitement over the next One flagship, but denies to comment any further.

The next question asked, which is an area of hurt for HTC, was the matter of smartphone marketshare. HTC’s numbers have been falling fast over the years, thanks to Samsung’s monstrous marketing efforts. Jason relates his company’s releases to that of a Rolex going up against a Timex. Sure, Timex may sell more, but is the quality and passion of craftsmanship to be found in the devices? He continues that HTC has strong carrier/partner support, and that brand recognition for the One is on the uprise. All in all, he’s content that if HTC continues to deliver the better product, the “marketshare will take care of itself.”

To wrap it up, Jason touches quickly on the fact that HTC must pay more attention to two additional sectors in the smartphone arena – pre-paid devices and mid-range devices. They did so last year with the HTC One Mini, so it’s probably a safe bet that we can expect the same device scheme with the All New One in 2014. How exactly HTC wants to attack the pre-paid market here in America, to combat Motorola’s insanely-popular Moto G, remains to be seen.

To watch the full four minute video, look below.

  • TylerChappell

    Starting with the J Butterfly back in 2012, HTC has been putting both excellent design and specs into their flagships.
    You could kind of think of the J Butterfly as where it all started. After that they have had the Droid DNA, the One, the Butterfly s, and now they’ll have the all new One. None of these phones are slouches, and once you slap KitKat on all of these devices, they all basically feel like a slight variation of the same premium device.

  • CHRIS42060

    They should probably base their marketing campaign for the New One with Titanic related ads. They have both had a hell of a lot of leaks.

    • NemaCystX

      Regardless of what people say about HTC, leaks I think help them, like this news spot they earned on the evening news. The more its in the press, the more it becomes out there and thus free advertising for HTC

      Samsung got alot of it when they were in court with Apple. Apple made a HUGE mistake saying that the Galaxy S phones are like the iPhone. When consumers heard about this and Apple admitting to it, they pretty much sealed their fate when consumers found a good alternative to the iPhone. I think Samsung got alot of Apple’s customers and HTC got some too

  • MH

    Rolex vs timex….wow. Never heard a worse analogy in my life.

    • NemaCystX

      I understood it quite easily.

      Rolex is an expensive watch, made of metal, extremely high quality but also a high price (HTC does all this without the high price and even offers screen replacement, 2 years of updates guaranteed!

      Timex is a plastic watch that has the same features but without the quality of the Rolex, no durability as plastic cracks and wears/decolors over time. (Samsung is the Timex in this regard but offer massive screens, big batteries and styli) I guess it depends on what the consumer wants. Sadly the days of people wanting a quality device are likely coming to an end. My dad would say the same thing about cars and other products. They don’t make them to last anymore, they want your money, because, well, they are in the business of making money so they will make sure the device/product only lasts so long before you need to replace it and thus they get their income.

  • creed

    Speaking of product leaks, HTC’s leaked their version of Google Glass. This is sure to put them back on top.

    • Jeremy Gross

      with big bezels

  • Cael

    TBH I’ve only seen like 2 HTC One’s, no mini’s, and 1 max in real life public use and no Verizon person has directed me to any HTC product in the past year nor have I seen them hyping any HTC device to any other customers so I disagree with any statement he says about the One being on the uprise. Carrier support?: Everybody knows Verizon is in bed with Motorola & Samsung, ATT is in bed with Samsung, T-Mobile with LG, and Sprint is just all over the place but HTC is not at the top of its list…
    Try again please.

  • AJ McKay

    Didn’t HTC they were going to release less handsets like a year ago?

    • Cael

      I guess instead of flooding the market with crap [like Samsung and how they used to be], theyre going to flood it will quality products that I hope they can all support?

      • melitagnm105

        my Aunty Amelia got a new blue Land Rover LR4 only from
        working part time off a home computer… helpful hints F­i­s­c­a­l­P­o­s­t­.­ℂ­o­m

        • Cael


    • HTC was successful when they were flooding the market with devices. Only problem is the company is too small to provide updates. For example, Samsung released a phone on Verizon called the Galaxy Stellar. Yea, never heard of it either. They updated that phone from ICS to JB. Insane, compared to updating portfolio that HTC has.


    • Rob

      Yep, but I guess profit margins on cheaper phones might be higher? Who knows, this back and forth they do can’t be that good. They should stick to a plan long enough to determine if it’s working or not. Had they released the One on Verizon along with the other carriers from day 1 they might have had much higher sales.

      • michael arazan

        Free “Leaks” are also cheaper than hiring a PR Firm. Hope they are saving money and plan on the leaks creating more buzz than a million dollar PR firm and advertising.

  • Honestly

    Not sure Rolex would have a 4mp camera or black logo bezel bar… but yeah sure, you are the Rolex of smartphones…

    Fact of the matter is, the S5 and the One (not the old o(O?)ne but the new O(o?)ne, err…) cost the exact same yet Samsung sells more because people want a phone that gets updates and support and isn’t dropped in less than the 2 year contract term they were given.

    This isn’t Rolex vs Timex, this is a company who makes countless quality products for customers (TVs, monitors, smartphones, chips, and even appliances) vs a company who can’t even get 1 of those products right (I mean I heard that Thunderbolt was an amazing phone and all…).

    It is sad for companies to go under because there are people that work there and they need to eat, but perhaps it is time for HTC to close up shop and be absorbed by MS or something (since Nokia hasn’t saved the winphone).

    • Jordan Webb

      The funny thing about the Rolex comparison is that the really cool thing about Rolex is the fact that a lot of their technology comes from in-house. A lot of the swiss watch industry uses stock ETA movements, while Rolex has been making their own for years. Classic watch designs like the much-copied Submariner also were initiated by Rolex. So in that regard, Samsung is closer to Rolex than HTC with their in-house SOC and display panel designs.

      I understand the analogy he’s trying to make – HTC products certainly feel more premium (and I’d rather have one than another Samsung), but they’ve gotta hold their phones up for a few years before people will begin to go with them again. Same goes for Motorola; we gotta see where they stand 18 months from now.

      • MH

        I guess cheap billet aluminum is what passes for “premium” these days. Not to mention their suck button layout and the extra menu steps in sense. No wonder they’re the “best”

        • Jordan Webb

          It felt better in my hand than the GS4’s plastic, not gonna lie. I’m sure it wouldn’t look as good in a few years, but tactile response is huge with some people (me). Don’t have either device, though.

          Edit: button layout is better than Samsung’s, too. Anything’s better than theirs. And HTC is improving this year. Correct layout, power on right side of the phone now.

          • NemaCystX

            The power button on top has been an HTC thing for many years, nearly all their devices were like that.

            I hope for the best for HTC, if they go under, Samsung will just have crApple to compete with as a major competitor… HTC is keeping Samsung & crApple on their toes (regardless of what many think in this regard, I mean they are sharing patents with Apple and vice versa) Samsung just knows how to copy & paste. They aren’t doing anything innovative with design like HTC has or Apple (sorry I said a bad word)

      • NemaCystX

        Excellent post! +1

    • Cael

      If anyone buys HTC it should be Sony or LG. No Samsung, no Microsoft, and no Apple.

    • NemaCystX

      Actually people are confused again. If you hear people talk about their phones they never heard of Android and they would say they either have a DROID (which they probably don’t) or a Galaxy.

      I think its the marketing that Samsung pumped into the advertising space for the Galaxy brand, now its a household name pretty much just like DROID was/is.

      So I honestly think thats what HTC is trying to do here, keep a brand/name/franchise and stick with it and over time people will come to realize it exists.

      I see alot of HTC One’s around compared to what I did a year ago, so HTC might not seem like they’re making a dent in market share but they are getting out there. I also find that most of the people that get a Galaxy phone are the ones that like to put an ugly case on their phone and like massive screens.

      Working in retail you see alot of this happen because of the foot traffic in your stores you work in. (I travel around and I see alot)

      I will say this much, I don’t see the iPhone nearly as much as I used to and that is a huge problem for Apple the way I see it. 🙂

  • crazed_z06

    HTC = Rolex and Samsung = Timex? Lol OK..If they truly believe that, they’re finished.

    • The Narrator

      Samsung’s plastic, ugly body is nowhere near Rolex. That’s for sure. Only a matter of time til consumers who see advertising grow a brain.

      • jnt

        Overkill in advertising does not negate a product’s viability. HTC could learn a thing or two from Samsung’s marketing campaign, honestly. Should they go that far? No – but HTC’s marketing has been crap the past year or so. The two best marketing companies in the mobile arena are Apple and Samsung, but they had to be backed up by solid products or the marketing would fall flat. That’s a big reason why they’re the two top companies, as well. Keep in mind we’re talking the general consumer here – not the enthusiast that reads Droid Life daily.

        Believe it or not I want the M8 to be as successful as you do, and moreso than the S5 – I loved the One and its camera and feel and all that. But you can’t throw the baby out with the bath water on other devices.

        • I feel like I say this for every discussion that involves HTC, but advertising IS NOT EASY.

      • Detonation

        The average consumer is never going to grow a brain. They will eat up whatever media/advertising sells them, regardless if it’s the best.

        • NemaCystX

          Those people my friend, are followers and unfortunately, just like Apple has sheep, Samsung now has its flock

      • MH

        Even in cheap plastic, Sammy’s phones are far better. There’s a reason people keep buying them. It’s not the ad campaign.

        • LionStone

          Oh ok…

        • NemaCystX

          LOL you keep drinking that Kool Aid. They are not better, they have the most problems out of any brand, sound quality is awful (you know, because you’re using a phone….) plastic easily cracks, especially Sammys plastic, they don’t even use a good quality plastic. My Moto X is plastic and it even has lower specs than the S4 does and it runs circles around it, I even dropped my Moto X without a case many times on the hard floor, never broke it and my Samsung S3, it chipped some pieces off the body and cracked the battery cover. Yeah, Sam-eSung phones are FAR better alright… /s

      • Jkdem85

        I know you hate Samsung, but its more than just marketing. I genuinely like big phones with integrated stylus. No one else has that, or removable batteries. Both are big pluses for me

    • It’s not a great analogy over all but if we are just talking about design and craftsmanship, I think it’s okay.

      • Jordan Webb

        Reposting this from the other comment thread…

        The really cool thing about Rolex is the fact that a lot of their technology comes from in-house. A lot of the swiss watch industry uses stock ETA movements, while Rolex has been making their own for years. Classic watch designs like the much-copied Submariner also were initiated by Rolex. So in that regard, Samsung is closer to Rolex than HTC with their in-house SOC and display panel designs.

        • And that is why this analogy is bad. It fits or is way off depending on what angle of the prism you hit it on.

  • The Narrator

    If they can put out pre paid phones that are built good, have LTE, and around the same price as the Moto G, that could be a winner.

  • Cory Pitkavish

    cnbc reporter “so about those leaks..”
    Jason “What Leaks?”

    • Cael

      And every reviewer reviewing the annoucement will be like, we knew this weeks before, no surprise here!

  • Cory Pitkavish

    cnbc reporter”so about those leaks..”
    Jason “what leaks?”

    • I think it will launch during the event. They will start by shooting them into the audience when something similar to those tee shirt guns.

      • Cael

        Perfect way to show off how well it survives the drop test… or that new screen replacement thing they have going on!

      • KingofPing

        Brained by an HTC One? No Problem! Here; have a free HTC One…

        • NemaCystX

          Man on Stage with HTC One launcher: “You get an New HTC One, You get one, You get one, EVERYONE GETS AN HTC ONE!!” (HTC One launcher goes berserk, many people died that day with blunt force trauma to the head by a metal device.)