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AT&T Moto X Soak Test Invites Go Out, Gotta be 4.4.2

The AT&T Moto X – also known as the last of the bunch to get Android 4.4.2 – has a soak test for a new software update on the horizon. While nothing is confirmed until the update starts, we would be surprised if this doesn’t turn out to be 4.4.2. There isn’t much else it could be.

To see the changelog from the Verizon 4.4.2, hit up this post.

Cheers A!
  • chris

    I’m confused. I’m on at&t but have had 4.4.2 for a few weeks now. Is this just phones that came from at&t and not the ones unlocked from Motorola?

  • Turd_Ferguson

    4.4.2 kills battery life. Don’t do it.

    • Scott

      Uhm no it doesn’t.

      • tdurden64111

        Well one of the changes in 4.4.2 was to fix battery life, so what he says makes sense if you don’t think about it.

      • Steve

        Umm for some people it did… just look at Droid-lifes post about it just last week.

        Granted, I’m not one of them, but it’s silly of you to say otherwise.

  • Kenne Phimmasonsouk

    Finally! Hopefully they fixed some stuff taking forever to release this update. But might just wait cause I need to have root.

  • MicroNix

    Wait, I thought Verizon was always last? Where’s the Verizon haters now???

  • Al-Burrit0

    I hope it officially comes out soon! This battery life Bug is killing me

  • Droid Ronin

    Droid RAZR HD is already testing KitKat 4.4.2 so that should be rolling out sometime soon.

    • godsartist3

      Where did you here this?
      I’ve been looking and waiting for KitKat to come to the razr hd πŸ˜€

      • Droid Ronin

        One of my coworkers is in the internal dogfood program for the RAZR HD and he is testing 4.4.2 on his device.

        • godsartist3

          Is there an approximate date they are shooting for?

  • Dave

    MOTO X IS SH**

    • BodomSlayer

      Have you used one? It is a pretty awesome phone that provided a very fluid experience. Just because it doesn’t have a 212.5 GHz tricontacore processor with 10 TB of RAM, 32 Pebibytes of storage and a 79″ inch 8K UHD screen means the device is garbage.

  • Apostrafee

    Any word about 4.4 on the Verizon G2?

    • T4rd

      Yeah, I was talked to Verizon earlier about it and they were like… http://weknowgifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/ha-ha-ha-fuck-you.gif

      • Apostrafee

        I know they don’t count them anymore so I’ll tell you…I down voted this

        • T4rd

          Since we’re being honest and forthcoming here; I down voted your original question too.

          • tdurden64111

            I actually upvoted each of you twice.

      • moew

        Vzw > Att in this moto x 4.4.2 realm. Congrats

      • tdurden64111

        Story checks out.

  • Drew

    I LOVE MY MOTO X. The best phone, period. Screw Google, Samsung, HTC, and LG. Moto is by FAR the best phone for everybody. Just perfect.

    • Boblank84

      lol, screw google? w/o them it would not exist.

      edit: after re reading im assuming this is sarcasm. sorry if i didn’t pick up on the /s

    • T4rd

      You’re trying too hard.

      • α•™(⇀‸↼•)α•—

        He wants them upvotes πŸ™‚

        • Blue Sun

          Too bad all he got was downvotes.

    • α•™(⇀‸↼•)α•—

      Prepare for the onslaught of Moto X haters…

      Honestly though, I think the best phone has to be the G2. I left it for the Moto X since I’m a phone addict, but the G2 has really been the best phone overall. Looking forward to what both companies release this year though.

      • Dave

        Great! See it wasn’t so hard to give your real” opinion on this, and not just go by what DL thorws at you!

      • Kevin

        Moto X phone. Best phone.

      • Al-Burrit0

        I also think the g2 is the best phone. But I find the moto x to be a well rounded device. It might not be the best but it does everything good!

      • michael arazan

        I think every single post no matter the subject matter you say you love the LG, we get it

    • Menger40

      We get it, you don’t like Moto fanboys.

    • Dave

      You love your moto x, good for you, pal. No one wants to hear what kellex told you to say.

    • Kevin

      Moto X phone. Best phone. But you screwed up when you said screw Google.

    • MicroNix

      Grammer Police: You forgot the /s at the end of your statement!

    • michael arazan

      Screw Google that placed all those Google employees at Motorola to develop the Moto X, I’m with ya~!

    • tdurden64111

      Screw… Google?

  • z32589

    Good. Hoping that the Droid MAXX will be soon to follow. Based on David Schuster’s G+ comments, I’d say it’s close. Here’s hoping white notification icons and more stock Kit Kat refinements.

    • traumadog

      I’m also hoping it fixes the dumb “SD Card Encryption Required” bug with Exchange Servers…

  • EricMayBell

    If I was on AT&T, I wouldn’t download it. My Verizon Moto X battery is terrible after the update πŸ™

    • Nikuliai

      Google is supposed to work on a fix for the battery issue on Qualcomm devices, but it ain’t THAT bad, it still lasts a day and a half with decent use (not gaming)

    • Patmw123

      I switched to the ART runtime and it fixed my battery drain issues. You should try it. All of my applications are completely compatible with ART.

      • Abgar Musayelyan

        pretty sure i have the same issue with ART enabled. I hope they come out with a quick fix for this.

        • Patmw123

          Enabling ART for me completely fixed my battery drain.

    • cns2007

      It’s oddly random though. I know 4 Moto X owners (my son and 3 coworkers) only one coworker has experienced this. I think some Nexus 5 owners are also having issues.

    • Blue Sun

      4.4.3 is supposed to address the battery drain issues. I too would hold out on the 4.4.2 unless you really need it.

  • Disqus_n00b

    What does Gotta Be Mobile say it’s Gotta Be?

    Hate seeing them on Google Now