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Verizon CFO Talks Continued Subsidies, Not Buying Customers, and Upgrading 50 Million to 4G LTE

Verizon CFO, Fran “ShamWow” Shammo, sat down for the opening keynote of the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet and Telecom Conference and weighed in on all sorts of topics. Since we know how many of you are still Big Red customers, even with T-Mobile and AT&T shifting up strategies in order to grab your business, we thought you’d be interested in hearing what he had to say.

Shammo is always worth a few good quotes during his interviews. I don’t want to call him the new Sanjay Jha, because well, that would be a massive insult, but he sure knows how to grab a headline while talking to investors and analysts.

In his sit down today, he walked through everything from how Verizon wants “high creditworthy” customers for EDGE and how they don’t plan to leave the subsidy model any time soon, to how many millions of customers they still want to upgrade to 4G LTE and why his company likes having four major players in the wireless industry. 

On launching Verizon EDGE, but also keeping subsidies around, because they have “done wonders” for the industry:

And I think that if you look at this, it is another option for our customers. We are not going to force our customers into anything. It is really their decision. We believe that the subsidy model is an extremely good model. It has done wonders for us in this industry. So I think to abandon that I think is a mistake. But I do think that there are customers out there that want that installment sale. And obviously with our More Everything, what we did was when we really sat down and looked at it and studied it, we said, okay, we are going to have our subsidy model here we will overlay our Edge program here

On installment sales (EDGE), what happens when customers leave for another carrier, and having options:

And then probably if you look at history between the early termination fee and installment sale, and we know when customers leave your network for dissatisfaction the likelihood of them paying you your early termination fee is probably next to nil. So when a customer leaves for dissatisfaction on the installment sale, they’re not going to come back and give their phone back so they are probably not going to end up paying you.

So there is a lot of risk with the installment sale that has to be monitored. So I think as a carrier for us, we are approaching it, we’re giving our customers all the options. But we do require very high creditworthy customers to go on to our Edge program.

On how many customers still aren’t on 4G or smartphones (over half of their 100 million):

Well, it is pretty much. Because when you think about it almost a little over 50% of our customers there is about 25 million of our customer base out of 100 that are still on basic phones. There is another 26 million customers who still have a 3G device and haven’t converted to 4G. So you are talking about 50 million customers. So there is still a lot of base that we can convert to that 4G network that then they will experience the benefits
of the 4G network. And we already see that.

On why they won’t buy customers from other carriers (like T-Mobile and AT&T are trying to do):

So I think that where we stand is we are not going to buy customers. I think that you have to earn loyalty and loyalty is earned through providing a value package to your customers, making sure they get what they pay for. The network still is the number one reason why people leave you. It is not because of price. I mean there is price sensitivity in the marketplace that you have to respond to.

But the number one reason a customer leaves you is because of network quality. And I think that we just showed through Root and J.D. Powers again that we obviously have the best network. And that is what we built our brand on and we will continue to respond to our customers’ needs.

On Sprint and T-Mobile merging:

Yes. I think Lowell put it best, we are really happy with four competitors. Look, I mean, people will do what they do. I think the one thing I would say is that obviously spectrum would become a big play if there was a consolidation in the industry

To read the full transcript, hit up the source link below.

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  • sog805

    Been vzw free for 6 months now and loving it (nexus 5 on straight talk ATT)

  • Higher_Ground

    but wait, I thought they didn’t have a subsidy built into their monthly plans :/

  • pball_inuyasha

    “We are not going to force our customers into anything.”

    Hmm not giving customers an option to pay less if they bring their own phone seems like forcing your customers into paying more.

  • dm33

    Price gouging eventually leads to customer disloyalty.
    Bye bye Verizon, hello TMobile.

  • pappy53

    Tired of the high bills at Verizon after all these years, so the wife and I are going with Consumer Cellular. They run on AT&T’s network, so I’m getting the wife a mint used AT&T iPhone 4s, and I’ll either get a Moto X, Nexus 5, or a iPhone 4s. 5,000 minutes, 15,000 texts, and 2gb of data for $90 for 2 smartphones. Basically, all we do is calls, texts, and camera, so it is all that we need. Verizon is the best overall network, but we are saving a boatload of money each month, and AT&T coverage is great around here.

  • ビッググリーン

    yeah screw Big Red. Let them an never looked back.

  • anonymous

    what about volte? whens it coming out? tell us more about that

  • Johnny Steele

    I am fine with this. I just wish Edge was a tad easier on my wallet 😛

  • Mojorizen

    I wish T-Mobile had more of a presence in my area than a mile off the highway and then 2g everywhere else if anything. So in 2 months my contract with Big Satan is over. Going to sell my unlimited Alltel data plan and jump to Sprint. Going to a company I can get a discounted phone if I want to, unlimited data still, and get faster LTE than what I’m getting from Verizon.

    • jimt

      You might check out Ting if you are going to sprint. It can be real cheap if you don’t use a lot of data.

      • Mojorizen

        I’ve already looked and considered them. But with no data roaming agreement I’m not sure it would work.

        But thank you for the reply.

        • jimt

          I don’t know what you mean by no roaming agreement. Sprint is sprint isn’t it. or are you saying you can roam on at&t from sprint? I know on Tmo you get roaming on At&t for free, is that what you are saying?

          • Mojorizen

            Sprint has roaming agreements with Verizon and vice versa. While ATT and Tmobile have roaming agreements with each other. With the prepaid carriers you don’t get the roaming partnerships that post paid does.

          • jimt

            Thank you I didn’t know that

  • Ajmcnicol

    Theres two ways to look at this.

    One is the consumers view. yes verizon has the best overall coverage…but i dont care that they have coverage in the middle of montana.
    I care about where i live. Where i live and all the places i go, verizon has probably a goot 95% coverage. Tmobile has maybe 85-90. But the issue is for 3 lines, there is literally a 100 dollar a month difference in price. So it becomes a cost to benefit ratio consideration. If it was verizon 95% and tmobile is 50%..then yea..id pay the 100 extra…but the difference in 95 to 95 or 80 is marginal to the point it is NOT worth 100.
    I love how verizon puts that Huge red map on the commercials..and att and tmobile barely cover it. But that DOESNT matter. If you are an average family..i may take a vacation once a year. YOu may take a long weekend drive to another state to visit family or something a few times a year. But for most families, you stay within a 50 mile radius of your home/work 90+% of the time. So that coverage map doesnt mean anything if tmobile att and verizon all offer simialr coverage for that 50 miles for YOU.
    If you are the MINORITY, where you are a buiness person and travel alot, or you live in the midstate rural areas vice urban or suburban areas, etc..then yea..stick with verizon.
    But people have this “more must mean better” mentality. More isnt better if your not USING the more. Im actually switching to tmobile in a month. Why?
    Cause the 2 out of 20 times that a call or data doesnt go through vice 1 out of 20 with verizon isnt worth 100 bucks a month extra.

    The second is the CEO of the companies view. I give him FULL credit in DOING HIS JOB. His job isnt to be nice to us..his job isnt to give people a ‘good deal’. It IS his job to make the most profit possible for his company. That means charging the absolute most that most people will barely tolerate. To them, the 2 year contract is still immensly profitable..so they will stick to it. Sucks for us..but good on him ..cause that is what he is suppose to be doing.

    • jimt

      This is the best worded, right on post I have seen on this subject and I agree 100% with every word you said. Nice job. And you will love Tmo.

    • dizel123

      There are actually about 7 other ways to look at it but I don’t really wanna go into them.

    • MrCrusha

      I did switch to Tmo from Verizon and love it. Especially the money savings for the coverage I get. I posted something similar in the comments above this one and you are 100% correct that it is a geography thing. If you live in an area that provides good coverage with another carrier it only makes sense to save money. Unless you are loaded then I would gladly help you spend your money!

    • michael arazan

      I guarantee you Tmo does Not have 85-90% coverage, maybe 40 -60 and that’s pushing it. I traveled 1/3 of the US when on Tmo for 7 years as my carrier and have seen first hand the coverage it has.

      • Ajmcnicol

        did you even read my post? I stated that t-mobile has 85 to 90 percent coverage for MY area. And that is the reason for me switching over. I even specifically stated that if you travel a lot for work then by all means stick with Verizon. The whole point of my post was that the lack of coverage nationwide for T Mobile doesn’t mean anything if they have good coverage for the vast majority of the area the reader has need for. the underlying point being that a person should join Verizon blindly just because of the fact that they have to figure network but should do some research for themselves to see if another carrier has the same coverage or similar for the area THEY need

  • David Tyler

    I left Verizon 3 weeks ago and I dont regret my decision. They have a great network, but I couldnt justify paying so much for cell phone services.I left for AT&T with their BYOD program and saving a $60 a month. I am even getting stronger signal in places that I didnt have with Verizon.

  • Cowboydroid

    So, basically, because there is a lot of risk with the customer leaving due to dissatisfaction, he wants “high creditworthy” customers only on his new boondoggle contract plan.

    Did he just admit that there is a high likelihood that customers will be dissatisfied with the level of service he is providing?

    I don’t really care. I already left the evil empire. Enjoying my Nexus 5 on T-Mobile and the extra money in my pocket.

    • Higher_Ground

      basically, and that they could hold people’s credit worthiness hostage via ETF’s, since people who won’t pay the ETF likely don’t have much of a credit score to begin with.

      • Jon Colgan

        Actually, lots of folks have been beating ETFs altogether with a new service called CellBreaker. Only takes 7 days! Last I checked, T-Mo takes 90 days–for a reimbursement. Beating an ETF altogether is better, and it negates the credit worry.

  • Disqus_n00b

    This guy is so out of touch. The average consumer doesn’t give a crap about JD Power awards.

    We are not asking VZW to END the subsidy model, just to give the option to de-link the cost of service and cost of device. At least stop advertising EDGE as “device payments” so people get conned into paying a double subsidy.

    And he wonders why half their subscribers are still on basic/3G (NOT share everything) plans

  • Michael Quinlan

    The subsidy model has done wonders… for THEM. A surprisingly honest admission.

  • Bruce

    I read it as “douchebag” media…LOL

  • As much as I dislike the way VZW plans are priced and structured, I won’t leave because they do have the best network. He’s right, people leave because of the network and not prices, in the majority that is. I’m not gonna leave just to “stick-it-to-the-man” for a lesser network just to save a few bucks and have to deal with headaches of not having having a network that is spotty and not reliable when I need it to be.

    While most of us here will itch and complain, remember we are of but a very small demographic in the grand scale of how huge VZW’s customer base really is.

    • hoosiercub88

      That last bit is the hardest thing for people around here to understand.. they can’t grasp just how immensely huge VZW’s customer base really is, and how small we stack up comparatively.

      • Totes. It’s like when people argue that Apple products suck, “yeah, well, Apple’s numbers beg to differ.” Personal preference. My daily is actually a 5s, spare is an HTC One. Love both of them.

        A lot of “fanboys” swell with pride and thus fail to see both ends of each and every topic/debate/argument.

        • I almost shedded a tear at the level of logic employed in this.

          People never seem to look past their own nose. All that matters is their preference and if nobody agrees, they’re fools. But yeah…kudos again for this logic. 🙂

          • cizzlen

            Same. It seems more and more rare to see truly open minded individuals around some of these Android sites.

        • BroRob

          Totes???? ugh….

    • Allen Yates

      I’m with you here to some extent. I think what many of us are looking for is an opportunity to try another carrier without the costs being so burdensome, because we’re really not sure if another network will be acceptable.

      With Verizon, you can’t just buy a GSM phone, try a prepaid carrier, and then decide you want to go back to Verizon for their coverage. You’re stuck with a phone you now have to sell. And if you don’t want a contract with Verizon, you have to buy a CDMA phone full price (that won’t get LTE on another carrier) and pay monthly prices equivalent to what a subsidized customer would pay.

      Hopefully, they’ll move towards what AT&T is doing and offer rate breaks to those customers out of contract or who don’t want to start a new one. Supporting unlocked VoLTE devices in the future would be nice as well, but we’ll see if that happens.

      • Tim242

        All LTE phones sold from Verizon are unlocked. You can try out GSM and HSPA+ networks, just not LTE due to bands.

      • dm33

        Most flexible approach is to get an iPhone 5s for Verizon, full price from an Apple store. It’s unlocked. Works perfectly on ATT and TMobile, even LTE, and it works on Verizon too if you feel the need to go running back. The Verizon iPhone 5s is the same hardware as the att and tmobile models just that the IMEI is registered with verizon so they will accept it. They won’t accept the same phone intended for att or tmobile.

    • MrCrusha

      What the difference for a lot of people is where they live. I just left Verizon for Tmobile. The amount of money that I will save over the year is worth it to me and the coverage in CT is pretty good. What I did to weigh this is to actually figure out how much data I REALLY used on Verizon. Wasn’t really enough to justify spending more than I needed to. I am on wifi most of the time throughout the day. Really no need to waste money. I also weighed that Tmobile offers free wifi calling and messaging.

      Since most of the places I frequent have coverage with Tmobile and a lot of the places I go also have wifi it was a win situation for me. I also get a corporate discount with every line instead of just one like I did with Verizon. I am a happy camper now. One big thing that really got me upset with the way that Verizon does things is the fact that if I finished my contract and continued month to month, the subsidy didn’t go anywhere. It was like I was being penalized for not upgrading my phone which if you have a good one why should you have to upgrade it?

      • AngryBadger

        Exactly! That subsidy never goes away. Loving the discount on each line with T-Mobile as well, that adds up quick! Plus each line is cheaper… so cheaper lines plus discount on each AND coverage that works for me. Thanks T-Mobile.

    • Woopwoop

      It’s not “just a few bucks.” Say you get a phone for 15 mos from each company. VZW $200 / 15 =~ $10, so $100/mo vs T-Mo $300/15 = $20, so $50/mo total. $50 is not just a few bucks to some!

      • BroRob

        I’m paying $250/mo on VZW for 3 phones with 2Gb each data and 2 reg phones. TMo is $130/Mo for 5 phones, 1 with unlimited and 4 with 2Gb difference for me is $120/mo or $2,880 over the life of a 2 year VZW contract… peanuts right??

  • Chris VanAnden

    I have to agree, at least for my case, that I stay more so for the service quality than the price. Obviously I’d love to pay less than VZW and I know I easily could with Tmobile. I even live in the NYC Metro area and wouldn’t have a problem with service. However, when I visit my family, tmobile service is terrible. My gf travels occasionally for work, usually to random midwest locations, she can’t afford to not have reliable service.

    So, I pay a bit more knowing I’ll have service in most places.

  • enigmaco

    Well I inquired about leaving went in a store they could have cared less didn’t want to work with me to keep me to stay or nothing. So that was my answer, t-mobile is covering my ETF and I have a moto x so I can use it on t-mobile. I don’t travel much so coverage means nothing to me. Verizon has went into a bully mentality and not benefiting its customers.

    • flosserelli

      That is not surprising, but I did get a call from their customer retention department. They tried to talk me into giving up my unlimited data lines for a marginally cheaper plan with data caps. I told her I was tired of Verizon’s draconian device policies, and general overcharging & underdelivering in my area. The rep even acknowledged that “due to exponential growth of subscribers in the area, speeds may not what they used to be, but Verizon is building new towers every day”. I told her I was testing a T-mobile phone alongside my Verizon phone, and T-mobile LTE was as fast (if not faster) than Verizon LTE in most areas that I frequent. So if I can get 80-85% of the service for half the price, why not?

      • enigmaco

        Yep I test drove t-mobile here they smoke verizon though according to my opensignal app around my house verizon has the faster network so not sure at this moment. Plus I can get a discount on my cell phone bill through studentrate think it is a 10% discount. When I told the guy I am not happy and the data cost verizon has is ridiculous his response was “you get what you pay for” which is not the case. There is time warner and wow here in my town. time warner is more expensive but wow is cheaper and wow has better internet than time warner.

      • AngryBadger

        I remember getting into a pretty good discussion about phone updates with Verizon. Also how their website did not fall in line with the phone support side. I saw they were slowly fixing some of it (website issues) but already noticed how much more streamlined T-Mobile’s site is. Also… a nice bonus of being with a GSM carrier is that most of the world is on GSM and so you have a huge variety of phones to choose from versus CDMA.

    • MrCrusha

      Exactly… I almost spit out my drink with the head honcho mentioned loyalty!!

      • enigmaco

        he’s a combination of a politician and a used car salesman he will say anything to satisfy the masses. I don’t trust him and hate giving this company money which is why I am jumping ship something has to be done about these guys.

  • The fact that 25% of Verizon users are still on basic phones, and another 25% are still on 3G, doesn’t make their LTE network sound very good seeing as how only half their customers are even using it.

    • enigmaco

      yep there are already bottleneck issues just like their 3G network had, and only half of their customers is using LTE should be interesting. I have been using opensignal around my town and it has ranked for speed and coverage verizon is third, metropcs is second, and at&t is first. So I rather cut my loses.

    • duke69111

      That’s what I was thinking. If its only 50% bogged down and my speeds have already slowed down this much, I would hate to think of what it will look like when they hit 75%+.

      • hoosiercub88

        Which is exactly why they’re already working on taking care of that.

        My guess is to say though, that they won’t.. I’m sure a lot of people are scared of the new plans structuring/pricing.. Not to mention, a lot of people like what they have and don’t feel that there is a need to change until they’re forced.

        • enigmaco

          The plans suck we are grandfathered in and all the new plans they have will raise our bill without any added benefits so they are not doing us any favors.

          • Lisa Gierszewski

            We have 2 lines unlimited, 1 line 2 gig, 1 line 4 gig and a dumb phone. It would cost more for us to go shared. If Verizon forces me off the unlimited, I will be leaving.

          • enigmaco

            We have 6 lines with one being a senior plan. 2 smart phones and the only thing saving us is the discount my gf is getting from her work.

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      and its slower than at&ts network! just imagine those speeds when that 25% smartphones upgrade and the other are forced on VoLTE for their calls (feature phone).

  • Eric G Canoy

    I should upgrade my galaxy nexus… But I guess I’m not gonna upgrade to the tiered data plans. Swappa it is…

    • Haxcid

      call around to all the local authorized dealers for Verizon. If you live in So California… Diamond Wireless.

  • bogy25

    I still have Unlimited data plan – bought out Razr Maxx HD !!!$700!!!! ……….I count the days now…..and hours…..tick toc tick toc….every time I want to jump ship I think of those 700 bills I dropped – hurts man – hurts real bad – especially for the Maxx HD – terrible phone with good battery life

    • Raven

      A buddy of mine just bought a 2nd RAZR MAXX HD (the older one that still has a MicroSD slot) because he thinks it is the best phone ever made and he wanted to have a spare.

    • Haxcid

      I just updated my plan 2 weeks ago, and kept my unlimited data. I got the LG G2 and paid subsidized pricing. You can still keep unlimited you just need to know where to look.

      • Not all of us have or want multiple lines to do that.

  • Cael

    “We are not going to force our customers into anything.”
    Confirmation that they’ll never force people off their unlimited data plans and onto a tiered plan?

    • burkett375


      • El_Big_CHRIS

        I laughed too but I hope I can keep mine for as long as I can

    • Haxcid

      I went to a kiosk in the local mall, got a new lg g2 and renewed my unlimited data plan. Through some trickery in the Verizon system I got to keep my unlimited for 2 more years. I did have to pay 200 hundred for the phone instead of Verizon’s store price of 50 dollars on sale but to be honest the extra 150 was worth 2 more years unlimited on Verizon’s network. I did get 50 dollar mail in rebate for the phone, which is a beast of a phone. Love it…

      • jamaall

        I know someone who just switched to verizon about a year and a half ago and somehow got unlimited data without asking for it. Guess there are some holes in their system.

      • Woopwoop

        Tell us your magic! I’d love to upgrade

    • does just plan discontinue the unlimited plan count as not forcing customers into anything?

  • My 81 year-old mother has a feature phone. She is quite happy having learned text messaging on her own a couple years ago. If I mention smartphones I get called by my full name. She is not going to make that switch. ever.

    What does she need 4GLTE for anyway, except for me to have pay VZW a little (a lot?) more every month.

    • J. Gilbertson

      She doesn’t need it. But if Verizon converts everyone to LTE they can kill off CDMA and limit their future phones to one radio (just so long as they give your 81 year old mother a LTE feature phone). The only issue is that once they do convert everyone to LTE the next technology will be in motion and we’ll start this vicious cycle all over again.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Obviously she doesn’t need LTE, but it isn’t a matter of what she needs or doesn’t need. However, thinking that they will keep an old network operating for those that feel no need to jump to a newer technology is just silly. They could price it differently though, but that is another story all together. The demand is for faster services and for Verizon to fully realize that they must phase out old technology. That’s just the way it works.

    • Cael

      Eventually she’s going to get a letter saying they’re shutting down CDMA and she has a choice to upgrade or leave. As said by Shamwow, they won’t force her to do anything! Her choice!

      • PoisonApple31

        Does Verizon still eat the ETF fee when someone dies?

      • ThomasMoneyhon

        got to love VoLTE. So many customers will drop verizon and it wont be the network, it will be their phone dead after 4 hours (smartphone) or dead after 7 (basic) no 3G to fall back to for voice calls will murder battery. Battery tech simply hasnt caught up.

        • John Kitchen

          The network techs I’ve spoken to said phones will last about a week once there’s only one antennae to power

          • MrCrusha

            Well the network techs are forgetting about a few things….. huge 4.3 to 5.5 inch HD screens that need powering… not to mention the quad-core processors and graphics chips! Try and make your phone only work on Wifi for a week and let me know how that goes.

  • Tyler

    Really Fran, quality of the network? Only half of your subscribers are on LTE? Just how bad will the LTE network in SF Bay Area be if more people jump on board? Because it’s pretty horrible right now.

    • Eric R.

      It’s Apples fault for making the iPhone 4S and 4 3G phones.

  • jimbob

    In before “Did he talk about how far behind they are on the 4.4.2 update for the Galaxy S4?”

    • The Narrator

      Or the G2 , or the Sony Z5 , and even the Galaxy S 9999

      • Haxcid

        Yeah waiting for 4.4.2 for my G2 but to be honest 4.2.2 is super fast on the G2. I also came from an LG revolution which sucked balls.

    • Dave

      My Sprint S4 work phone got it, and I’m no longer worried about my VZW getting it asap. Changes are incredibly minimal, overall speed is a tad better, and a few tweaks here and there. But yes in principle, speedy updates would be nice.

    • PoisonApple31

      Probably working on a strategy to tell people why their SD card writing will work differently after upgrade…or not…

  • Eric R.

    Good there sticking with subsidies so I don’t overpay for a phone, like on all other carriers. I pay for quality service

    • The Narrator


      You are overpaying on Verizon, on T Mobile, you are not.

      • flosserelli

        Yes, he definitely forgot the sarcasm slashie. Either that, or he is totally clueless.

      • Guest

        I wouldn’t call it overpaying. Take a look at the coverage maps. T Mobile has like nothing lol.

        • PoisonApple31

          Not everyone lives in a big city or a card board box on the highway median. In my area Sprint has better coverage than T-Mobile! No sarcasm.

          • enigmaco

            That is true I am in a major city and have many choices here aio, sprint, t-mobile, at&t, metropcs, simple mobile, cricket, straight talk, boost

        • flosserelli

          The Narrator is probably referring to the fact that Verizon does not give a discount on your bill if your phone is not subsidized. In other words, people that pay full retail for their phone pay the same price for service as people that use subsidized phones. Verizon does not credit you the difference.

        • The Narrator

          I’m not talking about coverage. If you enjoy paying 700+ for your phone, good for you.

      • Albert

        That’s a matter of perspective really. Honestly, I am willing to pay the inflated price, because I get far better service everywhere I go. Its the coverage that counts first, then the price.

      • Eric R.

        Did you not read? I pay for quality service

  • J. Gilbertson

    “blah blah blah, bend over and take it”

    • Thomas

      & w/o Vaseline 😉

      • Cowboydroid

        $20 for an ounce of vaseline.
        $15 overage for every ounce after that.

    • LiterofCola

      You are free to leave at anytime.

      • The Narrator

        They could. But it’s obvious they enjoy it.

      • J. Gilbertson

        free to leave? I wish… gotta pay those ETFs. I’ll wait until the end of summer. Until then I’ll gripe all I want.

        • The Narrator

          You know that one carrier. The one that’s paying ETFs, yeah. I do.

          • J. Gilbertson

            I see where ya goin! Man I wish I could and if I still lived in Texas I would.

        • scastro87

          You *are* free to leave, you just have to abide by the terms of the contract you signed.

        • Jon Colgan

          Actually, T-Mobile is getting the headlines for buying out ETFs–a model that’s not sustainable–but CellBreaker is squashing ETFs altogether, something no ETF buyout campaign can compete with. No headlines but better value proposition.

          • michael arazan

            What about the Elephant in the room? VZW has Only 50% of thgeir customers using the 4G LTE and it is completely bogged down with slow speeds, I can’t imagine if there were another 30-50% using the LTE.

          • Jon Colgan

            Good point. Another reason why it’s really important for consumers to have a way to get out of a contract when they’re not getting what they’re paying for. Your carrier’s network can’t keep up with your cell phone usage? You shouldn’t have to stay locked in a contract. Contract 101.

        • LiterofCola

          Sounds like a money issue then…

      • [email protected]

        That much is obvious, but i think you missed his point. contracts + oligopoly ain’t cute.

      • flosserelli

        Yes I am. My last contract finally expired and I am moving to T-mobile to save a boatload of cash.

      • Aaron

        Not always. Some places you only get one option if you want service where you live, kinda similar to your cable or electric company. . I’m stuck on US Cellular because of this. Sucks living in the boonies.