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PuzzleBits Released to Google Play, a Deceptively Challenging Puzzle Game

While downloading PuzzleBits, a new game on Google Play, I’ll admit I was expecting a somewhat childish puzzle game from the look of the screenshots. Once I got to the Octopus round (the second round), however, I could feel the frustration building up inside of me. Why I couldn’t easily figure out this silly animal puzzle, I will never know.

Regardless of my inabilities, PuzzleBits is a light-hearted, yet challenging game from Noodlecake Studios, the same developers that gave us Mikey Shorts, Punch Quest, and League of Evil

In the game, you are given an outline of a thing – usually an animal or recognizable person – then are given a lot of pieces to fill the puzzle in with. It’s your typical, match this piece where it fits type of game. But as I soon realized, it’s not always easy to find where to fit your pieces.

The game is completely free, and if you have more patience than I, go give it a shot.

Play Link

  • Higher_Ground

    Aw, the “match this piece where it fits type of game”, aka “tangram” 🙂
    Like Tom says, reminds me of Doodle fit. Seeing as this is free and I got Doodle fit through the amazon app store (and all the hassle that comes with it) I might have to give it a shot.

  • M3D1T8R

    Beat the first 20 puzzles in about an hour. Some much harder than others, maybe a bit of luck involved, but a fun game. Not sure why anyone would ever want to pay money for hints, besides maybe as a donation. It would defeat the purpose of playing the game, which is to figure them out.

    • Zander

      Some people don’t enjoy a challenge and would rather immediately be finished. I don’t understand either.

  • Johnny Steele

    Fantastic. My brain hurts looking at this. Looks like a blast!

  • Jeremy Gentry

    beat the squid 🙂

    • Boooo. I tried for 10 minutes and gave up. 🙁

      • I’m assuming it’s best to start from the tentacles, but it’s too dumb and I went back to QuizUp lol

      • Tom Dwenger

        You got the red piece in the upper left arm in the wrong place, try the bright green one there

        • melitagnm105

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      • M3D1T8R

        Funny, in the picture you have up, it’s almost all done, you just need to swap the green one in where you have the red tentacle.
        That hint is free, next one will cost you.

  • Tom Dwenger

    reminds me of doodle fit