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Monday Poll: If the Nexus 5 Came to Verizon Now, Would You Buy It?

Outside of the ultra-late arrival for the Nexus 7 (2013) on Verizon, Big Red customers have been without a Nexus device since the disaster that was the launch of the Galaxy Nexus in late 2011. OK, so the launch wasn’t the only disaster there, but you get what I’m saying. The last two phones from Google have not made their way to Verizon’s airwaves, even though the latest (Nexus 5) does just fine on all other carriers, including the CDMA-reliant Sprint.

But what if that changed? What if Verizon launched the Nexus 5 late, just like they did the Nexus 7? What if you could buy the Nexus 5 in the coming weeks – would you? With the Galaxy S5 and “All New HTC One” on the horizon, is Google’s 2013 flagship still worth having, just because it’s a “Nexus” device?

If you need help responding to that question, feel free to read our Nexus 5 review. Then hit up the poll and comments to share your thoughts.

If the Nexus 5 Came to Verizon Now, Would You Still Buy It?

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  • Jason

    Funny this poll should turn up. I busted my Galaxy Nexus over the weekend, so I ended up calling Verizon. I was told that the Nexus 5 is coming to Verizon by Summer.

    • Jprime

      did they really? how did u get them to admit it?

      • Jason

        I just asked them straight up. They very well could be blowing smoke, but I hope not.

  • Tom Koeppel

    no i would not go back to verizon for the nexus 5(moved to t-mobile for the nexus 5)

  • Jprime

    Is this actually going to happen? Because if i buy a moto x and this comes out the following month, I’ll be angry. I want that bigger screen!!!

  • redskins59rocs .

    I have an S4 and if it was still $350 I would sell my S4 and buy the Nexus 5.

  • Chad Stevens

    Already bought 3 nexus 5’s and moved to straight talk. Saving over $100 per month and enjoying unlimited data.

  • Matthew Aaron Flinchbaugh

    I would have considered it, but I’ve already dumped my Vzw account switched to At&t and got a nexus5 of contract. vzw has ruined the nexus line. I stuck with my gnex from launch upto a week ago. Only because of coverage, now though 2 years since lte was launched, my service has slowly degraded, to the point that I live line of sight to a vzw tower, that has had all of the antennas that once pounted my way, completely moved to the otherside of the tower equaling almost no LTE, evdo, or CDMA at my house. Where as my At&t work phone has continuously gotten better and better service.

    I’ve come to expect Verizon to screwup anything they touch, going back to the Motorola E581 dumb phone that they started crippling the Bluetooth standard and not allowing half of the profiles.

    Screw you Verizon and your late nexus releases, and your lack of interest in your users interest.

  • SoMuchDeterminationDoe

    trying to decide my next best phone for me to put cyanogenmod on

  • msm

    I would have except I needed a phone, and ended up with the Moto X. Can’t complain though.

  • pakachoag

    Too late! After 17 years with Verizon, I dumped them just 2 days ago for a Nexus 5 (on T-Mobile for now). They lost me as a customer – only time will tell if they can ever win me back.

  • I would only get it on Verizon if it were bloat free as God intended.

  • William Calderwood

    I have a nexus 5. And would never buy one for a non gsm network. CDMA is dead.

  • sledge3n8

    Too late. I have a Straight Talk Nexus 5 and my Verizon contract expires June 5th. Bye, bye Big Red. I had the GNex, wanted Nexus 4, but VZW didn’t carry it. I patiently waited for the Nexus 5, nope, VZW screwed me there too so I put my Verizon phone on my dresser, set it up to forward all calls and SMS to my Nexus 5. I have been a Verizon customer for a decade and soon to be a, “I WAS a VZW customer for a decade.”

    Thank you Google and LG for the best phone money can buy!

  • gc8

    It’s coming for Verizon. Tests were being performed a few months ago.

  • tdurden64111

    Man, I wanted the Nexus 5 so badly. I have the Moto X, and the only phone I’d probably take over it is the Nexus 5. And yes, I would switch I believe. I recognize that the G2 is probably a better phone, but the Moto X is all I want/need.

  • Jordan Pt

    I just got an unlocked N5. If i could use it on Verizon I’d definitely be interested.

  • roblightbody

    How quaint. I buy whatever phone I wish and use it on whatever network I wish, on a month to month basis. Isn’t that how it is everywhere? (I’m in the UK). Currently enjoying my £300 unlocked nexus5 on £10/month giffgaff.

  • zUFC

    Really!! I left this site a year ago. I couldn’t take all you idiots saying “I left vzw for this or that carrier”. I just couldn’t take it anymore. How am I supposed to get my advice from clowns that don’t realize if your not on Vzw you don’t have a phone. So I check back in and see the same Crap. Smarten up people! I don’t like them either. But it’s the ONLY one that works. Had them all. Been all over the country. Nothing else even comes close. Maybe someday I’ll be able to return to my favorite site. Either when you dummies Smarten up or a new carrier starts that is equal to Verizon. It’s like having a Ferrari with a Yugo motor in it. Just doesn’t work. Looks good but sits in driveway. And I’m sorry to call you idiots but if you phone genius’s don’t know this by now you are just plain old dopes!!!

  • JSM

    I have been a Verizon customer for many years, but since I really wanted to get a Nexus 5, I switched to T-Mobile last week.

  • guest

    Yes, unless the Z2 is coming to Verizon.

  • Kiritok

    The same people who loves their Moto X are the same people who shun Apple because of the iPhone’s specs. That is all.

    • Trevor

      Or iOS just blows chunks.

  • jimv1983

    After the way Verizon handled the Galaxy Nexus I wouldn’t get it but as long as Verizon is CDMA based I wouldn’t use their service anyways so it doesn’t really matter.

  • TheRobotCow

    Nope. Since the Nexus 4 didn’t come to Verizon i switched to an iPhone 5. So far there hasn’t been an android device that has made me wanna part ways with my phone. I’m hoping that Motorola or the Nexus team create something that does it for me. But no luck so far.

  • BobbyG

    Nope, loving my G2. No need to downgrade

  • Anglave

    I would have, but I already abandoned Verizon late last year in order to get the Nexus 5.

  • Anthony Johnson

    A big yes definitely. According to me my qi enabled Nexus
    5 is the best phone I have ever had in my life and it is much better then Moto
    X. Every phone has some nice features and some drawbacks but please don’t dare
    to compare it with (downgraded) Moto X.

  • caddy197

    I wouldnt touch it. Camera sucks on the Nexus 5. I use my camera on my phone all the time. Need a good camera. Right now my S3 takes great pics. Im looking at the S5 or the HTC all new one.

  • Hothfox

    I voted yes, but only if I didn’t already have my Moto X.

  • wcjeep

    My wife’s GS3 consistently had better coverage and speed than my GNEX. My GNEX was also slow compared to the GS3. Updates were way behind the other carriers. I don’t care who’s fault it was. I will not be fooled again.

  • Raven

    Moto X DE > Nexus 5 > Moto X

  • Liquidretro

    Too late, get a phone within a month of launch and the other carriers or wait until the next one. The market is simply moving too fast.

  • Higher_Ground

    Well, to be blunt, I probably wouldn’t buy any phone that’s more than 3-4 months old. I probably wouldn’t buy a new phone until the end of summer/beginning of fall when the last flagships of the year are announced. Also with that in mind, early releases like the S5 and “all new” One are probably going to look long in the tooth by then.
    My current phone is a galaxy nexus. The reason it’s still a galaxy nexus is that I made the mistake of buying one in June 2012. That was the supposed to be the eleventh hour for unlimited users, the final chance to lock in for two more years. At the time you could have preordered an S3 but that was about it so I decided the galaxy nexus would be the best option give it’s openness even if there were signal and battery issues.

    Well, it was certainly the most open phone at the time and it’s still got a lot of development behind it. But no amount of development can counter the piss-poor reception and the fact that my extended battery now barely lasts half a day.

    The phone I had before that was the Droid X, which I got at launch. I loved that phone and it performed admirably up until about 18 months in. The last 6+ months were quite managable on a custom ROM (apex, liberty) but for those stuck on stock Gingerbread it was a nightmare. I had a friend buy one in February 2011, about 6-7 months after it came out. They were basically in the same situation I’m now – stuck with the phone long after verizon and the OEM have sent the last update.

    Even the best flagships at the time are more/less outdated 6 months later. It’s not that they are outdated when you buy them – 6 months isn’t all that long – but they are 100% guranateed to be outdated before the end of 24 months, and it essentially extends it to 30+ months if you bought the phone 6 months after it was released.
    The only caveat I see is that it’s a nexus and relatively cheap off-contract. Also, less people are getting into contracts now. So it may be worth buying, but I wouldn’t lock into a 2yr contract and I wouldn’t realistically expect to be happy with it 2 years later. Of course you’ve got to factor in how desparately you want a new phone to begin with, as waiting another 6 months could be agony.

  • mustbepbs

    I would if I didn’t already own the best phone on the market:

    Moto X baby.

  • Rob

    Nexus 6, definitely, but not the Nexus 5. Too many phones are (or will be getting very soon or sold) updated to KitKat for it to be a huge advantage.

  • Nope, it’s only got 14 months of support left. Thanks to Google’s paltry 18 months of guaranteed updates, phones are worthwhile only if you get them at launch.

    • David Narada Brown

      what the nexus 5? im sure google will support this phone longer than the 2 yrs average. this phone has a very capable chip n its a nexus rom developers will support it even longer.

      • @davidnaradabrown:disqus That’s a naive conclusion at best. They dropped support for the Galaxy Nexus, an flagship device at launch. Google’s well known for dropping support for devices and services out of the blue: it’s their MO.

        • Hothfox

          For the last time! Google only stopped supporting the Galaxy Nexus because TI stopped supporting the chipset.

          • @hothfox:disqus And what makes you think they won’t use some similar excuse for dropping the Nexus 5? Google always has some story about why they can’t continue to support a product; don’t you see a disturbing trend here?

          • Hothfox

            We’ll find out this fall, I guess, to see if the Nexus 4 is dropped. 18 months seems like a reasonable support cycle to me anyway. 6 months past its warranty date. Nexus users are also not on a subsidized cell phone plan, so they don’t need to worry about being stuck on a contract with an old phone and no upgrade.

            Did you actually try and of the ROMs available for the Galaxy Nexus? Performance glitches galore! It was not doing well on Kit Kat. Had the hardware manufacturers like TI continued to support and send updated software, I’m sure it would have run beautifully.

            Sorry, I don’t buy your conspiracy theory.

          • 18 months seems like a reasonable support cycle to me anyway.

            You’re rich enough to afford blowing $ on a new phone every 18 months? Lucky you.

            Had the hardware manufacturers like TI continued to support and send updated software

            Except this is a Google product, and so Google could have had support contracts in place from their suppliers if they wanted to. Clearly the didn’t.

            There’s no conspiracy theory. Conspiracy implies Google’s trying to hide something. It isn’t. Their MO of woeful long term product support is not only clearly visible, it’s literally written down as policy with the 18 month guarantee. The problem is diehard fanboys and homers who refuse to believe it or blame other companies like TI.

          • Hothfox

            The only point I’m going to reply to is you implying I am rich. I am not.

            Just because a product is no longer supported by the original manufacturer does not mean it is now dead and will not work and you need to go buy a new device. Especially if it’s a Nexus – the dev community will keep it going long after Google drops it. Feel free to donate to your favorite dev to encourage them to keep up their support.

        • David Narada Brown

          Naive? not really! Google dropped the Galaxy Nexus because TI stop releasing updates for their chips (they are no longer in mobile chip buisness). thats the chip inside the Galaxy Nexus and it wasnt the best dual core chip when it released. Qualcom chip on the other hand, a snapdragon 800 at that, will have support from qualcom for a while and as i stated its a very capable chip. even if google added to Androids os a good bit im sure this chip would definitely be capable of handling it. Hell, they are finding unused parts of the chip now (Nexus 5 capable of touchless controls as seen on moto X). So a naive statement no.

        • David Narada Brown

          NO actually Google stop supporting the Galaxy Nexus because TI (Texas Instruments) stop supporting their moblie chip. thats the dual core chip inside the Galaxy Nexus. And it wasnt a very good chip at that. Qualcom on the other hand has made a home in mobile chips market and will not be going anywhere any time soon. I cant see them dropping support for this chip when phones that are scheduled for future release will have this same chip. And even if google was to load the Android OS with new features, I think this chip would definitely handle it. so naive? Not at all!

          • NO actually Google stop supporting the Galaxy Nexus because TI (Texas Instruments) stop supporting their moblie chip.

            And what makes you think they won’t do the same with the Nexus 5? All they have to do is blame a chip supplier for that device too. It’s how Google rolls.

            And it wasnt a very good chip at that.

            Thanks for admitting Google uses crap components in Nexus devices. It’s nice to see fanboys be realistic at times.

            I think this chip

            Yeah you think. Unfortunately the only guarantee you have is 18 months, 4 of which are gone.

          • David Narada Brown

            now who is being naive?

  • phinn

    The Moto X is a great alternative, but yea, I’d buy Nexus 5 on VZW.

  • engemasa

    I don’t plan on going back to Big Red because of their update policy… or lack-there-of. That was the number one reason I left.

  • CyHawk60

    I would definitely buy a Nexus 5! I’m in contract with Verizon until June. I’m thinking about leaving for Aio’s $45 plan.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I’d drop my S4 and get it in a heartbeat.

  • Zelrick

    I wish that VZW would carry the Nexus devices, however, I currently have a G2 and a Note 3. If the Nexus would have been there I probably would have skipped the G2, but I’m glad I didn’t. Specs race aside, the G2 is the best device of 2013 by a large margin. I’ve used a Moto X and a couple of Droids, for me they don’t compare to the G2.

    Being stuck on VZW, I just wish that they would get their act together on pushing updates.

  • LiterofCola

    Why would I dump the Droid Maxx for this thing?

  • echeck

    I’m STILL scorned over the 60 days I suffered with the GNex before unloading that turd. Before getting my Moto X I stopped by a Tmo store to take the Nexus 5 for a spin. It seemed sluggish compared to the same test drive I had just done on Moto X at a Vzw store. Moto X smokes the Nexus 5 imo. Specs be damned.

  • Vinay Kumar

    yes i will buy this phone !

  • Brandon Dean

    I’m with T-Mobile, because I live in a place where people live and the coverage is fine. Phones are interoperable and I Dont have to worry about having “the right one” when I take them abroad. Verizon isn’t everything contrary to what Tim kellex and the rest of the crew seem to think.

    In Philadelphia, my LTE speeds are often just as fast as verizon, yet I’m not paying a 40 dollar premium for the luxury of having coverage if I’m magically transported to rural Kansas.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    As much as I like my n4 I will probably get Motolenovo or HTC. The Bluetooth bug is killing me.

  • Dean Milord

    I left VZW back in Oct 2013. And I can say that it has been well worth it. On my plan I’m saving about $100 but am paying an extra $50 for 2 devices. which is still cheaper than what I paid for VZW. Def needs to be a “I would have but I left Verizon already” option!!!

  • mikeszekely

    Where’s the option for “I got sick of both the way Verizon started getting less top-tier Android phones after they got the iPhone and the death-grip control they have over the software on the ones that they do sell that I got fed up and quit Verizon forever”?

  • It all depends on where you live. Verizon owns every carrier in Iowa when it comes to reception and speeds. As long as I live around here I’m not switching anywhere else.

  • Tyler 

    I would have but I opted for the G2 instead…Rooted and flashed Cyanogen Mod 11 and this battery life destroys the Nexus 5.

  • Marsg

    Too late already got the Note 3, if the Nexus 5 was an option back then when I made my decision then probably would have went with the Nexus 5, still on jelly bean 🙁

  • Dominick White

    We all by now should know what types of comments we will get when you guys post anything about Verizon on this site .. Top comments will be “I left Verizon for T-Mobile and I have never been happier”… Yes I know you all have a hard one fir t-mobile, but the fact still remains their network still Sucks outside of any major city. Yes you are paying less, but if you are paying for service you can barely use in most places then you are paying too much.. My mother lives in NYC and she had T-Mobile, but when the storm hit a few years ago. I couldn’t get a hold of her for two days, but had no issues with getting a hold of family there thst had Att or Verizon. That’s when I said F this and added her to my Verizon account

  • Zach Cline

    Its not going to so this is a pointless question

  • CasperTFG

    I’m waiting for the All New HTC One Max (in blue).

  • [S]unjay Burn[s] Red

    Does anyone remember how Verizon killed the Galaxy Nexus? I won’t get a Nexus 5 on Verizon.

  • LouF_NH

    If it contained no Verizon bloatware, ABSOLUTELY!

  • BeejRich

    I really love my Droid Maxx, so probably not.

  • Nathaniel Otto

    I have a G2. would not be worth it for me at all.

    • Richard

      Same here, the G2 has the hardware the nexus should have. I have mine running cm 10.2 stable release. the camara is AMAZING!!! the G2 running stock android is BEAST OF A PHONE!!!!

  • TSY87

    I would consider buying one as a backup phone… or something to use between my real upgrades, assuming they keep the reasonable pricing.

  • Robert Boluyt

    I also want to point out that Verizon never updated their Galaxy Nexus past 4.2.2. They would undoubtedly pull the same stunt with a Nexus 5, a phone thats several months old already.

  • Robert Boluyt

    As someone who owned a GNex on Verizon, that’d be a firm ‘No’. Verizon’s fumbling of the Galaxy Nexus was the major catalyst towards me leaving Verizon for TMO last May.

  • Brian P.

    I was part of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus fiasco…Never again! You put a Nexus on Verizon, it’s no longer a Nexus!!!

    • Tim242

      That’s a lie. It had the same unlockable bootloader, and no skin. I had that phone for a year.

      • Thomas O’Brien

        It was a good phone… Anyone complaining about updates missed the point of the phone anyway… It was meant to unlock & ROM…

        • Higher_Ground

          what about people complaining about horrible radios and battery drain?

          • Hothfox

            THIS is the fiasco. Not timely updates. By default, anything running CDMA LTE plus GSM radios is going to suck up battery like nobody’s business, though. GSM phones of the same model usually have better battery life.

    • MandrelStraughtrider

      I had that phone for two years and loved it. Had every ROM that came down the pipe on it. Where was this fiasco?

  • cweb69

    No!!! Left big red to get my N5 with tmo! Never going back! Never!!!

  • DanWazz

    I still plan on buying the Nexus 5, just going to activate it on T-mobile

  • gonzo319

    Same left Verizon and switched to T-Mobile.

  • Shadowstare

    Until Verizon agrees to actually let Google handle the updates, it really doesn’t matter.

    • cwillen

      So… never…

  • Jprime

    I have an upgrade in April, now i don’t know what to do

  • MandrelStraughtrider

    Love my Droid Maxx.

  • InvaderDJ

    Only if it was relatively unscathed. If it kept the unlocked bootloader, drivers and images and didn’t have crappy radios and battery life I’d be all over it.

  • Daniel Walker

    I’m still rolling with the Gnex on Shiny ROM. Ftw. I’d definitely get another nexus on vzw. If vzw doesn’t want to play with Google updates then we have dev support. No way I’m giving up my unlimited data.

    • Thomas O’Brien

      Best response.. I loved my GNex with shiny

  • cvhovey

    After having had a Nexus phone on VZW … no thanks!

    • rawson815

      What the unlocked boot loader and the best dev support out there ????I would love that again I guess I’m confused …. Just needed like 4 battery’s to get through the day

  • Richard Giordano

    im loving my 2013 DROID Maxx just fine but a Nexus 5 on Verizon’s network would be nice to see. if the Nexus 6 is on Verizon maybe just maybe ill pick one up.

  • Steve Hadlick

    I would definitely consider Nexus 5 if Verizon were to offer it……. I wouldn’t consider getting one on Verizon, but it wouldn’t stop me from getting a Nexus 5 on a better priced, more customer friendly carrier network.

  • Kree Terry

    Maybe, i have the moto x now but if it came at the right price and i could sell the x id prob get it just for the roms and stuff. Rooting and roming the x is not for the faint of heart.

  • Tyler

    Verizon Nexus does not equal Nexus…

  • ostensibly

    Would have bought one if it was when the 5 was new. I’ve since bought a Moto X

  • crazed_z06

    Also, why was the nexus a disaster? I recall vicious hate directed towards the bionic as the gnex had become DR’S hero device.

  • Dominick White

    Yes, long has i can get it in red

  • Johnny Steele

    Short answer: Yes. As long as they don’t charge an arm and a leg.

  • crazed_z06

    Nope.. Note 3>Nexus

  • Blue Sun

    I’d hit up the poll if it were still open…

  • In. A. Heartbeat.

  • manny108

    If it is 350 off contract I will.

  • Justin Everett

    Heck no, i’m waiting for the S5!

  • Cesar

    I’d be tempted, but I think I love my Moto X too much to give it up.

    • Trevor

      I went from Nexus 5 to Moto X, and I am extremely happy with the X. I agree that it would be tough to give it up.

      • grumpyfuzz

        I did the opposite and love my Nexus 5 haha

        • Trevor

          They’re both really good phones. My only gripe with the Nexus 5 is it is just a little too big. The Moto X is the perfect size for me. I’ve also come to love Active Notifications.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I bought an N5 and dumped Verizon. Soooo maybe if it came out in November

  • Ralph Bretz

    As a Moto X owner, yes I would. It’s a frickin Nexus.

  • Dorian Brooks

    *If* I haven’t bought it yet, a new carrier jumping in to offer it wouldn’t sway me now.

  • paul_cus

    Um, little late.

  • Such

    Maybe, but I’m leaning towards no. Hate buying phones after they’ve been out for more than a few months.

    Let’s hope the N5 sold enough units to get Verizon’s attention so they realize how much revenue they missed out on. Remember this is Verizon we’re taking about, if it doesn’t make dollars it doesn’t make sense.

    • jimt

      It would have made more of a point if everyone had left, some people stayed and bought Moto x and other non nexii.

  • Michael Suriel

    I’m with the Galaxy Note 3 with Eclipse rom installed. I’m more than happy with what I have.

  • pookietookie

    Only if the radios were still world ready. A CDMA only phone is crap in other countries.

  • Chris

    Moment of silence for my vzw GNEX……liking my G2 on vzw, now if only kit Kat would just hurry up!

    • Thomas O’Brien

      I think a lot of people jumped on the G2 from the GNex

  • snoty

    It would be hard to beat my Moto X DE on Verizon.

    • Maxim∑

      its very easy to beat the Moto X… lets cut the hype from that phone now

      • snoty

        The Moto X DE is practically a Nexus phone and there is nothing better available on Verizon which IMO is the best network ATM and I’m not willing to switch networks. Why would I upgrade from my fairly new phone to a phone that is 5 months old? I’d rather wait and see if a new Nexus comes to VZ.

        • Thomas O’Brien


  • Chris

    Moment of silence for my vzw GNEX…..but liking my G2, now if kit Kat would just hurry up already

  • Jack3D

    If it had come out around the time of the MotoX, maybe. But I couldn’t do without Active Display or Touchless Control (yea,I know you can hack it).

    And I’m sorry, but it’s almost 20 years later and Motorola still has the best radios…

  • Chewy789

    Although it’s only hypothetical, they shouldn’t even bring it to Verizon already. When or if there should be a next Nexus device, they should work on getting that on Verizon on release or at least close to release date. Verizon customers who wanted the N5 needed to choose another phone if switching companies was not an option. Luckily there were great phones available at the time so it wasn’t a problem unless you really really wanted a Nexus device. Long story short, it’s too late Verizon. Learn from this mistake.

  • rawson815

    Well I’ve got a few things to say on this I buy every phone that comes to Verizon that I want … I own upwards to 15 phones from the of the the OG HTC One LG G3 and 2 moto x phones one with bamboo and a dev edition … All the galaxy phones the big 2 s and note that is and I use them on one line with them out back and forth whatever I fell like that day … I find my self using my moto x dev 90% of the time because just when I think I’m tired of aosp I’m most definitely not !!!! I just bought the nexus 7 through Verizon today because I think its the most important things I can do as a fan of Google and nexus line is vote with my money through a company that hates Google it seems … I know I might be a weird case but if the nexus came to Verizon I would get all 3 colors just because I vote with my money and that’s all Verizon hears ….and before all the down votes and why havent you switched comments need unlimited and all the other options aren’t really options down here.

  • tech247

    G-Nex experience………..

  • Jeff Miller

    I read a tweet from a certain someone the other day, now this… huh. Could it actually happen? Would be good news indeed!

  • beng8686

    100% satisfied with my Droid Maxx. The Nexus doesn’t have toucless control, superior radios, and a slim extended battery so hell no.

    • LiterofCola

      Love this puppy

  • Paul

    Nope. Been burned by a Verizon “Nexus” before. Never again.

  • TylerChappell

    Well, as we all know, a Nexus phone on Verizon is barely worthy of being considered a Nexus. Hell, I bet in order for it to even get updates and run on Verizon’s network, it would not only have to be a Nexus device, but ALSO a GPE device! Imagine that! A Nexus that needs to even further specifically be a Google Play Edition, just to get timely updates, all because Verizon sucks that much ass.

  • Rodeojones000

    I own the G2 on Verizon and love it. With that said, I’d buy a Nexus 5 for Verizon in a heart beat. Not even a bit of hesitation.

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    only through google play. i wouldnt pay $699.95 for it from VZ.


    I can’t say YYYYYEEEESSSSSS fast enough! I would be in heaven if they did that!! I have a nexus 7 and the smoothness and software experience can’t be beaten. Camera is good enough so I would love it! I could only dream!!!!

  • I would think about buying the N5, but to be honest, still pretty happy with my Gnex. Apparently, I really enjoy having a phone that forces me to plug it in every 90 minutes…

    • Higher_Ground

      you must live under a cell phone tower!
      all kiding aside, it’s not so bad if you get a good ROM going. Connection issues and battery drain are universially annoying, though, as they prevent you from actually using the phone at times.


    Just bought a Verizon Moto X Developer Edition, so in a way I kinda did buy a Nexus on Verizon when you really think about it.

    • Trevor

      Root and install Xposed Framework/Gravity Box, and the X is just about as good as a Nexus in my book.

  • staticx57

    Already bought the LG G2, verizon missed the boat.

  • MichaelFranz

    Tough question really. I’m happy with my device. But I always want a new one. Having a nexus to “have a nexus” would be nice but I feel it lack in certain places I need it to be better.

  • Fresh360

    Perfect way to keep your unlimited data, you know if your in to that type of thing.

  • YankInDaSouth

    Verizon Developer Edition Moto X is my Nexus on Verizon

  • John Clausen

    Absolutely, on the condition that I can buy it straight from Google off contract. If I had to either use and upgrade or sign a contract, no way. My Moto X is fine.

    • Chris

      kind of defeats the question don’t you think

    • steve0617

      My position exactly. I’m not signing another contract. But since I have 11 months left, I would really like to upgrade my Razr Maxx HD. But I want an unlocked bootloader and I’d like to spend $349 for the Nexus rather than $449 for the Moto X Developer.

  • evan brown

    Id love to be able to switch between this and my Moto X Dev Edition, I still want a pure google device aka no vzw bloatware. If it happens, it needs to be done right this time.

  • Chris

    Nope. Not interested in the nexus program. Not to mention

    1. chances are its gonna be killed off
    2. a NEW nexus is gonna be out by the end of the year, if not sooner

  • fauxshizzl

    I would have voted yes if I thought for a second it would get timely updates. But this is Verizon we are talking about, so no.

  • jrgray27

    Yes I would if I’m able to keep my Unlimited Data plan still…but I doubt that would the case…they would try to shenanigan me some how… : D

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Much Wishful thinking here. Verizon doesn’t care enough…or at all. And it won’t get updates because Verizon would have to approve it. Why would you want it to be on Verizon at all? Want nexus? Go GSM.

    • jimt

      You will never have a Nexus phone on Verizon, Dream on folks.

  • sprunka

    The Galaxy Nexus proceed to me that there is no such thing as a Nexus on Verizon. Plus, I love my Note 3.

  • Tanuj Chokshi

    MotoX is gonna keep me going for years. If only the consumer version’s bootloader was unlocked, it’d probably last even longer with the dev community’s support.

  • Jason Downing

    Would have purchased pre G2, but no point now.

  • Ramana

    Yes, if off contract for 300.

  • KenBarnum

    Need an option for “Nope, ditched VZW and not looking back”

  • gallen408

    And give up my Moto X? Not a chance.

    • Dave

      MOTO X is Sh**

      • JoeTi

        Did you mean “the sh**”? Because there’s a lot of love for that device. Not just this site, but pretty much everywhere. Your opinion is welcome either way.

      • LiterofCola

        So’s your life

    • Chris

      moto x is nothing special.

      sad people love it more then loving a girl/guy

      • The Narrator


        • PoisonApple31

          than* – if you are going to take the time, do it right.

          • The Narrator

            Boooo hooo, cry me a river.

          • Chris

            grow up

          • Chris

            thats too hard for him

          • Nick


          • Chris

            that’s what I said…

      • Patrick Smithopolis

        I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion. They just love it more than the Nexus 5 or perhaps any other phone.

    • 4g63mark

      Exactly!!!!! The Moto X has the Nexus 5 beat in EVERY category. And it’s running a more fluid version of stock Android with Active notifications and touchless control as well. And if a 5″ device is a must, the Droid Max is available. The Droid Max is better in every category as well……. The Nexus 5 has too many short comings to consider it comparable to Moto’s superstar lineup……… We definitely dont miss the Nexus on Verizon. Especially when we can put a 32gb developer edition Moto X in our pocket for only $379.

      • MJ

        Huh? You must have a different definition of “beats in every category” then everyone else… The Nexus 5 has a faster CPU (Quad-core 2.3 GHz) vs the Moto X (Dual-core 1.7 GHz). A more fluid version of stock Android? What? In your opinion? The Nexus 5 has a bigger screen, higher resolution, and better ppi pixel density true HD display (1080p vs 720p). You did mention the Nexus 5’s bigger display but then you suggested one could buy a different phone. Come on really?

        The Nexus 5 also gets Android OS updates faster and has better 3rd party ROM support. I don’t see where one can get a Moto X developer edition (32gb) for $379 new (but I will take your word for it). Still… The Moto X is not a better value then the Nexus 5. You can get a Nexus 5 (32gb) which is a developer phone for $399 where the two most expensive parts (CPU and display) are better then the Moto X.

        The Moto X is a nice phone with stock Android for someone with smaller hands but to say it beats the Nexus 5 in every category is just trolling fanboy stupidity.

        • 4g63mark

          I think you’d have to have a lot if experience with the Moto X t9 truly understand where that comment is coming from. I have lots of experience with both and know for a fact that I can get from app to app, and function to function just as fast with the Moto and maybe faster. So while it says on paper the Nexus should be faster, it’s not the case in real world scenarios. Also the Moto X has a rich superamoled screen where as the Nexus has a washed out looking LCD. And I can’t see a clarity difference between the 2 because they are both over 300 PPI. So again the display looks better on the Moto despite what it says on paper. Also the Moto has the second best speaker on the market whereas the Nexus is at the bottom if that category. Also the Moto X destroys the Nexus yet again in battery performance. Plus we get updates faster than every phone except the Nexus 5. Not that I can tell much difference in any of the updates after 4.2 anyway………. So what I said was true in every way. It just isn’t visable on a spec sheet.

          • MJ

            Why didn’t you go with your second comment instead of the first one to begin with? I suppose the Moto X may seem a little more fluid since it’s only pushing a 720p display. One may appreciate the faster Nexus 5 processor if doing something more CPU intensive… It would have been more accurate for you to say the Moto X beats the Nexus 5 in every category that matters in YOUR use case.

        • MJ

          To add… Yes, the Moto X has better battery life but once again it has a slower CPU and smaller/lower resolution display to power. Oh, the color seems fine on my Nexus 5 and don’t want a smaller display for sure. Speaker? I can’t think why one wouldn’t be using headphones. Besides, if I was going to be playing videos or music would be using my tablet. The Nexus 5 is way better for MY use case.

  • Var

    I couldn’t give up the Moto X. I love the design and Active Display too much.

  • Tyler

    Too late, i have my moto x and love it. Before getting the phone I would have said yes. Nexus 5 doesn’t have active display so thats a no go.

    • Akuma10

      Madhi ROM has a feature baked into the ROM which does the same thing that active display does and in my option is better.

      • Tyler

        But active display isn’t just a software thing. It’s the amoled panel that makes it work properly by deactivating all the black pixels therefore consuming less power.

        • Akuma10

          Definitely true but with that said. I have the moto x on Verizon and the Nexus 5 on T-Mobile and the battery life is basically the same. I get a lot of battery drains from the moto x.

    • Kevin

      Moto X is basically a Nexus.

      • Raven

        Especially if you have the Developer Edition like I do.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    I’d take one, but I’m sort of wanting to see what Motorola comes out with next at this point.

  • Anon

    I see the Moto X people are strong on the site with votes today.

    • Maxim∑

      are you trolling?

    • Guest

      Probably in the minority, but I’m a Moto X user and I would drop it for the Nexus 5

    • Dave

      This site covers 95% of moto X/G. So it’s bound to happen. Pretty said I say.

      • Chris

        funny given its called DROID LIFE….

        maybe they should rename it moto life….

        • blahblahblah

          Don’t listen to the haters because you’re the 1 person that has the balls to say it. Rename the site to Moto Life since that’s all they talk about anyway.

          • Aaron

            There is a lot of Moto fans on droid-life since it basically started due the OG Moto Droid. The X is a great phone and they’ve done some good things this year with customization and quick updates so there is a lot of posts about it. If other OEM’s where making similar moves the posts would be about them. I don’t see why everyone gets so upset about Moto stories.

          • Dave

            I understand that the OG started this site and I’m glad to hear that, but come on you can’t always bring that up whenever they trash talk about moto! By the one every small news moto gets Droid life talks about it, like it’s something big to them. There’s tons of real mobile news out that, do Droid life cover it? Sadly, no they don’t cover it. Which is why this site is starting to get hate comments.

  • David Dzado

    I would have if the phone came like 3 months ago. I had to make the choice to just go with whatever else was there.

  • Damian

    I would have said yes if it had a better camera.

  • TheRunner024

    No, I’ll stick with my Moto X.

  • Grasshopper239

    It would take some serious brain trama injury for me to agree to go back to VZW

  • mtaylor924

    I have the G2 on VZW. Best of both worlds – it’s the base of the Nexus 5 without the lower specs (battery, camera) that account for the lower price point. Plus a pretty good dev community (go AOKP!) and got it free (on contract) during Black Friday sales. So nope – wouldn’t switch.

    • Nexoduss

      I just traded my moto x to someone for their g2. The g2 is definitely a better phone. And don’t let the moto fanboys tell you otherwise. They are almost as delusional as the iPhone users

      • Aaron

        I disagree, but I guess that is the beauty of opinion vs. fact.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        for 2013 the g2 was the phone for the android spec race. I can see why you feel this way, i own it now. But it was sort of the idea of the moto x that’s cool. The direction moto was/is (?) taking with the “cores” and motion, display tech, battery optimizations, always listening, the speakers, cooling system, the thought that went into the build and size, water repellent nano coating like theres a lot of tech packed in with its 2200mah battery and it gets by. Camera is bleh 97% of the time but im sure people have moved on. There’s a bunch of hate for it, to me it’s the only thing out that holds some meaning to it and i can’t believe i’m saying that about an electronic but it proves true because someone left their g2 for your moto x. For a first gen product its good. It is or could’ve been the new OG. Sorry.

      • LiterofCola

        you’re an idiot

  • JB

    It’d be difficult to let go of my G2’s performance, features, & battery life. I’ve moved on.

  • Marcellus1

    The issues I see with choosing a nexus 5 on vzw are: (1) it takes far longer to get updates for nexus devices on vzw than on any other carrier; and (2) the nexus is a significantly lower cost phone but with vzw you keep paying the subsidy price even if you’ve paid for your phone, meaning nexus on vzw is more gravy for vzw and less money in your wallet. Plus, I can’t imagine vzw selling this for $350 off contract, meaning you pay even more.

    • Tanuj Chokshi

      i’d expect it to get speedier updates, like the motox does, but what do i know.

      • Marcellus1

        You would expect it to, but that’s not what happened with the last nexus that went to vzw

  • me

    Nah, camera and battery life are important to me 😉 bazinga!

  • sralj

    Already left Verizon for the Nexus 5.

    • Miguel

      Me too and went to Straight Talk, not looking back, the Gnex was enough for me.

  • Rob

    Too late. Already switched to at&t to use one.

  • Billyt

    Nope, happy with the G2

    • Adam Elghor

      As a note 3 owner the G2 is he only phone that makes me question if I picked the right phone…if only someone could crack the note3 bootloader

      • Paradisimo

        As a former Note 3 owner that moved to the G2 I can honestly say I have NO regrets. I found that I never really used the S-pen and after a few weeks I grew tired of the size of the Note 3. I thought I would mind the buttons on the G2 but they became quite natural after a few days.

        • Haroon Dar

          u dont have to have the bootloader unlocked i mean u can still load custom roms granted thier touch wiz based but some of them look exactly like stock

        • RiceCake

          Agreed i like the buttons. But its like a galaxy phone whereas it has loads of features but i only use 2~3.

          Seriously Slide Aside is pointless haha

      • Dave

        Even without bootloader being unlocked, this phone is still a badass phone. I even think it’s the best phone on the market right now. Don’t let all those moto x lovers say any different.

        • stang68


    • Scott Niemczyk

      I would ditch the note 3 for the G pro 2 . I don’t use the s pen enough and would love the extra screen spac. I have the G pad and really like what lg is doing with their os

      • TSY87

        I agree with you completely. Hopefully when the Gpro3 comes out they release it on vzw… I DO NOT like where samsung is going with their hardware/software. A heartbeat montior… really?

  • Cael

    I would but not at Verizon’s prices.

  • joshkay

    There needs to be “I would have but I already left Verizon for T-Mobile” option

    • abqnm

      Yep. Just did that. On Day 4 with T-Mobile and am very happy. No coverage issues and my data speeds are way faster. I couldn’t justify paying Verizon $130 a month anymore to get 1-2Mbps average (6 Mbps if I test at 4AM) from their LTE. With T-Mobile I can get 5-7Mbps on HSPA+ and 10-15Mbps on LTE. For much less money.

      I guess you could say that I gave up Verizon for Lent.

      • joshkay

        I’m 1 month in to T-Mobile and I actually have better coverage everywhere except my house. I’m on Wi-Fi there anyway though so it doesnt matter. The one thing I’m upset about is that I ported my number to Google Voice without realizing that I can’t receive MMS messages from Verizon or AT&T users.

        • abqnm

          I almost did that but I did some research first because I need the MMS ability. So I am just using GV for voicemail still. If they ever get full mms support I will definitely port my number as GV is awesome.

          • vinnie

            I just got a new nexus 5 . I would love to up grade it to the new nexus 7 if there were no charge on my existing contract

          • PoopSimpson

            Don’t feel bad. Nexus 5 is a phone, the newest nexus phone. Nexus 7 is a tablet.

          • Ryan

            I have a GV number and receive all picture messages from all carriers. They go to my email…

          • joshkay

            GV can only receive picture messages from Sprint and T-Mobile users. I believe its on the sending carriers end that it needs to be enabled. T-Mobile just started to allow their users to send MMSs to GV users late last year. Verizon and AT&T have not done it yet.

      • jimv1983

        You are so lucky. I would switch from AT&T to T-Mobile but I live in the San Francisco bay area and T-Mobile sucks here.

        • Eric

          I left Verizon for N5 on AT&T.

          • jimv1983

            I have a Nexus 5 on AT&T as well but T-Mobile offers more data for less money.

          • Beth Oles

            You r right

      • Richard Yarrell

        Verizon SUCKS SERIOUS MONKEY BALLS they forever will. The Nexus 5 is useless as well…..

        • abqnm

          I got an HTC One and converted it to the GPE version. Love it. The camera isn’t the best but it works in just about every situation which is great. And the speakers are just great. And the solid aluminum feels very nice. Basically a Nexus 5 with better hardware (aside from the processor speed and both have just OK cameras.

          • Justin

            Arre you referring to M8 or M7? The M8 is a lot like the N5, M7 not so much :P.

          • abqnm

            M7. The M8 was still having its identity crisis and wasn’t sure what its name would be yet when I posted this.

            Aside from the processor and the camera, the internal specs are pretty similar to the N5. And when I was referring to “better hardware” I mean the hardware as a whole package. It works like a Nexus but the phone is built so much better and the speakers are great. The M8 GPE is more like what the N5 should have been.

        • squiddy20

          Yes, because a device that can do almost everything your “pimp slapping” Note 3 can do is “useless”. What a whackjob.

        • treborch

          I like the N5 but I have to agree about Verizon the serious monkey balls!

      • Justin

        I get 40 with LTE and 10-20 with HSPA+. On Sprint I got 0.3 with 3G (not LTE or 4G here from them.) Couldn’t be happier!

    • saimin

      Yup. Dumped Verizon for the $30/month T-Mobile plan. T-Mobile data speed is triple what I used to get with Verizon and coverage has not been a problem so far. Not looking back.

      • Keith Thompson

        Okay… Now you are just lying to yourself.

        • LiterofCola

          No doubt

        • turdbogls

          I’m in the same boat. coming from a G-nex (which had horrible radios) I was averaging 4mb/s down on LTE…best I ever got in the last 6 months of my contract was 20-something and that was at the Airport.

          On T-mobile, I am constantly getting a better signal than I ever did on my G-nex (again horrible radios) and matching my wife’s Razr HD signal. I get 10-12 mb/s on H+ at work (where i could only get 3G on my G-nex) and get like 15mb/s on LTE (1 bar) but outside my workplace, i get full LTE signal and average 25mb/s.

          just becuase something didn’t work out for you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for anyone else. I am VERY happy with T-mobile’s coverage in the Central Florida area….and paying $30/month makes the times when I am not in the area (which isn’t much, and even then, i still have pretty good coverage) worth it to me. I would have to be paying over $100/month on verizon for a similar package.

          • AnotherAndroidKid

            I’m another who picked up coverage on tmo at work. My desk was a gnex vz dead zone with vz. Now with tmo i am getting some lte and plenty of h+. Enough that my usage during the olympics skyrocketed to multiple gig a day. Something vz’s argument with me on twitter saying “well how much data do you use now” couldn’t hold water with.

            I will admit, at home tmo is half the speed vz was. Took 4 days to port, so i did plenty of side by side. vz about 40 down adn tmo about 20. ups were both about 15. and there are coverage gaps. usually only a minute or less driving. Although my family upstate has no tmo coverage at all and with a n5, i can’t use wifi calling. I carry a work provided vz s3 for those situations and my wife is on an s4 with tmo with wifi calling. so we’re covered.

            Tmo isn’t yet perfect. but as you stated, they’re plenty good for most of us.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Piss on Verizon

        • Beth Oles

          U sure about that

        • Justin

          Same here. I got about 10-20 down on Verizon’s LTE, and I get 40 down on T-Mobile’s. Also, the coverage near me is much more consisten on T-Mobile. Also on Sprint I would get 0.3-0.4 on 3G, 1-10 on LTE. Never had ATT but my friends get 20 down on LTE.

      • Beth Oles

        Same here. Had Verizon for 8 years with the prices going up. Now with T-Mobile better service and much cheaper.

        • Keith Thompson

          T-mobile is cheaper.
          But i refuse to believe that they have better coverage than Verizon (anywhere).

          • Beth Oles

            I used to have an apple 4s phone. Whenever I came home I never had any service. I called Verizon and they said it’s the phone. When I went to the apple store they said it was the service. But anyway they gave me a new phone and once I came home I had the same issue. The problem was going on for months and Verizon would never say that their service is the problem. Now since I have T-Mobile if I have problems with the service which I haven’t had yet it would be taken care off. Would not switch back

    • gregg nichols

      Indeed Sir… as did I!! And I’m loving my Nexus 5!

    • Peter Stover

      Left Verizon for N5 on Sprint

      • Beth Oles

        Left Verizon for nexus 5 on T-Mobile and no problems at all

        • marion babich

          Same here. Left Verizon for T-Mobile $30 plan and is working better than expected. I never looked back. I like saving $50 a month.

          • Beth Oles

            It is nice. I am saving about 70-80 a month for 4 phones and a better plan that’s all unlimited. Verizon is history for me

    • Iczer

      T mobile sucks. That’s all she wrote.

      • joshkay

        I’ve had overall better service for a fraction of the cost. Nothing about that sucks to me. To each their own though

        • RiceCake

          Isnt it awesome they jacked their unlimited from 70-80 without any bligs making a stink about it.

          Makes me wonder if t mobile is really stealing that many customers if they jave to raise the price so much.

    • I did the exact same thing. The Nexus 5 was just a nice excuse for something that I needed to do a while ago.

    • Nate Shanholtzer

      Yeah I bought my nexus 5 outright off Google play at the end of my sprint contract. Now I’m on T-Mobile’s 30 dollar a month plan plus 3 bucks a month for Skype for unlimited calling.

    • Zack Kolev

      Been on T-Mobile for a year and way happier than I ever was with Verizon

    • Matt Hunter


    • Justin

      I did that except from Sprint XD. Perfectly content with my Nexus 5, I had a G2 on Sprint though and loved the phone as well, just not the service.

  • MistaButters

    Considering the New One and the SGS5 have an only marginally better processor, same resolution display, and same RAM, I’d say it is easily still a must buy.

    • shooter50

      keep your charger handy. battery life sucks

      • MistaButters

        I own a Nexus 5 and can easily make it through an entire day, so long as I turn Google Now off. Better battery life than both the SGS3 and One X.

        • jimt

          I get through a day with no problem without turning anything off. 8hrs so far today and 85% left it is 3:40 PM with my Nexus 5

          • PoisonApple31

            Some people use their phone, it doesn’t just sit idle all day. /s

          • jimt

            Any phone that you actually talk on all the time will not make it through a day even the Maxx. I use it mainly on wifi but I use it a lot for the net. I have never not made it through the day. I got to 15% once.

          • MistaButters

            I probably could, but at work I sit where I drop in and out of cell signal, so it’s pretty tough on battery life.

      • Tanuj Chokshi

        i feel like this has to do with 4.4.2’s Android OS battery sucker bug. let’s see how it does after the next android update. I don’t have a Nexus 5 so who knows!

    • Maxim∑

      lol buy the crap GS5 or the crap HTC One “Up” with the groundbreaking S801 for 2x the price

  • Nextus

    No. Happy with my motoX

  • The Narrator

    With the new Nexus 3-5 months away, probably not. The last time Nexus was on Verizon, it even had bloatware

    • 3-5 months sounds kind of soon. I’d say we have until November. 😛

      • The Narrator

        I am thinking they’ll have it close to their smart watch reveal . I could be wrong, but anything is possible. Considering LG is making both too.

    • PoisonApple31

      LMAO! It had what like 3 apps? Talk about a performance killer!

      • The Narrator

        Bloatware is bloatware. An infant would know that.

        • ostensibly

          An infant probably wouldn’t know that.

  • Bionic

    Didn’t Google say they have something else for Verizon coming mid-year ?

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I thought they just said they had something planned for Verizon for 2014, but they didn’t say what or when.

      • Bionic

        And that is what it is now 2014.If your thinking the Moto X was it it can’t be ,it came out August 2013.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Oh no, I was just saying I didn’t think they narrowed it down to anything other than 2014, but I thought they did say something about something coming to Verizon in 2014. Unless they meant the Nexus 7

          • Bionic

            I don’t remember the exact quote, but I guess you could be right.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Hey I was agreeing with you so we can both be right! Just wasn’t sure if they had narrowed it down at all or not. A guy can dream!

          • nate

            “Pichai also made it a point to mention that Google was ‘working with [Verizon] on a set of projects for 2014.'” This is the quote you were looking for.

          • Bionic

            Where is the article ? (of course the DL one)

    • evltwn

      Holy crap….Bionic is BACK!

      • Bionic


        • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

          Per Sarge!!!

          Sorry. I had to do it 😛

        • La2da

          You should combine and become Bionic Godzilla!!!!!!

          • Nexoduss

            Then promptly commit suicide

    • NorCalGuy

      Moto Droid X “2014”

    • michael arazan

      They said they were working with Verizon on 2 Google products, one must of been the N7, the second has yet to have been even rumored, 10-1 it’ll be the watch. I’d take a nexus 5 though or at least a GPE device for less that it’s Hero device brother though, maybe if they kept the camera software.

  • Aldrin Tauro

    If the Nexus 5 had the same battery as the LG G2, I’d definitely be down for it. If only…

    • Anglave

      I have a Nexus 5 and get two days between charging easily. My gf has the LG G2. We’re both happy with our phones and their batteries, I’m just saying any difference in effective life isn’t significant.

  • Drew

    Of course. Moto X and Nexus 5 is the best phone for everybody. They have the best specs, longest battery, best screen, lightest, and best camera. I am never getting Samsung, LG or HTC for the reasons above. Moto X and Nexus 5 is the best.

    • jimt

      Nexus 5 is LG.

    • The Narrator

      Hey buddy, Nexus 5 is LG. Ya buffoon

    • Keyan X

      Longest battery? I don’t think so, and yes I have both phones. Best Camera? Again I don’t think so, and yes I also have other phones to compare them to.

      Also Nexus 5 is LG, try again.

    • MistaButters

      I’m sensing a heavy dose of sarcasm, but just in case, the N5 and Moto X definitely don’t have the best battery life.

    • JDub

      You just labeled every reason to get a G2. Best camera in the Moto X or Nexus 5? You sir need to put the drugs down.

      • grumpyfuzz

        Just ignore him. He has been trolling this site for the past few days.

        • nate

          Still fun to laugh at him though lol

          • grumpyfuzz

            true :]

    • shooter50

      Drew, a mind is a terrible thing to waste…….

    • PoisonApple31

      Drew, you must be an iPhone user right?