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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey Official Companion App – Watch Additional Videos and View More Photography

If you happened to tune in last night for the series premier of Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey, then hopefully you are feeling a bit more like a kid again today. The show was fantastic, and if you can’t get enough, then it’s time to grab the official app from Google Play. 

In this companion app, which is free to download, users are met with “breathtaking” photography and unique videos that won’t be seen on TV. In addition, an interactive Cosmic Calendar is inside, which visualizes the 13.8 billion year history of the universe into a single human calendar year.

There is also full episode streaming, but that takes place through another app, Fox Now.

Download both to make sure you don’t miss a second of Cosmos.

Play Links: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey | Fox Now

  • interstellarmind

    For me, the original Cosmos had so much charm because of Carl Sagan and the music – the trippy, snyth heavy music. I with they had gotten Daft Punk to do the music for this reboot!

    Also – I still can’t get over Seth MacFarlane’s involvement (not that I think he shouldn’t be involved – I just think he’s awesome for using his influence and clout at fox to revive such an important series). Who knew making a fortune off fart jokes and quick cuts could lead to MOAR SCIENCE!

    • EC8CH

      Interesting fact, guy who did the music for the original Cosmos also did Blade Runner which is a highly acclaimed score.

  • LTEasy

    Cosmos > walking Dead…even though i know it shows again on Monday on Discovery

  • Jason Kahn

    Been seeing a lot of complaints and can confirm no Nexus 7 Support for either variant. Also Phone compatibility seems to be hit or miss.

  • Walter Janowski

    I have to disagree, I found the first episode to be uninteresting, dumbed down to the point of absurdity, and way too much time spent on the “let’s blame the church” cartoon. All in all, a poor imitation of the original.

    • EC8CH

      Considering how the church persecuted a long list of people who supported the sun centered solar system and this particular animation only concerned itself with a single one, it could have indeed been much longer and more in depth.

      The point being conveyed is theocratic resistance to advances in scientific understanding. A problem that exists today as it did centuries ago when we fist discovered religion was wrong and we weren’t the center of the universe. Religions continued unfortunate hindrence to a more wide spread public understanding of scientific evidence of the universe and our place in it is in large part why efforts like this new Cosmos series is needed today. Which is why I think the lesson taught by that animation was appropriate to the series and its overall message and goals. That being an appreciation of the wonders of the cosmos revealed to us through science.

      • Walter Janowski

        So explain how “an appreciation of the wonders of the cosmos revealed to us through the process of scientific discovery” is achieved by highlighting a nutcase with vivid dreams? You admit that “Bruno was no scientist and his theories were only a “lucky guess””, so why waste so much time on him rather than someone like Galileo?

        • Alicia

          I agree with eh8ch. This show isn’t supposed to be for people holding degrees in astrophysics or something in the geosciences only. It’s aimed at the 8 year old children who want to learn more but don’t know where to start. This show ignites that flame. It’s delivering astounding ideas aimed at our entire country instead of giving the same ‘ole Galileo story. Besides, it’s only episode 1. Hopefully by the public watching this show parents may decide to take their kids out to planetariums instead of watching an action movie or a child may ask for a science book as a gift. That’s the aim for this show in my opinion.

        • Higher_Ground

          philosophy and science can be interwined in that both rely on curiosity and a willingness to look beyond what is currently known or try to better understand it.
          I can only imagine they wasted more time on him because far fewer people have heard of him and he actually predates Galileo.

    • dunning-kruger

      I think you missed the point on both fronts. First, the show is clearly written to be accessible to people who are not scientifically literate. Second, I think the cartoon was meant to illustrate a couple things: 1) religious people were involved in scientific theory 2) organized religion has been threatened by theories for a long time 3) an idea questioning “common knowledge” can be the catalyst to huge scientific discoveries 4) and this is the most nuanced, Bruno was no scientist and his theories were only a “lucky guess” as there were never any experiments/observations made by him to back up his ideas.

      Anyway enjoy your half empty glass.

      • EC8CH

        It is interesting they didn’t choose to tell the story of Galileo’s persecution instead being that he was more directly involved in the scientific discovery of heliocentricity.

        • Walter Janowski

          Hence my point. Why waste ten minutes covering the trials of a guy who had a “lucky guess” and had no impact on the advancement of science? On a show that barely manages to deliver five minutes of science in an hour, it’s obvious their target audience is not just the scientifically illiterate, but the illiterate in general. Nothing like an non-challenging cartoon with easily identifiable good guys and bad guys to keep the masses entertained.

          • EC8CH

            By telling the story of Bruno instead of Galileo it seems they were more interested in demonstrating the suppression of new ideas that occurs under theocratic societies than in comparing the effectiveness of the scientific method at discovering natural truths compared to religious revelation. An interesting question is what if Bruno’s ideas turned out NOT to be true? Would that make the church’s tyranny over his mind and the execution of his body any less egregious?

            I also think it is a more dramatic illustration that the wonders of the Cosmos as imagined by Bruno and later proved true by scientists including Galileo, are actually grander and more awe inspiring than the stories previously told by the religions of the world.

            Your criticisms that the first episode didn’t delivery enough science I think overlooks that it is meant to serve as the overview for the rest of the series to come. The scale than needs to be covered from the Planck length to the radius of the observable universe is unimaginably large and to give an overview to a series covering literally everything that exists within is bound to be light on details if it is to be accomplished within roughly 40 minutes.

          • I liked the pretty pictures.

          • dunning-kruger

            Agreed, subject matter aside it was top notch animation.

          • dunning-kruger

            Maybe it was kind of an odd choice but I think they were basically trying to bridge the science/religion gap rather than widen it. The fact that Bruno was a monk and his theory came from his faith were clearly mentioned and organized religion no longer pulling this crap allows them to pat themselves on the back. I think they left kind of a lot to read between the lines, I’d agree it would have benefited from more or less time and was a bit odd as it ended up. I think this was their way of addressing the idiotic politics around science in this country with kid gloves so yeah it was kind of vague and nuanced and of course totally in vain because I doubt any religious zealot is going to see anything other than an attack on their faith.

            I watched it with my 18 month old this morning, she was all “wow” and “ooo” despite probably having no clue what she was looking at so I was pleased with it.

            Still when it comes to disappointing “academic” TV shows I think “Big History” is far worse as I felt it was advertised as being far more academic than it was. I knew what to expect from this, if you want something a little more heady check out Morgan Freeman’s show.

          • EC8CH

            “if you want something a little more heady”

            or, you know…. read a book 🙂

    • Higher_Ground

      I also found the first episode to be unintersting and dumbed down… except for the part about the Bruno. It was the only part of the show that went into any detail at all. I find the entire concept of squeezing time into a calendar a little over the top. I get that it helps people fathom how old the universe might be, but it really doesn’t help to have a 99% of the calendar essentially blank.

      If I was watching the show in an IMAX theater I’m sure it’d be amazing. I just hope that the first episode was a bit muted so that it could introduce the concept and that future shows will have more detailed information.

  • Tom Yarrish

    Uh no tablet support for the Cosmos app?

    • Jason Kahn

      Install on your phone then backup the APK and install on your tablet, worked great on My Nexus 7 2012.

  • Disqus_n00b

    Cable authentication to view full episodes? I’ll pass

    • Chris

      sadly thats the case with most streaming apps. Cable compnies get butt hurt and scared of new ways to access programing…..

      • jimt

        Slingbox and a Tivo, forever!

    • Brian Walker

      I have cable, but it’s through a municipal cable provider in my small town. The service is great, and so is the price, but things like this are out of my reach. It’s really annoying.

      • JMonkeYJ

        Wow, I hadn’t even thought of that aspect of these cable sign-ins. That’s a huge bummer.

        • michael arazan

          WTH, I have a cable provider but why is it needed when the show will be running on FOX? It’s one of the free channels you don’t need cable for anyways. Plus you can watch it for free online anyways on their site.

          Also anyone shocked this is on FOX? Fox and it’s subsidiary FNC a company that supports conservative groups that only believe the world is a few thousand years old? I would think Fox would get hate mail from all those groups.

          • Bald_Sasquach

            Yeah that really confused me to see where it was airing. I haven’t watched it yet but I wonder if they’ll try to keep a sense of doubt in it. I noticed the ad made sure to call evolution a theory.

          • Higher_Ground

            Well one of the executive producers is Seth McFarlane, and he’s basically keeping FOX afloat these days. That’s pretty much the only reason I can think of. Personally, I’m watching it on Nat Geo just because I watch that channel a lot more than FOX, but it does air a day later.