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Samsung Posts Extensive Galaxy S5, Gear Fit, and Gear 2 Hands-on Videos

We are still about a month away from the initial launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, so Samsung is taking every opportunity to provide you with more detail about not only their new flagship, but its wearable friends too, the Gear Fit and Gear 2. Through two new videos posted to their YouTube channel this weekend, Samsung has given us 15 minutes of combined “official” hands-on time with each. The videos aren’t as detailed as we’ll get with our full reviews, but they do offer you a solid overview of some of the new features of each.  

While watching the GS5 video, you will see the new Galaxy S5 camera features (HDR video, selective focus, etc.), how the fingerprint scanner works, what kinds of speeds you’ll get with Download Booster, and how using Ultimate power saving mode (yes, that’s the official name) will turn your phone to grey-screen to extend life.

In the Gear videos, you’ll get an overview of the differences between the Gear 2 and Gear Fit. The focus is clearly on how they can help you reach fitness goals, since each has heart rate monitors built-in, but Samsung also takes you through their use cases as companion devices for your smartphone.

Both are worth a watch if you are at all considering the new Galaxy S5 or its Gear pals.

Don’t forget, we also spent some time with the Galaxy S5 as well a couple of weeks back. We have hardware and software tours, video of the heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner in action, and comparison videos of the GS5 to all sorts of other phones.

Galaxy S5

Gear Fit and Gear 2

  • Derrick Jefferson

    I wish i had that download booster on my G2. Hopefully they start working on porting that over at XDA.

  • Naut A. Luser

    You know what’s cool? Fan boys arguing about which smart phone is better. I wonder if the next version of iPhone or Droid phone will include a life.

  • Drew

    Nothing tops Moto X. It blows S5 even spec for spec. Moto X will destroy G3 too.

  • Hamforce

    Not waiting picked up LG G2…beast!

  • Jim

    Does anybody know the pricing on the new Gear watches, especially the Gear Fit?

  • Ixiel Hernandez

    Not too crazy about the S5 I though it will have a bendable screen heart monitor my phone note 3 has that and can make videos pics like the S5 it just doesn’t wow me anymore I rather stick with my note 3!!#

    • Ixiel Hernandez

      Did I mention the back cover of the S5 looks cheap at least my note 3 has a leather back cover….

      • surfsup3

        I like the plastic backs….That’s just me. Well I guess millions of people end up with some sort of plastic material as a case on their phone.

        • Derrick Amundsen

          I agree. My Note 3 cover (even if it is pleather) doesn’t bother me at all. Plus who cares really? I always put a case on my phone any way, I never even see the back of the phone.

      • flosserelli

        If you think that is genuine leather, then don’t pick up any women in Vegas.

      • Tim242

        That is not leather lol

  • Tim242

    Verizon, I have my money ready. Release it ASAP!

    • Denvertoad

      Pick up a Note 3 and be happy now. Traded up from an S4 and I’ve never looked back.

      • Tim242

        I actually did pick up a Note 3. I loved it, except for the size. I have small hands. It was manageable, but barely. I went back to my S4.

  • Chuck Ehrlich

    Thus phone is way over hyped. Th LG3 will blow it away.

    • Tim242

      No, you silly LG fanboys over-hype their crap.

      • The Narrator

        That’s why the G2 was one of the best devices, proven by reviewer’s? We know Samsung paid all their good reviews. Along with cheating benchmarks. Don’t have to be a fanboy to notice what’s good and what isn’t.

        No need to mention Lead either.

        • MicroNix

          Everyone is overhyping their phones. Unfortunately that doesn’t always translate into sales.

      • Nope, LG is actually under-hyped. They have the largest display to physical size phone out, a larger 5.2″ display on a phone slightly smaller than the S3 and S4. One of the best phone cameras right behind Samsung, but ahead of Moto and HTC, top of the line specs, and the buttons on the back are actually great when you get used to them (way easier to adjust volume when holding one handed, no accidental volume and power presses when holding the phone or in your pocket, allows for a thinner and sleeker bezel area, and oh so much more 🙂

        • Tim242

          The G2 is not smaller than the S4. See screenshot below. Sorry, but buttons are not usable screen space most of the time. I don’t want to hear about hiding them temporarily either.

          • Basically what LG did was take the area of the phone where the capacitive buttons WOULD be, and turned it into a larger display, so in turn you get to take advantage of the times when the buttons are hidden, such as when looking at photos or watching videos. I do agree with you in one aspect, that phones that use on screen buttons but have large chins where they could have used capacitive buttons are pointless. Although I’m rooted and my nav bar is only 75% of the original size, plus with on screen buttons you can choose whatever buttons you want and in what order you want them in.

            BTW, the dimensions of the G2 are 138 x 71 x 9 and the S4 is 137 x 70 x 8, so yes, technically you’re right but only by 1mm.

    • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

      Ignore Tim’s comment. He’s a Samsung fanboi.

      • Tim242

        Ignore yours. You’re a Samsung hater

        • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

          I’m not. I’ve owned every Galaxy S device. However, this year will be the first time I won’t be getting one. Just because I’m going to skip the S5 doesn’t make me a hater.

      • jim

        Nothing tops the Note 3

        • Yes, the G3 will 🙂

          • Tim242

            No it won’t. Here’s the screenshot I forgot on the other reply.

          • Yes…. by 1mm. And if you want to compare it correctly, use the S4 with the wireless charging back, as you compared the Verizon variant which is thicker due to the wireless charging. All other G2 variants are only 8.9mm thick.

          • Tim242

            The G2 is bigger by 1 mm in length, 1 mm in width, and 1 mm in thickness. It is also 15 g heavier. The bottom bezels are the same. The top bezel on the G2 is just a hair smaller.

          • Yes, as I said it’s 1mm larger, which there is no way you’d notice unless you had them side by side, and even then you’d probably barely notice. Heck the side buttons on the S4 probably make it wider. Again, you are comparing the Verizon variant with wireless charging, but I’d gladly pay the difference of 1mm and 13g to have a phone that doesn’t feel cheap. The bezels on the G2 are the smallest of any phone, there’s no arguing that. I much prefer to have a 5.2″ display than a 5″ display with permanent buttons.

          • Tim242

            First, you claimed the G2 is smaller. Now, well it’s not, but that’s OK. A phone that feels cheap? The G2 has the same glossy plastic as the S4. You are grasping at straws by claiming the S4 may be wider due to the buttons. The G2 is probably thicker due to the ridiculous bulge of those back buttons. Give it up, you are making no sense at all.

          • Man just give it a rest, I’m not going to sit here and argue with you.

          • Tim242

            Of course you no longer want to argue. I have proven you wrong on every point you have tried to make. The G2 is more premium feeling hahahahaha sit down.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    I’m so torn on Samsung devices. On one hand, I love their displays, battery life, cameras just over all Their phone components in general. On the other hand I hate touchwiz, hardware buttons especially the home button and the fact that they do everything they can to make their plastic devices feel premium without actually making a premium device as far as build materials.

    The same way apple can do just a few key things that people have been pining for forever and really give other OEMS something to worry about. Samsung could do the same thing by marrying premium build materials with a more minimalistic approach on the software side.

  • Buckoman

    I’m going to be honest. That ultra power saving mode is legitimately awesome if say, I forgot my charger one night. I hope my S4 gets this, but it probably won’t.

    • Derrick Amundsen

      I wonder if this is just an app. If it is, there may be a chance it’ll work.

  • Nikuliai

    So many posts about Samsung, they should change the name to Samsung-Life… /s
    Sorry, couldn’t avoid it rofl. On a more serious note, I look forward to the gear brand (fit specially), it has the potential to be fresh and nice to use (hope so), they should give it wider compatibility tho .P

    • Aooga

      What happened to the down vote on this site? Not against your comment, I’m just wondering.

      • Nikuliai

        The Disqus policy changed, you can only see upvotes now, it’s pretty lame if you ask me, but it’s not this site, it’s Disqus.

        • Aooga

          Then what’s the point in having the button? Oh well.

          • Adrynalyne

            because it still downvotes.

            The purpose was never to let people know how unpopular it was, but to instead allow it to change the order of replies according to popularity.

  • Kisuk3

    Wish my Nexus 7 played audio on imbedded YouTube videos…

    Phone looks great BTW can’t wait to get one.

    • evltwn

      My Nexus 7 plays audio just fine on embedded YouTube videos. Are you using chrome or a different browser?

  • Ray

    Speech impediments and hands on videos don’t go well together. Not trying to be mean just saying

    • Intellectua1

      Totally unnecessary, so if you had a speech impediment and your dream job was doing product reviews you shouldn’t be given a chance.. I think it’s highly ignorant to poke fun of one’s disabilities. This person did a good job imo.

      • Ray

        Do I need to explain that every job isn’t for every person? That’s life. If your blind and your dream is to fly a airplane.. I could give 2 sh*ts what your dream is I’m not getting on the aircraft. What am I doing with myself let’s see I have been in the air force for 8 years.

        • Tim242

          *you’re blind* *an airplane* *couldn’t give* Not to mention, the lack of punctuation and poorly formed sentences. Maybe the Air Force shouldn’t have let you in.

          • Ray

            Internet rule: 1. When someone says something you don’t like point out everything you can about their grammer and punctuation= You win

          • Tim242

            If you think that a speech impediment disqualifies someone to do a video, then surely poor grammar and inability to form sentences should disqualify you from the Air Force. You like pointing out imperfections of others, but can’t take it when yours are pointed out.

          • Tim242


          • Ray


          • Tim242


  • Maxim∑

    I think Apple might gain some serious market share this fall….

    • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

      Especially if they increase their screen size. I’m looking forward to what Moto and LG will be providing later on in the year.

      • Maxim∑

        Yeah me too, interested to see where lenovo takes it to

    • The Narrator

      Whatever the hipster device is, that’s what will win. Aka Team Galaxy or Team iPhone.

      Team LG/Sony over here.

      • Carlos Lopez

        I just hope t-mo has the z2 when i switch or im gonna get the g2

    • Tim242

      Hahaha you poor, delusional haters.

      • LiterofCola

        Mighty defensive aren’t we.

        • Tim242

          Not at all. Realistic is more like it.

    • worldbfree4me

      “I think Apple might gain some serious market share this fall….”

      Perhaps you anticipate more Women and children coming into the market to purchase a 5 or 5s? Oh wait, the rumors suggest that the next generation will have more “Testicular Fortitude” than the previous Gen. And if that’s the case, SAMSUNG has “The next best thing” for purchase right now! I’d short Appl if I were you and gain yourself a few extra bucks!!

      • Maxim∑

        I think we can all agree this year will be pretty big for iPhone. Samsung essentially released the S4S. Apple fell a bit behind on the 4S to 5 transition because it offered very few new things just like with the S5, besides the low power mode everything else is old. I can do the heart rate monitor thing with any phone with a flash.

        The top reasons people choose android is for price,customization and mostly screen size.

        • MicroNix

          No, I think we can agree that in the smartphone market -overall- there haven’t been a lot of signficant advances that will wow people. If Apple is like they normally are, it will be yet another snoozer just like that last 3 generations. We hear every year how the next iPhone is going to be the Android killer and it hasn’t surfaced. Keep wishing though. Even Apple fanboys need some kind of hope.

          • Nikuliai

            that’s why I went Motorola, to me they are the only ones truly innovating this past year, but sadly the sales weren’t enough because people likes shiny things

          • MicroNix

            What did Motorola do that was truly innovative? Made it so it was listening when it is turned off? Proved they could provide a good experience with 2012 hardware specs? Anything else? As a flipside to that, I see yet another camera from them that was below average and an update to Kit Kat that has killed battery life for a lot of people. Is there something else amazing that I missed?

          • Nikuliai

            made it so the system can add features without consuming much battery in the process, made the touchless controls truly usable, changed the way we see our notifications, worked with just enough power to make the battery work 16 hours of high use and customized the building process of the phone, if you don’t think that’s innovation I guess nobody innovated ever in your world…

            the crappy camera is true, it’s the worst feature on the phone, but they offer other trade offs with it (shake shake shake) and if you know about photos you can get decent photos either way, that doesn’t make the camera good, but it offers things nobody else does and it does it without killing the juice.

            the kit Kat bug is kinds of stupid since it’s not a Motorola problem, Google failed there and all the OEM’s are having problems with it, the only blame of Motorola there is that they actually update their devices, and I’d rather have that since the bug will be fixed

            you may not see the innovation or you can deny its functionality, but it’s still there, and as someone that uses this functions I can tell you, those aren’t just the usual crap the owns toss to justify the change of model

        • trob6969

          I don’t agree with that. The top reasons people chose Android is not only for cutting-edge hardware but also much more functionality, which enables its users to do more things as well as more things at the same time. Until Apple steps up to do the same, me and many others won’t even consider buying an iOS device.

          • Maxim∑

            Im pretty sure we can categorize Apple’s hardware as cutting edge, if you ignore the display.

          • MicroNix

            Its very good hardware, sure. But I can’t say its anymore durable that the next.

          • trob6969

            Its not just the display: flagship Androids have stereo audio with its video recording, wifi direct, wifi ac, DLNA, surrond sound output, 4k video recording, NFC, infre red transmitter, fast-motion video recording (not just slow-motion. Androids had both since 2011), and gravity sensor. As far as I know the latest iPhone doesn’t have any of these features, and there are even more that im not thinking of right now.

  • cizzlen

    Unrelated but TWRP just released Supposedly it’s faster and allows for cool things like mouse support via USB OTG.

    Just use Flashify for all your flashing needs. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cgollner.flashify

    • Intellectua1

      Thanks for the info