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Rovio Posts Teaser Video for Next Angry Birds Game, Suits of Armor Definitely Included

The gaming juggernaut that Rovio created is coming back for another round. A teaser video for a new Angry Birds game went live on their YouTube channel today, but it doesn’t explain much. What we do know is that there will most certainly be birds and they are definitely still angry

The short video features a few glamor shots of medieval suits of armor before we have one Angry Bird launch itself at us through the helmet. After that, the video goes on to explain that the launch of this new game will start in Canada and Australia, then move to the rest of the world after that.

This is what Rovio is calling “the most epic soft launch ever.”

Why is Rovio doing a soft launch of their newest game? What is the name of the new game? So many unanswered questions.

  • michael arazan

    God forbid they just update the games they have now with more than 15 levels at a time every 6 months

  • RaptorOO7

    Let me guess it will have an iOS exclusive for 2-3 months then about 6 months later arrive on Android. FU Rovio

  • renz

    and another crazy IAP for sure….

  • Jon

    They need to make a 3rd Person shooter out of this in the vein of Plants Vs Zombies. I’m having so much fun with that game.

  • Nathaniel Webb

    If this horse gets any deader…

    • Chris

      then dont download it

    • michael arazan

      You must pulverize the horse to turn it into glue

  • Cael

    So an Angry Birds fighting game?

  • Transverse45h

    I uninstalled all rovio games from my device long time ago…. AB franchise is getting boring for me

  • JSo

    ANOTHER game? Geez