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Opera 20 Android Update Brings WebRTC Features, Updated Chromium Core, and More

We’ve all grown accustomed to Google’s Chrome browser here at DL, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any decent competitors out there. One of the more major options is Opera, a fairly underdog browser with a pretty hardcore following. Today, we have an update to the app that brings it up to version 20 and features WebRTC support, a base Chromium update to version 33, and design improvements.

The main push of the update is WebRTC, which brings the mobile browser one step closer to desktop class implementations. This allows users to start video chats with other people using WebRTC compatible browsers (appear.in is the recommended service for those of you who want to try the feature out).┬áThis is actually pretty great news — you can now use your camera and microphone right in your web browser to chat in real time with other users. Good on you, Opera.

There are also a couple enhancements to the overall design, including customizability in the navigation bars, but there’s nothing too major.


  • A fresh look for the Speed Dial reflects a flat design.
  • Users of Opera for Android can now choose how to set up the browser navigation bars to suit their mobile phone or tablet.
  • The Chromium core got a kick up to version 33, and multiple bugs in text-wrap and text selection are squashed.
  • Improvements to search sees the combined search and address bar upgraded, allowing easier search by maintaining the words you search for in the bar.

Opera 20 is available now on Google Play for free — all you Chrome users should try it out and give us your thoughts.

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Via: Opera
  • Bruce Wayne

    Looking for a browser that does text reflow

  • BigTimmay

    Anyone tried Dolphin lately? They’ve really stepped it up.

  • Phil Whittemore

    I could never figure out how to make an Opera bookmark shortcut show on the home screen like I can with Chrome. I think that’s why I stopped using it before…

  • Droid Ronin

    I normally use Chrome on my Moto X, but use Dolphin on my XOOM. Chrome seems to run slower on tablets, at least on the ones from 2011.

  • Eric Isntmyfirstname McIntyre

    Woah! A Nexus 5 running Jellybean!

  • mustbepbs

    The latest Chrome Beta flies. I just know that they’re going to eff it up again in the next update lol.

  • Marc

    I used Opera for a while back on my Nokia with Symbian. It was a lot better than the stock browser.
    I would love to have an alternative browser on my Android devices, but Chrome is just so convenient…

    • Jeff718

      I don’t know if there’s anything that can beat the cross-device syncing. And with how well Chrome and Chrome beta run on my phone, I see no need to switch.

  • N8

    I alternate between puffin and chrome. I’d love to see some rankings done.

    • Tim242

      Search “best Android browsers” and you will see some rankings. Puffin is a server side rendering engine browser, so not exactly comparable to Chrome.

  • Fry

    Nope. I’d rather use chrome.