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Thursday Poll: What Android Launcher are You Currently Using?

Nova Launcher

What Android launcher are you currently running on your phone? In March of 2013, we asked you this very question, with 45% of the vote going to Nova Launcher. Well, it’s been a year, so it’s time we ask you again.

Over the past year, Google’s own Google Now Launcher, previously known as the Experience Launcher, has become quite the little launcher. With built-in Google Now accessibility by sliding to the right on your screen, we have found that a lot of people have fallen in love with Google’s stock launcher. We know not everyone has access to this launcher, since it’s a Kit Kat exclusive launcher, so if you are still running the “stock” launcher, then just answer Stock Launcher down below.

Nova Launcher’s developer is still working on features for the application, so it would be hard to imagine that many people have left Nova for something else. But hey, you never know.

What Android launcher are you currently using?

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  • I’ve tried to go Stock but without gestures support I just can’t do it. Swipe Down to expand notifications has become such an intergal part of the experience for me that I absolutely cannot do without it. I tried Next Launcher but it really takes up a lot of the systems resources to drive those graphics so for me it’s NOVA all the way.

  • Scott Breitbach


  • InyRules

    I heart Apex. You get a lot of features for free that I would have to pay on Nova. Apex is on my Moto X and Nexus 7. I wish the Google Now Launcher allowed for icon packs and some other options that Apex and Nova have. Tried Action Launcher once and my phone seemed a little laggy.

  • Woopwoop

    What about Trebuchet?

  • Garemlin

    Where’s all the love for Apex??? It used to be very popular. To me it is a 50-50 toss-up between Apex and Nova because they are so similar. I run Nova on my G2 and Apex on my N7. And gotta agree with the comments on Launcher Pro. It was awesome for it’s time. We were promised time and time again that a complete rewrite was in the works. Federico left us all hanging. Me thinks the competition got the best of him. he just didn’t have anything fresh and new to compete so he scrapped it.

  • LiterofCola

    Love Apex!

  • Jordi Agricola

    Action Launcher. I’ve switched between Nova and Apex for a while, but after getting used to things like the quickdrawer and shutters, I can’t live without them. The amount of time it saves it amazing.

  • Genaro

    Action launcher… best option for me, it’s totally customized for my daily use. I get completely lost now using another launcher.

  • Been LOVING Aviate for a few months now…

  • Alon Fital


  • No launcher can beat the simplicity and efficiency of the Google Now Launcher. Also, it’s Google, the best company in the world!

    • Tim242

      Too simple, no customization.

  • I’m using Aviate for a while now.


    i use stock launcher on nexus 4 and nexus 7, but not Google Now Launcher (there should be two options). google now is just app from google play, not my stock launcher on android 4.4.2 for this particular devices… 🙂

  • dan


  • TheUndertaker21


  • Arthur Dent

    Nova launcher FTW

    Aviate blows…

  • chocolate8175

    Kit Kat launcher

  • Patrick Crumpler


  • droidftw

    Aviate is amazing

  • aman

    1)aviate and 2) google stock launcher

  • oldsentinel

    Dodol launcher 😉 so minimal and fast 😀


  • Nicolas Pipitone

    Aviate is actually getting better now. They’ve updated a few times now since Yahoo took over. The Listening space is pretty cool and now it supports Icon Packs!!

  • Daniel

    Why can’t I vote on this? ADW EX Launcher is still my favorite even after all these years, I have no complaints

  • Jodesama

    I voted other for aviate

  • sgtguthrie

    Nova on my Nexus 7, but a molded Samsung stock launcher on my Note 2.

  • WK

    wow. so little love for apex? i’m surprised. i know its pretty much the same as nova but nova was buggy for me way back in my OG Droid days so i switched to apex and never looked back.

    • Tim242

      Buggy 4 years ago? Hahaha

  • Paulo Cesar Medeiros

    stock xperia z1 launcher

  • Stock.

  • henry_oo

    Launcher Pro on my GS4! Still believing in that promised rewrite! !

  • Camilo Martinez

    To anyone using GNL on a Moto X or another phone with a 720p screen, is it just me or do the icons look like they didn’t upscale properly?

  • [A]dri[A]n

    I’ve had Nova launcher on my last few phones, but now that I have a Sony device, the launcher is perfection as is 🙂

  • Genesishep

    Love. TSF Launcher more and more each day. Always smooth as butter and beautiful. Next Launcher is a copycat but not as efficient. TSF Launcher runs smoothly on even lower spec’ hardware.

    • Tim242

      That is too busy…

      • Genesishep

        That was my custom Homescreen with UCCW widgets. The ability to customize the whole point of Android. You can have a blank screen if you wish. And the side drawer collapses unless you open it. Or turn it off of you don’t like it.

        Here’s a shot of only a clock, a power toggle widget and a single folder of that’s more your speed. 😉

      • My name is….

        And ugly, i might add

  • johnathan denney

    kit kat launcher, just like stock launcher, but with support for custom icons and other great options

  • Rand Paul 2016

    Can anyone recommend a launcher for the VZW LG G2, I’m running Xposed with G2xposed and G2 tweek box? I wank to keep my clear status/nav bar and need some fresh icons badly.

    • Tim242


  • DanWazz

    I used to use Nova Launcher Prime, but I like the GEL launcher and the swipe to the left to launch Google Now. I use Google Now a lot more now. If Nova could add that feature, I would switch back.

    • Chadwick17

      You can with Nova. Just swipe up from the home button. The added benefit to this is you can access Google Now from almost any screen instead of having to go to your home screen and then swipe.

      • DanWazz

        Yeah, of course, but I don’t use that way of accessing GN as much.

    • Tim242

      You can set a swipe gesture in Nova to launch any app.

  • PyroHoltz

    Where is the option for Trebuchet? Is CyanogenMod no good round these parts anymore?

    • Tim242

      Nope, we have moved on.

      • Woopwoop

        Such brave

  • Joel Mair

    Aviate is a great launcher.

  • Chadwick17

    What’s the big deal of having Google Now a swipe to the right? Isn’t it just as easy to swipe up from the home button?

    • Cesar

      I’ve always wondered this exactly.

    • John Motschenbacher

      I don’t think it is a big deal…I use it for ease of searching with “OK Google”

    • KG

      Not on my Note 3, I would have to hold the home button and click google if I didn’t use the GNL

  • Cesar

    I could never leave Nova for GNL. There’s simply too much that Nova can do that GNL can’t.

    • Tim242

      Preach it!

  • John Motschenbacher

    I’m surprised themer isn’t on here seems to be popular now days

    • JD_26

      themer is pretty awesome !!!

  • Anthony Tyson

    techincallly i switch between nova and GNL

    • Tim242

      Why switch between launchers?

      • Anthony Tyson

        Because I can

  • Mathew Colburn

    I use Nova on my Note 3 cause I can’t stand Touchwiz launcher. Then I use GNL on my Nexus 5 with slimkat cause I use Google Now all the time on my Nexus 5. Really the best of both worlds for me personally.

  • calculatorwatch

    Actually using Lightning Launcher right now. Mainly because I got tired of waiting for Aviate and pretty much every other launcher to reload itself after running out of memory on my GNex. The level of customization is actually pretty awesome as it allows you to add homescreens both vertically and horizonally and lets you do smooth scrolling instead of separating things into pages. There’s also tons of other possibilities which I can’t figure out because the one downfall of this launcher is that the customization options are incredibly confusing. If the developer can manage to make it more intuitive I definitely see Lightning Launcher going places in the future.

  • rcrow490

    I think the survey is flawed. You should have had stock launcher and GNL listed separately. For most people, GNL and stock launcher are not the same.

    • Tim242

      They are both stock launchers.

      • rcrow490

        Thanks for the clarification.

  • tu3218

    It’s interesting to see how Nova Prime just took over Apex. What made the decision for me was when it was on sale for 50 cents for I think for Google Play’s birthday last year when they had the 50 cent app sale. Just remembered!

  • Anthony F

    I have the now launcher on the nexus 7 and nova on my s3 running slimkat. I really couldn’t pick one over the other for performance but Nova wins big in customization. I like to keep the nexus experience as the nexus experience and the google now launcher seems to fit that bill fine.

  • KidFlash1904

    I’d be using ADW if got updated to have the transparent notification bar and on-screen buttons. Instead, I’m using GEL.

    • Tim242


  • Adam Elghor

    Why does this website always say I voted when I haven’t yet

  • reyalP

    TSF launcher for now. I love the grid option that TSF launcher offers. I have used Nova launcher in the past as well.

  • emoney

    the amount of customization you can do with nova launcher is unparalleled