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Google Play Games Updated to V1.5 – Can Now See Who’s Playing, Invitations, and More

Google Play Games received a sizable update to version 1.5.08 this afternoon, bringing with it the ability to see who’s playing in other games. You can also see invitations for multiplayer games or quickly search for “something fun” to play in Find Games. And that’s about it for now.

We have the .apk file for you below if you’d like to sideload it before the staged rollout hits your device. 

Play Link | Download Link

  • Kevin

    I wish Google would force Cloud Save down developers throats as much as they shove Google+ down ours.

  • Bubba Gump

    Does this sync your games, so that when you play on a phone, you can continue from the same spot on a tablet? I would use it quite often if that were the case.

    • Pratik Holla

      Nope, this doesnt do that. Thats done at google’s backend. The dev just needs to implement it. No need to have this app installed for cloud saves to work

  • EP_2012

    If google would stop forcing us to use our real names, I’d use services like this more often. Right now my Play Games is locked down so nobody can see my activity, the games I have, etc…

  • Ryan5609

    Don’t really have any online only friends. My friends in “real life” could care less about playing android games with me or anyone else. Everyone’s too busy with you know, life n stuff. I’m 31. Are online gaming friends really popular with the younger 10-20 year old crowd? Enlighten me. Same goes for my PS4 and PC, just dont know or care to know anyone that I play against.

  • James Monday

    Does anyone use this? (An honest question)

    • TechTinker11

      I kinda want to, but don’t really have the friends, lol, or know how. o.o

    • EhhCouldBeBetter

      I would if the multiplayer game sections in the app had actual games that weren’t puzzle games developed by 12 year olds…EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED because I want this to succeed

      • PuzzleShot

        I used it to play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 multiplayer.

    • Brandon

      I have in the past but it was kind of pointless….

    • T4rd

      I’ve only recently used it for Flappy Bird leaderboards between a couple friends, hah.

      • morteum

        Me too. I’m the best at Flappy Bird out of like 5 people, 3 of which I don’t even know personally. I’M KING BITCHES.

    • James Monday

      Thanks, these responses are enlightening. I was confused when it was first released, but figured somebody must want it. But since then I have yet to take advantage myself, or to know anyone else who does.

      Seems strange for Google to put development into this, while things like Reader and Voice with large and vocal user bases are ignored. (Yes, I know the transition to Hangouts is supposed to be coming for Voice. But until I actually see it…)

    • sonicyoof

      If it synced all my games then I would for sure.

      • r0l

        This is my complaint as well. Since getting my Moto X last year I game much less. I know I’ll upgrade again this year and lose all my progress and/or can’t pick up where I left off on my tablet. Until cloud saves are common I’ll stick to a few simple games when I need to kill time.