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Deal of the Day: Sony QX10 Detachable Smartphone Lens on Sale for $184.99

We know that not every phone released has an awesome camera, as not every company has the resources to throw in huge sensors to bump the price of their products. Sony’s answer to the problem is to let everyone take advantage of their camera technology via the QX-line of detachable smartphone lenses. Last year, they released the QX-100 and QX-10 lens, which are attachable to almost any smartphone that is currently available for purchase. 

Via WiFi and NFC, the smartphone and the lens communicate to each other, with the smartphone acting as the lens’ viewfinder. The device features a 18.9MP sensor, 10x optical zoom, OIS, Sony’s BIONZ image processor, and weighs in at just 3.17 ounces.

Today, for a limited time on 1sale.com, you can pick up Sony’s QX-10 model for just $184.99, 27% lower than the list price of $249.99 on Amazon. While the QX-10 doesn’t have as many features as its big brother the QX-100 (retailing for nearly $500), it’s still a good way to beef up your phone’s photography output.

Better yet, the units are brand new from factory, and also come with a 1 year warranty. No refurbished janky nonsense to be seen here.

Follow the via link below to check out the deal.

Via: 1sale.com
  • A+

    DO NOT EVER ORDER ANYTHING THAT EXPENSIVE FROM 1Sale.com (formerly 1SaleADay.com). They have a horrible track record when it comes to doing business. I’m actually a little shocked that such tech savvy people would even encourage/recommend that anyone buy anything from them.

    I don’t want to link to other sites out of respect for this site and the user base (it’s not too cool to send someone’s readers off to another site), but later on go look up info about 1Sale.com on Consumer Affairs and the BBB website and such. They have a 1 star rating with Consumer Affairs and I believe they have a D- rating from the BBB. Needless to say 1Sale is also not BBB accredited LOL.There’s volumes of information out there about how bad 1Sale sucks.

    Trust me. They are as shady as they come. I’d stay away from that site…


    STILL overpriced

  • Vernon

    I would be careful about shopping from 1sale.com. The last time I bought items from them this past Christmas, the products never arrived, despite repeated emails asking for update on the order. And they charged me for the items, and continue to claim to my credit card that they shipped the product. They have a non existent customer service, and impossible to contact them for issues.

  • BrandonWhite116

    If they allowed these to be used with any camera app I would get one. But they make you use their standard app so you don’t have access to cool features that other camera apps have like photosphere.

  • Jozef Dodži Mikuláš

    what can we photo quality of this compare to?

    • Neil Fujiwara

      I was reading the reviews and it is comparable to an entry level point and shoot. Because it uses a combination of Wifi and NFC it takes a significant (5 seconds) to open/connect to the camera option. It is a good idea, but the lag is too much. I am either using my Droid Maxx for immediate photos or my SLR if I want to get a shot. Engadget has a full review.

  • droidify

    I’ve ordered from 1sale.com 5 times. Once I got the wrong item, another time I got a TV that was missing the stand and power cable. It took weeks of anal probe torture to get anything done. The first time I just gave up. The second time I bought a power cable off of ebay and I’m still fighting with them a month later for a stand and/or reimbursement without any luck.

    • I’m sorry you’ve had bad luck with them. I’ve gotten a knife set from them and I think an old DROID phone for nostalgia purposes. No issues. Hopefully they help you out soon! Good luck.

      • greyhulk

        The real question is: Have you stabbed anyone since you received your knife set? Or do you just use them to cut Timotatos?

  • Intellectua1

    Man I remember when I actually wanted one of those with a Xperia Z Ultra.. Not anymore!!!

    • greyhulk

      Funny you should say that. I was recently considering buying an Ultra and considered getting one of these almost mandatory. Then I realized that I would also need to buy a detachable flash (for the stock camera) and then I just gave up on the whole thing and bought a Z1 instead.