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Aviate Launcher Now Supports Custom Icon Packs

aviate launcher android

Icon packs are one of the reasons we continue to love Android, so it was a bit disheartening when the contextual Aviate launcher released without support for them. Now all of that has been remedied, with Aviate bringing to the table support for existing icon packs for popular launchers in the latest update.

To enable a custom icon pack, all you have to do is swipe into the Spaces menu through Aviate, and then jump into Settings. There you will find a “Set Icon Pack” button which will allow you to choose your favorite icon pack (we’re currently digging Lumos, Cryten, Influx, and these) to customize your home screen.

It’s mentioned in the Aviate blog post that existing icon packs for ADW, Apex, and Nova Launcher are supported, so the icon packs mentioned above should work just fine.

aviate icon packs

This is a pretty major enhancement for the launcher, but the lack of icon pack support from earlier can be forgiven considering the app is still in beta. Needless to say, go give version 1.0.75 a shot.

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Via: Aviate
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  • Chris VanAnden

    It’s a nice and welcomed addition. It’ll be nice when the Icon Packs add Aviate to a supported list so I can actually select the icons I want it to display though. I have the Lumos icon pack, but it just defaults to whatever it wants to show on my phone.

    I have 2 invites left. First two that want it can have it. Just post your e-mail.

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    Doesn’t support landscape mode other than that I like it.

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    What’s the icon pack in the picture?

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    Maybe I’m missing the setting (or maybe there is none) but is there a way to change from Home to Work based on time? (I work from home.)

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    Now if only GNL would get some icon pack lovin’ I’d be super excited.

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  • http://thebeeobee.com/ thebeeobee

    I’ve been using this for 2 weeks and I dig it a lot. about to try some icon packs.

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    Anyone else tried Lightning Launcher? The customization options are clunky as heck but you can do some pretty awesome stuff with it. Plus it runs well even on the old GNex.

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    It even includes a built in alarm to notify you when it’s time to change your tampon.

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    Moto’s launcher should be able to support custom icons too :B

  • Brandon Barlow

    Here is a hint for my fellow aviate users. If you want folders, install App category. You can add a folder to the desktop, reboot your phone and its now listed in your apps. Same thing goes with the app auto app category. Finally if you want your folders where your photoswidgets are, use auto App organizer free. Happy folder creating!

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  • ChuckDz3

    This is definitely a step in the right direction, although since it’s still under beta it could use some more fine tuning. The custom icons you can set look terrible and grainy.

    • Sam Lin

      Agreed. I applied the Lumos icon pack, but all the icons definitely look really grainy. It’s pretty much the one thing keeping me from using Aviate as a replacement for Nova.

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    Can you assign custom icons to though?

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