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Aio Wireless APN Settings for Android Phones [Beginners’ Guide]

If you joined the world of prepaid wireless (our list of the best prepaid plans), there is a good chance that you have also encountered “APN settings.” Without going into dirty details on what APN settings are, just understand that they are your gateway to have service with your prepaid carrier of choice. In this case, it would be Aio Wireless. By inputting the specific APN settings for Aio into your Android phone, you are giving it the power to connect to their network, send text messages, and utilize data.

Thankfully, Aio provides the exact APN settings for use on their network through their website. We have included them below, along with instructions on how to get into the APN settings of most of the major phone types for Android.

This may not be typical news, but we thought readers with Aio service may want to bookmark this in case they switch devices at some point.


1.  APN settings are accessed on phones in somewhat different locations depending on the phone manufacturer.

Samsung phone:  Settings>…More networks>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>+
HTC phone:  Settings>Mobile data>Access point names>Menu>New APN.
Motorola phone:  Settings>More…>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu>New APN.
Nexus phone:  Settings>More…>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu>New APN.
LG phone:  Settings>Tethering & networks>Mobile networks>Access point names.

2.  Enter the following APN info:

Name: Internet
APN: ndo
Proxy: Not Set
Port: Not Set
Username: Not Set
Password: Not Set
Server: Not Set
MMSC: http://mmsc.aiowireless.net
MMS Proxy: proxy.aiowireless.net
MMS Port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 150
Authentication type: Not Set
APN type: default,mms,fota,hipri,supl

3.  Save your new APN.
4.  Reboot your phone by powering it off and then back on.
5.  Enjoy your service on Aio Wireless.

  • kkawen

    Can a use this with my galaxy tab 3??

  • Kris

    my htc phone with android is showing signal with a letter R even when I used the APN settings indicated above. Can some one share why ?

  • bosco

    55.00 with as autopay for 5 gigs data at 4gLTE speed, att neteork, how can you beat it ?

  • kentrburton

    I am on the $70 plan its unlimited everything however you get 7gigs of LTE speeds capped at 8 megabits per second. Once you hit the 7 gigs they slow you way down. If you lime you can add 1 gig more LTE speeds for 10 bucks. If you sign up for auto pay its only $65 per month. Switching from unlimited vzw plan to this and a nexus 5 was the best choice I have made in years.

  • Michael Quinlan

    For those who want to tether, you’ll need to add ‘dun’ to the list under APN Type.

  • antwonw

    Would it be possible for you do to a write up of the APN settings for all of those prepaid plans from your previous article?

    • Ray

      google APN settings for said carrier and you can find most if not all of them

  • Maff

    Just FYI, APN settings are only needed for MMS messaging and data. You can send/receive calls and texts just fine without any APN settings.

  • Fry

    One of the best prepaid carriers out

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      What city are you in? Are they just using all At&t Towers?

      • Nexoduss

        Yeah I’ve wondered how good they are coverage wise. I’ve tried t mobile but they just didn’t cut it for me.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Yea, I have GoPhone but I’ve always wondered what the difference is since AIO costs less.

          • Aio has a speed bottleneck at 8mbps. May or may not be a dealbreaker

        • lilseal18

          I was in the same boat that you are in. I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile but the downgrade in coverage wasn’t cutting it for me so I then switched to AIO. Coverage is much better than T-Mobile and on par with Verizon in my area. The speed bottleneck on AIO has never been an issue for me because I had a 3G-only phone for Verizon so I really don’t know what I’m missing when it comes to LTE speeds on AIO.

          • WCM3

            Does AIO allow tethering?

          • lilseal18

            I’m not sure. I would hope that they do allow tethering but you’d have to go through their terms and conditions to know for sure. I’ve never had the need to try it.

          • kentrburton

            I teather using aio with no issue

      • Sqube

        AIO is actually wholly owned by AT&T. They use their towers, so their coverage matches whatever AT&T will give you in your neck of the woods.

        • krudl3rx

          It does not include roaming on T-Mobile so it is not exactly whatever AT&T post-paid gives you.

    • Aaron C

      Switched to them during that “third month free” promotion. Hit a snag where the second SIM they sent me was the wrong kind. Trying to get it replaced took over three weeks and many phone calls. I was on the phone with them probably three or four hours total. Their customer service was so bad, I eventually lost out on the free third month on one of the accounts because my SIM didn’t show up in time. In the end though, it was all about the coverage. I was getting horrible data speeds on AIO. Went back to T-Mobile. I think AT&T’s network is just too congested where I am.