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Shazam Receives Major UI Overhaul in Latest Update, Many Other Improvements Present As Well

If you’ve ever had the urge to identify which song or TV show you’re watching, you’ve probably come across Shazam. The popular media recognition service has received a major update for both iOS and Android, bringing a refreshed user interface and many other extras. 

The most prominent thing about the update is easily the cleaner look. We’ll be seeing easier and cleaner access to results, allowing you to preview, buy, and share songs or TV shows in an easy manner.

Additional improvements include being shown lyrics and related videos as soon as a song is matched, many kinds of information related to TV shows, and an overall more engaging experience.


  • Quick access to lyrics with a preview as soon as a track is matched, and with direct access to the music video and additional videos related to a song
  • Recommendations unique to Shazam
  • Lightning fast access to the most important information about any show broadcast on over 160 TV channels in the US: music in the show, cast and crew, and more
  • More engaging biographies and discographies, making it easy to go from discovering a great track to learning about and experiencing more from the band.

The update has already rolled out to iOS users of both the regular and Encore versions of Shazam, and Android will be seeing the improvements as well in the coming weeks. If you can’t wait to receive the update though, the Android test group is seeing a sneak peek of the new look.

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Via: Shazam
  • andjela

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  • Zander

    Am I the only one that always uses the Google sound search widget? It has only failed me when I expected any music finder to fail me. Works 95% of the time for me.

    • lookatmyfunnyusername

      I tried using google sound search but I never know where to find the title of the song when I’m ready to download (from a different source) later.

      • charesa39

        It’s simple. All you do is hit the clock icon on the right side of the widget. That brings up your history of all the songs you’ve searched.

    • gambit07

      Sound search is okay, I have tested both it and Shazam on multiple stations on XM. Shazam misses around 5% of the time, Sound Search misses around 15-20%. It’s just not as good for music that has recently come out or is more obscure, usually if you give it a month or so it will catch up on the new songs though, it just seems their detection algorithm doesn’t stay as up to date as Shazam’s. I do use it ahead of Shazam when I can since the searches are sync’d.

  • Michael

    haha…”buying songs”. like Google All Access doesn’t exist.

    • Chris

      it will give you a link to the googlep play store or amazon music..

    • chris_johns

      this is actually what i was hoping they could intergrate…these find song apps why cant they find on all access so i can actually listen to the song that im technically paying for…instead of taking me to the playstore to buy it specificially ….meh

  • Soundhound is better IMO

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Just use Google Search and ask “What song is this?” or “What is this song?”

  • Craig P

    I’m not a big fan of the TV show feature. Whenever I’m watching TV and they start playing a good song and I Shazzam it, it always picks up the show, not the song.

  • ChuckDz3

    I wish this had a link to the google play store when finding a song so I could all access it or buy it


      Use Google Now to identify the song instead. It will direct you to the Play Store.

      • NeilGeorge

        How can you google now to identify song?? yes a noob question

        • ChuckDz3

          That’s a good idea, I forgot about googles sound search, I just found that shazam had a better song library for identifing songs. I’ll give it a try again.

          Just pull up google now and hit the mic or ‘ok google now’ and it will listen to the song for you.

        • Gue2

          Go to the Play Store and search Sound Search for Google Play. You can also use the widget this comes with.

        • cush2push

          when a song you want to Identify is playing tap the mic on google search it’ll give it a listen and a second button will pop to tap to song identify

        • ERIFNOMI

          “Ok Google, What song’s playing” or similar.
          Or hit the mic and next to “Speak Now” is a music note. Tap that. (See the other reply)

          • Chris

            or use this with the widget and no need to say anything. just tap and it does the rest..

          • ERIFNOMI

            It’s also just a tap or two without the widget. I used the widget before it was rolled into Google Now. It’s cleaner this way.

          • Chris

            its just you wont need to say ‘ok google’ witch i think is already kind of silly…. but two each of own

          • ERIFNOMI

            You don’t have to say anything to use Google Now. Just tap the mic and it starts listening. You can do it from the search bar on your homescreen or from Google Now.

    • You can buy from Google play through Shazam. On the song result, next to the Amazon button, there is a drop down arrow. Click that and you will see the Google play option.