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LG G2 on T-Mobile Receiving Kit Kat (Android 4.4.2) Update Today

The Android 4.4.2 (Kit Kat) update for the LG G2 on T-Mobile has been approved and is ready for rollout as early as today. The update showed up for manual flashing at the end of last week, but today marks the begin of the over-the-air (OTA) update.

To check for the update, head into Settings>General>About phone>Update center>System updates>Check now. 

T-Mobile didn’t exactly provide a changelog through their support document, but we know from the AT&T Kit Kat update that KnockOn has been improved, the phone will run applications 17% faster than before, and battery life should be better than ever.

Let us know if you get it!

Via:  T-Mobile
  • KitKat killed my battery! I’ve been through 2 LG G2’s with tmobile since the update… reset, started fresh both times.. My battery used to last all day. Im up at 6 am with heavy use and laying in bed by midnight facebooking and the battery would still be going strong… KitKat ruined that for me! Now I can see my percentage dropping constantly and by 3 pm I have a dead phone! UUUGGGGGHHHH.. it wasn’t broke until you fixed it!

  • Lightning4511

    I don’t understand why I haven’t received my update yet. I’m on T-Mobile and have a G2 but still don’t have any kit Kat update. Have already checked the update center through my phone it says it’s up to date.

  • Evin Leigh Harrelson

    I got my update just now but not really seeing ANY changes. Only a few on the notification bar but thats it!

  • chapman1969

    Is the verizon lg g2 getting beats audio too i have read about it so i am hoping the lg g2 gets it too from verizon. when ever the big fat losers ever get us kit kat

  • LTEasy

    got tired of waiting for OTA. updated through LG Support tool.

  • smendenhall

    Up dated this morning, battery is great, apps are faster. Thank you Tmo

  • ammar

    Uptate not available In Saudi Arabia how much time left i can’t wait ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰

  • LTEasy

    you wont start seeing the update till the 6th

    • Mike

      Is that for Verizon?

      • LTEasy


  • misterbill

    Still nothing on Verizon.

  • fueradeljuego

    where is my update???? (T-mobile)

  • chapman1969

    You suck verizon!!!

  • me

    I’ll assume no 4.4 for Verizon?

  • bachinphx

    Why Verizon, WHY?

  • J2886M

    Assume I need to unroot my phone to receive this update?

  • Vicktor

    Just got mine on t mobile

  • ki11ak3nn

    I’m going to wait on the upgrade. Since I don’t know what’s gonna happen to root. And the people on AT&T still can’t use Google Wallet, even on 4.4 so that makes me a little sad since ISIS is garbage!! I need that Google Wallet tap-to-pay.

  • AndroidBot

    4 lines with unlimited everything on T-Mobile $130/month. Don’t miss Verizon one bit.

  • Rob

    Does anyone with the Verizon G2 get a message (that pops up periodically but when it does it is CONSTANT) regarding the Amazon app has crashed? It is driving me NUTS.

    • JWags

      I never got any crash notifications, but I noticed that the bloatware Amazon MP3 was running constantly, eating up battery life. Thankfully, the VZ G2 allows you to disable any app, and since doing that, no issues. Maybe try doing the same…

      • Rob

        True, but I actually use the Amazon app…

  • OreoMan

    This thing is a beast on 4.4!!

    • Kiki

      You received the ota?

      • OreoMan

        I did the manual update over the weekend.

        • Kiki

          I couldnt get it to work no matter how hard i tried

          • OreoMan

            I got it to work on my phone and my sons phone. I can’t get it to work on my wife’s phone. Hopefully she’ll get the OTA before I get the urge to do a factory reset.

          • Ugslick

            3 LG G2’s? That is some serious omph factor in all your pockets.

  • JorgeLJefferson

    ugh verizon… your garb. http://xub.me/AGXDs

  • Drew

    This is exactly why Moto X and N5 is so much better than this G2 garbage. You get updates so much sooner. Also Moto X just kicks G2’s ass so deep.

    • droidify

      Great opinion troll. Thanks for sharing

    • shooter50

      Yes, 2 inferior phones, but they got quick updates. And unless your using it for a butt plug, there is nothing the Moto X does better than the G2. Hopefully that cure for rampant fanboyism will be discovered soon so you can return to reality.

      • J Marsh

        lmfao at this response ^^^

      • EC8CH

        I’d say the Moto X does notifications better than the G2.

      • StrictlyGeeky

        How the hell is the Nexus 5 an “inferior” phone? Jesus, what a moron.

        • Phil_A_Shio

          Better camera, noticeably better battery life and a better screen.

          The Nexus 5 has faster updates and that’s really the only advantage that is has. I’m not saying it’s a bad phone but there are objective reasons as to why it is inferior to the G2. The guy isn’t a moron just because you disagree with him.

        • BD1971

          Better battery. Better camera. And not to mention quick remote which lets you control almost all the electronics in your house. Knock on. And the G2 is stupid fast on 4.4.2. That’s why the n5 is inferior. Only thing the n5 has over the G2 is price. (bigger screen to on the G2)

          • grumpyfuzz

            You can get knock on on the Nexus 5…

          • BD1971

            Yes it does. After rooting it. Putting on a custom recovery and then finding a room and kernel that support it. The G2 comes with it right out of the box.

          • grumpyfuzz

            You’re right, but at least for the Nexus 5 owners that want it they can get it.

    • Rob

      Except the G2 has a superior camera and battery, two of the most important features for me.

      • Drew

        No, I love my Moto X. It’s the best phone ever. Samsung sucks.

        • Phil_A_Shio

          Best for you maybe, but stop thinking that your opinions are facts you silly troll.

        • chansterrrr

          Too bad the G2 is made by LG?

  • Rich Robinson

    Amazing Phone on an Amazing Network run by a Horrible Company = Verizon LG G2

  • XvierX

    I’m using the S4 on Verizon but I think I might give this device a try. Screen, headphone jack on bottom, wireless charging, and knock feature are tempting.

    • Buckoman

      It’s extremely tempting for me, but now that the One Two has an mSD slot, I think I might wait.

    • Brian

      Just switch carriers, so you get the update. Coming from a fellow Verizon customer, still waiting for the KitKat update for my G2

    • The Narrator

      I say wait for the G Pro 2.

      • XvierX

        I’ll have to look at it once it’s in stores. not sure if I want a device that big

        • Caleb

          Or The g3. Slightly bigger than the g2 but 3gb of ram and more.

    • slamX

      M using the g2, this thing is beast… Great features I haven’t seen in in other android smart phone.try it!

  • droidify

    As much as I can’t wait for 4.4, I would rather it be perfect when it comes even if it takes longer. After having this phone which never has a force close, random reboot, lock up or anything else. I can wait. I really thought jank was just part of android before I bought this phone. If kit kat runs as good as 4.2.2 runs, it will have been worth the wait.

    • Brian

      That part is already done, LG released it weeks ago, it’s in the carriers’ court to add all their bloatware…

      • droidify

        True, but not entirely. Verizon does a pretty good job making sure the update is bug free (or mostly bug free). I remember back in the OGD and Droid X days, some of the updates were terrible and completely broke the phone. You don’t see that from VZW much anymore. Look at HTC, they just pulled their kit kat update in Europe today because it was breaking stuff. Verizon sucks ass in most every way but they are pretty good about sound, however slow, updates.

  • Guy Pierce

    The main reason I dropped Verizon. Have T-Mobile now and wait for it… This AWESOME phone.

    • Mchl496

      You dropped Verizon and went to T mobile just to have faster updates? Im only going to drop VZ when they rip unlimited data away from me.

      • Droid_Junky

        I’m right there with you. Until they take my data I’m sticking with them. Bought two G2’s outright even when I had the upgrades. Also no one comes close to the coverage where I live. So it will tough to leave even if that ever happens.

      • Guy Pierce

        It was also because I could not update my phone without buying a full price phone. And FYI T-Mobile has unlimited data too.

        • OreoMan

          I did the same thing. I was due for an upgrade and the kids wanted phones too. VZW wanted way too much money so we left for TMo. Haven’t regretted it yet.

        • chris125

          Yet that is exactly what you are doing with TMO (paying full price to upgrade the phone) on a much lesser network.

          • ki11ak3nn

            Well that depends on your definition of lesser network. I get coverage everywhere I go when I was with VZ. Sometimes in places where VZ has no coverage. And I’m getting faster data speeds. And I’ve lowered my family plan bill by about $100/mo. So in my eyes T-Mobile isn’t a lesser network. I would consider Sprint a lesser network (slow data speeds and spotty coverage)

          • Guy Pierce

            More like renting a phone that I can upgrade.

          • chris125

            Which you can also do with Verizon

          • Guy Pierce

            Not with unlimited data. And the phone software will never be upgraded because of Verizon’s “Rigorous Software Testing”!

          • chris125

            Except for the Htc one and moto x….

          • Guy Pierce

            And… That’s about it. Verizon does not play well with Google.

          • Nem

            Full price? I just got discounted 200$ for tradein my old BBs. I did it for all 5 lines. 1000$ credit easy… I don’t experience any outage or drop calls with T-mobile. I have lte and 4g on my phone constantly but put it strictly on 4g to save battety. Plus the resale value of gsm phones are much higher than cdma phones from verizon or sprint. How much do you pay per month with verizon?

          • chris125

            Every carrier does phone trade ins though…

          • Nem

            Not a guaranteed instant 200$ credit for 10$ BBs from thrift shop though 🙂
            If you’re happy with verizon, good for you. I’m saying there other cheaper alternatves out there if you’re not living in the rural areas.

          • chris125

            Oh believe me I would love to switch but with the traveling I do there is too much weak spots for tmo. If tmo fixed that I would definitely switch.

    • AndroidBot

      It is a bad ass phone.

  • turdbogls

    Not sure why verizon customers were expecting anything different. its just much easier to get an unlocked phone updated than it is a verizon version.
    pretty sure the moto X was a Fluke

    • bg

      what about the HTC One?

      • turdbogls

        What about every other phone they have ever sold. just becuase they get it right for like a month still doesn’t change what they have done in the past.

  • xsoldier2000


  • litobirdy

    Verizon, verizon, where are you, verizon, your only 6 months too late!!!!

    • The Narrator

      Along with everybody else. It will be there, soon.

  • Verizon where are you 🙁

    • darkknezz

      Coming soon to Verizon. People need to chillax. Honestly kitkat doesn’t do a whole lot for me (at least) to get bent out of shape over

      • MicroNix

        That is so true of updates. Everyone has to have them. But unless you have a stock device, most of the advances are hidden by the overlay software. What is anyone here going to get out of the kitkat update if you have a HTC or even Samsung device? Potential issues? Sure there’s some benefits (hopefully) but nothing so exciting that people should need relaxer pills while waiting.

        • ki11ak3nn

          I really wanted to use Google Wallet instead of ISIS. But I hear that Wallet still isn’t working on 4.4.2, but that’s the AT&T G2. I thought they always blocked it. So I’m not bent out of shape about it. Can’t use ISIS because I’m rooted and probably can’t use Wallet because it’s blocked. Tap to pay I miss you so much!!