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Glitchr Launches for Android, a Retrofied Way to Edit Your Photos

A new photo editing application called Glitchr is out on Google Play, made for those of you who love the old school look of NES and Gameboy titles. On top of adding just a retro look to your photos, you can also add a 3D effect, plus other interesting effects such as VHS and ASCII. Remember VHS? 

Once you have selected a filter you like, Glitchr makes it extremely easy to either save the photo to your gallery or share right to any social site you like.


  • Original Gameboy Effect
  • Gameboy Camera Effect
  • NES Effect
  • ASCII Art Effect
  • 3D Anaglyph Effect
  • VHS Effect
  • Glitch Art Effect
  • ZX Spectrum Effect

The one thing I do wish is that Glitchr had more effects, since I feel that most of these will never be used on my account. Since the app is completely free, and there are no IAPs or advertisements, you should definitely add it to your collection of photo filter apps.

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Cheers Jason!
  • Adam Elghor

    Nice MissingNo. icon

    • Brandon Smith

      You are actually the FIRST person to notice!

  • Brandon Smith

    Thanks for the write up, Driid-Life! I’ll definitely work on adding more effects soon and I have a few in the pipeline already. I’m glad you thought Glitchr was cool enough to share/recommend! 🙂

    (If it wasn’t apparent, I’m the dev of Glitchr).

  • Intellectua1

    Am I the last person alive who does not use photo editors?

    • TechTinker11

      I don’t either don’t worry. I might do a little bit with vibrance/contrast typical editing, but instagram and similiar, bleh.

  • Chris

    the interface looks just like mac OS

    • Brandon Smith

      That was entirely by design! I’ve always loved the retro look of Mac OS 5-7 so I thought I’d bring it to an app that has retro filters. 🙂

  • Guest

    I have this super great bazillion pixel camera in my phone aaaaaand I use an app on the pics that makes them look like they were taken with an old school P.O.S. camera 😛

    Just kidding around! Photo filters can be fun!

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    I’ve been getting into photo editing more. I just started using Snapseed and it is phenomenal. I’ll be sure to check this one out!

  • Jason Purp

    Glad my recommendation got onto DL. The dev is great and the app is cool.

    • Brandon Smith

      Thanks Jason! I’m working to put out an update today or tomorrow that fixes bugs and speeds up some effects. I rewrote how the filters were executed and it’s much cleaner now. I’ll try making progress on a filter, too!

  • The Narrator

    So many photo editing apps. At least they are all free

  • Voltism

    Vaporwave is turning mainstream
    It’s happening