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5 Icon Packs to Check Out: Vibe, Flatee, Peek, Rounded Up, and Lyra

Typically, it takes us weeks to put together posts that highlight short lists of the best icon packs to see a recent release. But something happened since the beginning of the year, as numerous icon designers gave us icon packs that we have been juggling with on the daily because they are so damn good. We talked last year about designers stepping things up a notch, however, 2014 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for the icon and wallpaper game if this is the type of work we have to look forward to. 

We already featured instant classics like Influx, Cryten, and Lumos this year, but if you need something even newer than those, we have five more for you today, none of which feature a long shadow. Let me say that again – no long shadows can be found here. And not that we aren’t fans of the long shadow, but we support change.

So, check ’em out, let us know if you find others that are this good.


If you were looking for an icon pack with dimension, some incredibly vibrant colors, and a squared-off frame, Vibe is all you. With over 1,350 icons, 10 of the best wallpapers I’ve seen in a while, and weekly updates from the developer, I’d say that this is an icon pack that could last you through a season or two.

Vibe works with all of the big launchers like Nova, Apex, Action, Next, Go, and more. It also comes with a handy dashboard app for quick applying or wallpaper downloading.

Play Link ($0.99)



I don’t know if it’s the simplicity of Flatee, but it is the current icon pack holding down my home screen. The 800+ icons are round, flat (of course), and somehow modern, yet vibrant in colors and design. There is no long shadow, but you do get a subtle dimensional aspect to the bottom of each icon that gives it a bit of depth.

There are 9 wallpapers included with the pack, a simple dashboard app for applying the icons, and support on Nova and Apex launchers.

Play Link ($1.49)



Peek may not have the 1,000+ icons that some of the others on here can lay claim to, but what a great start this little 100 icon pack is off to. The icons are about as simple as it gets, yet show a light transparency with imagery from each app in the background. You have to look close to see the detail, but once you do, I think you’ll appreciate it. Talk about a cool effect, right?

Since it only sits about 100 icons right now, you aren’t going to find every single icon you’ll need. My suggestion would be to give it a shot, and then just sit back and wait for the full thing to be released, assuming that happens. Oh, it’s also free.

Play Link


Rounded Up

Want an icon pack similar to what we’ll see on the new Galaxy S5? Rounded Up aims to be just that. As a free pack with 800+ rounded icons that are all flat and colorful, you should have no trouble finding icons to replace all of your current set. There are also 150+ alternative icons, to really give you options.

Play Link

rounded up


If you want to move as far away from the rounded, shadowed icon trend of the moment, look no further than Lyra. We’re talking “subtle gradient,” elegance, dimension, and a set of 600 icons that are quickly applied to your favorite launcher through a well-made dashboard application.

You’ll also find 8 wallpapers made by “noted” Android artists, an icon request tool, and the approval of countless icon designers. I can’t tell you how many have given Lyra the stamp of approval.

Play Link ($0.99)


  • Jeff Anderson

    All of these are great. My new favorite is Pasty Icons:


  • Dane Carpenter

    DCikonZ icons and themes are some of the best in my opinion. All of the icon kits have more than 4800 icons. I’m currently using Simbox. I discovered it when I used to use TSF Shell launcher. And they are free.




  • Alex James Simon

    Thanks @DroidLife, I bought my very first icon pack “Vibe” its awesome!!!

    • Disqus_n00b

      Where’s the Obama wallpaper?

      • The Narrator

        Where’s the wallpaper with 2 towers burning and the face of a greedy prick.

        Oh wait, we’re talking about Obama, not the POS from before

  • BobbyG

    still loving Umbra

  • Quint

    I wish I would have waited until now. I saw Morena in last year’s icon review and I bought that instead. Not too shabby. No regrets.

  • Christopher Riner

    Wait, which Icon pack is that in the first pic (main article pic)? I was assuming it was the “rounded out” but I’m not seeing that sweet phone icon, just a green one

    Edit: I see, its in the flatee.

    Any way to pull the icon images so that I can use different icons from different packs? Instead of just setting up the whole set through nova.

  • eessel

    I agree with the flatee icon being a great icon pack. Been using it since I first heard about it and am happy with the purchase. Thanks for sharing these other ones. I’ll be sure to check them out as well

  • adh328

    Dumb question…. How do we install these? I have a moto x

    • jbegs

      I think you need a third party home launcher like Nova. It list the ones in the article. The home launchers allow you to use these icon packs to replace the stock icons. Most icon packs explain their process.

      • Stone Cold

        Nova rocks

  • Eugene

    Is it me or is Flatee THAT MUCH similar to Flatastico Theme???

  • Kregstrong

    What clock widget is that in first pic

  • Flat Surf

    DCikonz plus its free and the dev constantly updates.


  • Matt Judkins

    I love most of these but I cannot replace Tendere, My favorite Icon pack of all-time thanks to Droid-Life.

    • BTLS

      I agree… still on both my nexus phone and tablet. Just soomething about the rectangles.

  • ConCal

    Flatee looks legit.

  • Trevor

    Downloading Flatee. Good find, thanks DL!!

  • Guest

    very nice icon packs, id love the circular ones the most. the page list launchers that it works with but wasnt sure if the stock one would work with these as well, thanks! http://num.to/728921453940

  • GrahamATrotman

    beautiful icon packs. . They both use the dark/light colors at the top of the icon. Only difference is Influx adds a Nox icon type shadow. Black Mart Alpha has it all free just download it on your Android http://num.to/7785*8945*4990

  • viewthis66

    where can i get this?

    • Miguel

      Most likely that comes with an icon pack.

    • 994196003
      • viewthis66

        I tried that when that post was current. Tried it again buts it a broken link.

    • Danny

      ML Light Buttons its an app has a bunch of them including that

      • viewthis66

        Awesome. Thank you.

    • xzero425x

      Need to find this!!

      • viewthis66

        ML Light Buttons. It’s an app. Free too. Super nice.

        • xzero425x

          Hmm but thats a full icon download, if thats so he is using 2 different icon packs?

          • viewthis66

            I’m using both now. Use one as a theme, then use the other individually through the edit tools while long pressing on an icon. Like with Nova launcher.

  • posey

    Link to the wallpaper on the white Moto X?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Can we have another moto x giveaway?

  • Aaron

    Can you use these with stock android (moto x specifically). The page list launchers that it works with but wasn’t sure if the stock one would work with these as well. Thanks

  • Proioxix

    I’m surprised some people haven’t heard of Unicorn. Influx and Flatee are quite similar. They both use the dark/light colors at the top of the icon. Only difference is Influx adds a Nox icon type shadow. Lumos and Influx are my current favourites though I have other icon packs I use from time to time.

  • Bryan Merrick

    Black Mart Alpha has it all free just download it on your Android and your laughing as i use RAR-Files to keep all compressed so simple to use like wallpapers are a plenty and themes,so old hat really just look up you-tube how to re-wallpper your device as this lot dont help much in video form….MMMmmm

    • Nathaniel Webb

      As the creator of one of these packs, I dislike this post. A lot.

    • QQpayne

      You know, some of us prefer to support the developers of the packs, so that they continue making them for us. I mean really, its a buck or two, not breaking the bank here.

  • Randall Wanamaker

    I wish that any of these icon developers would include the games that Humble Bundle has put out. It’s the same game as the play store version, but the app has a different system name. Most of my games come from past humble bundles. That is all.

    • Nathaniel Webb

      That’s a very simple addition. If you happen too use any of my stuff, email me and I’ll see what I can do. (Lyra dev here)

  • Juan

    Anybody else like me and just add icon packs to their wishlist my to see how often the dev provides updates? I’ve been burned a few times purchasing an icon pack only to have a dev either stop updating or take too long to provide updates.

    • memnoch73

      Then I recommend Vibe and all the other great packs from StealthyChief. I’ve followed him for quite some time and he updates most if not all his icon packs weekly.

      • Juan

        I only use his Axis icon pack, but yeah you’re safe as long as you stick to the well known devs. I could call some devs out but I won’t 🙂

    • John


      I’m really digging DCikonZ Simbox

      4800 HD icons and is pretty sweet (free too)

    • yochanan

      Not for icon packs so much anymore since I’m sticking with Flux – CM11 Theme, it’s a keeper. I use Changelog Droid to monitor changes like that. I don’t have auto update enabled for Google Play, so I get to review the changlog’s before I install as well.

  • Booyabobby

    Flatee and Vibe are now on my wishlist. Lately I’ve been enjoying Cyrcle and Cryten icon packs.

  • I wish the Google Now Launcher would officially support icon packs. I know it never will, but I can’t leave that left page with Google Now for icons.

    • Sam

      Not a perfect solution, but have you tried Unicon? Works w/ GEL.

      • I love you.

        • turdbogls

          yup, I was unsure I would use Unicon outside of GEL (because i still LOVE Nova) but having an Icon pack throughout the UI (not just recents) was worth it for sure. LOVE IT.

    • silver_arrow

      Agreed the only thing I want from the GNL is icon support. Seriously it would solidify it as a legit homescreen replacement, as it is its the only one that doesnt allow features that is on the Play Store

    • yochanan
      • xzero425x

        Not working for me on GEL 🙁

        • George Davis

          Unicon requres root.

          • yochanan

            Unicon does not require root. However, the Xposed Framework does.

          • George Davis

            The point is that you cannot use custom icon packs with GEL/GNL, which was the request that started this thread, using Unicon unless you are rooted. Which could be why it’s not working for some people.

          • Guest

            The requirements to use Unicon are clearly stated in the Play Store description. I feel your comment is unnecesary & redundant at this point. No offense.

          • George Davis

            The poster above me was unable to get it working so I pointed out a requirement, which you didn’t mention, in an attempt to be helpful. At which point you made a hair-splitting, semantic comment about the app’s dependecy requiring root rather than the app itself, which amounts to the same thing to the end user. Someone is being “unnecessary & redundant” here but it isn’t me.

    • Qbancelli

      Use the Icon Changer app. Done.

    • Beavis

      That’s why I don’t even bother with GEL, or see what the fuss is. Nova is still king.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    I am stuck switching between Influx as per one of your earlier posts and Cyrcle…. both are excellent and come with wikkid wallpapers.

  • Carlos Lopez