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The Droid Life Show Episode 51 Won’t Make You Swipe a Finger to Watch it

The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town. Insert catchy guitar riff here. This Wednesday night, the DL crew sat down for episode 51 (aka the Galaxy S5 Show) of The Droid Life Show, to discuss all of the GS5 madness that took place on Monday in Barcelona and New York City. After months of hypebeasting, all of the rumors have been put to rest, and we finally got our hands Samsung’s 2014 flagship.

Besides going over all of the Galaxy S5 news, we discussed the new press renders we have seen of the All New One from HTC, touched on the Gear 2 and Gear Fit devices, drooled over the possibility of a new Moto X from Motorola, and we discovered that I have “loved HTC long time.”

If you missed us live this week, you can catch us each Wednesday night at 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern). If Wednesday nights are never going to work, don’t worry, you can subscribe to us in a number of ways (listed below).

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  • cizzlen

    Holy crap Bella Nightingdale follows DL on Twitter :O. You guys are almost at 100k! BTW whens Kellex going to jump on the bandwagon? lol

  • Pam Oakea

    I’m looking forward to the all new HTC One. I have an S4 and am disappointed with the S5. The HTC One just won best phone of 2013, so why do you all hate it so? Phone Dog made the HTC One their phone of the year too and people on their site voted it #1 for months upon months. You, on the other hand made the Moto X your phone of 2013. The only thing Moto X has is active notifications and always on that I would even want. Last year’s display and processor and too small for many. 5 inch display is standard for a reason… It’s what most want. I think HTC at least listened. They added on screen buttons, improved the camera and added a 2900 mah battery. Samsung didn’t listen to what people asked for and that’s why we are unhappy with the S5. I’m leaving Sammy behind for the all new HTC One or possibly the LG G3. Another under appreciated awesome smartphone. Sorry for the rant guys. You’re awesome…. Most of the time. And please get Kyle a better microphone. The echo is awful to listen to. PEACE OUT.

  • Jason Hartung

    What does it say that the quality of the camera is now what makes a phone? Arguments of RAM mean little. Nice display, snappy processor, “hand feel,” everything else is customizable. Granted, the most important feature of a camera to me is that I can recognize the people I photographed. I just impulse bought the HTC One Max to hold me over until the next great phablet and really am liking it. It’s fast with a great looking display. Really all I need, the content is up to me, who cares about their skin, etc., that’s why I Android.

  • frederigoxcz305

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  • Kevin

    SCAMSUNG! Lol. Tim I’ll be patiently be waiting for the app review.