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Friday App Sales: The Room, Umbra, Gangstar Vegas, Sine Mora, and More

Another Friday, another dose of app sales. It’s been another good week on Google Play, as we have plenty of sales to go around for the weekend. A few highlights of this week’s list are Ryan Kelly’s Umbra icon pack, the mystery-puzzler The Room, and Gameloft’s Gangstar Vegas.

We also have InstaWeather Pro, TowerMadness, Wipeout, and Sine Mora in case you thought that those first three were the only good ones on here.

The full list is placed down below for your wallet-saving pleasure.

Friday app sales

Go support those devs!

  • emoney

    so i guess we are not going to see any organization to these lists?

    • You can go ahead and email timotato at droid-life dot com if you feel strongly about it.

      I do not change the structure myself.

      • emoney

        it’s not a matter of strong feeling, i’m just offering a way for these lists to be better suited to their audience. I think if they were broken down by category or if a small image/description was given it would save a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Moe

    What are the original prices?

    • frederigoxcz305

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  • belsonc

    If you like The Room, the sequel is ABSOLUTELY worth the price they’re asking for it…

    • JMonkeYJ

      I was slightly disappointed with the length of the Room 2, especially since in all the interviews they made it sound like it was a lot longer, but otherwise I loved it and I absolutely agree that it’s worth $2.99. They kept everything that was great about the first one and added much better level design and some very clever puzzle mechanics.

  • mrjayviper

    thanks for the heads up on umbra. the best of the current trend on “shadowed” icons. for me anyway