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Top 5 Android Apps: February 2014

Because of the exponential growth of Android over its first few years, apps have been flowing in at a non-stop rate that makes finding the best of them near-impossible at times. Thankfully, our jobs are to find the best for you and share them as they are released. Over the last month, we have covered dozens of apps, but only a few make our list of must-installs.

So here are the five best apps from the month of February.

1. Influx: (Play Link [Demo], $1.99)

Alex Miller’s Influx icon pack has pretty much secured itself a berth in the icon pack hall of fame. You’ll find more than 600 semi- rounded icons with a toned down color palette and long-shadow, plus wallpapers that are no joke as well.

You get the icon pack itself, wallpapers, a few Zooper skins to go with it all, and even a Widgetlocker theme. And they all look great, so you can deck your entire device out with just one purchase. This one you should definitely check out.

(1:12 – 2:22)

2. AcDisplay: (Play Link, free)

We’ve been big fans of the Moto X’s Active Display feature for a while now, which allows you to check on the time and your notifications without having to even turn your phone’s screen on. AcDisplay looks to emulate that on any Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” device, and does it surprisingly well.

AcDisplay is simple to configure and is fairly bare-bones, but that’s not to say it won’t save you time and provide for a great amount of convenience. And for free, there’s no reason for you not to check this out.

3. Type Machine: (Play Link, $1.99)

Type Machine has become one of my personal favorite apps, and I think I’ll definitely be installing this on all my Android devices going forward. Countless times I’ve accidentally deleted something, or had an app crash on me while using a lower-specced device. Those problems are all solved now, with Type Machine automatically backing up everything I type in the background to an easy-to-use interface where I can look back at my history.

I explained in my initial write-up how this app also is privacy-conscious, so this $1.99 app will be perfectly fine for you paranoid bunch.

type machine

4. Meet Me Halfway: (Play Link, free)

The goal behind Meet Me Halfway is quite simple — if you enter in two addresses, it will give you a nice middle ground that’s close in distance from each one, but also offer locations that  could be great for a meet-up. For those of you who meet clients or friends often (or as Tim suggests, do dirty deals through Craigslist) and want to make the trip convenient for all parties, this can be a godsend for coordinating exchanges.

The app in its current beta form is free on Google Play, so there’s no reason to not check it out. Oh, and we have some Immersive Mode action going on here — that we can appreciate.

meet me halfway

5. Muzei Live Wallpaper: (Play Link, free)

Roman Nurik just can’t stop impressing us no matter how hard he tries. On his popular DashClock widget’s birthday, he unveiled his latest creation, the Muzei live wallpaper. At first glance I was one of the few who thought I would try it and never use it again, but I’ve been proven very wrong.

The app pulls in images from a variety of sources to be used as wallpapers, while allowing you to decide how often they are changed. They display on your home screen as a soft-blurred image that with a quick double-tap, can be revealed for a few seconds. Paired with the Reddit, MultiMuze, 500px, and National Geographic extensions, Muzei has been put to full time live wallpaper duty on both my phone and tablet. You can configure Muzei to show pretty much any pictures you choose from any source, and if you can’t find a certain extension, you can make one.  Brilliant, right?

  • Anthony Johnson

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    free app but it seems quite interesting while hang up with our family and friends
    at location which will be halfway at every location. I have Nexus 5 with me for
    which I have recently purchased wireless car charger to explore more apps on it
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  • CasperTFG

    I installed Umbra, Cryten and Influx. All are on sale.

  • Facundo Gallardo

    Muzzei is great!

  • 7h3_4pp12en7ic3

    Seriously? The top 5 apps of the month, and one is an icon pack, and another is a LWP? Those aren’t really ‘apps’.


    AcDisplay is awesome!

  • Mosh

    Google should implement an undo feature when editing text. It’s pretty high tech and new.

    • Jpx

      This for the love of god

  • Mark

    Rithvik is the king of commas in the first sentence. You definitely need this for your place.

  • napes22

    The Active Display app is nice, but I’m going to stick with Slidelock for now.

  • Nick Silver

    I must be the only one who HATES the Influx icons.

    • napes22

      Nope, I don’t love them either.

    • droidify

      Nope just bought it and then refunded. I like Lumos much more.

      • Ray

        I did the same thing

    • I tend to bounce around, but Lumos has been my daily driver for the most part. Lately I’ve been subbing in Cryten and Influx as well, though.

    • michael arazan

      I just think by now there would be a way to make Icon packs/apps for the stock android launcher. I don’t want or like third party launchers

      • create812

        Seriously, what’s up with this?

    • GJV

      I don’t hate them but I don’t love them. Nox is the pretty girl I always come running back to. To me, the biggest thing about icons is how the apps that don’t have custom icons look. Nox handles those well. Influx not so much.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Surprising numbers of app increase considering Android apps are usually harder to make and maintain compared to iOS.

  • David Pollette

    Been using Muzei and AcDisplay for a while now, and love them both.

  • Jeff718

    Nice cover image. It was very welcoming in my Twitter timeline.

    • Ray

      Sarcasm? It is very minimal to say the least lol

      • Jeff718

        Folks, this is what the internet has done to us. We can no longer, with good intention, read a simple compliment.

        Ray, I’m not blaming or bashing you. No, my post was not meant to be sarcastic. Cheers.

        • Ray

          Well with words on a screen just like text messages they can be taken differently. K, Ok, and okay can all mean different things depending on the individuals mood lol. But I get your point…

          • Nick V

            We read them with our own emotions and intentions… Maybe Ray’s the angry one. 🙂

          • Ray

            Yes I’m so angry at the top 5 apps of February I might smash my own computer

    • Thomas

      I do miss the old Android Market icon as well 🙁