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Motorola’s Active Display and Assist See Minor Updates

Because Motorola separated out the best features from the Moto X and new DROID line as stand-alone apps, they continue to update them regularly through Google Play. Today, we’re seeing updates for both Assist and Active Display. Neither of the updates is huge, but they do fix bugs and introduce subtle features that will only help add polish to the experience.

With Active Display, users can now control whether or not the phone vibrates when tapping on a notification. It should also honor whatever the system vibration settings have been set at. With Assist, troubleshooting of drive mode audio issues when connected to Bluetooth becomes a reality, along with better handling of “available” status and the triggering of meeting mode.

Both updates are live on Google Play now. 

What’s new in Active Display:

– Honors the system vibration settings. Turn vibration on/off by going to Settings -> Sound -> Vibrate on touch.
– More bug fixes

What’s new in Assist:

– Added support to troubleshoot drive mode audio issues when connected to Bluetooth
– Meetings where you’re marked as “Available” will no longer trigger meeting mode
– Bug fixes!

Play Links:  Active Display | Assist

  • terry12s

    This update to active nofications has messed it up on my Droid Maxx. Hopefully they can fix the bugs in this update soon.

  • IcerC

    Huh.. Not sure if related but I no longer have to say “Ok Google Now”! Just, Ok Google works for me. Anyone else know when this happened?

  • JoeTi

    Wish assist worked with Google voice for text, since that’s my primary text service. Might have to port my # to Google from Vzw.

  • bratliff

    Got the update got in the car. Received a text in driving mode and before reading the text it said “good evening”.. Hah kind of tripped me out..

  • Tyson Atwood

    Anyone else having an issue to where the “Talk to me” feature is activating for incoming calls even when the Driving Mode isn’t active? Just started for me since the update and I don’t know if it’s the Moto Assist or something in the 4.2.2 update on my Moto X.

  • Gr8Ray

    “Added support to troubleshoot drive mode audio issues when connected to Bluetooth”
    Can someone explain what that means? I’m not seeing anything in the options or settings.

    • tharealoc

      Go into the driving tab, then click on the arrow in “talk to me” there is a blue link that says “Having audio issues using Bluetooth” Click that and it will give you an option for a different setting. I have tested it, and this has fixed my bluetooth issue of changing volumes when receiving a notification.

      • Gr8Ray

        Thanks, I didn’t even look in that section for some reason. Was focused on the Music function.

  • bigdan

    Has anyone tried sideloading this on a non-moto device? Any idea if that would work?

  • Razma

    i wish assist would toggle my bluetooth when it detects driving mode

    • Tyson Atwood

      That’s really easy to do using Tasker. Just have Tasker look for the Driving notification and then toggle bluetooth. Works like a charm for me.

      • Razma

        doesnt the phone have to be rooted tho for it to be able to toggle bluetooth in tasker

        • Tyson Atwood

          Nope. My Moto X is 100% stock.

  • AbbyZFresh

    To be all incorporated into Android 4.5.

  • Drew


  • Tristan the Marine

    Wasn’t there supposed to be some way to select which notification you swiped into from active display? I still can’t figure that out

    • Kelly

      Thank you! I’m glad to know I’m not crazy. I swear that there was an early demo video of the Moto X (I think maybe before it was officially announced, absolutely before it was released) that showed Active Display cycling through notifications by sliding to the left or to the right. I’ve never been able to find where I saw that again, though, and the idea seems to have just disappeared.

    • Diablo81588

      You can swipe up or down depending on which icon is displayed, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume that’s not what you mean.

  • therealjohnmark

    I have Droid Maxx on 4.2.2 and I cannot see how to get these updates. I guess I have to be on 4.4 first?

    • jamaall

      Yes you do

    • kixofmyg0t

      Why are you STILL on 4.2? 4.4 was pushed out a couple months ago.

      • therealjohnmark

        Just replaced my rooted Bionic 10 days ago… was trying to make sure the hardware worked well before I root it. One thing I have had trouble with is Active Notifications sometimes stop working unless I reboot (happened three times). My wife decided today she is not going to have hers rooted. So I upgraded hers to 4.4 just now. I see that on 4.4 Active Display is the new Settings title for Active Notifications.

        • XvierX

          Go Mavs! MFFL

          • therealjohnmark

            YES Go MAVS!

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    This. This is how it’s done. If only Samsung would follow suit.

  • trailmix

    yes, multiple sleep modes. i really just need to be able to turn on nap mode. and more conditions to activate, like plugging it in. i still miss the old motorola way of doing it.

  • juan


  • Scott

    It’d be cool to pick through the notifications in active display if you have more than one.

    • Riz Virani

      Also have the option to actually wipe the notification off the drawer completely..

  • Stnkycheezman

    Still wishing assist’s sleep mode can have different schedules on different days of the week.

    • Asa Thomas

      Here’s an option: Setup your own calendar event called “sleep” at the times you want it to be silent. Mark it as busy, and then have it continue weekly forever.

      • Drooblz

        That would be a good solution, although sadly I’m a calendar fiend and like to have only essential stuff on there.

        • Justin W

          Sleep is essential, is it not?

          • Drooblz

            Weekdays yes, weekends….flexible.

      • Stnkycheezman

        Yeah thats not a bad idea but like drooblz, I use my calendar a lot and wouldn’t want it filled for that. I actually use an app called “silent time” that does what I want. Just thought it’d be nice though if I could just have one less app since i already use assist for driving and meetings.

    • Brandon

      Mine still doesn’t know my sleep schedule, I get at or before 6:30 am and at 7:15 while I’ve been moving it around it shows “sleep mode”

      • Raven

        Sorry, it doesn’t automatically learn your sleep schedule. You have to actually go in and set your sleep time in Assist.

        • Brandon

          Ah, good call, I guess I forgot to change my from waking up at 9:30 to waking up at 6:30 lol

    • Matt

      I’ve already put in a request for a snooze option. Sometimes a 15 minute snooze is all I need before I go to bed

  • Corey Smith

    Hoping this fixes my bluetooth issue when after telling it to call someone, it hangs while waiting for me to say call or cancel. I tell it to call until I’m blue in the face, practically shouting at it before I just press the word call (therefore defeating Touchless controls).

  • That Assist feature is one I have been waiting for for a while now.

  • Eric

    So glad the vibration settings are now honored in Active Display 🙂

    • clobberedchina

      It was the one thing that just drove me crazy. And they fixed it. LOL. I can’t believe it. Yay!

    • NexusMan

      Can you explain to me the exact benefit of that? I’m still not sure I understand.

      • Drooblz

        If you set your phone not to vibrate on touch, when you use active display it will still vibrate. Not a huge issue, just a minor annoyance.