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Giveaway: Win 1 of 8 Assorted Real Wood Covers From Toast and DL (Update: Winners Picked)

Toast Covers

Ever since we posted our Toast factory tour and hands-on with the Nexus 5 cover made of real Walnut, we kept getting hounded for a giveaway. Well, here it is!

These covers are made right here in the US of A, in the wet and wild area of Portland, Oregon. Toast covers are essentially a “sticker” made of real wood on the outside, with extremely sticky 3M adhesive on the inside. Once applied to your device, the cover isn’t going anywhere. Unlike the wood backs you would get on Moto X, the wood on these covers is less treated, meaning you will be feeling your wood grain for days after applying, and they age great. If you watch any American Pickers, you’d know it’s all about the patina.

The wood itself is harvested on the East coast, with the exception of the Bamboo and Ebony options, which are brought from overseas. If you seriously haven’t seen our factory tour yet or hands-on video, then we highly recommend you go do so. 

We have 8 covers to give away – two for the Moto X, four for the Nexus 5, and two for the HTC One. Down below you can see the cases we have, so if you have been wanting to get your hands on one of these beauties, this is your chance to score one for free.

Follow the very simply rules below to enter, and good luck!

Toast Covers 2

Update: We have selected and emailed our winners. Thank you!



Eight winners will win 1 of 8 Toast wood covers. Covers available – (2x) Moto X in Bamboo and Walnut, (4x) Nexus 5 in Walnut and Ebony, and (2x) HTC One in Walnut and Ebony.

How to enter:

Since we have assorted covers and we need to make sure you get the right cover for your specific device, all you have to do is a leave comment down below with which phone you have. We have covers for the Nexus 5, Moto X, and HTC One. Be sure to leave a comment that is tied to a valid email address, as we will send a message to winners.


Tomorrow morning at 10am PST we will select our eight winners from the comments below. Good luck!

Big thanks to Toast for sending along the cases for us to give away!

  • Caz Abbott

    Nexus 5 for me, please.

  • Jason Swanby

    I’d love one for my Nexus 5!

  • Scott Manders

    Nexus 5

  • James Philippon

    Nexus 5!

  • Mburton

    Nexus 5

  • IcerC

    Moto X!

  • Jens Christensen

    HTC One

  • Nexus 5

  • Cage

    Rocking the Moto X

  • Dillon Fallon

    1 nexus 5 please!

  • Ruvim

    moto x!

  • 994196003

    nexus 5

  • Moses

    When I win I’ll have wood all over my Nexus 5!

  • Paulo Mascorro

    Nexus 5!!

  • knightracer

    Moto X

  • Devang

    NEXUS 5 🙂

  • Ezio 007 Shepard

    HTC One, please

  • Dylan August

    This would be awesome for my nexus 5!!!

  • Smellynachos

    I just got my toast case for my nexus 5 I bought the bamboo wood version and love it!!!!

  • antwonw

    Nexus 5 please.

  • Devarshi Bajpai

    Nexus 5

  • Tejash Bhoola

    The not so all new HTC One

  • jrbmed08

    Moto X

  • tryptech

    HTC One please?

  • Ankit Doshi

    NEXUS 5 Black

  • gamaliel hood

    nexus 5 wood cover to cover my plastic

  • Danish Prakash

    Galaxy Nexus, well i love wood too 🙁

  • indigitalformat

    wood. so i really do deserve this prize…i needed a new phone, bad… i wanted a moto x, before it was released. so i waited…and then i waited for wood… the old one..well %$&…i settled w the Moto X i could get…and love it! but Wood would be Good! ; )

  • mercado79

    Moto X

  • Eric Ross

    HTC one. I really want a wood case. Gave me some moto x envy

  • dan0matic

    Moto X

  • Blue Sun

    Black Nexus 5. Pretty excited about this giveaway.

  • Leon

    HTC one

  • Cody Griffith

    Moto x please!

  • Nick Gustoff

    I need one for the moto x.

  • Michael Adcock

    Moto X, bought mine before Moto Maker was available and would love a wood back!

  • Stephen

    HTC One!

  • Seth Duffy

    Nexus 5 PLEASE & Thank You <3 <3

  • Thomas Partida

    Moto X. dark wood, I mean ebony…. Wait! what?

  • Charley

    The only way my Nexus 5 could be better is with one of these

  • kurichan

    WOOD. HTC one

  • Steve Giralt

    I’m down with the wood case. MotoX specifically, please!

  • SladeNoctis

    Moto X – the one handed beast

  • Nicolas Finn

    Nexus 5 !!!!

  • morgan boyle

    just lost my Moto X running from the cops, buying a new one tomorrow! let me win some wood for my X!

  • dguy25

    HTC One

  • john


  • john

    HI 😀 I would love to win

  • manhattanboy

    I wonder how long hard wood will hold up after repeatedly being beaten. Count me curious. – Nexus 5 or Moto X

  • jarefah

    Nexus 5