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The Droid Life Show: Episode 51

Ready to talk Samsung Galaxy S5? We have the Droid Life Show episode 51 planned for tonight, and unsurprisingly, the GS5 is the main topic. I don’t know that we’ll spend the entire show on Samsung’s new flagship, but it will undoubtedly take up a major portion of it. And why wouldn’t it? This is the first major phone of 2014.

If we get through all that is the Galaxy S5, we have the next Moto X to talk about, along with Project Ara news, new Sony Xperia Z2 devices, and our favorite apps and games of the past week. It should be a packed show.

We’ll be live at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). Join us live through the embeds below! 

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  • Brandon Dean

    Also, the Xperia Z line of devices has only existed for a single year. All three phones have come out in the past 12 months. So this whole “They have been doing this look for YEARS” thing is exaggerated.

  • Brandon Dean

    Let me guess, they pretty much roundly dismiss all of the Sony products…

  • M3D1T8R

    Gotta say I usually love hearing what Tim has to say, but holy lord. The bit about the Z2 was the worst I’ve ever heard. The reason we hate on the GS5 is because Samsung’s design is terrible. So when they use the same bad design for the S5 as the S4/S3, it’s _still_ terrible. It is not just the fact that it “has not changed” in and of itself. Sony’s design, on the other hand is very nice. So just some small design tweaks, along with all the great upgrades, is welcome. Also Sony is pushing new versions about every six months, instead of 11 months like Samsung, so less design change is expected version to version. Meanwhile, the specs on the thing check just about every box imaginable. They literally addressed every issue people had with the Z1 in a substantial way. Much better screen, 3.2Ah battery, along with new front facing dual speakers, SD slot, waterproof, 3GB ram, Qcom 801, etc. The only thing for me it’s missing is headphone jack on the bottom, and 32GB internal storage, which should be minimum standard by now. And I need it on Verizon. If it does come, I’ll have a fun time picking this year between the Z2, new One, and maybe new Moto X if I wait that long.

    • I’ll have to try the phone out for a week before I talk anymore smack on the Sony phone. 🙂

      • Brandon Dean

        I’ll be holding my breath. /s

        You guys have a tradition of basically saying anything not on Verizon sucks. And since Sony is never on Verizon, they have been in that category. Pigs will fly before you guys actually talk about a Sony device after actually using one for a day.

    • Tim242

      Great. Now we have crazy Sony fanboys on here now.

      • Brandon Dean

        I don’t think there fanboys, or that I am for that matter. But its not hard to listen to a few of the podcasts and see a pattern of them dismissing Sony’s phones just because Verizon isn’t carrying them. They pretty much only talk about whats happening on Verizon anyway. I just think all players should be given the opportunity to have a fair shake, otherwise you are just talking out of your ass based on stuff you heard somewhere.

        • Tim242

          Sony releases very few phones in the US. They don’t do marketing when they do. They limit their buyers here, so they don’t deserve much mention. They released 1 phone in the US last year, and it had to be ordered through Sony, if I remember correctly.

          • Brandon Dean

            You remember incorrectly. The Z came out on T-mobile last year (Aug or Sept 2013).

          • Tim242

            Yes, but I think you could only order it through Sony. I don’t think T-Mobile sold it directly.

          • Brandon Dean

            Um… no. Both then and now you could get the phone in store. There was only about 1-2 weeks tops where it wasnt in the store yet.

  • I love Samsung all product which always are useful for me.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths


  • Daistaar

    Not to steal the thunder from Samsung this DL show but did anyone see the Yotaphone? That a sexy little idea for a phone.

    • calculatorwatch

      Damn that’s cool! I never would’ve thought of that but now I want one!

      • Daistaar

        I know! It has pretty awesome specs and sounds like it can have some insane battery life with the e-ink side. They announced it at MWC after the GS5. Really hope to hear more about it here on DL.

        • calculatorwatch

          Yeah hopefully. It sounds like it won’t make it to the US until Q4 or early next year, but being able to use your phone in sunlight and having always-on notifications is something I think a lot of people could jump on. Plus the design really is sleek and high-end.

    • Nicholas Ruiz

      I brought the old model up in chat last year during their post MWC 2013 show and they totally blew it off so I don’t think they have much interest in the concept. A shame. It seems innovative.

  • Trevor

    You guys are the best.

  • me

    What happened to Samsungs Metal high end phone?

  • Mario Lovato

    fingers crossed, no technical difficulties this time.:)

  • me

    The new GS5 is too damn tall. Shrink those bezels Samsung. And that fingerprint scanner is a gimmick whose hardware probably made the thing so tall.

    The Nexus and the G2 are much more refined.

    Samsung really had to throw the kitchen sink at this thing to justify it’s $700 price.

    Thanks but No Thanks. I’m sure the camera is nice though.

    • Tim242

      The extra bezel is needed for the dust/water resistance. That’s why Sony’s are also bigger.

      • The Narrator

        Except Sony is waterproof. Not resistant

        • Tim242

          No it is not. IP55 is not waterproof. Here you go again. Please educate yourself before commenting.

        • Tim242

          That was the dust rating. The water rating is IP58. The S5 is IP67. The only difference is how deep you can go….not really a difference unless you plan on going diving with your phone. Hush fry.

  • harryballs
  • dannyWHITE

    Please don’t spend the ENTIRE show on those Samsung products.

  • Thomas

    Because of Tim’s post earlier today I’ve decided to watch American Idol instead 😉

  • Radgatt

    Are we going to have 5 people for this Droid-Life show? Kellen, Tim, Ron, Eric and Kyle? Would be interesting to see how all of you together would perform. Just a thought.

    • Brandon Dean

      Yeah it would be nice to have more of the writing team on the show, It would keep things fresh.