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Download: Google Now Launcher Version 1.0.9

Google recently released the Google Now Launcher to Google Play, but it is limited to just Nexus and Google Play Experience devices running stock Android. Thankfully, this is Android, and sideloading applications is extremely easy. 

For anyone running a device that isn’t a Nexus or GPE, you can attempt to sideload the application by downloading it from the link below, and then installing it.

We tested it on the Moto X and it worked like a charm. However, we weren’t so lucky with the Galaxy S4 and G Flex. Although, your results may vary.

Go give it a shot and let us know down below if it worked for you and which device you are running.


  • Chayzz Devyant

    Not working on Verizon note 3 running 4.3 which is sad. The older APK glitches and it’s starting to annoy me. I guess Whenever verizon pushes out 4.4.2 I will be able to install it.

  • Johann JH

    it doesn’t run on my Xperia Z1 (Parsing Error)

  • Brad Ross

    Works on my Dad’s Galaxy S4 (on AT&T) running 4.4.2 KitKat!

  • Brett Smoot

    Works on my S4 running 4.4.2

  • steve watkins

    Downloaded on my s4 from link on this page, opened in file explorer, installed, opened, suggested update Google search, forwarded to Google play store, Google search has no update so clicked open, opened as normal so exited and tried running g+ now launcher from app library, g+ now launcher works perfectly. It worked really well with no hiccups but as for whether it’s any good compared to say go launcher, well, it’s just a bit basic.. Needs customisation options like icon size, features colours and effects, and it desperately needs a scrolling dock. A good attempt and it’s very stable and fast, and the Google now response was awesome. Looking forward to seeing some updates on this in the future but it does have a lonnng way to come before I let go of my current setup. Cheers for the download guys.
    Steve Watkins.

    • My sentiments, exactly, Steve. You read my mind and am glad you posted info about the Google Now Launcher. I keep it on my phone so on days where I find myself needing hands-free information frequently, I will use the Google launcher; otherwise, it’s “GeeWiz” (aka TouchWiz for me. 🙂

  • Arjun Nepal

    Does not install. Error says “There is a problem parsing the package”.
    can any one help?

  • I actually got the “always on” feature to work on Samsung Galaxy S4 (AT&T) after updating to KitKat today. Only works in “Google Now Launcher” and I spent months getting my “Gee Wiz” launcher just the way I want it, so I will have to forego this nifty feature for now. At least I know it is an option if and when I want to spend time re-creating everything in my Google Now Launcher at a future date (which is a very easy launcher to use and seems to be faster and smoother than “Gee Wiz”).

  • Darth Destroyeis

    Side Loaded on my coworkers T-Mobile GS4 after the 4.4.2 update…. works great. Ok google command works too! No bugs so far that I can see

  • Abdon Phir’athon

    It doesn’t work! I tried it on my LG G Flex and My Motorola Moto X and they both say that there was a problem parsing the file.

  • iTpHo3NiX

    I ised this link (from xda) with the updated search and launcher, when I used the link from here I got a parse error. Stock vzw note 3 mediafire . com / ?997we3pehsraraf

  • Trab Vet

    Didn’t work on my Note 2

  • Alex

    Works with the S4 besides some functions I noticed. Direct call and direct messaging shortcuts don’t work. Everything else seems to be functional. Doesn’t really have lot of options yet.

  • Lathan Card

    Works on the Moto G.

  • dixit patel

    Not working on canvas 2

  • Omer N. Omer

    HTC One X, didnt work 🙁

  • Don

    On first installing the Google now launcher, we have the option to copy icons.
    I accidently selected the wrong option and my icons werent copied.

    I’ve tried unisntalling google now launcher and reinstalling, but that option hasnt appeared again.

    How do I go about copying my icons to the Google Now Launcher?

  • S4User

    Works without issues with AT&T S4 on KitKat 4.4.2

  • I am running the Verizon Moto G 4.4.2 KitKat and it works great.

  • Razma

    is this any different than the apk that was released like a month or so ago? I’ve been running this on my moto x for a while now

  • ddh819

    will it work on a droid razr on 4.1.2?

  • Edison Tan

    The icons and the main screen work but the OK Google thing doesn’t. Phone is Moto G on KitKat.

    • I have the Moto G for VZW, and I can do the “Ok Google” from the main screen without issue. Also on 4.4.2 KitKat. Not rooted.

      • Edison Tan

        Got mine from HongKong so the update on the Google search might not be complete

  • Diego Aguirre

    Working great with the Moto g! My favorite launcher by far

  • Liking the throwback picture for this article. N4 with Jellybean 😛

  • Anantha Bhaktha

    works on Moto G .. smooth as yet .. how do i reduce the icons size ..

  • Sumit

    Works on a Galaxy Mega 6.3 and a Galaxy Nexus gor me.

  • NexusMan

    Is there any difference between this and the previously sideloaded version, we’ve been rocking for months?

  • Isaiah

    It isn’t working on my moto x. Do you have to be updated to 4.4 or higher?

  • Graham Green

    File fails to open on my phone.
    Yes I downloaded the correct apk
    Anyone else having a problem?
    VZW G S4 (rooted) stock ROM

    • ravin

      Problem parsing the file…here we go…same error here

  • valapsp

    The crash problem still occurs when u press the call button on headset.

  • Carl Conlon

    Works a treat on galaxy s4 been using now for over a month, would like more cards though ?

  • Carl Conlon

    Works a treat & been using it for over a month now on galaxy s4, would like more cards though ?

  • Danny Brown

    Working perfect on VZW GNote2, AOKP 4.4.2

  • matti861

    I get a error message that there’s a problem parasing the package. Any help?

    • David Dudovitz

      It requires KitKat.

  • steve

    Annoying as FACK! Trying to download the APK with Chrome on Android will only download the mobigenie apk. However, doing it ass-backwards by downloading from a desktop seems to work just fine. Curses to whoever thought that was a brilliant arrangement!

    • SplashMTN

      I was having the same issue regardless of which download I clicked – even the correct one. I’m not sure how I eventually got it, but it finally worked.

  • Mark Mann

    Problem parsing file on xz

  • Dominick White

    If you already had the previous version install, just go to the play store and get the update

  • Sean Walton

    I keep getting “can’t open file” after downloading to my Moto X. Any ideas?

  • Jucef Martinez

    Works just fine on my G2 (AT&T). I can still use all the features that originally came with the G2. Knock on & off work exactly the same as before!

    • Mark Schiller

      Are you running KitKat or JB?

      • Jucef Martinez

        I’m running KitKat. AT&T pushed it out a few days ago and everything works flawlessly! What are you running?

        • Mark Schiller

          I have the Verizon G2, so still on JB. Sounds like this needs KitKat, so I haven’t tried it yet.

  • michael hill

    I haven’t ran into any issues on my Droid Maxx.

  • beng8686

    Anybody see any adverse effects on Moto Touchless control?

  • Tristan the Marine

    I feel like I’m looking at a toy phone now. It looks like it’s designed specifically for old people with rheumy eyes.

    • beng8686

      Or exactly like an iPhone…

  • Grant Currie

    It didn’t work on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 on stock 4.3.. Maybe it is a 4.4 only application?

    • Adrynalyne


  • Pam Oakea

    Not upgrading to this version as this newer apk seems to only work on phones running 4.4 and VZ S4 is still on 4.3… Unfortunately. I wish they would offer Google icon pack so I could get rid of my fugly Samsung ones. Then it would be perfect.

  • Kane Desousa

    Love it , but it’s not promoting to take my launcher icon layout and I’m too lazy to do it again lol

  • Patmw123

    I’ll stick with Nova for icon packs.

  • jimmyf101

    I just installed this on my Moto X with 4.4.2 and changed up the wallpaper and the screen just seems bigger with the bigger and more dimensional icons!! I just wish it had 5 pages instead of 3.

    • Adrynalyne

      It does. Just drag content to a new page. I have 6.

      • jimmyf101

        Ahhh!! You’re smart. Now, how do I set the Home screen as the center screen?

        • Adrynalyne

          Nah just ran across it one day 😉

        • Adrynalyne

          That I don’t know. The way it works now is the first page is the home page. Google Now is always to the left of the home page.

          • jimmyf101

            Thanks. I actually like it the way it is after messing with it.

      • jimmyf101

        Judging by that screenshot..you must really be a Dummy. Kidding Ha ha!

        • Adrynalyne

          Believe it or not, they make some great books :p

          I used them when first starting, but have since moved on to mostly Apress books.

  • terry12s

    Works great on my Droid Maxx. Been using it for a couple months now.

  • Pam Oakea

    I’ve been using it on my VZ S4 for a good while now with no problems. Very smooth. I love it!

  • djab

    On a Moto X, it seems to have made my icons larger and I am not loving that.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      It does indeed increase the icon size (1.5x iirc, though I could be mistaken).

      This applies to the home screen and the app drawer. Less white space while keeping the same grid layout was likely the idea.

  • Avery Looney

    Working fine on my S4 no root on 4.4

  • Stephen Loosli

    HTC One, Verizon, 4.4.2. Works great, glad to get rid of that htc thing they called a launcher.

  • Amanda O’Bryan

    Awesome! Loving this on my S3 running cm4.2.2

  • metool6

    It works great with the S4 running 4.4.2! running the leaked version

  • Reuben Jacobs

    worked for my moto X on Verizon 4.4. How do I add more screens??

    • Lou M

      The only way to get a new screen is to add an icon. It will create a new page when you drag it over

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    Updated perfectly, VZW Moto X unrooted 4.4.2

  • m1ghtysauc3

    That’s a no for the Note 3.

    • 213ninja

      i wonder why, since the last version (the version where the name changed) worked fine…

      • Adrynalyne

        The new version was compiled with an API version higher than 4.3. You could try hacking the AndroidManifest and lowering the minimum api level.

        • 213ninja

          ah. thanks. maybe vz will hook me up before the note 4 drops.

          • Adrynalyne

            Oh I’m waiting right there with you.

          • 213ninja

            there we go, hofo’ers know what time it is.

          • Adrynalyne

            Haha, man, I haven’t heard that term in ages. I wonder if I can remember my password there :p

  • Chris

    Took a few minutes but I have it working on my G2 on vzw, not rooted

    • Tyler James Edward Hills

      What did you do? Mine said it had problem parsing the package

    • I second that question.. What’d you do?

    • Chris

      The link downloaded mobogenie, through that I searched for the launcher, downloaded another apk file which got me the launcher

      • But, you’re on 4.2.2, correct?

        • Chris


          • Adrynalyne

            Then you aren’t installing the latest unless it was hacked.

      • Can you share the APK you used?

        • Chris


          Try this one

    • Chris

      But the KnockOn doesn’t work when running the launcher

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    Working perfectly on my XT1060 on stock 4.4.2

    • Beavis

      Does “OK Google Now” work the same too? Heard from someone else that it broke that function.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        I always turn off Google Now’s hotword detection. Google Now>Settings>Voice>Hotword detection. Turns it off for the launcher and Google Search.

  • Jonathan Alstad

    Working on Verizon HTC One unrooted 4.4.2

  • red014

    Verizon X on 4.2.2. Works, but I don’t notice anything different.

  • SplashMTN

    Looks good on the G2. I actually like the larger icons, I just wish I could use an icon pack…

    Edit: I also wish I could continue to use knock off. 4.4.2 broke the ability to use it in the notification bar within third party launchers.

    • Boblank84

      xposed module unicon on the play store.

      • SplashMTN

        I tried rooting for roughly 3 hours and after 3-5 factory resets I gave up for the time being. I may try it again now though.

    • The Narrator

      Delete flappy bird immediately!

      • SplashMTN

        I……I…I just can’t.

        • Travis Walls

          I can stop anytime I want! Right after I get a new high score…

    • 213ninja

      the dialer icon may be the single reason i won’t use this launcher as a daily driver. i have it. i use it from time to time, but always switch back to Nova…..that damn TW dialer icon is so ugly and square it hurts my face when i look at it……

      and yes i realize this is silly and OCDish.

      • SplashMTN

        I’ve been using flatro/lumos in ADW EX and it all looks so much better. I just wish I could continue to use knock off within third party launchers. I also wish I could keep the transparent nav bars. I may give rooting another shot and go with exposed, but the last time I tried that I didn’t have much luck.

        • scott62185

          You can use screen off and lock app with Apex launcher (and probably Nova too). Just install the app and assign it to double tap “behavior” in Apex settings. Bam, turns the screen off.

          • SplashMTN

            I had read about this but for some reason didn’t have much luck implementing it. Works great now though! I think it was time for me to move on from ADW EX anyway….

      • Silky Johnson

        you can use desktop visualizer and change the icons in the stock launcher. you’re welcome

    • WCM3

      why don’t you brag about having 4.4.2 already…f*cking at&t’er..

      vzw g2 user

      • Greg Kobey

        Why don’t you root and install cm11 or aokp, both pretty stable on Verizon g2. I’m on aokp now

        • WCM3

          I am rooted. I’ve tried ParanoidAndroid, CM11, AOKP, Mahdi, etc. Too many SODs and buggy issues. Was thinking of flashing the new PA 2/27 release today today to see if anything improved.

          Don’t know if i want to give up the issueless LG rom, with G2 Xposed and Nova Launcher. Guh..

          • Greg Kobey

            Aokp 2/18 has been perfect for me, just downloaded 2/25… I had the note 3 and used xposed but aosp is a must for me lol

    • SplashMTN

      Quick Update! Turns out on 4.4.2 you can retain translucent nav bars with Apex and Nova. Plus assigning double tap to screen off in apex works just like knock off. Things look much better now.

    • OreoMan

      Works fine on T-Mo G2 with Nove Prime.

  • Lisa Gierszewski

    It tells me problem parsing the file. I have LG G2 on Verizon.

  • Layla Alice

    Working lovely on my gs4 sprint 4.4.2

  • MEH

    Works great on my Nexus 5…. oh wait I already had that didnt I

    • Chris


  • french toast ghost

    just uploaded on my motoX- works great! actually better than before. there used to be a lag when switching from my homescreen to the google now screen- with this update the lag is gone. nice!

  • Chris

    EVO LTE on 4.3

    “There is a problem parsing the package”

  • ali jawad

    I’d download it, but don’t trust any of these file sharing hosts with their bazillion “download” link buttons sprayed out all over the place without a label indicating which one I should click.
    As much as I want to try out the launcher on my Moto X, I’ll wait until its official (hopefully) in the Goog Play store.

    • Did you not see the top comments? It’s the black, plain looking download button. Either that, or get ABP.

      • ali jawad

        The page shows FOUR download buttons. FOUR! Even if I were to select the right one, can’t validate it’s not some hijacked version.

  • Roy

    works fine on my HTC one with 4.4.2.

  • doink

    Works with Non-rooted VZW HTC One with 4.4.2 Kitkat

  • enigmaco

    Doesn’t want to install on my moto x for some reason, tried installing it and I keep getting a prompt to restore a backup from my nova launcher. Even switched my default launcher back to stock and get the nova launcher prompt weird. I got it to work now.

    • gokusimpson

      How did you get it? I got the same error as you

      • enigmaco

        Just kept switching launchers from stock to my nova and it works I recognized how big the icons were with the GEL launcher. The only thing I don’t understand is why I don’t get the scroll to the google now screen.

  • AllPurposeRadio

    I know my AT&T S4 4.4.2 update is available once I’m home on wifi…I’ll give it a try after that.

  • frogbox

    Runs beautifully on my tetra note 7 and the OK Google command works

  • cush2push

    Parsing error Verizon note 3

  • Intellectua1

    The GEL needs just a few more features in order for me to use it like customizing the rows and columns, scrollable dock, and the ability to resize icons

    • George264

      I just want icon packs. Then I’ll be all set.

  • jordan

    Works well with droid maxx

  • bobbyp

    It will install on my Razr HD Maxx but I always get “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped” I am sure it is an Android version issue.

  • jim

    help me out here , what’s so special about the google now launcher ?

  • Scott Sundblom

    The file won’t parse on my Note 3.

  • viewthis66

    Transparent notification bar yet? Don’t want to go through the trouble if it’s not.

    • Brendan

      For what device? All should have it except the nexus 10.

      • viewthis66

        Note 3. The first time i downloaded this a couple of weeks ago, it didn’t have it. So it has it now? Sweet. What about gestures? I need the 1 finger swipe down so i can get the notification bar to come down without actually dragging it down.

        • You need Kit Kat to have the transparent notification bar…

          • Adrynalyne

            Only if not using the Touchwiz launcher. Thats the only reason I don’t use the Google Now Launcher on my Note 3 yet.

          • viewthis66

            Ah ok so I need 4.4 in order to get the transparent notification bar even though my note 3 supports it. Ok i’ll wait. What about gestures? Those work on the Google Launcher?

          • Adrynalyne

            Thats because the Note 3 is using a Samsung API to make the transparency. 4.4 is using a different one.

          • viewthis66

            Ok. Thank you for the info. I appreciate it.

        • Brendan

          If you’re looking for customizations and gestures, use nova launcher. Its designed with every aspect of customization in mind for the user.

          • viewthis66

            Actually I use that already. Just wanted to use this for a change of pace if it had both of these options.

          • Brendan

            Try KitKat launcher+. Its like GNL except its patchwork, so swiping left opens Google now but it’s not integrated and the launcher has some customization on terms of grid sizes and stuff.

          • viewthis66

            right on, thank you. ill check that out.

  • Mike B

    Working great on my Droid Maxx

  • Ryan Gullett

    I would like to have this if it didn’t make the icons on my Moto X like double in size.

    • Curious if Google is minimizing the amount of settings on purpose, or because they just don’t feel like adding the support yet… Either way, I am not in favor of less settings

      • K-Unit

        Same here. I’m a setting junkie. You know what I mean when I say the first thing I do when I get a new gadget is play with the settings for the better half of the night.. and then some

        • Totally agree.

          Was talking to one of my friends the other night who owns an iPhone 4 and has never owned an Android and he was saying things like, “See, I would never want to waste my time messing around with my phone. I just need it to work.” -_-

  • Dustin Kear

    Works great on unlocked Moto X

  • Disqus_n00b

    Why must icons be so large..

  • John Galt


    • SplashMTN

      Normally I can tell, but everyone I click tries to get me to download mobogenie.apk.

      Edit: I don’t know what I clicked, but somehow I got the correct file downloaded. Working great on my G2 with 4.4.2

      • Which ROM are you using? Is it as stable as stock?

        • SplashMTN

          I’m not using a rom. 4.4.2 came out for the at&t G2 saturday night.

        • Rob Platt

          back to work!

    • cush2push

      the smallest one good sir

    • Drew_VA

      The small black download button in the middle.

    • Chris

      The small black “Download” button

    • pezjono

      The correct answer is: Adblock will get rid of the ones that aren’t it.

      • Michael Hammond

        He probably uses IE

        • John Galt

          Bite your tongue Michael Hammond.

        • picaso86

          or Netscape!

        • Bobby Phoenix

          AdBlock Plus now supports IE. Not that I use it, but for those who do, and didn’t know. Now you know.

    • Jeremy Reger

      rule of thumb.. the smallest one.. lol

      • metool6

        its always the one thats not a picture

      • Danny Brown

        Here is without the junk ads.

      • michael arazan

        GD it’s worse than Verizon Branding, and that’s saying something

    • Bobby Phoenix

      God love AdBlock! I only see the one real download button when I clicked the link.

    • Vantius

      They should really use a more trusted site for hosting apk downloads,

  • boardindude

    Works like a charm on my Note 3, including the “Ok Google” feature.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Still using the Nexus 4 as your poster huh DL?

  • XvierX

    It’s working on my Verizon GS4. Nice.

    • patrick

      Didn’t work on my Verizon GS4. Gives me parse error. Are the icons still huge?

      • XvierX

        They’re humongous. Makes the app drawer look a little silly imo

        • patrick

          Great. I like the launcher with the whole “Ok google” integration but the big icons kills it for me and is the one reason im not using the launcher. once they have the ability to adjust the icon side, ill probably use it, if that ever happens.

  • Eric Mullen

    Note 3. I’ve been running it for a month. Some poor redraws but otherwise great.

  • sean parmenter

    Galaxy S3, 4.3, Stock (no root):
    “There is a problem parsing the package”

    Still have version though 🙂

    • Logan Jinks

      Galaxy S4: Same here

      • Logan Jinks

        I am still having issues with previous version of the launcher. It likes to remove apps from their respective folders. It’s very annoying. I had to switch back to Nova Launcher because I couldn’t stand it any more

      • Aniket Kulkarni

        Same goes with note 2 international version

    • NastyEmu

      Same error on my S3. Carbon 4.2.2 rooted.
      Edit: I am currently using the previous version of the launcher without any issues.

    • Gregg

      Thanks for being the guinea pig, Sean… I too am running SGS3 on 4.3 (all stock)… I won’t bother trying to install this. It works well now.

    • Intellectua1

      Did you download it on your phone? If so try doing it from your computer sometimes it makes a difference

      • sean parmenter

        I’ll give that a whirl and report back… Thanks

    • ktwombley

      Just tried with my verizon GS3 running CleanRom 8 (4.3):

      02-26 14:40:15.046 W/PackageParser(20502): /storage/emulated/0/com.google.android.launcher_1.0.9.1039417.apk (at Binary XML file line #6): Requires newer sdk version #19 (current version is #18)

      …Well there’s the problem.

      • JBartcaps

        And there’s the answer!

      • Paul Lee

        android jellybean will have [email protected] update Google search to latest version and then download and install Google Home apk to get it working. I have got it on my Lenovo Ideatab A3000H running JB 4.2.2.

    • Paul Lee
  • Matt

    My GNEX (toro) just got the update. I’m running CM11 M2. So apparently stock is not a requirement?

  • Johnny Steele

    You did say results may vary! Parsing Error. Galaxy S4. sadface

  • Menelaus

    So it sounds like this requires 4.4 where .9.6 didn’t. Good to know.

  • Gregg

    Not sure if I want to upgrade… I sideloaded version 0.9 on my Galaxy S3 when this first came out and it’s been working perfectly. I don’t want to break it… 🙁

    • Kenneth Shields

      I’ve been using the one that came out a few weeks ago on my note 2 and it works great. I too don’t want to break it.

  • Travillion

    Anyway back in case it does cause problems?

  • Josh C

    @Timotato:disqus Someone mentioned that this disrupted the “OK Google Now” feature. Any experience with that?

    • Still working for us.

      • Josh C

        Sweet. Side loading shortly.

  • bmos18

    Parse error lg g2

    • sushah23

      Same error on Note 3

      • Eric R.

        Same Droid Dna

        • Thomas Ng

          If you side load the older .9 version it works on the DNA. I just did it.

  • Lex_407

    What’s new?

    • MacNificent

      Yea. I wanna know the same thing. I see nothing different on my nexus 7. Like will the navigation bars be transparent?

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        The GNL on uses larger icons, a different apps key, a different app drawer, different screen setup, has Google Now permanently attached to the left-most screen, and a few other miscellaneous tweaks (huzzah for widget adding back on a homescreen long-press!)

        If you aren’t seeing any of that, then you are probably still looking at the stock launcher. Go into settings, and look for the Home Screen section. You should be able to choose the new launcher there if you have it installed.

        • MacNificent

          No no. And thanks for the description. I’ve been using GEL fire months. In skiing did this move to the play store come with a real update our improvements. And if so. I don’t see them.

          • Jeff McLean


          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            OOOOOO. /facepalm

            Even though it moved to v. 1.0 it doesn’t look like they did anything but put it on the Play Store. They may have squashed a bug or two in the process, but nothing significant that I can see.

          • MacNificent

            Well at least it’s in the play store and that’s an improvement in itself

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Definitely. Here’s hoping it becomes “Any device running Android 4.4+” sooner than later 🙂

            Until then, well, there’s always the lovely community to share .apks

          • MacNificent

            Exactly. And my nexus 7 is fine. I’m just waiting on that 4.4 love for my Verizon G2

  • I like turtles.

    • I enjoyed his web redemption on Tosh.o

      • The Narrator

        Finally a new season!

        • picaso86

          1st episode was hilarious…

        • michael arazan