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Tuesday Poll: Are You Buying the Galaxy S5?

galaxy s5

Because we have asked this question for every other major flagship phone over the last couple of years, it’s time once again that we ask if you are going to buy Samsung’s new beast on the block.

The Galaxy S5 seems like it has every thing one could ask for in a current high-end phone (great camera, big beautiful display, revamped UX and next-gen processor), though maybe there wasn’t enough change from year-to-year to create the same kind of buzz we had last year. Or maybe because Radio City Music Hall and Times Square weren’t involved, this year’s launch seems almost somewhat tame.

Either way, let’s find out – are you buying the Galaxy S5?

Are you buying the Galaxy S5?

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  • Antonio Joaristi

    Whats with all of you who say people are only bashing samsung is the cool thing to do lawl. It’s like you can’t have a popular opinion or the hipsters will tell you how wrong you are.

    • e_droid

      haha exactly.

    • HarvesterX

      It’s not cool to bash anything just because it’s cool. I’m not bashing Samsung by voting no. I don’t care for Samsung as a company because of actions they’ve taken in the past. I think I see more people though PURCHASING Samsung phones though than bashing them in order to be cool. That’s a different topic

      • roberthenderson

        purchasing to try to be cool? No, that’s definitely what iPhones are for.

  • Eltahur

    Stop it with these huge screens!!

  • tomn1ce

    I Just got the Note 3 in Dec. There’s no way I would give it up for the S5. Only if I get it for free on a contest or something. But right now I’m enjoying the Note and looking to see what the Note is all about. I won’t be picking that one up either but I’m interested to what samsung makes out of the Note 4…..I was hoping to see a phablet from Motorola but lets see what Lenovo cooks up in that department.

    • HarvesterX

      This is what I’m talking about. Why would anyone with a Note 3 or G2 care? No wonder there are so many no’s

  • Kyle Lunde

    I traded my GS4 for a Lumia 1520… so no

    • CoreRooted

      I’ve *almost* pulled the trigger on the 1520 a couple of times now. Not as my main device, but as more of a Windows Phablet to use at work. Do you like it? I haven’t really had a chance to sit and play with one for very long. Pros/Cons?

      • Kyle Lunde

        It’s a great device. I talked myself into it because I still have my nexus 7 2013 to get access to my android stuff and I signed up for ATT next so I’m only “stuck” with a windows phone for a year. I’m really loving the UX and how buttery smooth it is, the screen is gorgeous, the marketplace in so much better than it was even 6 months ago. Cons include: the apps that are in the marketplace are just plain ugly (like they were created in 2006). There is limited customization options. No Swype! Overall the device is usable and even enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to the 8.1 update which will come with a notification center and Cortana as a voice assistant ๐Ÿ™‚

        • CoreRooted

          Cool! Thanks for the feedback. I work in a Windows shop (aside from my precious Linux prod servers), so having a Windows Phone would make sense (and then I could throw my iPhone 5S at my boss lol).

  • Rodeojones000

    TouchWiz, multiple gigabytes worth of bloat, physical home button, Knox…

    Where’s the “Not even if it was free without contract” option?

  • Sqidward

    Just think of it as the galaxy 4s, Samsung’s just pulling a apple move, just slight bumps, LG on the other hand is going in the right direction they will take over Motorolas spot,
    Crossing fingers htc puts something amazing or bust. I think LGs new phone set the bar high.

  • Christopher Moore

    Even if this was free on contract its not worth replacing over my Note 3. I wouldn’t even do a even swap.

  • Tyler

    This poll needs an Im not in the market for a new phone button

  • Chris

    It should be called S4s

  • Joey Sandoval

    F*** you samsung

  • Raven

    It is too big for my interests. Perhaps I might be interested in something like an S5 Mini if they don’t gimp the processor for a change.

  • Joey Sandoval

    Judging from the poll

  • hughjaas

    SAMEsung (that would be a no from me. nothing compelling)

  • Phssthpok

    Lack of OIS means a no, I’ll stick with my LG. I’m sure it’s a great phone, and water resistant is awesome, but it doesn’t offer enough to change,

  • Trysta

    Wasn’t really in the market for a new phone but imagining that i was…


    Specs are fine. Touchwiz is meh. But the external design is (to me) a big turn off.

    I actually thought the Galaxy S4, while unimaginative, had a pretty nice design. It was basically all screen and very minimalist. The Galaxy S5 looks worse and almost like a rough draft of a design that still needs a few more months to bake. And as someone who doesn’t like cases the external design is important to me. It is also WAY too big for a mainstream phone. Seriously go to phonearena and use their size compare. The nexus 5 (which is bordering on too big but I still love it anyway) is completely dwarfed by this phone. The Lg G2 which has a larger screen isn’t as big…

  • Simon Belmont

    Wow. 75% saying no to the SGS5.

    Swing and a miss for the Android enthusiast crowd, Samsung. But, don’t worry, you’ll still sell millions to the casual users.

  • Jason Kahn

    Another blog is confirming the pre carrier bloatware S5 rom is eating 8GB of storage. I’m sure the carrier version will be pushing 10GB. Given US carrier history fingers crossed they will offer the 32GB option Or at least not a single carrier exclusive. With games getting bigger and most not able to be installed to SD cards 6GB usable storage is not enough

    • roberthenderson

      that is strange, I thought KitKat was supposed to be more space efficient. Does that mean that Samsung themselves managed to put a lot more bloat into what they were doing? I have a notary so I wouldn’t swap out for this new phone. But I can imagine that there will be a lot of enthusiasts who end up rooting the phone and then zapping a whole lot of that bloat.excuse any grammatical or spelling errors as I am dictating this by voice on the fly

      • Jason Kahn

        from android central, 7.86 remember that’s pre carrier bloatware

  • Ahku Droid

    It’s just too big, I hate the cartoony TouchWizTouchWiz (even reduced), and Samsung was never known for having strong radios (signal strength is important in my hilly area).

  • Zaint

    I’m really happy with my LG G2 even waiting for kitkat update. Prefer waiting for G3 ,comparing with this same same sung.

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    I have a Nexus 5. Samsung didn’t give me a reason to upgrade.

    • Ron H

      The Nexus 5 just came out 4 months ago with high end specs. Why would you even be looking for a new phone? Samsung has higher specs, and a better camera…I honestly don’t get what people are looking for out of sammy.

      • Patrick Smithopolis

        I like phones in general. I get a new one every six months or so.

  • fillyo75

    I have an S4, while I think many of the features are an upgrade, I can’t deal with Knox and not being able to flash custom ROMs. It will be locked down like a mutha. Looking at HTC One (2014)

  • FAL_Fan

    I have the Note 2 and Note 3 so I’ll be waiting for the Note 4 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • jak_341

    Once you go Note, you don’t go back.

  • spudskier

    Upgrade is in October, curious what Moto has up their sleeve for September and possibly HTC (but I doubt HTC)

  • me

    Yeah everyone bashing the s5 on here or claiming they wont get it but the sales will probably be thru the roof. Just like those yahoo or CNN articles about fast food. Most commentors rip on it calling it garbage and saying they dont touch it… but lo and behold mickey D’s, Carl’s et Al ate making money hand over fist

  • Erik Grudzien

    No. No more Samsung products for me. After my experience with AT&T S4, never again. Likewise, how the block users from being able to downgrade to old firmwares and general rule of making it hard CyanogenMod and other 3rd party AOSP roms to run on it did it in. Likewise, the camera was garbage. My Nexus 5 8MP camera blows my old S4’s 13MP camera out of the water. (Hell even my iPhone 4S took better photos than the S4). Likewise, my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0″ isn’t even 2 years old and they already abandoned the device. Thankfully I can run AOSP based 4.4.2 roms on it. Only Nexus phones from now on.

  • hoosiercub88

    I like it honestly.. The Gold and Blue are nice colors. I love my Moto X and the only thing it leaves me wishing for is just a little more. I don’t know if that makes sense but it is. I’ve considered picking up another phone this year just to swap between, something different, likely not even Android. We’ll see.

  • It’s not even worth voting on with all this Samsung bashing party going on non-stop on DL, oh well, one day you’ll figure it out

    • Ron H

      I know, it’s crazy. The rumors built up this phone with things like a 4k display..yadda yadda yadda. People expected the rumors to be true, and when they weren’t everyone started QQing all over the forums. I am still rocking my Galaxy Nexus, and this looks like a damn good upgrade for me. If your rocking a S4..yeah..you probably shouldn’t upgrade. But for everyone else, this is a solid device with solid specs.

      • Sean Bello

        dude, a Nexus 4 would be a massive upgrade for you. let it go.

      • Christopher

        Same here. Just trying to figure out what my best upgrade option is, since anything I get will be a massive jump.

      • roberthenderson

        I’m really starting to wonder if crapple and HTC have told their employees to troll these websites.

  • Thomas

    No reason to leave my Note 3 for this. Bring on the Note 4 rumors.

  • Quint

    I said no because I just bought a Note 3 and I am more than pleased with it,

  • JasonWhite

    G3 please.

  • Cael

    The outside is too ugly for me…
    The inside doesn’t really catch my attention…

  • Preach2k

    This phone is more like a Galaxy 4S!!! There is not much of an improvement then the GS4.It is just a bump up. Nothing to get excited about.

    • Ron H

      What exactly were you expecting to be different? Phones have been updating this way for the past few years, it’s basically an industry norm. Same thing will happen if there is a MotoX2, a G3, or any other phone for that matter.

      • Preach2k

        What I am saying is to those that have the Galaxy S4. They do not have to buy this phone because there is not much of a difference. I was looking at this for my wife but she wasn’t impressed. She is thinking of the Moto X instead.

        • Ron H

          Moto X has a duo-core processor, and a crappy camera. If she wasn’t impressed with the S5, then she is going to be depressed with a Moto X.

          • Preach2k

            I have the Galaxy Note 3 and I love it. She likes my phone but she says that it is way to big for her. I was talking to her about the Nexus5 or G2 from LG. She wants to look at them again.

        • Sean Bello

          Most of the people that have a GS4 can’t upgrade right now. Samsung is aiming it at GS3 and iPhone 4s users more than anything. you don’t make a phone for people that more than likely can’t buy it based on how the industry worked up until very recently.

          • Preach2k

            I agree with you. Myself and people that I work with and friends buy a new phones every year and sell the old one on eBay or Craig’s list. I bought my GNote3 outright and I love it. The only phone that will make me get rid of it is a GNote4 that is if it is worth it spec wise.

  • EC8CH

    Of coarse I’m not buying a Galaxy S4s… I just bought an Ebony Moto X.

  • Anthony F

    Since my S3 is alive and well I have no reason to upgrade. I haven’t been actively following new hardware as closely as new software especially since buying a nexus 7, but LG and Motorola are definitely catching my attention more then the samsung lines these days.

  • Curtis

    Ouch… sorry Samsung.

  • Jรฉrรดme Besnard

    No thanks. I currently have a N4 with ST ($50 per month) and I will be switching to a moto X with Republic Wireless ($25 per month).

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    No, simply because I’m waiting for the Note 4. Downsizing to an S phone after using my Note 2 for over a year would feel weird. Note phones are usually more powerful and have more unique features anyway. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • PizzleWizzle

    Im coming from S3 so i probably will upgrade to the S5. I can see how if i had an S4 i would be disappointed in the unveiling as I was disappointed in the S4 when i had the S3. Things I look forward most in phones are the Camera and expandable memory. this phone is dust/water resistant,will be able to hold the 128gb microSD cards, and has an amazing camera. I will see that HTC has in store for me in a month and make a better decision, but if they don’t have an amazing camera and arent at least IP67 rated I’ll pass. Dont know why everyone is so butthurt about the 2GB RAM… I understand Note3 and other phones already have 3GB but is it really even necessary? My S3 only has like 1.25GB RAM and still runs fine.

  • Tim Aries

    Sorry to say, but I feel bad for Samesung fanboy this year.

  • Snowbo13

    lg g3 with onscreen buttons I am waiting for you!

  • pd240

    I will wait for the DL staff recommendation and first impressions but so far this looks like a solid upgrade from the G2. Looking forward to reviews on the camera.

  • Jeremy Gross

    i have higher hopes for the htc m8

  • Intellectua1

    I have an upgrade in March, right now I have the S4 I passed on the Note 3 because of Knox (AT&T version) for me it’s either this or the Note 3. Even though I was looking at possibly the G2 Pro I’m just not comfortable getting any other brands so I’m just going to stick with what I know.. Right along with the 128GB micro sd SanDisk just came out with I’ll be fine..

  • Mike

    Sony Z2 if it comes to US in March otherwise Nexus 5. If LG G3 would hurry up and come out I would really consider it as well.

  • The physical home button is finally throwing me off. Time for Samsung to get with onscreen controls.

  • crazed_z06

    Already have the Note 3… If I were in the market for a new phone, it’d be at the top of the list though.

  • Ben Rollier

    Still deciding. I need to see the camera in action.

    • Daniel Walsh

      Deciding. It should be a no

      • Ron H

        Why should it be a no? It has a great camera on a solid device.

    • Brandon Nicholson


  • Dominick White

    I am holding out and waiting to see what Note 4/LG 3/ and the next Nexus bring to the table

  • Ronaldo

    If I were in a position to upgrade from my S4 I’d consider it, and then I’d get a Note 3. So far the S5 looks to be a bit of a let down.