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Tuesday Poll: Are You Buying the Galaxy S5?

galaxy s5

Because we have asked this question for every other major flagship phone over the last couple of years, it’s time once again that we ask if you are going to buy Samsung’s new beast on the block.

The Galaxy S5 seems like it has every thing one could ask for in a current high-end phone (great camera, big beautiful display, revamped UX and next-gen processor), though maybe there wasn’t enough change from year-to-year to create the same kind of buzz we had last year. Or maybe because Radio City Music Hall and Times Square weren’t involved, this year’s launch seems almost somewhat tame.

Either way, let’s find out – are you buying the Galaxy S5?

Are you buying the Galaxy S5?

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  • Robert Castles

    I’ll be monitoring aosp/cm progress. If drivers present a problem I won’t be getting it.

    I want the g2 screen,with Samsung camera, buttons the side, sd card, and removable battery, cyanogenmod.

    Is anybody listening?

  • Alex

    I may not have the same opinion of this phone as most of the DL community, but I will buy my first Samsung phone when this is released on Big Red. I have always stuck with Motorola phones and now I will jump ship and retire my droid X.

  • Derek v

    Prefer my note 3 so no.

  • RaptorOO7

    Since I am not happy with my current phone and I plan to switch carriers and move to AT&T I am weighing the GS4 vs GS5, I just don’t know IF its worth it. Wait 6 weeks and the GS5 is (likely) the same price as the GS4 today. Don’t need to change carriers today, I can do it in 6 weeks but the question is if you could buy either one which is really worth it?

    Fortunately HTC has an announcement in a month and LG could release something though not likely.

  • Blue Sun

    All I gotta say is no to TW, Samsung Bloat Apps & Knox.

    • roberthenderson

      Root – freeze what you don’t like – change your Launcher/icons/widgets – Done

      {that is the beauty of Android, flexibility and choice. Unlike the other tards who are just getting a second keyboardist to try now}

  • Chuggowitz

    I’ve been against the galaxy products since the s3 due to the crummy looking (and feeling) build quality, but this is just on another level. They used the word “glam” to describe it in the press conference, however tacky would be more apt. Samsung’s answer to other manufacturers having better build quality? Make their plastic backs look like they have better quality. And that horrendous camera bulge isn’t doing it any favours. At a cost which is the same on contract as an iPhone 5s, HTC one or experia z phone, I still can’t fathom how they can justify using such garbage materials. It’s the equivalent of Mercedes and BMW using leather in their cars and Audi deciding “nah, pleather is good enough”.

  • Daniel

    Samsung has to stop making their phones LARGER with every generation and also needs to drop the physical buttons for standard-on-screen ones…oh, and drop TouchWiz all together and give us stock Android and then maybe I’d pay them any mind.

  • I’m really trying to like the S5 but I’m just not able to. I used to own an S3 and I loved it, now I own a Moto X and only a few phones have managed to impress me. Please get rid of TouchWiz, Samsung! I’m curious to see if there’s a Google Edition for the S5, what it’d look like.

  • mberk

    I’m still rockin’ the Galaxy Nexus. I will either buy the Galaxy S5 or the new HTC when that comes out. Since I’ll be throwing a case on my new phone, I don’t really care what the outside of the phone is made of. I’m more concerned with the internal components.

    • roberthenderson

      I am seriously amazed how many tards are talking about build materials. Either you’re very rich or not very smart if you don’t have a case on your phone. And anyone who has spent a couple of minutes searching on eBay for replacement backs for a samsung galaxy phone, will see that there are dozens of different choices of styles, materials and colors.

  • Tim242


    • Chris M

      Did you vote 500 times? lol

    • Silver Veloz

      I purchased the Moto X through Motomaker when Verizon “finally” had it available. I was one of those lucky ones that got the glitch, where I was able to keep unlimited data. When my contract is up, I will decide which direction to go. Samsung or ???. By the way, Tim, I do love reading your posts. These people on here get all worked up. It’s hilarious.

      • Tim242

        I got through on that glitch as well and got the Note 3. I ended up returning it and keeping my S4 though. I would try something else, if there was a viable option for my tastes. I was going to look at Moto’s next offering, but not so sure now. I won’t buy LG on principle, because they use poisonous lead in their cords. I also could not handle buttons on the back. If not for the buttons, I might would just use a different cord. HTC killed it for me on the One by reducing the screen size and having too much bezel, plus lying about a Verizon release and then releasing it 6 months late. Sigh haha

        • Silver Veloz

          I’m curious about Moto’s next offering also. I have plenty of time to see what happens. I’ll, of course, read reviews and read daily updates here on Droid Life. I do watch the Droid Life shows also (Tim-o-Tato).

  • Joshua Seeley

    no way…happy with my X for now… waiting to see what moto-leno have to offer later this year!

  • indiecognition


  • TheBlazingCaucasion

    LOL! Please… An overwhelming 75% of phone users do not want the newest technology available on the market? A fingerprint scanner, a much improved camera, Full HD screen, faster WiFi, and security to add to an already amazing phone?

    This poll parades like HTC’s jealous advertisement that should have been pocketed and grieved over in the wee hours of the night alone. That’s the real remorse, because I suggest this poll is filled with nothing but a bunch of people who are busier trying to sabotage an innovation that is potentially better than their own — instead of spending time perfecting and creating a better model themselves. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

    • Chris M

      innovation? where?

    • Justin Rogers

      I currently have the Note 3.. I have previously owned the S3, Note 2 and S4 but I will not be buying the S5.. sorry the phone is just ugly and there is really no compelling reason for me to sell my Note 3 for this device. I don’t care about fingerprint scanning and faster WiFi and I already have a full HD display. The only feature that even somewhat catches my eye is the camera…

      There you have it… I said no and I am def not some HTC fanboy (owned the HTC on and hated it)

    • HarvesterX

      I think it’s filled with people who have no reason to buy this over their G2s, Note 3s, or as some will say their Moto Xs (lol we all know how I feel about the X, but I know many of you think it’s the second coming of Christ, so..I tossed it in).

      The S5 has nothing to entice us away especially those of us grandfathered in and who spent full retail on one of those I listed. The S5 sounds like a good phone to get if switching from something else, and can’t wait for LG’s next offering or Motorola’s. “I break this bread, and this half represents the body of Samsung, this half the marketing”

    • BrandonWhite116

      Its too bad Disqus doesn’t show the down vote count anymore… up vote on my comment is a down vote for “TheBlazingCaucasion’s” comment above.

      • Intellectua1

        Yea it kinda makes voting irrelevant now..

    • TheBlazingCaucasion

      Is it because people have simply grown immune to excitement for new features unless it something so wildly out of mind, that they refuse to acknowledge features that are still new? This might explain why Chris believes fingerprint scanning is not innovation or simply doesn’t understand the definition of the word.

      Fair enough to those who have phones they feel are comparable and not worth an upgrade. I acknowledge if I had an S4 or a note I might feel the same. But, at the moment the S3 has me feeling leaps behind. My initial comment was sparked at the suggestive nature that only 8% of us would want to experience a phone that has features no other phone has — even if it simply faster WiFi. I could argue that faster WiFi, at one point, could have been enough to get people running toward the phone. Perhaps, it’s just not that exciting anymore in the ever faster changing world of expectations for cell phones.

      Maybe when the S6 is capable of dressing me in the morning, all the while shaving my face and cooking me breakfast, then the 75% may find passion to want a new phone.

      • BrandonWhite116

        You are way off. Finger print scanning is not innovation, iPhone had it a year ago, my dell had it 4 years ago, this is not something new, and it is not something I would ever use.

  • Droid Ronin

    These polls definitely do not tell the story of our purchase decisions in the next few months. Back when the Moto X was announced, 75% of us said we wouldn’t buy it, yet now it is one of our favorite phones.

    • flosserelli

      This poll is also skewed toward a small subset of the market. The average Joe has no idea why one android phone is any better or worse than the next one. All he knows is what his friends & coworkers have, and what he sees on TV. The S5 may not be the ├╝ber-phone that everyone expected, but Samsung will still sell millions of them.

  • paul_cus

    I don’t buy Samsung phones. Their screens are nice, though.

  • Jeremy Gross

    i think i will be alot more impressed in htc m8

    • roberthenderson

      I would have been very interested to were it not for those giant enormous bezels and my hate of space wasting on screen buttons.

  • needa

    looks like the same bloat and cheap plastic. so no.