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Motorola Confirms New Moto X Coming Late Summer, Smartwatch This Year Too

moto x wood

During a Q&A with a panel of Motorola executives at Mobile World Congress, Motorola executives confirmed that a new Moto X will arrive “late” summer 2014 and that they are working on a new smartwatch that will arrive this year. 

The panel features Rich Osterloh, Steve Horowitz, and Mark Randall, and was scheduled to be nothing more than a quick update on the state of Motorola following news that Lenovo would attempt to acquire them. Turns out, they were ready to share plans.

The Moto X was thought very highly of around these parts because of its focus on adding meaningful features to stock Android. If they can continue that idea with a new Moto X, but bump-up a couple of the specs to 2014 standards, it could once again be the phone we can’t stop talking about.

Motorola’s previous smartwatch attempt, on the hand, was not exactly a success. Known as the MotoActv, the watch wanted to be the ultimate fitness tracker, but unfortunately never caught on or received support once Google bought Motorola.

We aren’t sure how they’ll attack the smartwatch industry again, but I’d imagine it’ll be much like how they approached the Moto X. In today’s Q&A session, Rick Osterloh said specifically, “We are working on a watch that will be available this year. We aim to address consumer issues like style & battery life.”

Those are the only details we know about each product at this time, but it’s exactly the type of news that Motorola fans want to hear.

Also, during the interview, Motorola confirmed that MotoMaker will launch in the UK, Germany and Mexico in Q2.


Via:  @Motorola [2]
  • Devika Kapoor
  • Jeff

    If they keep the screen size and form factor, I am interested.

  • Jérôme Besnard

    Can’t wait for moto X2 on Republic Wireless.

  • guest

    Motorola – a Chinese company

    • SmokeNMirrors

      Anheuser-Busch (eg Budweiser) – a Belgian company
      Makers Mark – a Japanese company
      7-Eleven – a Japanese company

      so what?

  • NexusMan

    I’m looking forward to both.

  • AbbyZFresh

    The X2 is probably a good way for Motorola to prove to Lenovo that their path of fast updates, stock android, and customization is much better in the long run. If the X2 is successful, Lenovo will have no choice to give Motorola more say in how their future phones will be made if they want to sell.

  • Dylan

    Wish they would have added wireless audio syncing to the Actv.

  • kali bred

    This sucks I knew it would happen but my phone crashed so I was forced to get a new one rather a phone then no phone

  • chris125

    Improve the camera! Only real complaint I had with the x

  • Ravi Rao

    I can’t wait for my bamboo watch!

    • NexusMan


  • EFF-A_X

    I just read an article online that claimed Rick Osterloh said the Moto G has been Motorola’s most successful and highest selling phone ever. Not the X, but the G. Bwahahahaha! Even the G is doing better than the “Nobody IRL Wants Me X”!

    Why make another version of a phone that belly flopped commercially? Guess Moto loves losing that money!

    • M3D1T8R

      How does ignorance feel?

      • EFF-A_X

        Probably the same way being a blind fanboy feels!

        • M3D1T8R

          You are clearly ignorant about basic facts of the global cell phone market. So do us all a favor and stop making posts about it. Maybe instead you can write about what it feels like to be a “blind fanboy”, since you seem to know all about that. I’m unfamiliar, please enlighten.

          • EFF-A_X

            Or better yet you could meditate on deez!

            “It” “feels” “cool” “to” “put” “quotes” “around “words” “like” “the” “senseless” “stench” “trench” “M3D1H8TR”. “I” “feel” “so” “enlightened” “now”!!!!

          • EFF-A_X

            Or better yet you can meditate on deez!

            “it” “feels” “so” “cool” “to” “type” “with” “quotes” “around” “words” “like” “the” “stench” “trench” “M3D1H8TR”! “I” “am” “so” “enlightened” “now”!

          • M3D1T8R

            I’m not sure that you understand how quotations work. Have they not taught you that yet by the 8th grade? If you make it to high school you might also learn that putting unnecessary exclamation points at the end of every one of your postsposts/sentences does not add to the quality of your writing, though it does make you look like an insecure child. Which I’m starting to think may be your goal here.
            (Above quote is a free lesson. Careful, that one uses irony as well, so you might have to look that up.)

          • EFF-A_X


          • EFF-A_X

            I’m sorry you’re feeling like sucha p*ssy M3D1H8TR! Hope you feel better!

    • NexusMan

      You realize the G is a global phone, right. (Not only bands, but availability). And you realize the G is a budget phone, right?

      • EFF-A_X

        I would call the Moto X a budget phone too lol! I mean it really doesn’t cost sh!t and is ind of low-end in a lot of people’s eyes. Only DL readers hold it in such high regard. I don’t think have ever seen ANYONE IRL with one bwahahaha!

        As far as global availability is concerned, if the G is more available and has more bands, well then that just makes the X look even more pathetic in my eyes. What a shame that such a budget phone has more bands and is more globally available than the so-called Phone of the Year!

  • Pete Labozetta

    Per Sarge?

    • needa

      lol. yes, per sarge.

      what ever happened to those other phones that were supposed to hit last year. or better yet… what rock is bionic hiding under nowadays?

      • coh303

        I miss Bionic 🙁 he always had those dirty deets (per sarge)

  • Sean Walton

    Canada wants MotoMaker!!!!!!!

  • Justin Bontrager

    I actually hope the screen stays the same size. I just ditched my S4 for a Moto X. I thought I would love the 5in screen on the S4 and it was nice but it didn’t fit in my hand and I would accidentally rub the back button with the palm of my hand. It was really annoying. Now that I have the Moto X I never want to touch the S4 again.

    • chalker

      I done the same exact thing

    • M3D1T8R

      Yeah, for me the sweet spot would be the same great Moto X design but just a slightly larger screen, like 4.8 or 4.9″. 5″ starts to push the limits of comfort in hand. With very slim side bezels and a nice curved back like the moto x, it could be doable. But 4.9″ and 1080p would be perfect. Improve the camera, up the battery to 3Ah, put the speakerspeaker(s) on the front with great sound quality, headphone jack on the bottom,a decent processor upgrade, along with 3GB ram which should be standard by the time the new X comes out, and lastly give me a Motomaker upgrade option for 64 or 128GB, keep the near stock android with the proper buttons, and I’m sold. Incidentally this is the same want list I’ve had for years now. Hoping the new HTC One comes close to this. If not, I’ll stick with my DNA as I have thus far and await the new Moto X. The new Galaxy S4S or whatever they’re calling it looks like a total disaster on all of these counts besides storage, so it’s a nonstarter.

      • lazlo

        Interesting ideas but turning the Moto X into a Samsung-like spec monster sort of defeats its original purpose. Along with its ergonomic design, the beauty of the Moto is its simplicity and functionality. As some others have mentioned, Motorola need only sort out the mediocre camera. However, I think you’re suggestions are well suited for the Droid line. That is, keep the Moto X simple and functional ala iPhone. But use the Droid line for some spec heavy kick-butt ala Samsung.

  • hldc1

    I was excited about the next Moto X (key word there: was), right up until the point it was announced that Google was selling Motorola to Lenovo.

    • Brandon

      If it’s coming out in June it will still be made by Google-owned Motorola. Remember how long it took Motorola to get rid of their old stock when Google bought them?

    • needa

      what is the dif between china and korea? if it is the best phone out there, then it is the best phone out there. does anything else really matter?

  • Maxim∑


  • Richard Giordano

    Come on Moto what bout Some DROID love and confirmations for once! Ive been loving my 2013 DROID Maxx ever since I upgraded from the DROID Bionic the week the phone was released. Cant wait to see how Verizon and Motorola come out with another leading industry smartphone (hint 2014 DROID Line). Cant wait!!!! Like the day the new DROID comes out I will buy it off contract no matter the price because remember ITS NOT A TOY ITS A DROID.