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AT&T Offering Free Unlimited International Messaging for Existing MobileShare Plans Starting February 28 (Updated)

Attempting to gain back a bit of momentum that T-Mobile continues to steal away, AT&T announced from MWC this week that the company will now offer unlimited messaging to land and mobile lines free of charge starting at the end of this week. Previously, AT&T charged customers $10 a month for international messaging. AT&T also announced that they are reducing the price of international calls to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean to 1-cent-a-minute in a plan that costs $5 a month. 

T-Mobile also announced very similar plans for their customers, all the way back in October. Although, AT&T claims their plans are better, since customers can call landlines as well, not just mobile.

AT&T’s very own Ralph De La Vega spoke on the announcement.

We are always looking for ways to keep our customers happy. The offer we have is better than T-Mobile’s, because on ours it isn’t just landlines, it includes mobile as well.

We feel as if Ralph should be a bit more transparent, since it’s not only wireless customers they are trying to please. According to Bloomberg, AT&T stock have fallen 9% over the past year, while T-Mobile’s has grown a whopping 62% thanks to a switch to no-contract plans, quicker phone upgrades, and payment financing.

Over the past three quarters, T-Mobile has signed up a new 2.1 million monthly customers, while AT&T announced that in Q4 of 2013, they signed up 566K, which is quite the slow down when compared to the previous year’s 780K of new subs.

For the consumer, it’s great when you have two giants going after one another. Prices go down, customer services goes up, and we the consumer benefits. Hooray.

Update: T-Mobile reached out to make sure folks know of their newest announcement, the ability to call landlines and mobile lines, just like AT&T.

For example, until now, customers have had to know whether they were dialing a landline or a mobile number when calling from the US. I know this has caused some frustration over some unexpected fees. That’s not good. That’s not Un-carrier.

To fix that, I’m proud to officially announce that we’re expanding Stateside International Talk & Text, so customers can simply dial family, friends and colleagues in over 30 countries – and be completely confident that there will be NO extra charges when using this feature.

Good on you, T-Mo.

Via: Bloomberg | AT&T
  • jimt

    Thank you T-Mobile, I think

  • Willie D

    AT&T offers free unlimited international texts and $5 feature to call any mobile and landline is a better deal than $7 unlimited international text or $10 unlimited international text and landline or $15 unlimited international text and landline/mobile. Provided you call less than $15 at $0.01 per minute worth gets you. However it remains a better deal overall because TMobile had not included international texts into its plans at no cost like AT&T has…that fee is still $7 per month. So as a TMobile fan, I hope they see AT&T making a major competitive move to add-ons and in this sense, copies them.

    • Zack Kolev

      This still seems like a step behind T-mobile, which gives you free texting, free 2G/3G data (can be used for all kinds of multimedia messaging as well as skype/Hangouts voice calls and much more) and cheap 20 cent calls. I travelled all over Europe with my T-Mobile phone and it was such a lifesaver. My friend with an AT&T was confined to free WiFi hotspots and paying $30 for 120MB, and refrained from calls and texts. Meanwhile I used about 750MB of roaming data in 10 days. I am very happy with T-Mobile’s international roaming plan. This AT&T features just gives you free texting but you’d still pay an arm and a leg for data which is way more useful while traveling. My phone was open to Google Maps most of the time, with a little bit of email, visiting airline/airport websites and using public transit apps/sites too.

      • Intellectua1

        Now the real question is how good was that T-mobile coverage

        • mre

          Technically none. It is the roaming partners that provided coverage.

  • Mike

    Now if they could just offer the Sony Xperia Z2.

    • Tim242

      You like big bezels, and you cannot lie.

      • Mike

        Those front facing speakers have to go somewhere…

        • The Narrator

          Front facing speakers? Did I miss something?

  • bobbyp

    I have not had a land line in about 4 years but I had no clue you could message them now. Crazy stuff for sure.

    • veRdiKt

      IKR LOL.

    • Willie D

      You can’t. You can message landlines if you use Sprint which calls the landline phone and reads the text to them. They then can respond via voice message which Sprint customer calls into the number given for message and hears it, using minutes in the process. But no other carrier I know does this feature of Text To Landline.

      • bobbyp

        AT&T announced from MWC this week that the company will now offer unlimited messaging to land and mobile lines free of charge starting at the end of this week.

        Thanks for the clarification. I actually thought I was missing out on something new. I have not had sprint since 2002 but I think I remember being able to do that for a fee back then.