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Sprint Expands Spark and HD Voice to Salt Lake City and Jacksonville Customers

Sprint’s 4G LTE network may be notoriously slow, but the carrier is making inroads to improve the situation with its continued rollout of  Spark. Today, Sprint announced that Spark connectivity is now available in Salt Lake City and Jacksonville, Florida, and that HD Voice would accompany the deployment. The expansion broadens Sprint’s LTE reach to 382 markets, and is a sign the carrier is well on its way to achieving its coverage goal of 250 million people by mid-year.

Spark is a tri-band LTE solution that leverages several different wireless spectra to improve  speeds; Sprint says the technology can help capable devices reach a peak of 60Mbps. HD Voice is an unrelated but equally welcome improvement that enhances the quality of phone calls.

In order to take advantage of both Sprint Spark and HD Voice, you’ll need a compatible handset. Here’s a list:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega
  • LG G2
  • LG G Flex
  • HTC One max
  • Nexus 5
Via: Sprint
  • Kori Spencer

    I have the S4 which just got the android 4.4.2 push last night. I haven’t gotten the sprint update for spark yet. Has anyone received it on their s4 yet? My brother in-law got it on Sunday and he has the s4 mini. We live in southwest mi and my service tends to suck on the s4 compared to the my husband has. Does anyone else have this same or similar issue?

    • erikdigital

      Older Samsung Galaxy S4s are not Spark compatible. Sprint is re-releasing the S4 that is Spark compatible.

      • Kori Spencer

        Ok… Just to be clear though. The older s4 are not compatible but the mini is? I understand if that is the case since it is a new phone/version than the s4that came out last year. Not that big of a deal but if it helps my the better… Because the sprint service generally sucks on the s4.


    Im in Detroit and i have been following Sprint updates and rollout over the past year in our area and i must say i am very unimpressed. Although they have “launched” Detroit today they still need a lot of backhaul updates needed. The best im getting at my office (melvindale) and at home (detroit, telegraph & 96 area) is between 1 to 2 mbps down and maybe 3 mbps up. I have driven close to the towers im connecting to and i get the same results. However, where my gym is located in Livonia (7mile & middlebelt rd) i easily get 15-19 mbps down and further south at 6 mile i get 25mbps down. So i know there is potential. I will say even 2 mbps down is better than the 0.09 mbps speeds i was getting on 3g. I have a newer S4 that is spark capable. I also notice my phone stays connected to LTE alot rather than bouncing between it and 3g. But again the speeds dont match. Im still staying with Sprint and for the most part im satisfied in relation to what i pay for Sprint (which has actually dropped even lower since joining a Framily plan). I would to hear from other Detroiters what you are getting?

  • Nicholas Armondo Martinez

    Sprint says 4G LTE is launched for the Detroit market, which is a lie. If it is really launched here, then my grandmother is 15 years old, which again, is a lie. Sprint is rather good at being a bully, taking money and not giving what it says it provides. Supposedly, I’m in the best coverage area, but I’m still only getting minimal, to peak 3G speeds, where’s the 4G LTE Sprint? Wait, there is none. I have a Galaxy S4, which on Sprint, which will never be able to be taken full advantage of, because of how slow of a network Sprint has.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Sprints coverage here in Jacksonville is garbage. T-Mobile spanks them all day long in both coverage and speed. Hope this helps them but doubt it.

  • Tony G.

    nexus 5 is not yet compatible on spark. waiting for an update from google

    • yankeesusa

      You have to force an update or something. Theres a way to do it

      • Tony G.

        i think you can enable the necessary bands, not sure if it actually works. some reported having issues

        • Jack Keating

          you technically can force the bands if you have your MSL code, but it’ll reset once you power down your phone or you get an updated PRL/data profile. Update will hopefully be coming down the wire soon