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HTC Says Galaxy S5 Owners Will Have Buyer’s Remorse on March 25, Which Makes No Sense

htc buyers remorse

Leave it to HTC to take the first shot following Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy S5. Through their official Twitter account, HTC made the bold claim that Galaxy S5 owners will soon experience buyer’s remorse come March 25, when the new One is announced.

While we love the competitive nature and fighting spirit of HTC, they should at least get all of the facts straight before going after the competition. The Galaxy S5 doesn’t go on sale until April, so no one will own the device by March 25. In other words, they can’t possibly have buyer’s remorse.


Update:  Apparently, HTC sent their Tweet before Samsung announced a release date, not following the announcement as I suggested. Either way, the Tweet is wrong and and looks semi-ridiculous. See you on March 25, HTC!  

Via:  @HTC
  • Thac

    AT&T are offering them now.

  • Anthony Johnson

    How dare they think to challenge the leader in Smartphone
    world which recently launched their Galaxy S5 device? Just tell them to have
    full information before tweeting!

  • casualsuede

    Their lousy adverising with rdj and dancing trolls obviously didn’t work. Maybe free snarky pettiness will.

  • 15kramsmada15

    I think HTC was talking about people who pre-order the Galaxy S5 will have buyer’s remorse, and that they’ll regret that decision on March 25, because HTC is going to unveil the M8 on that day. At least HTC knows how to make good looking phones, right?

  • anonymous

    Don’t try to change what HTC trying to tell us Kay?

  • bucks

    Eehh… ever heard of pre-orders?

  • slainte

    Had the Incredible and Thunderbolt, as well as an old Omnia (Win phone) and an S3…so, some regret in my past. My LG G2 is the best of the bunch (I know, that is easy to say since it’s the newest). I did like my S3, but the radio’s were awful. Thunderbolt was an experiment for HTC, unfortunately I was their test rat.

  • paul cook

    It’s true all of us Samsung fans hate this s5 and are waiting for m8 to see what it has to offer

  • dk1golf

    I own an htc one and a moto x. I bought the moto x for the wife who had an iPhone 5. I bought it based on reviews here on droid-life and my bias towards Android. It took awhile – but, the moto x converted the wife. For me, I bought the htc one simply on pictures and the commensurate build reviews. The htc one, in my opinion is stellar, and I’m not sure why people seem to bash the company, or the device.

  • Trevor

    Kinda makes you feel a little bit bad for HTC.

  • chris125

    ah HTC, I guess if you can’t beat them, put your foot in your mouth trying to post a witty jab at the leader. And the s5 will still blow the new htc one out of the water in terms of sales.

    • Chris

      of course.

      Only way it wont is if by some mericle HTC steps up their marketing this year but we know they wont.

  • This tweet pretty much sums up HTC’s business and market position in general. Hapless and poorly timed.

  • M3D1T8R

    Looks at his DNA… Yep, still awesome.
    Looks at S5 abomination.
    Yes, HTC, can’t wait to see the new One.

  • RaptorOO7

    So they jumped the gun, no biggie and I suspect more than a few here have done the same thing. Still their Social media guru’s need to do a better job. Now if the HTC One 2014 has microSD and a bigger batter then I could be swayed.

  • droidbeat

    “One up” is just cool!

  • LionStone

    Update: Really? How can a tweeted statement be “wrong” and “ridiculous”?:
    “Buyers remorse:
    Coming soon to S5
    With the date ‘March 25’, detached from this statement, means you probably shouldn’t put them together, as you did in the article.

    It means: Don’t know when, but there’s a new phone coming soon called the S5, we have something better to announce on March 25. Reading anything more beyond that is taking it out of context.

    • Justen DeBowles

      nah…. This is clearly a blunder by HTC. No one will have buyers remorse on march 25th because buyers remorse implies that you have ownership of something and you now see something else that you want instead. on march 25th no one will have an S5. Preorders don’t count because you can just cancel them and get the HTC OneTWO, so there couldn’t be remorse. Together or apart… it doesn’t make sense. HTC dun goofed.

      • LionStone

        It’s only a blunder by those looking too far into it.

  • OF

    I really like droid-life but damn man, you guys have this thing out for HTC! Every article has some sort of quip or smart-ass remark towards them. What’s the deal? Let’s try not to be so biased.

  • fartbubbler

    hey, HTC, I got your Thunderbolt right here.

  • Alex Thomson

    Pre-order remorse? A seed planted by Samsung? What ever they meant I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table March 25th!