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Huawei Smartwatch Reportedly Pictured, Looks Unquestionably Dated

When analysts claimed 2014 would be the year of wearable technology, they weren’t kidding. The evident consumer demand for smartwatches and fitness bands has attracted an increasing number of companies hoping to cash in on the craze. Many, like Pebble and arguably Samsung (Galaxy Gear), have managed to craft stylish, functional, and desirable products. If the picture above is any indication, though, others haven’t been quite so successful. 

A Huawei executive posted these snapshots on the the Chinese social network Weibo yesterday. Assuming the watch is of a product and not a prototype, the company might want to go back to the drawing board; the protruding display ensconced by the massively thick band evokes something from the 1980s, or maybe Dick Tracey’s communicator. It may be unfair to judge products before they’re fully detailed, but the image does little to enthuse.


Reports claim that we could hear more about Huawei’s watch at Mobile World Congress, so stay tuned.

Via: Weibo | Engadget
  • Craig

    I wonder if @kylewiggers:disqus thinks the Samsung Gear Fit looks “unquestionably dated,” too.

  • Jonathan Williams

    Kinda looks like the Power Rangers: Time Force morpher.

  • Dt Bell

    It looks like a chew toy.

  • David Narada Brown


  • frhow

    Take my money now, I need this in my life!!! 🙂

  • youcrew

    Ik everyone will disagree with me, big there are some bigger people out there like myself who has yet to see any wearable tech piece actually fit our wrists. The jawbone up touches at the ends when its on my wrist and looks like a child colored a line on my skin with marker. The smart watch is a joke when it comes to fitting. I’m welcoming the oversize for mainstream devices with any functionality

  • Charlie R.

    This will more than likely never release in the U.S. Just like every other Huawei product.

    • michael arazan

      Probably so full of toxic chemicals in the build material it wouldn’t pass through the FCC

  • Blue Sun

    On another message board about a month ago there was a topic announcing that Huawei was working a smartwatch. No photos were available at the time. I said it then & I’ll say it again. “Huawei, give me the money that you earmarked for this project. Let me kick you in the balls & lets call it a day.”

  • AngryTurd

    Would look “better” in a wood finish.

  • geedee82

    It looks like hospital equipment

  • Cael

    Looks fitness related…

  • Kisuk3

    So where do you insert the AA batteries?

    • Curtis

      In the second picture the reflected light makes it look like the solar cell used on old calculators… maybe.

      • Kisuk3

        Which also regulates the screen brightness for the watch

        • Curtis

          Whatever it is… it better be fake.

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Actually, it takes 4 AAAs and a D. 😉

    • LiiIiikEaBau5

      You should keep batteries on your pocket, it works wireless!

  • Daistaar

    The return of the beeper…

  • Chris

    Are they in the same decade as us?

  • T4rd

    Looks like something I could put on my kids for GPS tracking. Sometimes they wonder off when I leave them outside for days at a time… damn kids. =p

  • chris_johns

    what is this “Huawei” you speak of….

    • geedee82

      Umm, our newest state?

  • Feed Jake

    So should we expect wearables to be the big thing at WMC? And should prices fall afterwards on preexisting devices? Looking at the Fitbit line, but can’t allow myself to spend that much on a counting bracelet.

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Yes and yes, I think. You have to keep in mind that companies may announce devices without firm release dates, though.

  • The Narrator
    • Chris

      Please learn to stay on topic. Thank you.

      • The Narrator

        This is on topic, you idiot. Go troll elsewhere.

      • Kevin

        Why don’t you just go f*ck yourself?

  • WCM3

    i dunno. Just sorta reminds me of Mega Man..

    • chris_johns

      yeah but megaman was cool

  • George264

    the design is chunky and retro, and probably no good for functionality since the display is so small but i like the look. just me?

  • hahahaha

  • panicswhenubered

    um, are they serious? hahaha

  • gambit07

    Maybe they did that to fit as big a battery as possible. It does look ugly, but they could be going for longevity.

    • Ryan N

      I don’t see anybody keeping this on their wrist long enough for the battery to deplete. Ha

  • Micca Koster

    Doesn’t look like it will be feature packed