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Cast Extension for Chrome Gets a Public Beta, Test Out New Features Before Their Stable Release

While Chromecast is great for casting YouTube and Netflix to your television, some forget it’s also a very capable mirroring device; any PC user running the Cast extension for Chrome can beam their screen to the streaming stick.

Unfortunately for a few folks, that functionality hasn’t quite been up to par. Thankfully, that might soon change with Google’s announcement of a public Cast beta. 

Intended to help the Google team test new features before updating the stable channel, the Cast beta is available for download here.

The new features in this first release are pretty focused on developers, and it’s more consumer-oriented enhancements, such as performance enhancements for mirroring, will see a beta release later.

Via: +Shawn Shen
  • Phil Miller

    The Android music app, Mono, is now available with Chromecast support. YouTube, SoundCloud, local audio files and artist images can currently be cast. http://mono-cloud.appspot.com

  • JRomeo

    Does anybody know how I can cast my Google+ Auto Backup photos/vidz to Chromecast?

  • Disqus_n00b

    Until it’s as smooth as attaching the laptop via VGA, this isn’t really worth doing.

  • John

    Kyle wrote this article, so you know it was useless.

  • B A

    I just want to be able to cast Livestream.com videos to my TV properly withough hooking a PC up to it…

  • Inquizitor

    This isn’t newsworthy, the extension has been in public beta since the Chromecast was first released this past summer. The headline should read, “Google Cast extension gets minor, developer-focused update”.

    • Princesation

      Technically, the Google Cast is separate from Google Cast Beta. I just checked since I already had Google Cast installed.

      • Inquizitor

        At launch, it was a beta product. At the very least the title seriously misleading, making this sound like a new release of a product.

  • James

    Great news! I use my chromecast daily, i welcome enhancements!!

    • sc0rch3d

      just for the sake of netflix, this was probably the best device investment i’ve made in a long time

  • WAldenIV

    I cast EPL matches on the weekend, so I’m looking forward to improvements.