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Android 4.4 and Sense 5.5 Update Approved for HTC One on AT&T and T-Mobile, OTAs Rolling Out Shortly

HTC might have missed the 90 day mark they set for themselves back in October of 2013, but the One update to Kit Kat and Sense 5.5 has received technical approval from both AT&T and T-Mobile. According to HTC, the OTA updates should begin rolling out shortly to all users, so be on the lookout. 

Much like the update that took place for the Verizon variant of the One, this is indeed Android 4.4.2, the newest version of Android currently available. Included with Android 4.4.2 is the newest version of Sense (5.5), new BlinkFeed, a redesigned gallery application, improved Highlights management, simplified lock screen widget setup, do not disturb mode, and camera low light enhancements.

It’s a nice little update, so all of you One owners better be happy today.

Via: @Moversi [2]
  • Ray

    Updated my T-Mobile HTC one a few days ago to 4.4 and now my T9 texting forces a double space which can be a problem when entering passwords and it no longer automatically adds made up words to my dictionary. I wish I didn’t update my phone 🙁

  • Arbee

    Loving the upgrade. Nice have the phone keyboard back. Does anyone know what the new symbol that looks like an ”N” means?

    • Michael

      I think its Near Face Contact like on Samsung

  • summit21

    Downloading now on ATT large file 620MB

  • Abhishek Sharma

    Waiting for the update in India 🙁

  • guest

    I just got the update on my AT&T phone in VA

    • shin

      Sir kindly help me? Why my HTC one still don’t have any updates is the time and location affects the update? I’m from Philippines. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    No AT&T Update.. What Gives?!

  • AndroidGeek

    Im mainly excited about the notification bar and the “Ok Google”. Waiting for AT&T!!!

    • bobby

      The update before kitkat has Google now with the “ok Google” command.

      • josh

        Still don’t have any update for my HTC one, I’m from the philippines is there any chance that the update also varies according to time? Or location? Help please.

  • Niko

    it’s here, T-Mobile HTC One 4.4.2 update rolled out a couple of hours ago in Romania, Europe

  • Amir

    Hey guys… How is the 4.4????is it good???does it have any changes on phone???who has updated???

  • Anthony Johnson

    I like the improved Highlight management features as recently
    finished with updating my HTC one. Its look like I have a new Smartphone in my hand.

  • Nikki

    I hav the galaxy s3 . Will I also get the 4.4? If so, when will it update?

  • sirol

    updating as we font

  • bay pine

    Finally downloaded and complete on T-Mobile.

  • jimmyhoffa007

    My camera won’t load now

  • mcdonsco

    Quick question for anyone that knows…I’ve got an lg g2 on Verizon rooted, running the alternate version of mobile hotspot (the one that doesn’t check for provisioning) and g2 xposed.

    Will an ota to KitKat, once it hits, kill these? Will I not even get an ota because of the alternate apk?

    Figuring once it does hit I should wait for regaining of root, if lost, before updating.

  • Zachary Cox

    Downloading kit Kat now T-Mobile

  • Chris

    They missed the deadline but its better to miss it and fix any problems then to rush it out and have the problems be widespread.

    • chrissss

      They never missed the deadline. They gave it to the carriers in time. Blame the carriers for the delay, not HTC.

  • Charles Walker

    Still can’t get 4.4 on the Verizon HTC One which has been available for a while. Every time I force updates, it says there aren’t any!

    • Chris

      Verizon is looking for a way to install more bloadware and have a Verizon logo jump out of the screen and take a stab at the bottom of the phone. Hell even the back.

      • dejackamo

        i got mine weeks ago? try a restart?

  • Michael Shorey

    was starting to wonder if it was really going to happen.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Kind of missing my HTC ONe right now… I like updates.

  • JohnBergman

    This is the update I have been waiting on for a while.. 4.3 wasn’t that big of a deal, but 4.4 will be great. Particularly looking forward to getting Google Wallet to work.

  • The Narrator

    HTC pulling through. Good to know they’re serious about rolling out updates.

    • Michael Shorey

      HTC pulled through. did you miss the part about it needing to be approved by the carriers?

      • gambit07

        “has received technical approval from both AT&T and T-Mobile.” I don’t think he missed anything.

        • Michael Shorey

          his statement starts off with “HTC” ergo putting sole responsibility on the manufacturer. however, htc came through a while ago and it has been the carriers holding back the update.

          • gambit07

            Ahh I see, my mistake!

      • The Narrator

        I said that because people still blame HTC. Obviously i know that carrier’s need to approve. Aka Verizon. Nothing missed here.

  • Radgatt

    Glad more people are getting on kit Kat

  • paul_cus

    Finally, AT&T.

  • Amanda Nelson

    About freaking time… I’ve been patiently waiting for this update.