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LG G2 Mini to Reportedly Launch Overseas in March, Won’t Feature Any Specs to Write Home About

LG began to tease the G2 Mini earlier this month, but that’s as far as they got – just teasing. There were no confirmed specs or release dates, so the industry only had speculation to work with. Today, reported specs are being confirmed by overseas sources, with LG apparently revealing that the device will launch overseas in March.

The device will reportedly feature a 4.7″ IPS LCD display with qHD resolution of 540 x 960, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8MP rear-facing camera, 8GB of onboard storage with a microSD slot, Bluetooth connectivity, and will come running Android 4.4. If these are the finalized specs, we already know people will be griping over the 1GB of RAM and qHD display.

Next week is MWC, and it is no secret that LG will take that time to show off more of the phone, alongside the G Pro 2. The G Pro 2 is more of an exciting device, with top tier specs along with newly announced software called Knockcode.

LG isn’t quite trying to lead the pack of Android OEMs, but they are certainly staying relevant this year. We as US consumers will be more interested in what LG plans on doing for its successor to the G2.

Via: BGR | GSM Info
  • John Doe

    It’s running Cupcake??

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    I don’t this sell this at a 150 range and it could compete very well..

  • Cael

    Should have called it the LG G Lite…. then the LG G2 Lite/LG G Lite 2 would have had a 5.2 in 1,280×720 HD screen with 1.5 GB of ram…

  • paul_cus

    Damnit, LG.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    LG makes some great looking phones. Take notes HTC.

  • knock knock. whos there?

    Still loving my G2…. excited to see if/when the G2 successor leaks start coming, and what improvements they make.

  • The Narrator

    At least LG knows no bezels!

  • droidify

    If this is launching next month with 4.4 hopefully that means the G2 will have it by then

    • Rob Schoenfeld

      Amen brother..