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Download Glove and Find Out Which Carrier is Best Fit for You in Three Days

Many people struggle with getting a proper network connection at their office and even at their own homes. In this day in age, that should be unacceptable. No one should stress about not having a proper signal, and with so many carriers to choose from, it’s time you find the carrier that fits you best. With Glove, a newly-released app in beta on Google Play, certain US residents can now find which carrier is best for their lives. 

Glove is limited to a small amount of the US population so far, but once the beta is complete many more people will have access. For now, only people living in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City will be able to use the service.

Glove runs in the background on your phone for three days, pulling in certain network information which will help users see which carrier is best for what areas they live/work in. Once a carrier is chosen, Glove helps you land a deal with the chosen carrier, so you can get to enjoying your phone no matter where you are.

As mentioned, it’s extremely limited to who can run it, but if you live in one of the supported areas, go give it a try. You might be surprised by what you find.

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Via: Glove
  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    What good is it if you are locked in a contract???

  • morgan boyle

    doesnt work in Philadelphia. what market does this work in???

    • creed

      Next time try reading the article, instead of the headline and jumping to the link. It clearly states that the beta only supports New York and San Francisco.

  • doczenith1

    So how does this work? My guess is that when using the app on my network (vzw for example) it records my location and signal strengths. It then uses crowd sourced data from other users on different networks to compare and give the results as to which is the best carrier. I’m also thinking they had some beta testers in those two cities to build database so that new users would get good results.

  • RiotPenguin

    3st Day? Really? 3st?!


  • Ricky Ortiz

    No Glove love in Southern California 🙁

  • Mike Cook

    Great idea for an app but how is VZW not always top of the list LOL

  • Jason Kahn

    I am in New York City this should be interesting. I know Verizon Sucks, Everyones I know with AT&T and T-Mobile all tell me they get quite good coverage in the City at least lets see if it’s accurate or not.

    • james t

      Verizon sucks in NYC? I think not… What are you using? a StarTAC?

      • Jason Kahn

        Galaxy Nexus, I’m interested in what you data rates are. I used to get 30Mpbs Up and 30Mpbs Down, I rarely get 5 now.

        • james t

          I just ditched my Gnex for a MotoX. Getting 30 down and about 10 up now where as before I was about what you are getting…I don’t think its Verizon however, just that the Gnex got laggy towards the end of its life

          • Jason Kahn

            I drop calls constantly along 34th, worse around 2nd to 3rd, have you been down in that area, how your call service.

        • Dakota

          Did The VZ version have LTE cuz the GSM didn’t. I notice my N5 us much faster.. Even my wifi at home is about 3-4x faster than it was on GNex,but it also uses a lot more data. I use Straight Talk & recently switched from a Tmobile SIM to ATT so I could take advantage of LTE. The AT&T signal at home is awful.. At times, even cant make a call. In my major city, it varies but for $45 a month, its fine

          • Jason Kahn

            VZW GNEX is LTe, CDMA only

        • George264

          Verizon is very strong in NYC. I’ve used it for the last 2 years and has been a champ to me. T-Mobile is what I’m on now and I made the switch last month. 3 spots I know doesn’t get service but that’s about it. Everywhere else I get LTE and when I don’t I’m on HSPA+ which isn’t LTE speeds(I get 20-30 down for LTE, 5-8 for HSPA) but it’s much better than 3G on Verizon which barely makes it past 1.2 down. Go with T-Mobile and if you don’t like it go for ATT which is the slightly more expensive a bit better version of TMO in NYC at least.

  • Diane Kolb De Coma

    In the major areas they all do well it is out here upstate NY that it is questionable.

  • Sqube

    Nobody gets reception in my building at work, and everybody gets reception where I live.

    A cornucopia of choice!

  • trixnkix637

    I unfortunately already know my answer… VZW

  • fritzo2162

    Not available in my area 🙁

  • Sean Rowe

    Wonder what carriers are included. Just VZW, ATT, Tmo and Sprint or do they have metropcs, republic wireless etc…

    • michael arazan

      Would be nice if everyone downloaded and used the FCC app so there would be more information for them to gather and chart for us in speeds and regional areas. There are 5 others with in 2 miles of me that use it on different carriers and shows the lte speeds which is great. Even though ATT is swiss cheese here they have a faster LTE than anyone around here, my vzw is 8/3 which is the slowest lte.

      • Disqus_n00b

        I would take slow LTE over no signal

  • villian1998

    Israel??? Hmmm

  • So all the knowledge on how and where you use your smart phone in just 3 days. Nope. What about regular annual vacations? Regular business trips? What if those days you use your smartphone on the light because you didn’t have as many text, emails, or calls? Three days is way to small a window for a device you use 100+ times a day. DOA

    • Maybe they could enable it to scan a longer period of time and you can also use it on your trips, then it could get a more accurate reading. It’s still in beta, so dropping the DOA bomb seems a little premature.

      • I am all for apps and them helping people with their daily lives, whether they be productive, escapism (games), or connivence but I am also a believer in due diligence especially when it comes to something as important or expensive in one’s life which owning a smartphone is tantamount to both. I have Verizon on my main line. I hate the cost, CSR’s when there is a issue, and their store reps are less informed than I when it comes to tech or their own plans. But they have coverage in all the places I need and that is something I work out every year at contract renewal. Coverage is also what I look at come renewal time with other carriers since I know cost isn’t a factor if I am paying Verizon what I am paying them. That due diligence in looking at coverage, phone options, price, and features is something I believe an app can’t replace. Just like the reviews you guys do. Sure I think you do a great job, but I also look at the reviews of other sites AND spend time in the store with the item in question. If I wanted an app to tell me what is best, I would simply go buy one review posting here, or even a single written review on Amazon or Best Buy.

    • Michael Martinez

      80/20 rule (hell even 90/10) governs most people’s lives. If all the scenarios you described added up to 30 days worth of somebody’s year, it’s still less than 10% of their day to day lives over the course of a year. If they developed a solid algorithim with a p value of < .05 (they could go up to 0.1 and still get statistically relevant data), then their methodology would be solid.

    • morgan boyle

      its reallly only looking at your home, work place and commute. heck, you could type that into a website and get a result…

      • Dakota

        Those websites aren’t very accurate with real world experience.. Don’t know of the app will be any better. I’m sure they won’t give you your money back if they lick you into a bad carrier. They’ll probably have links to the carriers in order to make their profits

        • morgan boyle

          i support the idea of crowd sourcing to collect real work data but once we get some of that, a web portal could work.

    • Dakota

      If you travel a lot, use the app then. Nothing is perfect. Many people may just buy a prepaid one month plan for a week vacation vs paying an extra &$ 500

  • jwildman16

    Would love to see functionality in the Denver market.

  • droidrazredge

    I’m giving this a try. Time to put Verizon in my area to the test.

  • The Narrator

    No glove, no love.

    Oh we’re talking about the app..woops

  • WCM3

    Very cool idea. But should have been made available when the Nexus 5 was released. That’s when most people jumped ship to AT&T, T-Mo, or prepaid..

  • Thomas

    Only works in San Fran, Bay Area, & New York City for now though 🙁

    • Travis Walls

      Som gjutet!

  • Alec

    No glove, no love.

    • The Narrator

      Ha beat me, son of aaaa

    • rfranken

      then he chews it and spits it out.

  • hoosiercub88

    Neat tool for those in large metropolitan areas, where carriers actually compete. Out here though, I know who works and who doesn’t.

  • bydavidrosen

    Beautiful. Can’t wait till it hits vegas.