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Koush Demos Chromecast Mirroring By Showing Off Flappy Bird Score

When the Chromecast SDK was finally released to the public earlier this month, we knew right away that we were going to see some cool things. One of the first things to be released with this new SDK was Koush’s updated AllCast app that allowed local media streaming. It seems he isn’t done just yet though, and released a short video teasing screen mirroring from your Android device to the big screen. 

Koush took to his Google+ page to post the short video that features him firing up Flappy Bird (rest in peace), and then throwing it to his TV and being able to play in near real time. In theory, this could turn your TV and Android device combo into a home gaming center. Details are scarce at the moment, but we expect to hear something more official within the coming days.

Would you want the ability cast games from your phone or tablet onto your big screen TV?

Via: +Koush
  • Chrisi Junker
  • Paul McLean

    hTC Media Link HD already does this.

  • jpippo4

    That’s awesome but his home screen layout is horrendous

  • Chewy789

    Well there’s 2 things Apple users can’t do 😉

    • alex

      Airplay is integrated at a system level and has a hell of a lot less lag. What exactly are Apple user’s unable to do?

  • panicswhenubered

    Damn, get some Flappy Bird skills, Koush.

  • John Collard

    I just want to cast my screen… whatever is on it at the time. Would be great to be able to walk a around a room and use my phone/tablet to make presentations and such.

  • Harry Nguyen

    Try the facebook version to see if you can beat your score in phone version: https://apps.facebook.com/webflappybird‎

  • Harry Nguyen

    You can try the facebook version to see if you can beat your score in phone version: https://apps.facebook.com/webflappybird‎

  • kevin_gee

    Haha Rage Quit.!!

  • JRomeo

    Does anyone know why Google Play Services has not yet been updated to version 4.2 everywhere in the United States? Especially on the Nexus 5 ?

  • Sean Bello

    would this work even when the screen is off, unlike Miracast? aside from the delay, it’s the one thing that bothers me about Miracast.

  • BK

    Though I’d love to see immediate response, he’s already improved the delay by a lot. Good enough for just about everything but gaming.

    I appreciate Koush’s work here. But come on, Google – bake this into Android/Chromecast!

  • Adrynalyne

    I know everyone announces that the SDK was released last month, but it wasn’t. It was announced last month that it was being released. It only just recently (within the last week) actually hit the servers for download.

  • BrandonWhite116

    Its about time, as a developer this will come in handy for showing off apps to clients.

  • Michael
    • George Davis

      Ugh, I managed to dodge Flappy Bird addiction only to get sucked into the MMO version 🙁

    • ok, thats pretty cool

  • EvanTheGamer

    Would you want the ability cast games from your phone or tablet onto your big screen TV?

    HELL YEAH I would! This is something I’ve been wanting to be able to do with my Android device for along time. This would be revolutionary! That is if he’s able to fix that second delay.

    • rals

      He actually mentioned that in a previous post that the delay might be due to the hardware limitations like the wifi antenna is not strong. He mentioned the Apple TV and Roku were better picking up signal and had no delay like the chromecast. I suspect we may have to wait for a V2.0 that can handle those capabilities for mirroring with no lag.

    • DumDumWantGumGum

      Micro HDMI and ps3 controller. Been doing that for awhile works just fine no lag

      • EvanTheGamer

        Really? That’s awesome. Do you know if that combo would work on my GN3? What phone do you have?

  • MistaButters

    His best is only 12?

    • TylerChappell

      He likely didn’t even have the game installed until right before making this video. Sheesh.

  • jbreezy

    I wish that allcast worked, it can’t seem to find my chromecast. I would love to be able to stream without uploading to youtube first.

    • duke69111

      Have you updated the google play services to version 4.2. It is required before it will find it.

      • jbreezy

        play services 4.2.42; 4.4. vzw motox

        • duke69111

          Not sure then. Sorry.

  • litobirdy

    RELEASE THIS NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW lol, i’ll take the lag, eff it lol

  • Jason Purp

    Can’t really use Chromecast to play games. I believe there’s an automatic 2 second delay to reduce streaming lag.

    • Logan Jinks

      I think the delay you are referring to is the tab casting function of Chrome on the desktop. If you watch the video, the delay seems to be less than 0.5 sec. That’s still too much of a delay for gaming.

      I’m still very interested in this and can’t wait to try it out my self.

      • turn-based games would wind up amazing still. like viewing the whole gaming board on-screen: maybe scrabble or something like that, where everyone on their own phone has their tiles and the main TV shows the whole board layout. neat!

        • Dylan

          I’ve been waiting for this. Not everything needs to be played in real-time. Not that I play card-based battle games, but this seems like it would be a great way to do that. On person hosts, another joins as a client, and the chromecast shows the board and animates everything.

          Went to a party where people were playing “Artemis”. It’s basically a (up-to) 6 player space-ship bridge simulator. Everybody has their own laptop/tablet/smart-phone to control their station and a PC hosts the whole thing and displays the captain’s view on a TV/Monitor. I think that could survive a 2 second lag. Could be fun going head-to-head with other groups.

  • Nideda24

    This is actually a demo of his Mirror app, not AllCast.

  • John

    He may be a great dev, but he sucks ass at Flappy Bird.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Are you any better?

    • JSo

      I don’t think he was trying to show off his gaming skills.

      • John

        Yes, that’s pretty obvious. Why would you take my comment so literal?

        • JSo

          Sorry, you had no hint of sarcasm i your post. Some people actually post things like that to be rude.

          • Moose


          • JSo

            He edited that. Wasn’t there at first. lol

      • I wouldnt really consider being good a flappy bird something to brag about. I think people should be ashamed of said “skills”