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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet and Phone Reportedly Leak Ahead of MWC (Updated)

Curious about the successors to Sony’s beautifully designed Xperia Z tablet and Z1 phone? @evleaks and a couple of YouTubers are happy to indulge.

Yesterday, @evleaks tweeted the alleged specs of the Xperia Z2 tablet, and it’s turning out to be quite the powerhouse. The Xperia Z2 tablet will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 SoC and 3GB of RAM, and will feature a 10.1-inch,  WUXGA (1920×1200) Triluminos display, an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front-facing shooter, a 6000 mAh battery, and 16GB of storage plus a microSD expansion slot. Oh, and it’ll be waterproof, ship with Android 4.4 KitKat, and maintain a thinness of 6.4mm. How’s that for overachieving? 

Separately, two YouTube videos released over the past week report to demo prototype the Xperia Z2 phone, codenamed Sirius. It’s tempting to question their veracity, but both are quite extensive and show many elements of Sony’s UI skin. No word on the smartphone’s specifications, but it’s not unlikely the internals and display won’t wildly differ from its tablet counterpart.

We’ll have to wait until Mobile World Congress to get an official look at the Xperia Z2 tablet and phone, but at least the leaks should help tide us all over… right?

Update: @evleaks tweeted an alleged render of the device. Looks slick:


Via: @evleaks | YouTube [2]


  • Antonio Joaristi

    Nobody else interested in how this is thinner and weighs less than the iPad air? Should’ve been called the xperia helium…:p

  • transformer

    Bye, Bye, Galaxy!!

  • David Martin

    I think Z2 would come with the same body design as we have seen in Z1. the only difference that could be possible is in terms of processor or camera. It may possible that software segment will show some new stuff. I have read leaks, specs and rumors of Z 2 at http://www.onlinephonecontracts.co.uk/

  • mikeym0p

    Can we have that gallery app… like now?

  • paul_cus

    Looks pretty nice, but not nice enough to replace the Tablet Z I already have.

  • Same ugly icons.

  • James Briano

    I’d be interested in Google Play editions.

  • Ryan

    Meh the bezels are too big and the screen is washed out including the pictures. I have done side by side comparisons with he Z1s so lets hope they fix it in this new version.

  • S.Ober

    Verizon bound is what I hear. Sony getting here at the right time. Samsung phones kinda old hat in my book. I want something different.

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  • NorCalGuy

    My buddy just picked up the z1 s and it is amazing minus the ui a little to be desired coming from the droid maxx in terms if actual useful apps. The camera just about makes up for everything I have not seen a bad picture put of it. Two things could make that phone unstoppable 4.4.2 and an unlockable boot loader that way you could throw on some Aosp which could really bring out the full potential of that phone. Not to mention you can take pics under water with an extremely sexy phone

    • RyanT

      I agree on the 4.4.2 part for sure, I really hope Sony decides to update it quickly. But on the AOSP front you’d be losing the camera and gallery software which are some of the best I’ve seen. The AOSP camera is awful, and even the third party apps don’t offer perfect replacements. It’s the main reason I stuck with Sense on my HTC One instead of going GPE.

  • Gadget Leaks

    I have posted some renderers of the Z2 Tablet on my twitter: http://twitter.com/gadgetleaks

  • calculatorwatch

    Did anyone else see the estimated battery life of 1 day 20 hours? I wonder if that’s accurate at all or just a skewed number based on the fact that that unit hasn’t been used much.

    • Well Smeth

      It also showed a battery level of 50%. This might be an awesome phone

      • calculatorwatch

        I can’t imagine a phone lasting over 3.5 days on a single charge. If that’s the case though I would get one of these in a heartbeat.

    • JMonkeYJ

      The Z2 has a 3300 mAh battery, so battery life should be pretty beastly.

      • sreekumar kallada

        no sony ……………there is samsung models are coming stunning display and amazing peromance , screen resolution , ram capacty , stylus ect………but sony only snapdragon 800 lowest perfomance …….battery power is too low….here samsung exellent build quality thanks samsung ….sexy perfomance and advance technology

  • The Narrator
  • Marikel

    Sony’s skin is one of the more pleasant OEM skins out there.

    • James Monday

      To me that’s sort of like saying prostate cancer is one of the better cancers you can get.

      I.e. it tends to be treatable, but it’s still cancer.

      • turdbogls

        lol, agreed. I’m still trying to figure out why they feel the need to touch the already beautiful android OS. put some features in there that set you apart…fine, but keep it looking like stock OS and you have my attention.

        • The Narrator

          Camera software is a big one. Stock doesn’t have it yet. LG and Sony Sony what they’re doing in that department.

        • Mark

          Because they’re a business and trying to set themselves apart from the competition?

          • turdbogls

            like i said ” put some features in there that set you apart…fine,”
            just dont touch the look of it.

            the only thing i can compare this to is cars…take Lingenfelter and Hennessey. they take stock cars, and throw on monster turbos. people know them becuase of whats under the hood, not what the cars look like. same thing here. tweak the OS to add nice features (more toggles, nicer camera, ect) just keep it looking as close to stock android as possible is all I’m saying.

        • Chris Hannan

          Yeah, exactly. I don’t really care what you do with the launcher and icons, since I’m going to use Nova anyway and I can theme the icons to look like ICS. I don’t even care what your default apps look like, since they can be disabled and replaced with Google apps. But when you start filling up half a screen of toggles in the notification shade, swapping out the default nav buttons with your own design, changing how the task switcher works, and just fuglying up the lock screen, that’s when we have a problem.

          • PoisonApple31

            At least you can customize the toggles in the notification shade. That seems like a no brainer. Who needs Airplane mode? Can you customize on stock 4.4.2 yet?

          • turdbogls

            this exactly. I dont even mind that they throw in extra toggles…i like that, but when they (looking at you samsung) slap an ugly color scheme, and childish icons in there is where i start to lose it.

      • Kevin


        • Reshe1949

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        • Devon Turayoly

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      • Marikel

        I didn’t mean it was better than stock Android. I just meant it’s not as bad as Touchwiz

  • Zander

    Sony makes the most beautiful phones, but the software is often lacking.

    • Maxim∑

      and display unfortunately

      • JMonkeYJ

        Supposedly the display is vastly improved on the Z2. Hopefully that’s true.

      • The Narrator

        They’ve come a long way. The Z ultra kills the competition.

  • BK

    I really like where Sony’s been going with their hardware choices. Once again, however, the software seems weak. Do manufacturers honestly think these customizations and superfluous apps positively set them apart to consumers?

    • The Narrator

      Well Samsung somehow got to the top with all it’s useless junk.

      • BK

        I’d say Samsung somehow got to the top in spite of all it’s useless junk.

        • The Narrator

          Hundreds of millions in advertising it against Apple, so people took off with it to look cool. That’s the conclusion I’ve come too.

          • shooter50

            Isn’t that the point of advertising? So you’re saying Samsung did a fabulous job with their advertising, right?

          • The Narrator

            Yeah, commonly referred to as brainwashing.

          • Dave

            Better known as jealousy….

        • MistaButters

          The Galaxy S2 is what pushed Samsung to the forefront of Android. It was a great phone (well, phones) in a time when the market was being flooded with crap, and there were version available on a lot of carriers. Samsung has just been riding that coat tail since.

          • michael arazan

            Plus they are one of the few manufacturers that sell their products in India and china with a 3 billion person market between those two countries alone.

      • Feed Jake

        Junk? What’s become “cool” around here has been Samsung bashing. Let’s see what Android users want; Beautiful display -S4 and Note 3 have 1080p. Removable storage-yep. Great cameras- 13mp with built in features like slow motion. Removable battery-yep. Variety of sizes-S4 mini, S4, Note 3.

        Are Sammy devices perfect,no. But the hardware is there in spades. Put another launcher on it,which you will do anyways since the GPE won’t let you change icons, and enjoy the device.

        • MistaButters

          Putting a new launcher on is like using a bandaid to fix a broken leg. The underlying problems are still there.

          • Feed Jake

            So what are you running? Stock launcher? Stock rom? Rooted? Icon packs?

        • Dave

          Apparently when Samsung and Apple account for 91% of all mobile device sales globally, the facts are in the face of competition, so the only thing left to do is bash them. I love our dev community, but its intolerance for anything but stock devices is getting real old.

    • qudwls6933

      That’s why we need more gpe version phones!!

    • RyanT

      I was worried about it too until I picked up a Z1s. Honestly the software is pretty lightweight, the camera software is awesome, the gallery is amazing, the DLNA and playstation mobile stuff (including dualshock drivers) is nice…I dunno the visual changes are pretty inoffensive and what they’ve added isn’t intrusive but pretty nice overall and very smooth.

    • BillySuede

      in one word. yes.

      you are a small minority in a larger target market/demographic. your average person could care less what stock android is. for all they know, touchwiz is stock because that’s what the phone came with.

      hate it all you want but if every oem sold the same phone with little variation, what choices does the consumer truly have when buying a phone?

      • shooter50

        exactly. If skins are so bad, why do skinned phones outsell stock android phones by such a huge margin? Pure android is just plain ugly and boring despite what the muniscule group of hard core pure android fans will have you believe. I had a Nexus 5 after using several Samsung phones S4, S4, Note 2 and hated the nexus 5. Sold it immediately for its more polished sibling, the G2. Compared to the G2, the Nexus 5 is like my grandmothers car. Boring with no options. I guess its true, you get what you pay for.

        • BK

          By that logic the iPhone is the best deal in cellphones. Overpriced does not mean better. Nor do extra options mean a better experience.

          Skinned phones outsell stock android phones because until recently, there were hundreds of skinned phones (with hundreds of millions in advertising behind them) and one stock Nexus. It’s not rocket science.

          • PoisonApple31

            If you were given a multi-million dollar budget for advertising a Nexus phone, how would you make it stand out against the competition? Sell it on quick updates? Google Experience? Sell it as an anti-Samsung/Apple product? That strategy certainly hasn’t worked for Windows Phone.

      • BK

        I agree I may be a small minority in that I know the difference between, say, Touchwiz and stock Android. But it’s been shown that very few people actually use the variations that come with most skins. Heck, my mom has an S4 and she has no idea what S Voice (or any other Samsung app is). The marketing may work initially, but there’s no evidence people are going back to Samsung because they can’t live without Knox or whatever else Samsung decides to add.

        And by the way, the iPhone seems to sell pretty well without any variation.

        • BillySuede

          the iphone is made by apple and apple only.

          it’s quite different from a bunch different oems plucking from the same tree (android). these companies are in business for themselves and their respective stockholders, not google therefore why would all the companies decide to make android phones that look the exact same out of the box when you boot the phone up. that’s one major selling point they lose right off the bat.

          it doesn’t make any sense from an oem standpoint.

          • paul_cus


    • Adrelion

      Agreed. Just need to make some small tweaks to set them apart from other brands and it would be fine.