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Deal: Motorola Extends Moto X Sale a Week, $70 Off All Models Until February 22

Although Motorola may have a new owner, that doesn’t mean the company has ceased promoting its existing product line. In fact, Motorola on Friday extended the $70 sale on all Moto X variants until February 22. That’s another whole week to contemplate customizing a model with one of those gorgeous wood back finishes.

The discount reduces the 16GB edition to $329 and the 32GB to $379.

Will this latest deal persuade you to pick up a Moto X, or are you waiting for something potentially better around the corner? 

Via: Motorola
  • KiaMa

    They’re a penny for verizon until the 22nd as well!

    • NexusMan

      Yup! I posted that last night. Great deal if you’re happy on Verizon.

      • KiaMa

        Lol, I seen your post after I had posted mine. Yes it’s a really good deal.

  • akellar

    I’d rather have a Maxx but they jumped the price back up from $449 to $599 for some reason.

  • Lazy

    What’s the software update situation with existing Motorola phones now?

    • Scott

      They’re working on updating the Razr HD, HD MAXX and Razr M. Anything older than that is not going to be updated anymore.

      • Ian B.

        yeah they’ve been working on it. Bur it has been a while since any info. has come out on when the actual release will happen.
        (I am a Razr HD owner and am tempted to buy a moto X with this deal now)

  • NexusMan

    Hey, Kyle, The BIGGER story is the 16gb Moto X, fully customized, is only .01cents (yup, a penny) on contract on Verizon, now through February 22, directly through the Moto Maker site!

    Also, for $50 more (yup, $50.01) you can get it in 32gb. Now THAT’s a deal!

    • Who buys this phone on contract?

      • NexusMan

        How very snobbish of you. People who are happy with their carriers (ie, plan to stay with said carrier over the next 2 years), who want an excellent phone, and can’t afford $350+ to drop on a phone every year, or even every 2 years. Or who can afford it, but just don’t care to drop that kind of money on phones. That’s who.

        • My point is why buy such a cheap phone on contract, when you can buy a Note 3, S4, LG G2 etc. on sale for $50-$200, and has a much higher retail cost, therefor you get a much better deal from the carrier.

          • NexusMan

            Because not everyone WANTS a Note 3, S4, LG G2 etc. If they wanted those phones, they wouldn’t be purchasing a Moto X. I personally, would never buy any of those listed phones. And spending more money is NOT a better deal just because the suggested retail cost is higher. Bottom line it comes down to what you can afford and what you are willing to pay. If you can pay just a penny for the phone you want, nothing higher than that is a better deal, and certainly not “$50-$200.”

  • Pedro

    At this point, I’d be surprised if the ‘sale’ ever ends.
    If it goes up $70 next week, most will hold off buying until it drops again.

    • NexusMan

      Unless you need a phone next week.

  • yummy

    Maybe its just me, but when you constantly jack around the price of an object, you create a question in my mind about its value.

  • Ian B

    I have the droid razr HD, it gets me by most the time (some bad lag does occur) is it worth me shelling out the cash to grab a custom Moto X?

    • miro

      Yesh. 330 (+25 for wood) is a steal. You will never be able to live w/o active display, promise.

      • Patmw123

        I agree 100%. The Moto X is a fantastic device in general. For close to $300 off contract, it’s an absurd deal.

        • sski66

          Yeah the Moto X seems like a great phone. I’m really thinking of picking one up, [Ebony], & I have a HTC One on Verizon. The only thing holding me back is I’d like to switch back & forth. My HTC ONE has a Micro Sim, the X has a Nano. I was reading up on switching back & forth, apparently u have to cut the Micro Sim so it fits in the X, but once u do that will it really work back in my HTC ONE, & will Verizon notice or even care that people do that ? If u or anyone has a definite answer I would appreciate it, thanks

          • Patmw123

            You could just change the sim card numbers/device IMEI numbers online with your verizon account but it is a slight burden if you’re switching between devices.

          • sski66

            O, ok thanks. Well maybe I’ll just pick up a N5, I’m pretty sure they both use the same sim & I should be able to just use both phones with my original sim from my HTC ONE. I don’t think that is against any Verizon Policies, but u never know with them. Stuff like this never used to be so hard, well thanks again.

          • Patmw123

            Just be sure that you know that a Verizon sim card won’t ever work in a Nexus 5 (at least for the time being). It definitely sucks, but the closest thing you’ll get to a Verizon nexus is the Moto X. Enjoy it while it’s around!

          • sski66

            U know as soon as I wrote that, I remembered it wouldn’t work, maybe one day they’ll be a real standard for sim cards, & they’ll work in every phone no matter what carrier, haha, that will be the day! alright man, thanks for the input.

          • Nikuliai

            Get a sim cutter, the resulting sim will fit, but keep the remaining piece (it will be a Micro Sim with a hole in the middle), if you need to change back to the HTC One you can put the Nano Sim in the Micro Sim it belongs

            Source: I have a sim cutter and I’ve done this :B

          • Nikuliai

            can’t answer to your other post since is not active so I’ll write here:

            They won’t know unless you mess up the sim (since you’ll have to go tell em, otherwise you’re just cutting plastic), the cutter just cuts a piece o plastic and a piece of the chip frame, it won’t mess up your device (I use a Moto X and I had a Sim before), the Micro will be like a frame for the Nano Sim card, or at least that’s how I’ve used it… but anyway, IF you wanna be 100% sure the sim will work on both devices do the opposite and follow the list below

            -Go to Verizon
            -Change the Micro Sim to a Nano Sim (dunno if you have to pay for it)
            -Buy a Nano to Micro Sim Adapter (not cutter, just the same frame but made of plastic, not a piece of your old sim rofl)
            -Use the Nano to Micro Sim Adapter when you wanna change devices (you can even have the adapter on your phone when you’re not using it, BUT if you’re doing this you gotta fill the void space in the middle so the pins don’t get the adapter stuck since it’s a pain in the as(s) to remove -> been there, done that, didn’t broke it, but it was a huge waste of time), it will be more expensive (the best choice if you wanna have the adapter inside the phone is to buy a prepaid Nano Sim and fill the adapter’s void with it -> change it when you need to)

            I know, a lot of patches, but it depends on what do you wanna do, in my case (since I knew I didn’t wanted to go to my previous device) the best choice was just to cut it out, and I did it on 3 sims, all worked (obviously you gotta cut it by the correct side and position for it to work), so do what makes you feel safer (my sister didn’t wanted me to cut her sim, so he went to the carrier and ask for a change)

            Hope this is useful

          • sski66

            Definitely useful, thanks for the help. I think I’m gonna go with your first recommendation, cut the sim down to a nano. That’s weird, I wonder why my other post didn’t show up, I didn’t curse or anything. Anyway the big thing is I have Unlimited Data & I don’t want to screw that up & if I go to Verizon & pay for a Nano sim when they know I have a ONE, well I just wonder if the’ll be like what do I need this for & so & so. But I would like to do it that way, like u said, I’d rather buy a Nano to Micro & be done with it, it sounds easier then cutting, anyway thanks for taking the time & helping me out that’s really cool.

          • Nikuliai

            it’s because you said s h it

            you shouldn’t have a problem going to Verizon, the fact you’re paying each month for a device doesn’t force you to use it to get the Verizon services, it forces you to use the Sim for the Verizon Services (or rather, the central chip on the Sim), so you could go talk to them and ask if you can (hypothetically) change the Micro Sim to a Nano Sim, you don’t have to give a reason, if they start to mess around with you you can just say “ok, I just wanted to know” and walk out.

            C ya!

          • sski66

            Hey man thanks for the reply again, u know that’s a good point u made about Device v Services I never thought of it that way, I don’t know if this matters but I finished my [2] year contract & I’m on month to month service now with Verizon & the only reason I don’t leave is my Unlimted, it’s probably much easier to use [2] phones with [1] account [sim] on a GSM carrier like at&t.

          • Nikuliai

            if you are free of contract and dont think on leaving check out thr .01 de al for moto x on verizon

          • sski66

            Yeah, that would solve my Sim problem, the Nano Sim would come with the X & then I could get that adapter u were talking about, [ Nano to Micro ],so I could use it in my ONE too, but then if I took the deal & signed the [2] year contract there goes my Unlimited Data out the window.

          • TC Infantino

            The people at the VZW store shouldn’t give you any problem at all if you request a new sim. They don’t care what phone you are currently using, and the only thing that would cause issue with your unlimited data plan is if you used an upgrade for a new phone with a new 2 year contract. You are allowed to use any compatible phone you like and it will have no bearing on your Unlimited plan. Hope that helps.

          • sski66

            C this is why I think this site is the best one for Tech. I visit all, or I should say a lot of them, but this is my favorite not just because of the great articles & usually” first on the scene” reporting, but the people, for the most part really help out. Your reply, Nikuliai been taking time to help out too, just wanna say thanks & I appreciate it, I’ve been with Verizon a long time & I never wanted to use [2] phones before that’s why I never had to look into switching & messing around with sim cards.

          • sski66

            There is one other thing I forgot to tell u. I also have a N7 Unlocked with Data, @ the time u couldn’t use them on Verizon, well u know why, haha, anyway I went out & bought sim from at&t, 3gigs for $30, maybe I can use that sim even if I can’t make calls with it,[ I’ll still have my ONE] this way I won’t even have to screw around with the sim on my verizon acc. As u can tell I really want a Moto X maybe I’ll just buy an unlocked one & do that before Lenovo gets there hooks in it, thanks again I appreciate it.

          • Nikuliai

            you can, but you gotta be sure of what you wanna do because if you buy unlocked (my version) you can’t use that phone with verizon so you should decide if you wanna carry the Moto X as your daily phone (cut the Verizon Sim) or you think it’s gonna be your toy for like a month (Cut the AT&T Sim or get a prepaid to test it out), either way you must be able to live at least a year with your desicion…

    • RoboCop

      I wake up at 4:30am to spend a little time with my med school fiance…when she leaves I walk to my bed, say “OK Google now, wake me up in 4 hours”, and fall onto the bed…its fantastic. Also, knowing when I’m driving and auto reading text messages and having me respond to them very accurately is awesome.

  • MotoXBlahBlahMotoXBlahBlahBlah

    Can we stop hearing about ever single little Moto X sale and other who cares news about the X? It was a good phone but JFC afafkjasdblfsbhldbfkjfskjafsfakjask akab bff asbkf b!

    • The Narrator
    • AbbyZFresh

      Droid Life always had a hard on for anything Motorola. I’ve noticed this on every single Android update they ALWAYS use the Moto X as the poster thumbnail picture of the article.

      • IveGot20ToolbarsOnIE

        I know, you can tell they are nervous that HTC is going to be a budget brand, Moto is going to China… All they have left to swoon over is LG, they would do anything to not give props to the real android manufacturer in Samsung.

        Just as biased as big media, but without the big media ads. Oh and that isn’t a good thing, these pop up ads they put in are so 1990s.

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          Maybe you should use something other than IE, I don’t get any pop up ad’s. If you don’t like the opinion’s of the writers here, there an easy way to fix that. Don’t visit the site…

          Droid-Life was started because of the Motorola Droid, so naturally this place is going to revolve around good hardware and stock Android (or at least close to it). That’s why Motorola and LG are mentioned often.

          What makes Samsung the REAL Android manufacturer? Are you saying that because they sell a lot of devices that arguably lack in the quality department? Most big media websites prefer Samsung anyway so I’m not sure where the validity in your argument is. Samsung is like Toyota, they sell a lot of cars but they’re not the best quality or the most dependable. People buy products like that due to marketing, why do you think the iPhone is so successful? It’s perceived to be the best.

          • ktnx

            Shame, they don’t have IE on the nexus 10. But thanks though kellen. Err I mean returnofthemack

      • Patmw123

        Haha that’s because Kellen, who founded the site and writes most of the articles uses a Moto X as his daily phone.

        • MotoXBlahBlahMotoXBlahBlahBlah

          How about Kellen, who founded the site and writes most of the Moto X articles, got a kickback in the form of a free Moto X with Motomaker before it came out and ever since that and since someone at Moto said they read Droid life he feels obligated to suck them off from the back every little chance he gets?

          How good of a journalist/blog writer can you be when you’re not being impartial and unbiased? You even said yourself that he posts a lot of Moto X articles because it’s his daily driver. It’s favoritism and it clearly shows through on this site. All you ever see on here is Moto X. Every other article. It’s old.

          Guess that will change soon enough though. Lenovo will ruin it soon 🙂

          • Patmw123

            I never said anything about him posting a lot of Moto X articles. I actually wasn’t even responding to your comment. My response was to “AbbyZFresh” regarding his/her comment of “I’ve noticed this on every single Android update they ALWAYS use the Moto X as the poster thumbnail picture of the article.”

            I can’t comment on any “free” Moto X that he received. I just remember the first droid-life purchased Motomaker Moto X was the lime green backed “droid-life” edition. I don’t remember him getting any early privileges regarding having the ability to get it before anyone else, just that he purchased it through motomaker when it was exclusive to at&t.

            I don’t think him featuring his own personal phone in the “poster thumbnail pictures” of a particular article indicates any biased journalism. Personally, I think the amount of Moto X articles featured on Droid-Life are just indicative of how many different news stories there are regarding the Moto X compared to other phones. Constant price drops and off-contract promotions are mentioned as they should be, considering this is an Android news blog. No other phones have off-contract deals and promotions/price cuts for the most part like the Moto X. None aside from the Nexus 5 even come close to having the same off-contract pricing.

            It seems to me that Kellen is a great journalist/blog writer considering the thousands of people who read this blog every day. If you disagree, then simply don’t read it. Lastly, if “soon” to you means at least a year then it looks like you may have a little while to wait. The deal hasn’t even been approved and a Lenovo-Motorola device is a far ways away from being a reality, so don’t expect any huge changes until the deal gets done and Lenovo releases their own phone alongside Motorola.

          • I’m being sarcastic

            Yep no big chsnges, oh except the CEO leaving for drop box and soon other top engineers who won’t wait to be laid off. But other than that, sure no changes.

          • Patmw123

            Regarding day to day operations and Lenovo influence, there simply won’t be a change. Lenovo will have zero influence for the foreseeable future. Changes that pertain to the user in the next year? No chance. Good try. The next Moto phone released this year but may see some unfortunate changes, but I don’t see that with the Moto X.

          • MotoXBlahBlahMotoXBlahBlahBlah

            Here’s how an article gets created at Droid Life:

            Kellen: “Hey Ron you need to write an article about the Moto X.”

            Ron: “Why? I Hebe an iPhone and the next phone I buy is going to be an iPhone…”

            Kellen: “Just write it and tell them to buy one.”

            Ron writes article and it starts with, “I own an iPhone and my next phone will be an iPhone but….”


          • Have several seats

            You need to sit your happy ass down. I don’t know who pissed in your corn flakes but this not a live report of the riots in Venezuela. It is a website called Droid-Life. Yellow journalism hardly applies unless you think having a favorite phone is some moral sin slanting the world views of thousands of tech enthusiasts.
            Second, did it ever occur to you that the reason people say “Droid” instead of “Android” phone is because the Motorola Droid OG was what got this all started?
            Could that possibly have something to do with the perceived favoritism (or actual, who cares) and how Motorola started this all?

          • have several dix

            History is history, you are the same as an iphonie who holds on to that one time the iPhone came out years ago. Yesterday won’t happen again but tomorrow is always coming.

            Samsung is googles only hope in maintaining android dominance. Moto is old, Chinese news.

          • MotoXBlahBlahMotoXBlahBlahBlah

            Dang homegirl, I mean running to your man’s rescue is an admirable quality and all, but run your little fangirl butt back in the kitchen before you get 5 across the eyes!

            Can you believe the nerve of this hoebag? I swear, we let these b*tches have the right to vote a few years ago and all of a sudden they think they can voice their opinion on everything.

            Silly beeyoch.

          • Tim242

            Droid died long ago. Galaxy is Android now. So, sit your happy ass down and simma.

          • PoisonApple31

            Droid did – with the OG Droid.

    • NexusMan

      Keep the Moto X stories coming! Love this device!

  • Do She

    The Luminate ads that are displayed over every article’s picture are incredibly annoying.

    • Jason Kahn

      They are atrocious on the mobile version, at least on the desktop I can run Adblock

      • TopXKiller


  • chucklez

    How easy is it to ding the wood back? Is a case neccessary?

    • miro

      No case on mine, no dings yet three weeks in. It will add to the character. FWIW it seems like a really tough finish.

  • Stnkycheezman

    I bought one last week with the ebony back and I’m LOVING it! The look and feel is just awesome, although I do have to say I miss my droid maxx that the wife put in the washer. The battery on that thing just changed the way i use smartphones and even kept me from picking up my tablets/computers as often. You don’t know what “heavy all day use” means until you have a maxx battery, seriously, it’s ridiculous. (liked the bigger screen size better too)

  • Eric G Canoy

    I’m just waiting for something I really want, still on my GNex, runnin’ Shiny ROM

  • BK

    As much as I love a sale, I wish Motorola had just picked a lower price from the start. The Moto X is a great phone that deserves to be in the hands of as many customers as possible. As it is, the constant price changes cause confusion for all but the most dedicated followers, not to mention reducing the “premium” feel of the brand.

    I hate to ever complain about price reductions, but I can’t help but feel these sales are muddying the waters (is it a flagship? is it a budget device? is something new around the corner? is it not selling well?).

    • ….

      Moto screwed themselves by starting out expensive and getting negative reviews based on the price, then ultimately selling for a low profit margin. I assume the current price was with the same idea as a nexus, only it seemed like they were trying to avoid that and then fell back into it when they didn’t, sell. At this point the product is basically a lost cause and if they sold it for $200, it probably still wouldn’t sell. (Not that I would complain if they did…)

  • Seth Kwon

    It’s still Google-owned until all the regulatory approvals go through.

    • FreeTibet

      They aren’t going to say no to this, it isn’t a merger that could create competitive issues. Also any government issues with national security would just be left out of the deal (when Hawker Beechcraft was to be sold to China, they were told their military sector could not be sold, so Beijing would just be buying their civilian business. The acquisition fell through (it wasn’t like you could fly VFR in China’s polluted skies anyway) and now they are being bought by Textron (who is Cessna, Bell Helicopters, etc), an American company (because though the media keeps pushing our Chinese overlords, made in America doesn’t come with the ethical burden of made in China).

      • seth

        I’m not saying govts will say no at all. I’m just pointing to the original article that it is a google company so lenovo doesn’t have anything to do with extended discount.

  • 213ninja

    if droid-life were headquartered in the mountains of west virginia, it would be in a log cabin made out of moto-X’s.

  • RoboCop

    Motorola is letting me switch to a wood backed for free so I’m absolutely taking advantage of this. Black front, bamboo back, blue accents.

    • RoboCop

      Or orange accents…hard to choose

    • Cameron E Nelson

      Black front with Bamboo? Want the dual color? But orange or blue. Tough choice.

      • RoboCop

        Oh ya, saw pics on reddit and other forums for the two tone and with the wood it looks like a sexy chocolate chip ice cream sunday

    • Scott

      Nice…Mine was replaced this week since the previous device kept freezing. I asked about Moto Maker, but they wouldn’t budget. At least they gave me a new device. No complaints here. Verizon would have given me a refurb.

      • Patmw123

        Same situation here. Definitely wanted a wood back when they sent me a free warranty brand new replacement, but they wouldn’t budge. I’m still very happy with the all black model.

        • GoAwayBionic

          Doesn’t seem like the Moto X was as “awesome” as the motofans here said it was. All I see from comments about it are how many times people have to send it back in.

          • JoshGroff

            Probably because those of us with working Moto Xs don’t need to say anything.

          • Patmw123

            Considering I cracked my screen and they sent me a brand new device absolutely free, I would certainly say that’s pretty “awesome”. The moto x is awesome. Obviously phones break and you have to send them in. That’s true for any smartphone.

          • RoboCop

            Moto Xs customer service and replacement team are THE best. If I bought this at a Verizon store I’d be screwed but the second I say “no I used motomaker” they’re like ooooooh well let’s see what we can do

          • Patmw123

            Unfortunately, I only have the standard black Verizon Moto X that I bought from Best Buy. They treated me well nonetheless though. I’ve got a brand new Moto X because of the “internal crack” that was discovered on my original Moto X. Couldn’t be happier.

          • Scott

            The new one works just fine.

          • RoboCop

            Mine is perfectly fine I just made up some crap about my screen and video recording problems. They said I could order a new phone and went it comes in they’d credit me for my current one. Since I paid $350 for my black/grey that means I get a wood backed for like $7

          • NexusMan

            Mine is awesome. Still loving it. And it looks sexy as hell.

    • Jeremy

      I got this same combo a few weeks ago. You won’t be disappointed!

    • Cathy Fleming

      If you choose a black front, is the plastic surrounding the bamboo wood also black? Every pic shows Teak + Bamboo with a white border and Walnut + Ebony with a black border. Or would your combo have 2 color plastics?

      • RoboCop

        Its two toned. Teak and Bamboo have to come with white surrounding the natural back. I happen to like the two tone a lot.

  • Cameron E Nelson

    Was going to wait for what was coming this year but they still got me to sell my G2 for a Moto X. Was a great choice. Love the phone. Also walnut is just sexy.

    • drparty

      You went from a G2 to a moto x? Isn’t that a bit of a downgrade in screen, processor, battery, ram and storage?

      • Cameron E Nelson

        I actually like the Moto X screen better. Both are great. Moto X is just as fast as the G2. Battery lasts the same. I charge it every night and it gets me there. Ram, Aren’t they both 2GB? Don’t remember. Storage. Moto X comes with 50GB of google drive and I don’t take massive videos or tons of pictures so it’s a non issue.

        Really the biggest thing I miss is the back buttons and the knock on. The feel of the Moto X is great and I don’t need a crap case like I did on the G2. Both great phones but I just like how easy the Moto X is to use and I have small hands, which makes the Moto X easier for me.

      • Dan DeMarco

        Might want to run your facts on the way the X8 Processor works on the Moto devices. But in reality though, eye-popping specs doesn’t determine everyone’s choice of phone. Translate that to the real world and we’d all be driving sports cars around if all we looked into was speed and power.

      • gt3nx5

        Not in ram or storage, definitely in screen processor and battery. However, I do think that the screen is the only major difference. The G2’s screen is absolutely gorgeous. But if you strictly look at specs, you’d be overlooking the fact that LG’s UI on the G2 is terrible, while the Moto x runs stock android. The moto x doesn’t need all the specs as it doesn’t run a bogged down UI. One can always flash CM, but that can be a hassle, especially for the regular consumer. If the camera was better (I think the screen is good enough), I would’ve bought one instead of my nexus 5.

      • miro

        On paper sure. But hold them both in your hand and it becomes a different story, ergonomics and usability are light years apart:
        Knock-on seems archaic compared to active display (and I was a fan).
        Nearly stock android, nuff said there.
        What Dan says about sports cars…

    • ricecake

      Yeah i was thinking of doing the same. The g2 just has some random qwerks that annoy me. Lately its been the random blank page in the app drawer. Seems to occur when i install an app and the uninstall an app. It doesnt delete the blank page till a reboot.

      But im just going to wait till April when my contract is up and see whats new and fresh.