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This Week in the Life of DROID: 2/14/14

Since you are in the doghouse for forgetting that today is all about your significant other, it’s time you catch up on all that happened during the week at Droid Life. We actually had a pretty busy week, which is a sign that things are about to really pick up for 2014. In other words, Samsung is about to take over with the Galaxy S5 on February 24, HTC will be right behind them with the One sequel, and LG is going to continue to try to whittle away at everyone else’s market share.

In terms of news this week, we busted out another quality DL Show that you won’t want to miss, especially since we are only one away from number 50. We also spent a bunch of time with Sony’s Xperia Z1 Compact, broke news on Verizon’s new data plans and the Nexus 7, learned that Lenovo’s CEO is quite optimistic with his purchase of Motorola, and are now enamored with a new live wallpaper from Roman Nurik.

Be sure to catch up, cupid. 

Enjoy the roses.

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  • jessisadler1k

    A good source for Android tablets is Tab l e t M a x x — which introduces four new tablet models this month that stand out for solid performance and are well-priced…

    — Ramos i12 – a 12 inch tablet ($309/£184) available Feb 25th with a great deal of high-end features, including one of Intel’s newest performance processors and an HD 1920×1200 screen.

    — Pipo M7 Pro – 32GB ($229/£136) compares to the LG-G Pad and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ but priced considerably less- with a Quad Core processor – 2GB/1.6Ghz, 8.9″ 1920×1200 HD screen and more.

    — Ramos K2 – 8-inch 3G “Phone Call Tablet” ($229/£136) – works like a Smartphone for calls through speakerphone or Bluetooth headsets — easily added to any wireless plan through EE and o2 in the UK and ATT, T-Mobile and Straight Talk in the U.S. and most other GSM Network Carriers worldwide — also the first 8″ Android tablet with stereo front speakers… with premium sound great for movies and media.

    — Ramos i10 Pro – 10-inch Android-Windows Hybrid Dual Boot ($399/£238) – Premiered at CES 2014 – with Intel Baytrail CPU – 64GB/2GB and HD 1920×1200 screen. Available in late March.

    Tab l e t M a x x — also offers the new flagship Alcatel Smartphone that premiered at CES 2014 — the Idol X+ ($350/£209) with features that compare to the high-end Galaxy S4 and iPad 5s at nearly half the price. The Idol X+ is one of the first phones with an OctaCore processor