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HTC Finally Hosting Their Reddit AMA Today at 1:30PM

Back in December, HTC decided that it was time to be more upfront about updates to their Android phones. They released a massive infographic that detailed the process from their end on through carriers, certifications, and even a sign-off from Google. Since the Android community in general seems to complain often about the slowness of updates, this was useful and welcomed information that had previously not been available. 

After releasing that infographic, HTC has kept us up-to-date on the happenings of their updates through a tracking page for their last two years worth of phones. The page has been updated regularly as phones go from one stage of the update process to another.

Today, HTC plans to provide an even greater depth of detail surrounding updates to their phones. Through a reddit AMA (ask me anything) that will kick off this afternoon at 1:30PM Pacific, you’ll have an opportunity to find out all there is to know about updating the HTC One or DNA or Google Play Edition phone.

This even was originally supposed to happen in mid-January.

Via:  reddit
  • Mark

    I see no AMA anywhere. I’m guessing they didn’t have an AMA again.

    • cisternachyli

      Its in r/android…

  • MistaButters

    Somebody should make sure to remind them that the big black bezel needs to go.

    • Chris

      There is this other leak showing that same black bar but with the on screen buttons…

      • MistaButters

        I wish that is what they had done. Unfortunately that looked pretty photoshopped.

        • Chris

          Yeah. I don’t know. Besides the pixelated spot on the bottom, it might be real. Its not out yet so we don’t know what the official one will even look like. The one they posted the other day could be real or could be fake.

          • MistaButters

            The lighting is also off. There is a huge light glare on the bottom left aluminum that doesn’t extend onto the display. And the background image really seems to be sitting on top of the display. And the surface doesn’t look like glass at all. It looks like someone’s poor attempt at putting glass reflection on.

          • Chris

            Ah. i see those now…..

            The general idea is much better then then stand alone bar.

          • MistaButters

            If they went this design, this phone would be the best looking Android phone I’ve ever seen. This is what it should look like.

        • JMonkeYJ

          I agree. When I saw this I got even more disappointed because it looks so fake. Makes me think the other pic is real.

        • michael arazan

          Maybe it switches back and forth like a sleep mode between the soft keys and HTC logo

      • katu-tv

        Not much difference from the one they posted the other day and this one…

        We will see once it comes out! 🙂

  • Bharath Kannan

    Can someone ask them to use stock android? They could become the new moto. Just maybe.

    • athom07

      I just got a chance to use a HTC One for a week, and it’s almost as good as stock. It really is nice. I was really surprised how smooth everything was, and the UI was not tacky at all (I’m referring to Touchwiz and whatever LG uses).

    • Chris

      Root or buy a GPE….

      Sense has come a long way since 2011.

    • cizzlen

      Dude if you want stock Android go buy a Nexus. Not everyone wants every single thing Google puts out (hence the reason how Apple sheep earned their title). That’s what’s so nice about Android, there’s “choice”.

  • Droid Ronin

    Would like to know how they plan on increasing their marketing effort for their M8 and other upcoming phones.

  • BigTimmay

    I can see it now. Top posts will be: “why is your skin so ugly” … “what’s the ETA on my phone model” … “Why do you guys suck”.

    • rawr

      “Why did you over pay for an awful brand in Beats, you do know that Sennheiser is above and beyond anything any Beats engineer can do right?”

    • KingofPing

      WEll, it is in /r/Android, so … yeah. At least it should be amusing if not informative.

    • Chris

      “Why is your skin so ugly”

      “well we are very proud of our sense interface. We understand its not everyones cup of tea. thats why we have our google play edition devices”

  • Eric

    How about asking about who may potentially buy them out?

    • FreeTibet

      Google will buy them… And then sell them to China.

      All a part of the master plan to retake the island of Taiwan.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Haha I laughed at the taking back comment

      • Voltism

        By a guy named free Tibet lol +1 for you sir

  • Miguel

    How about a question if they’re doing the next Nexus…it’s about time since they did the first Nexus.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    How about an update on the M8? Or a Date for a Presser HTC?

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      I second this please

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    i’ll be in class…would appreciate a question about DNA update. thanks! 🙂

    • The Narrator

      End of March.

      • Alex Coldstone Simon


        • The Narrator

          No prob, just helping out. Unlike everyone else who didn’t.

      • Eric R.

        I’ll believe it when the update pops up on my phone. We DNA owners were promised4.2 by the end of the summer and dididn’t get it until December.

        • The Narrator

          Should have expected that from Verizon.

          It’s in Integration now.


          • Eric R.

            It wasn’t Verizon, HTC was too focused on the One. If it was Verizon then why were all of the One updates delayed then for all carriers ?

          • The Narrator

            One was their huge flagship, so it makes sense to update it sooner. Who knows how it works. As of now, it’s expected at end of march.

  • The Narrator

    I say, we should bombard them with questions about the M8. They’ll break at some point.