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Friday App Sales: Assassin’s Creed Pirates, Plex for Android, Crazy Taxi, and More

Not everyone has a special someone in their life to keep them busy this weekend, and if you are like me, you will probably be sitting home alone playing video games and watching movies. On the bright side, lots of developers have given their applications sale prices for Valentine’s Day weekend, so everyone can take advantage of the deals.

This week, many classic titles are up for grabs, including a couple of my own favorites. You can score Assassin’s Creed Pirates, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, and Crazy Taxi for only $0.99.

Check out the full list of apps on sale down below. 

Friday app sales

You know what to do.

  • Bella B

    (blushes) Tim o tato so cute 😉

  • Brandon

    Scooped up crazy taxi and modern combat 4!

  • 11_____i_____11

    Hey bro fix your links so “it” takes me to the app store 1love lol

  • Raven

    It is deals like this that make me wish there was a way to buy apps for other people (unless there is something that I am missing). I would buy “My Date” for my wife who likes those sort of LWPs and I would buy Rummikub for my mom who got a new tablet for Christmas and loves the real game.

    • Mr E

      That’s…. a great idea. I’ve just been wishing for redeemable keys/codes for specific apps as well.

      • They need to copy how Steam handles gifting.

        • Lazy

          How do they handle it?

          • During checkout you can select personal or gift. If you already own it gift is only available. If gift you get it as a item in your inventory that you can send to someone’s account T or email that they can redeem. If you change your mind you can redeem the gift yourself (if you don’t already own it)

          • Lazy

            Thanks, if it works for them then I think Google should do it this way too.

    • Lazy

      I’d like a way to give away my paid apps to others. Somehow transfer the app license from my Google account to someone else’s. It’d be nice if they added this feature unless it’s just way too difficult to keep things legit.

    • mrjayviper

      wishlist works really well on iOS. not so much on android :/

      • Raven

        How does the iOS one work? I think that the Android one works fine for my own use, but there is no way to see other people’s I guess like an Amazon Wishlist.

        • mrjayviper

          my mistake on wishlist. from the appstore, I can chooce a paid app and then instead of buying it for myself, I can choose to gift it to someone else

  • EvanTheGamer

    What happened to Rithvik? Didn’t work out?

    Also, I’m looking at you Assassin’s Creed: Pirates! $2.99 is a pretty fair price for some great Piratey fun!

    • The Narrator

      He’s a pretty good writer. Too bad everyone wouldn’t stop making fun of him.

      • Thomas

        He’s still here.

        • The Narrator

          Good to know, just saw his new article.

    • Lazy

      Maybe he’s on a date today or in class. I think he’s a student. Anyway, he doesn’t write as much articles as the others so I don’t think he stopped writing or anything.

      • Nexoduss

        LOL I don’t think he’s on a date.

    • Raven

      Anyone have any experience with “Assassin’s Creed: Pirates!”? I have read of people having lots of problems with it on the Nexus 7 (2013) which is what I would like to play it on.

  • HaveSomeVodka

    Couple tracker seems scary as hell.

    • Bobby

      Why would anyone buy that app? I just don’t get the need to see my wife’s text messages or Facebook chats. Sad world.

      • I thought it was a one way thing, as these things usually are, but it goes both ways lol. If they both don’t trust each other that much then why are they in a relationship??

        • Mr E

          Think of it more as a mutual-destruction plan… like the Cold War. Romantic, ain’t it?

        • morpheus282

          This is exactly what I was thinking. If you don’t trust your partner enough to need this app, it’s time to find someone else.

    • The Narrator

      It is rather asinine.

    • TC Infantino

      LOL That was the first thing that crossed my mind as I saw the name in the list of apps. I thought “Huh, that’s not stalkerish at all.”