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Verizon Announces MORE Everything Plans

Just as we reported would happen, Verizon announced a new initiative called MORE Everything. The idea here is simple – Verizon is upping the data buckets on select plans, while keeping the price the same, hence the “more.” They are also upping bandwidth in major cities, handing out 25GB of cloud storage to select data plans, letting you upgrade faster with EDGE, and even giving discounts on lines if you participate in EDGE. 

The new plans:

  • 1GB (was 500MB) of data for $40
  • 2GB (was 1GB) of data for $50
  • 3GB (was 2GB) of data for $60
  • All still included unlimited talk and text

Discounts with EDGE:

  • If you participate in EDGE and have a data plan of 8GB or less, Verizon will cut $10 off per line.
  • If you participate in EDGE and have a data plan of 10GB or more, Verizon will cut $20 off per line.

And that is the meat of it. We’ll work on a comparison of the current state of the four major carriers, if it’s even possible. Some are doing some wildly different things these days.

Any questions?

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Via:  Verizon
  • TheDrunkenClam

    (Was) 2gb for 60????
    I thought it was $30

  • Blair

    Is it $20 off per month per line? Or just 1 time (1month) saving?

  • ChristianPasquariello

    Lg g2 upgraded to online no upgrade fee.

  • wtsamatta

    No real savings for me. I’d need the 4 gb plan, and then add the phone. About 7$ savings from what I have now. But I have unlimited data. I get 900 min and unlimited text. for 117$/m would be 110$ with this plan, sans taxes and fees I guess

  • TC Infantino

    A move in the right direction, but just a small one. I think I will still keep my unlimited data and just pay full price for my phones. Until the Un-carrier can get much better coverage in my area, I am pretty much sticking with VZW and the grandfathered unlimited. I am just very happy/lucky that VZW had a phone that I like enough to be willing to actually pay full price for. Thank you/RIP Motorola.

  • Fdog

    So, let me get this straight. I get 2GB of Data for $50, $20 more than I am paying for it now? (older plan, I’m at $40 for 750 min, $10 for 1000 text, $30 2GB data). with this “more” I would be paying $90 (+ tax) and the only more I would be getting is unlimited talk & text, neither of which I come close to using on my current plan. Or I could pay an extra $30 for data, but only get 1GB more….Gee, I can go over for only $15 more per GB!

    If you really want to give us MORE Verizon, just do it! Add Unlimited Talk/Text to everyone’s plan and adjust their Data, if you have 1, you get 2, if you have 2, you get 3, etc. You unlimited guys….. you get “Super Secret Double Unlimited Data” Although I do think there should be a small charge for tethering ($10?)

  • Jim Davis

    Switched from Verizon to AIO wireless in January (with new Nexus 5!) and I couldn’t be happier. (And in that short time, AIO has knocked $10 off my monthly bill! I was paying $55/month and now it’s $45/month.)

  • Brian Barcus

    The best news I’ve seen out of Verizon was when I got the final bill for my ETF after switching to T-Mobile.

  • M3D1T8R

    Still waiting for 100GB for $30 (plus $40 for voice) as an option possibly worth considering dropping my unlimited data for.

  • MentatYP

    You should clarify the article by stating that there’s still a $40 “monthly line access” fee per line, so 2GB would actually be $50 + $40. Pass the lube, please.

  • Artune

    77 dollars a month on my unlimited data with the LG G2 during that glitch. Will have this phone for a good amount of time.

  • Dave

    So this is only on share plans? They could make a lot of people happy if they hit all plans like this.

  • Grandfathered in to VZW unlimited data, $80/mth total. Ain’t worried about nothin’.

    • BOB Dudek

      .Amen to that..!….

      …….Like a death Grip on a Cliff. I ain’t letting go.!

  • Rocketdaddy

    Meh. Not interested in Verizon’s shenanigans any more. Absolutely loving my move to T-Mobile. The coverage/service where I live, work and do most of my playing is actually lots better than Verizon has ever been. I know, I probably live in an unusual area and there’s less demand for the bandwidth but…. With 4 lines we’re paying $140 per month with 2.5GB high speed per line and throttled data after that. Phones are already paid for. I figured that with the upfront cost per phone and the monthly extra we were paying Verizon to subsidize our phones we paid for our last phones 2 or three times over and they would have been happy to continue charging us for that forever. My Verizon bills had been nearly $290 a month. The new plans wouldn’t have changed it much.

    AND we all have a Nexus 5. That alone drove me from Verizon. T-Mo could have been more expensive and I still would have made the move for an unfettered phone, no bloatware, quick updates, hassle free unlocking, etc. etc.

  • chris125

    Verizon needs to change their plans. Remember when you had to pay for more text messages? The plans need to shift towards more data with texting and less on minutes. Most people do not need unlimited minutes, especially with the free nights and weekends. Hopefully this will change in the future and these carriers will change their plans along with the demand. Then again who am I kidding. I would be happy if they “throttled” after a certain amount of gb that you paid for. Caps, when you advertise your huge and fast network are idiotic.

  • Sam

    Dear Verizon,

    I am sick and tired of your BS prices and plans, I am sticking with you until my phone is dead with my unlimited data.

  • Averix

    Here’s a question… If you’re currently on a share everything plan with two phones, and you take advantage of this “open enrollment” EDGE deal, would it be possible to get in with a $11 per line phone (Galaxy S3 Mini) in order to save the $20 line access fee? In theory, you’d still save almost $20 a month if you had 10GB of data.
    So currently would be:
    ($40 x 2) + $100 = $180 for line access + data vs
    ($20 x 2) + $100 + ($10.56 x 2) = $161.12 for line access + data + EDGE fee
    Basically, forgive your subsidised phone balance, extend your contract 2 years, get 2 sellable phones, and save $18.88 a month.
    Am I going insane or isn’t that what open enrollment means??? My god, is it possible to beat Verizon at their own game?

    • Averix

      I just spent 15 minutes chatting with a rep on this. My theory is correct. For the cost of a 2 year contract, I can save $18.88 a month if I go with those S3 minis plus get to keep my current subsidized phones!

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Turn around and sell the subsidized phones or the S3 Minis and profit even more.

        • Averix

          I’ll sell the Minis. The subsidized phones were already sold and upgraded to an S4 and Droid MAXX a while back. 🙂
          Just debating on getting locked in for another 2 years.

  • George Davis

    So how do we get this 25Gb of cloud storage? I’m still only showing 5Gb and it costs $2.99/month to upgrade to 25Gb. I call shenanigans.

    • PoisonApple31

      Are you on one of the plans that is getting the data hike at no extra charge? If not, I doubt they are giving 25GB cloud storage to everyone for the hell of it.

      • George Davis

        Yesterday’s DL post stated: “Verizon is also claiming … that they will hand everyone 25GB of Verizon cloud storage….” That sure sounds like it’s for everyone. But after reading today’s post, the new info seems to contradict that statement. Typical.

        • PoisonApple31

          I missed that post – I just have a hard time believing they’ll give 25GB to everyone. I hope you get it though.

        • Adrynalyne

          Yesterday was based on rumors though.

          Per Verizon:

          “Storage: Each MORE Everything line can use up to 25 GB (or up to 250 GB on a 10 line account) of cloud storage from Verizon Wireless, which means customers never lose a contact’s number, cherished photos of the once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or video from a school recital. Cloud storage also means important information is easily available whether devices are upgraded tomorrow or in two years.”

          • George Davis

            Ah well, guess I’ll have to make due with my 75 GB of Google Drive space (Droid Maxx + Quickoffice bonuses). Just to clarify, I meant this is typical of VZW, not DL (good ol’ bait and switch).

          • Adrynalyne

            Very typical.

            They rarely take into consideration existing customers.

  • Sean Bello

    looks like Verizon found a way to screw their employees this time.

    they managed to not save people money on the surface, but in effect people would just go to a cheaper plan with more data. so they’ll be getting a higher plan while the salespeople will make less money because the commission will stay the same. and on top of that people will have to pay proration if they switch to a lower plan in the middle of their billing cycle.

  • So it’s useless for most of us.

  • crussell

    Already waved goodbye this week and left for T-mo. Gave up 4 lines (2 unlimited). Bill went from 292 to 130 = no brainer!

    • flosserelli

      Did you sell those unlimited lines or just walk away?

      • crussell

        I just walked away. I couldn’t find anyone interested. I tried and tried hard.

    • Tim242

      4 lines for $130? Care to break that down?

      • crussell

        Sure…. 100 for 4 lines. 10 extra per line to bump up to 2.5gb with 1 line at 500mb (father-in-law not so smart with the smart phone) = $130. I may bump mine up to unlimited data if I go over 2.5gb but that’s only another $10.

        • confuseddroid

          don’t you pay a $10/mo JUMP fee & $4/mo for Caller ID???

          • crussell

            No and no. I bought my Moto X from Motorola during the 150 off and caller ID – not sure if serious….

  • Godzilla

    Has anyone in the middle of their contract called and tried to get the extra data? Or did they tell you to f off?

  • VBM

    TMo is still $30 for unlimited (no throttle)…

    • Tim242

      That is not true. The minutes are limited to 100, and the data is throttled to EDGE at 5 GB.

      • VBM

        … Perhaps for you, however not for me. Unlimited data (not throttled). Minutes and Text are something different. I thought we were all talking about data?

  • Adrian Sciutto

    Have they provided any more info about this ‘upping the bandwidth in big cities’ thing? Which cities? How much more bandwidth? How are they doing it? (assuming their using their new band-4 spectrum? Which phones will be able to access it or is it on their backend?

    • PoisonApple31

      Galaxy S4, Note 3 work with band 4 now – I am not sure on the other devices

  • kdub

    More my a$$ I’m 2 smart phones with 2gig apiece and because its 4gig shared which they made me do I don’t get jack ! Can’t wait for my contract to be up.

  • hebrewHAMMER

    Kind off of topic but related to Verizon so maybe I’ll ask here: I’m looking to lower my bill a bit because I use very little text and voice minutes (I still have unlimited data). Does anybody know of a voice and text bundle that is less than the 450 minutes/1000 texts that I currently have? Thanks.

    • M3D1T8R

      I pay $5 for 250 texts. They don’t advertise this as an option when you go through their site, or anywhere, but I’ve had it for years. You might be able to call up and ask them to manually switc to it. Shouldn’t affect minutes. I think 450 is the smallest amoiny for a single line plan.

      Incidentally, I’m thinking about dropping my $5 text plan entirely as I rarely use them any more with Hangouts and whatnot. Could maybe save a little by going back to $0.20/text. Such a rip off though, texts are..

      • DJ

        I did this (cancel my $5 for 250 texts), and its been about 1.5 months. I have been using google voice, hangouts, whatsapp etc. for all my texts. This did come with some caveats though since google voice doesn’t work with MMS (no pictures or group texts) currently on verizon. But for me I made it work and Ive been happy with this choice. It saves about $120 over the 2 year contract span,

  • cheezer88

    any body else getting these “Verizon Smart Rewards” emails? apparently i already have 16,000 points!

    • Sean Bello

      knowing Verizon, that’s the equivalent of 16 cents

      • DJ

        16,000 points. Just enough for you to trade it in for an embroidered verizon ball point pen

    • Franklin Ramsey

      This was gone over in another post on here, but basically it is a rewards program where you can use the points to “bid” on items in the rewards store or get discounts on other items.

  • schlanz

    unlike at&t, no discount for simply being out of contract. which is pretty dumb. you must be in an edge agreement. so if you enroll in edge, you get a discount, but after your agreement is fulfilled you go back to paying a built in plan subsidy. verizon you cheap bastards.

  • Nick Knack

    I Did a price comparison for 3 lines. Here is what I came up with….. VZW comes up short again.

    SMARTPHONE 1 $20
    SMARTPHONE 2 $20
    SMARTPHONE 3 $20
    TOTAL $150

    SMARTPHONE 1 $45
    SMARTPHONE 2 $45
    SMARTPHONE 3 $45
    TOTAL $155

    SMARTPHONE 1 $15
    SMARTPHONE 2 $15
    SMARTPHONE 3 $15
    10GB DATA $80
    TOTAL $145

    SMARTPHONE 1 $20
    SMARTPHONE 2 $20
    SMARTPHONE 3 $20
    10GB DATA $100
    TOTAL $160

    • Franklin Ramsey

      You are forgetting, on Verizon, you’d also have to be on the Edge plan, so there would be an additional monthly charge for whatever phone you are getting.

      • Tim242

        Most people will be paying monthly for a phone on the other carriers as well

        • PoisonApple31

          True, but at least they have the option to bring their own device

        • Franklin Ramsey

          I understand that, but with Verizon, if you aren’t paying the monthly cost of a phone, that small discount goes away. You don’t have an option to bring your own phone and get a discount, like you can with others.

    • jparker78

      Verizon is $30 per smartphone

      • Sandcrab3

        It drops to $20/line if you subscribe to the 10GB data plan. That is what I’m comparing. The $10/line difference will offset the difference in a $70 4 GB data and a $100 10GB. It gives you 6 GB more data for the same price.

        • jparker78

          With share everything?? My parents are on a share everything plan over 10GB and actually I was wrong, they are paying $40 per smartphone!

          • Nick Knack

            You have to realize that you are in a MORE EVERYTHING posting. In order to receive the discounts, you MUST be in the NEXT program. All of my prices are based on NO CONTRACT, JUMP, NEXT, EDGE, etc programs.

  • Ryan5609

    Waiting for the “Even More Unlimited” plans. I’ll just wait here, and probably die of old age.

  • fritzo2162

    Every time carrier prices come up in our office, I’m always used as the example. “HE PAYS $30 FOR UNLIMITED!”

  • Justin

    So any info on that whole open enrollment in EDGE? Nothing is listed about that anywhere on their site, so did they axe that?

    • Tim242

      You have to have renewed your contract prior to 11/13/13. That info comes via Android Central

  • Brad Ross

    Not Good Enough to Keep me and my family Big Red. Come June when our contract is up (2 x Unlimited Data Lines), I’ll be selling those lines on eBay and moving over to StraightTalk (with an AT&T 4G LTE sim) and hopefully the Nexus 6. Timing should be just about right too according to the rumor-mill!

    • Tim242

      Nexus phones are released in the fall.

  • donkeykong85

    edge is the worst plan in the world. paying for a mobile hotspot is even worse than edge. this is why i bought a moto x dev edition, still have unlimited data, and rooted my phone

  • find another carrier

    Always complaints from vzw ppl…just goto another carrier…its simple.

  • tbaybe

    so i finally leave VZW and now they cut their prices? geesh. owell.

    • JSo

      They havent cut their prices. They are just giving a little more for the same price. You are probably better off wherever you are anyway.

    • moew

      So for 2GB, it’s $50, but you have to pay a line access fee of $40.

      That’s $90/mo before taxes and fees, which will most likely put you well north of a hundred bucks for that 2GB.

      • tbaybe

        i assumed that the pricing mentioned above included the line access fee.

        • JSo

          That’s how they get you. lol

          • tbaybe

            yea- just went to the website- and yep, still $90 a month for just 2GB of data. Crazy! Went to Straight Talk- get everything unlimited for $45 a month!

  • jaredgreenwald

    I literally burst out laughing when I saw the ad that got inserted into this story…

  • nate

    At least they only added more data to the most useless plans…

  • HowEasy

    And I’m just sitting here with unlimited giggling…

  • Christopher Quan

    Unlimited everything for less money on a family plan? I’ll keep T-Mobile for now. Glad I left Verizon and got an N5.

  • mcdonsco

    I’m actually rooting for Verizon to get me off of unlimited data somehow because the only reason I mess around with root and roms is to avoid having to pay twice for my data to have mobile hotspot.

    But this ain’t it.

  • Alberto Martinez

    So does EDGE have open enrollment right now? I talked to CS and they didn’t know…

    • Denvertoad

      I talked to CS also and was told this does not allow open enrollment in EDGE. You have to have an available upgrade to qualify for the EDGE program. Seems pointless to force us to burn an upgrade. We’ve three on plan and try to keep an upgrade available in lieu of insurance. If we were able to EDGE we might, maybe, possibly, sorta consider the program. Until then I’m on the six month Swappa replacement plan. I own the device and keep an upgrade available.

  • ja7lewis


  • ETH

    I’m assuming this is on new contracts only?

  • peggsie

    Checked my plan on line this morning. I was getting 2GB for $60 now it already shows I’m getting 3 GB for same price. I’m happy.

    • Jace

      Same here: VZW just “upgraded” my account – yesterday my family share plan had only 2GB data, today we have 3GB! Checked it on the app on my DNA.

  • Razma

    $50 for 2 GB? What a deal!….oh wait I pay $30 for unlimited….

    • LP @ThisisEther

      Anybody with unlimited, you are in the minority, please stop chiming in on these plans. We get it: YOU HAVE THE BEST PLAN ON VERIZON. Of course these changes are bullsht to you…

      • Cael

        Pretty sure somebody mentioned that Share Everything (and most def Edge) are still less than 50% on Verizon iirc.

      • mcdonsco

        At $120/month it isn’t the best…for my usage, in my opinion I shouldnt be paying more than $75/month but, I still wait…

        I actually WANT to see Verizon successfully get me off of my unlimited data plan so I can A) stop paying $600 for phones and B) have a wireless bill well under $100/month.

        With my usage though the cheapest I could get on share everything is very slightly less than what I pay now, but then I’ll get bent over if—>when? My usage increases and that is what Verizon is betting on when they try to tempt us to ditch the plan.

        • AndySamberg

          you can get yourself off verizon very easly.

          • mcdonsco

            Tried T-Mobile (assuming you are referencing them?) … Voice and text was fine…data coverage was incredibly bad…plus, they throttle you with high MHS use.

          • yankeesusa

            They only throttle if you don’t pay for the unlimited without throttling data plan. Plus it all depends where you live. 2 years ago I would never touch tmobile. Now Ive been using them since november and love it. My data speeds are always over 8mbps and on lte which I get about 90% of the time I get no lower than 22mbps on most days. Yes verizon works great too but I’m paying way less. I have even traveled with tmobile and so far Ive only hit a couple bad spots, with verizon I hit the same dead spot as with tmobile so everything is okay for me. But I’m not saying tmobile is for everyone. Its a matter of testing it if your serious about saving money. Lucky for most, now att offers great plans and almost as good coverage as verizon. Yes, it’s not all lte compared to verizon but hspa is just as fast as most of verizon lte in most areas.

      • cheezer88

        i racked up 25gb in data this month just to stick it to them.

        • LP @ThisisEther

          I’d average about 15GB …. BUT I had to leave for the motox black Friday… Golden chance to grab it and head to gsm prepaid….

          • cheezer88

            i know i over pay for my minutes but i make it up in data

        • Sean Bello

          people like you are why data cost is so high. congrats on “sticking it to them”

          • Adrynalyne

            Verizon was posting record profits when everyone was unlimited.

            Carrier greed is the reason why data costs are so high.

            If Verizon was truly concerned about data caps, people would have been kicked off for abuse and almost nobody was.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I think you are forgetting that the cost to Verizon works out to be very low. That 25GB of data he used probably cost Verizon 10 cents or less per GB, and that is on a high scale. If we look at actual costs, it was probably closer to 2-3 cents per GB. The average person doesn’t know the true costs, so they can’t really find a reason to complain too much.


          • yankeesusa

            Who cares what the actual cost it is to them. Their still ripping people off. Only reason they can is because they decided to keep reinforcing and expanding their network and this way charge whatever they want. If you only get coverage with verizon then your only choice i them. If you get good coverage with att or tmobile then your choice is simple if you want great speed and now great prices since att has some really good pricing if you bring your own phone. Even when I worked for verizon I didn’t have their service. Ive always had great service from sprint and att and now great service with tmobile which I just switched too. And why can’t people complain? Obviously almost everyone that seems to have a complaint about verizon is pricing. Only reason to pay the high prices is if you need their service which in some cases it is the only service that works. Luckily there are other options that work just as well or better.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Um, I think you are mistaken as to my intent. The post I was responding to was Sean Bello saying using 25GB on an unlimited plan was the reasons costs to users were so high. I was pointing out that the Cost to Verizon was so low to make the point that a person “sticking it to them” by using 25GB of data on an unlimited plan really doesn’t hurt Verizon at all.

            In no way, shape or form was I defending any providers pricing scheme, Nor was I even complaining about costs. I was pointing out costs to the providers only.

            You say AT&T has great prices now. If you wanted to take anything away from my post in relation to what you stated, it would be AT&T’s pricing is only better compared to Verizon. It is by no means “Great” considering that 10GB of data on the Data plan costs them roughly 1 or 2 dollars.

          • yankeesusa

            Got it. I understand now.
            but in the end Whether you compare actual costs or not the new att plans are still good. 2 lines sharing 10gb of data for only $130 is the price that consumers look at. Not the cost of what it actually costs att. Especially since texting doesn’t cost the cell companies anything and for years they charged a cost per text or $20 for unlimited texting. At this point the only comparison that consumers care about is the price compared to other companies and their coverage in the area they live in.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I understand consumers care about the price compared to other companies, but if Consumers knew the actual cost to the companies, the consumer would be better informed. Think about it this way, the reason providers like AT&T and Verizon are switching to selling blocks of Data to people is two fold.
            One) they know people are going to use more and more data.
            Two) Switching to LTE and Vo-LTE is going to cost the providers less as data transmission costs less.
            So right now, it costs Verizon and AT&T about $15-$20 averaged out over all their customers to provide each of them with unlimited Talk and Text. 10GB of data use would cost either provider another 2-3 bucks a month. Now when you factor in Licenses and Employee fees, those probably add another $5-$20 a month. So for two lines at $20 per line + $1.5 for 5GB of data + $12 misc fees the actual cost to the provider is $67. For that $67 cost, AT&T charges you $130. Now with Vo-LTE all that talk and text part of the equation is going to go away as it will be all handled over Data connections. So lets say all your talking and texting eat up 10GB of data (which would be a HUGE amount of talking and texting), plus the 5GB of data you actually used for other stuff. Now there is no per line cost to them so it is just $4.5 dollars in data charges + $12 Misc fees. So for two lines it would cost $33. And I bet they will charge you the same rate or more that you pay now!

            Since consumers aren’t informed, they don’t know they are getting ripped off. Just because something looks like a great deal relative to other providers, doesn’t mean it is even a good deal.

          • shizzel

            BS… do buy into the hype. They ONLy want to pad the profits. Nothing more.
            If it was not for Tmol competitive price points. These new offers would never have happened. Its all about greed and total control of YOU.

        • Fdog

          Truth is that you should not be running your entire online system through cellular Data. The system was never set up to do that. I’m no lover of Verizon, or the crap they pull with the plans, but you guys should at least have to pay a bit extra to tether (if you aren’t tethering, and using 20-40GB a month, what the hall ARE you doing on your phone) Simple fact is we are using our phones to replace things that either used to be free (radio), or cost us money elsewhere ( broadband)

      • flosserelli

        These plans are BS, period.

    • Bender Tevez

      Can anyone tell me why they keep uping the price of data? I pay 29.99 for 2 gigs and now its $50??? if I had to pay that I would be not using a smartphone

      • jbegs

        I think the 2 gigs for $30 is for the individual plans or if you’re on a family plan with other people that still have unlimited. This 2 gigs at $50 is for the share everything that gives your family plan the unlimited calling and txt/pic messages plus the ability to use this data as a hotspot.

      • mikewilson1021

        You pay 29.99 for 2gb of data, but you also pay an additional fee for your talk and text. The $50 that they’re mentioning here is for the whole talk/text/data package, so this is probably less than what you’re paying now.

        • Andrés Mata

          I am on a individual plan (450 Nationwide… 450mins + 250 messages + 2Gb Data = $75/mo). If I try to change my plan to the More Everything $50, it says the it is $50 for unlimited talk/text + 2Gb of data, but it is also saying that I need to pay $40 as a Monthly Line Access per device… so = $90/mo. No savings for me with those bullsh*t plans and charges

          • PoisonApple31

            If you needed more minutes, or wanted unlimited texting, there is arguably more value with the More Everything plan, hence the higher price. That’s not your routine, so I understand you have no value in the More Everything plan – just saying.

        • BananaBob

          If you go on their site and price it, its $50 for 2GB of data. Plus a $40 smartphone access fee per month. So thats $90 total. I just did an Edge, with 2GB, 1 phone and with the $24.99 per month finance fee for the phone was $122 per month.. So this is all totally wrong!!

      • mcdonsco

        Pretty much every carrier made the change when they saw the cash cow that is data with the rise in smartphone usage….luckily some companies are starting to back pedal on it (tmobile) but not enough IMO to get me to ditch my Verizon unlimited account.

        One of these days though I’ll likely sell it, but I’ll have to go through some supervisors at Verizon first to initiate a new $10/month addon line to move my number to so I can keep my number and sell the unlimited data plan.

      • yankeesusa

        The reason could be because of people like the post above that uses over 50gigs a month on his mobile phone.

    • fa3sr011

      As a former Unlimited user who switched to a Shared Data Plan I have to ask everyone who racks up massive amounts of data each month… Do you not have Home Wireless? Previously I never even connected my phone to my Home Wireless because of my unlimited data plan but after switching and using my own wireless I’ve never gone over 3GB. Legitimately curious. Also curious if a lot of that data use is torrent based.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Well, I have an unlimited plan, and I have home wireless. In a month I don’t have to travel for work, I’ll rack up 3-4 GB easy, but I stream Google All Access when driving around. Now that Google All Access has been out a while and most of the songs I listen to are cached to my device, I noticed my data usage is about 1-1.5 GB a month. On months I travel for work, that usage can go to 30 GB, but usually is around 10GB.

      • Ryan savini

        My work doesn’t have free WiFi for me to use,so I tether and watch Netflix for 40 hours a week. My data averages from 50-70gb a month.if it wasn’t for unlimited data,I’d be a very bored person sitting at a desk staring at a wall

        • yankeesusa

          Don’t know what kind of a job you have that lets you watch netflix but depending on the job I’d fire someone that spent most of their time on their phone. As for the 50 to 70gb of data that you spend, that’s the reason why verizon is getting rid of unlimited anytime they have a chance. There is no reason to use that much data on a mobile phone. It deteriorates the quality of everyone else on the network and that is why companies are charging per data.

          • Ry Sav

            I work security overnights and have nothing better to do other than a walk around my building ever 2 hours. So with no wifi, I tether my laptop to my moto x and enjoy TV shows and the Olympics…. Sorry if you’d fire me, but then again you’d probably end up firing every overnight security officer across the US who has nothing better to do

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Actually him using that much data doesn’t deteriorate the quality of the network. The fact carriers allow users to use as much bandwidth as their device can pull down at any given point in time is what deteriorates the quality of the network. If Verizon limited all our phones to connecting at, say 5Mb/sec speeds it would even out their congestion problems. Let’s look at it from a Provider’s end. If they have a 100 Gb/sec fiber connection for their pipe to the towers each tower could handle roughly 1,500 people at 50Mb/sec connection speeds. Now Let’s say 1501 people want to connect, the people connected first are going to get their fast 50Mb/sec connections and that poor 1501st person is going to get whatever is left over from the backend of the data connections. Now, if Verizon limited each phone to 5Mb/sec connections they could have roughly 15,000 people all connecting just fine! As you can see, it isn’t the amount of data a person consumes, it’s how much bandwidth Verizon allows to get it to them. Verizon is always transmitting, so if you had a 5Mb/sec connection pulling down data all day long, it wouldn’t cost them any more than having that connection sitting idle. This holds true for any provider which is why T-Mobile is currently faster than Verizon. Fewer people on T-Mobile, means faster connection speeds.

          • yankeesusa

            Good point. But at this point tmobile is faster than verizon where I live and also cheaper so I will continue to use them till the congestion starts. If it gets bad I have the att plan I can use with my corporate discount and only pay about $10 more than what I’m paying now. Hopefully tmobile keeps getting better or merges with someone that will improve them. Either way I go with whatever company works for me at the time. Sprint has served that purpose for the last 13+ years and now tmobile is doing really good for me.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            More power to you! I say go with whatever provider works best for you and your circumstance!

      • Mordecaidrake

        I have wi-fi at both work and home, even using both I rack up over 6gb a month. That’s basically just listening to music to and from work on Google Music. Now what is the point of my having a data plan if their argument is ‘connect to wifi’, it’s pointless to have a data plan if that’s their slogan. Plus I’m paying $30 now for unlimited data, I’m suppose to downgrade to 2gb a month for the same price? F you Verizon haha

        • yankeesusa

          In that case then depending on the time of day it may not be affecting the network. Hopefully they let people continue to keep their unlimited plans.

    • MentatYP

      No you don’t. You pay $30 for unlimited DATA; talk and text are extra. These new plans include unlimited talk and text along with the data bucket. Not a fan of Verizon’s gouging at all, but need to get the facts straight to complain properly.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Technically one could argue his facts are straight and that the $40 Line access fee is actually for the Talk and Text.

      • BananaBob

        You are Wrong sir.. Its $50 for 2GB of Data. Plus $40 for for Smartphone line access fee (which is the talk and text) So please, You get your facts straight before u complain about the complainers! Therefore you are now looking at a total of $100 after all said and done!

        • MentatYP

          Stupid me, I assumed Verizon would have reasonable pricing but realized later there was still the $40 per line fee for these Everything plans. My bad. I thought they had extended their semi-secret “loyalty” plan that’s $60 for 2GB and unlimited talk/text into a real plan that everybody can get. Obviously not.

    • iamme

      that $50 is for the account access….it cant be compared to a data feature…..its compared to the old 700…1400…2000…unlimited minute line access……the $40 per smartphone is what you compare to the $30 feature……just like the old $9.99 line plus $30 data feature = $39.99 ($40)

      1400 minute plan with 4 smartphones (unlimited or not) = $260

      Share Everything plan with 4 smartphones and 10gb of data = $260

      More Everything Plan with 4 smartphones on EDGE with 10gb of data = $180 + monthly cost of edge

  • Jason K

    Just changed my plan with VZW. They put me on a “loyalty” plan because I have been with them for 14 years. Unlimited talk, unlimited text, 2GB of data and NO LINE ACCESS FEE for $60/mo. Unreal deal. Saves $30+ per month!

    • tbaybe

      yea they told me about that plan when i said i was leaving- too bad they didnt have this plan in December., Owell, happy to be gone

    • BlynkOfAnEye

      I did the same a few months back, fantastic deal. I was all butthurt about losing unlimited data, but as I’m pretty much on Wi-Fi 95% of my day , I’m finding it’s not as big a problem as I’d anticipated it would be.

      • Jason K

        Exactly. I use wifi whenever I can.

      • PoisonApple31

        I used to be upset as well, I had my unlimited line smartphone, 2GB smartphone, and a dumb phone. Never used more than 4GB in a month on my unlimited line. Now have 3 smartphones, 8 GB data pool, and with the other two users barely touching their data, I have more than enough for my needs. The price of my new plan versus the legacy plan is a $3 more a month.

    • trixnkix637

      You realize people with 4 months or less on their contracts qualify for these loyalty plans? All you have to do is ask VZW CS. You’ve been overpaying for years in that case.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Verizon is trying, guys…. That is the first step…..

    • Adrynalyne

      I wouldn’t call that trying unless Verizon is a rookie company and doesn’t know any better.

      • LP @ThisisEther

        No, it’s trying… They are making these changes in response to the recent shakeups from T-Mobile… AT&T blinked, and now Verizon is showing some blinkage-like behavior…. They’re acknowledging they need to give more bang for buck, acknowledging their customers could actually wake up and leave them……. and they’re not even changing their prices, so it’s a win/win for them.

        • Adrynalyne

          They are trying about as much as a someone brushing the crumbs off their lap for someone starving to feast on…

          Seriously, though. There is very little give. a 10 dollar discount here and there isn’t an answer to what Tmo is doing and ATT pussed out on some of what they were doing.

          They know this and are banking upon customer ignorance.

          • LP @ThisisEther

            But Verizon has always been the most expensive carrier with the best service. What did you expect, for them to lower their prices to T-Mobile’s level?

          • Adrynalyne

            Best service is subjective to the area in question.

            Here is something you need to understand about Verizon. They post record profits all the time. Despite this, they take away more and more, and then give a little back. This is how they have always worked. This is also how they get people to think they are trying to compete with their prices.

            I can tell you fell for it.

            This is no different than the promotional free unlimited tethering on the Thunderbolt. Nor is it different from the double data plans from a few years back. Nor is it different from the Max program they are offering.

            Verizon’s motto:
            Take it away, give some of it back, take away some more, give some back.
            They will love us for it!

          • LP @ThisisEther

            I know how Verizon works, son. I just left them in December after 9 long years for straight talk moto x. I hate Verizons motto also. I simply said, they are trying and it’s a result of the recent T-Mobile shakeup.

            Not like I’m ever running back, I’m done with them.

            And overall, country wide, it’s widely known vzw has the best service. That’s not really debatable.

          • Adrynalyne

            You can try belittling with the “son” comment (I am probably as old if not older than you) but it won’t make your point any truer.

            Being with Verizon for 14 years has shown me that no, they are not trying. They aren’t even a bit worried about ATT and Tmobile’s changes.

          • LP @ThisisEther

            Nah, they are trying. They aren’t a successful business by ignoring all competition. They see competition and make adjustments accordingly, and the adjustments are consistent with them either continuing to make money or making MORE money.

            They can’t just cut prices and match T-Mobile plan for plan or else they’d be….. T-Mobile.
            And I’m not belittling you, I’m just another adult behind a SwiftKey keyboard.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Sure they can cut prices and match T-Mobile plan for plan and guess what, they’d be Verizon with T-Mobile’s prices and Verizon’s network. People would dance and sing in the streets, dogs and cats living together, it’d be mass hysteria!

          • Adrynalyne

            Not to mention record profits as people jump ship for Verizon en masse.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Only down side would be the speed on their network would die as the amount of people switching would be insane.

          • Adrynalyne

            So more of the same.

            Shots fired!

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Haha I was thinking more like Sprint Speeds, Verizon Coverage, T-Mobile prices.

    • Zoloft_User

      Yes, they are trying to LOSE customers…

  • Defenestratus

    Not bad. I might come back to big red with these prices.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      These prices are still the exact same. They aren’t showing there is a $40 line access fee per phone in addition to the prices above.

  • MORE: More Over Ridiculously Expenses

  • Fry

    There’s a sucker born every second.

  • Ben Murphy

    Do we get MORE lube?

    • Dr_Buttballs

      That’s an extra $10.

      • tyguy829

        plus line access and fees

        • Aaron

          And tax.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            And you’ll want the insurance with that.

          • JSo

            Plus, you will be stuck with it for two years.

          • ImmaDroid

            Don’t forget a $30 upgrade your A$$ fee

          • Adrynalyne

            But you have 14 days to remove it from your a$$.

          • ImmaDroid

            Well in that case, then its a $35 to restock your A$$ fee!!

          • Adrynalyne

            tl;dr conversation:

            One way or another, you are taking the full shaft, with no lube.

          • ImmaDroid

            That’s usually how it works with VZW! With what I have and what I’m paying, they are giving it to me hard right now!!

          • Adrynalyne

            Me too. My bill probably makes others pale in comparison.

          • ImmaDroid

            $172 a month for 1 smartphone & 1 basic phone. 1400 min, and 1 unlimited data plan. I come to realize that I’m taking it hard right now from them! :-/ I used to think because of their great service and whatnot that it was somewhat worth it, but it totally isn’t anymore. I’m going to have to make some changes soon!

          • Adrynalyne


            That is 3 smartphones and one dumb phone.
            1400 minutes
            1 line has 2GB data
            1 line has 4GB data
            1 line has unlimited.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Do they at least provide a few drops of lube with that, cause you are getting Reamed and reamed hard.

          • Adrynalyne

            I equate it to something like this (might be NSFW):


          • Franklin Ramsey

            At least it is a quick painful in and then an out. That’s something at least.

          • Adrynalyne

            One a month, every month.

          • Dave

            1400 minutes, two texting phones, 2 smartphones with unlimited for $194.65. Then I get $70 from the friends for their dumb phones on top of that.

          • Dave

            So 2 unlimited lines for $125.

          • ImmaDroid

            geez.. Your A$$ must be like a crater with how hard they bang you!! You can literally get 8 unlimited plans with like straight talk

          • Adrynalyne

            Yeah, but I need the coverage….


          • ImmaDroid

            I do have amazing service with VZW, and my 4g speeds are constantly 50-70mbps+. Plus Unlimited Data. Those are the reasons I’ve been hanging on.with them. But I believe Sprint and AT&T both have LTE in my area. I just wish I could test out a phone with them for a couple hours to see how their service and speed is around here. What area are u in?

          • Adrynalyne

            Southern Arizona. There are dead spots once you leave Tucson, and I live on the edge of it.

            At some point, I am going to grab a prepaid sim and spend the day driving around to map them all out and see if I can live with it. However, even if I cancel my line, it only drops the bill 45 a month, and I lose unlimited (and unthrottled) data. More importantly, I lose my minutes. I want both, which means I would pay more than I am now for my individual line.

          • ImmaDroid

            Yea I have a 2nd basic phone that I used to have for my mom. But its not in use anymore, so a family share plan is pointless. But its still under contract. If I can drop down to a single plan after that, and stay at $100 or under with my unlimited data I’d be happy. (or Happier)

          • Vitis

            Try Sensorly if you haven’t already. I show this to customers instead of the company maps.

          • ImmaDroid

            Cool! ive been looking for something like this to see whats out there in my area. Thanks! i just downloaded the app, going to contribute as well. it looks like VZW is still king in my area!

          • Vitis

            IF Sprint works in your area, remember… IF… then you can drop your bill to $200.

            4 phones at $40
            Unlimited talk/text
            1 line has unlimited at $20
            2 lines has 3gb at $10 each

            Add more people to your group and you can drop that even more. It can possibly be $140 if you add 3 more to your group (not account). Of course, this doesn’t take the installment billing of the new phones.

          • Adrynalyne

            Sprint’s coverage is as woeful as the others. Fine in city, but once you leave or head into a building…not so hot.

            ATT is probably ok, but that is trading one tyrant for another.

          • michael arazan

            I pay 240, 1400 minutes 3 lines with 2 gb, one with unlimited data and text, and a gov discount

          • TylerChappell

            Hey, sometimes that works.

          • michael arazan

            Asurion Butt Insurance.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Just be careful with that deductible.

  • m1ghtysauc3

    I finally lost my unlimited plan today when I upgraded. Not a good day.

    • Nexoduss

      If I ever lose it, I’m leaving Verizon that same day haha.

      • m1ghtysauc3

        I work from home so I’ll be on WiFi a lot. Hopefully 2gb is enough.

        • mcdonsco

          Might want to rethink that one…I work from home as well, and in fact due to weather lately barely the the house this month and I’m connected to my WiFi at home.

          I’m at 10gb’s right now.

          • JSo

            How does that happen?

          • mcdonsco

            Dunno…only thing I can think of is when I go outside to smoke…large 1 acre lot so WiFi sucks when I go outside, stays connected but not well enough to be usable so I turn it off while outside..but back on when I get back inside.

            Very brief times…yet somehow i still hit high usage.

          • JSo

            That’s not right. The only place I have WiFi is at home. About 10 hours a day I dont have WiFi and dont even monitor it. I stream Music every day to and from work. This months pay period is almost over for me and I’m only at 3 GB. You stepping outside periodically shouldnt get you to 10 GB. Maybe 10 MB

          • ToddAwesome

            Seriously, I would say that I use quite a bit of data while out and about and even that only comes to about 3GB per month. Something is off here.

          • m1ghtysauc3

            How are you using Verizon data if you’re connected to WiFi?

      • CyHawk60

        I’m thinking about leaving just to cut my bill in half.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Yeah seriously

      • T4rd

        Lol, yup! Even if I have to take a huge coverage hit on T-Mobile, I’ll leave Verizon without hesitation if I lose unlimited. Esp. at these pound-me-in-the-ass rates for feaking shared data.

    • dlegendary0ne

      I feel your pain – I had to do it too :-/

    • cheapm1ghtysauc3

      Cheap ass buy the phone full price and stop complaining about losing your unl data.

      • m1ghtysauc3

        Awe, you chose a name with my name inside it. That seems like a flirt to me. I’m not into that though. Sorry.

        • Detonation

          Well it is almost Valentine’s Day. He’s probably feeling lonely.

          • m1ghtysauc3

            How adorable.

    • So either don’t upgrade, buy a used phone online, or buy a new one at full price. The Moto X can be had for $350 brand new while keeping your unlimited data.

      • Adrynalyne

        The problem with that is the amount of reasonably priced choices. With only one…its suddenly not reasonable if said person doesn’t want a moto x.

        • Then get a slightly used phone like the LG G2, Note 3, S4, HTC One for $300-$400. Honestly for the cheaper monthly rate and having unlimited data, it’s worth it. Think of it like your own EDGE program, you’ll just pay that off over the time you keep it.

          • Adrynalyne

            Wait, what cheaper monthly rate? Verizon doesn’t lower costs off contract.

          • Cheaper by paying $30 for unlimited versus some crazy amount if you need more than 2GB.

          • Adrynalyne

            Yeah I suppose in that respect its less expensive.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I all fairness, I just went to their website to see what a plan would cost. Currently with my work discount I get 450 minutes, unlimited Text and Data for $70.18, Compared to the Share Everything plan which would be “only” $83 with my discount for unlimited talk, text, and 2 GB data. Why would someone even consider going off their unlimited data plan?

          • Adrynalyne

            I might be convinced to sell mine if someone is interested.


          • Franklin Ramsey

            I was thinking the same thing, and heading to Straight Talk or AIO. Sadly, T-Mobile and AT&T don’t have the best coverage in my area. I like being able to go out on the lake and make calls or upload pictures, while everyone around me is searching for a signal.

          • Adrynalyne

            They don’t in my area either. I am out of contract, but my daughter and wife are still stuck on Verizon.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            And it’s hard to ditch your wife and daughter for greener pastures.

          • Adrynalyne

            LOL, yeah.

            That and I won’t see overall savings unless they come along with me.

  • moew

    Don’t forget the line access fees! Oh what…. OUCH! Paging legere

    • JSo

      Seriously. My girlfriends $60 plan is actually around $100 a month.

      • moew

        Monthly line access is $40, I see that as on TOP of the outlined prices. Don’t forget taxes/fees on top of that… whats average now, about 21% or more?

  • possomcrast1

    Verizon’s trying to pull a T-Mobile and do all of the right things but it doesn’t really know how..”How can we continue to rip off our customers whilst trying to look like a good guy?”

    • EC8CH

      Verizon knows exactly what they are doing. They are the kings of dressing up crap news for their customers and making them think they are getting a good deal.

    • yankeesusa

      They really don’t have to pull a tmobile as long as their network works almost everywhere. Luckily I get good service with tmobile and att and for now I’m using tmobile and saving a lot of money and still getting over 25mbps on a regular basis. If things change and get worse with tmobile then I’ll switch. I just feel bad for those that only verizon works in their area.

  • Grasshopper239

    Sounds promising, but VZW will make it so at least half of customers who would be interested, are ineligible. Just like a couple weeks ago with the $45 and $60 plans.

    • Lucki

      I’ve had absolutely no problems switching existing customers, and activating new customers with the $45 and $60 plans. I haven’t seen anything about being ineligible.

      • Grasshopper239

        I tried to move my wife to the $60 plan, was told not eligible because she was not within 12 mos of upgrade. That sounds like half of their customers to me…

        • James Geist

          My wife and I moved from our Share Everything plan to 2 separate $45 plans with no issues. I’m near the end of my contract, she’s only 4 months into hers. Weird that they wouldn’t allow you do to it.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          I’ve been off contract for 6+ months and they want to move me to a 1gig plan for $60 a month. I’ll stick with my unlimited.

  • Carlton Crasher

    So wow an increase of 1GB of data…and uh allow me to blow every bit of that uploading my music collection to their 25GB music service

  • T S

    they’re still MORE expensive than any other carrier but i get it. premium price for a premium service. . . .just not premium customer service.

    • Carlton Crasher

      I agree, although my experience with AT&T right now is sub par customer service. I always got what i needed taken care of through Verizon phone conversations and going into their stores…AT&T nobody seems no know whats going on and they don’t want to try to understand your needs..