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Verizon Announces MORE Everything Plans

Verizon More Everything Plans

Just as we reported would happen, Verizon announced a new initiative called MORE Everything. The idea here is simple – Verizon is upping the data buckets on select plans, while keeping the price the same, hence the “more.” They are also upping bandwidth in major cities, handing out 25GB of cloud storage to select data plans, letting you upgrade faster with EDGE, and even giving discounts on lines if you participate in EDGE. 

The new plans:

  • 1GB (was 500MB) of data for $40
  • 2GB (was 1GB) of data for $50
  • 3GB (was 2GB) of data for $60
  • All still included unlimited talk and text

Discounts with EDGE:

  • If you participate in EDGE and have a data plan of 8GB or less, Verizon will cut $10 off per line.
  • If you participate in EDGE and have a data plan of 10GB or more, Verizon will cut $20 off per line.

And that is the meat of it. We’ll work on a comparison of the current state of the four major carriers, if it’s even possible. Some are doing some wildly different things these days.

Any questions?

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Via:  Verizon
  • TheDrunkenClam

    (Was) 2gb for 60????
    I thought it was $30

  • Blair

    Is it $20 off per month per line? Or just 1 time (1month) saving?

  • ChristianPasquariello

    Lg g2 upgraded to online no upgrade fee.

  • wtsamatta

    No real savings for me. I’d need the 4 gb plan, and then add the phone. About 7$ savings from what I have now. But I have unlimited data. I get 900 min and unlimited text. for 117$/m would be 110$ with this plan, sans taxes and fees I guess

  • TC Infantino

    A move in the right direction, but just a small one. I think I will still keep my unlimited data and just pay full price for my phones. Until the Un-carrier can get much better coverage in my area, I am pretty much sticking with VZW and the grandfathered unlimited. I am just very happy/lucky that VZW had a phone that I like enough to be willing to actually pay full price for. Thank you/RIP Motorola.

  • Fdog

    So, let me get this straight. I get 2GB of Data for $50, $20 more than I am paying for it now? (older plan, I’m at $40 for 750 min, $10 for 1000 text, $30 2GB data). with this “more” I would be paying $90 (+ tax) and the only more I would be getting is unlimited talk & text, neither of which I come close to using on my current plan. Or I could pay an extra $30 for data, but only get 1GB more….Gee, I can go over for only $15 more per GB!

    If you really want to give us MORE Verizon, just do it! Add Unlimited Talk/Text to everyone’s plan and adjust their Data, if you have 1, you get 2, if you have 2, you get 3, etc. You unlimited guys….. you get “Super Secret Double Unlimited Data” Although I do think there should be a small charge for tethering ($10?)

  • Jim Davis

    Switched from Verizon to AIO wireless in January (with new Nexus 5!) and I couldn’t be happier. (And in that short time, AIO has knocked $10 off my monthly bill! I was paying $55/month and now it’s $45/month.)

  • Brian Barcus

    The best news I’ve seen out of Verizon was when I got the final bill for my ETF after switching to T-Mobile.