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AT&T’s LG G2 Receiving Minor 15MB Update, Still No Kit Kat

The LG G2 from AT&T is receiving an update today that appears to do nothing more than prepare the phone for future updates. In other words, this is not the Kit Kat (Android 4.4) you have all been waiting for. The changelog simply states that the 15.4MB file is an enhancement “to support future updates,” while also bringing “Google enhancements.”

Maybe Android 4.4 is around the corner and LG needs to prepare the phone for arrival? Who knows at this point, but we have seen Kit Kat show up on Korean variants of LG’s 2013 flagship.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more. 

Update summary

On February 13, 2014, AT&T and LG released a software update for the LG G2 (D800).   This software package updates the baseband version to M8974A-AAAANAZM-1.0. 190034

This software update includes

The size of the update file is 15.4 MB and is available over the air.

  • FOTA enhancement to support future updates
  • Google enhancements

What to expect after the update

Although there should be no impacts to settings or data, we recommend that you back up your media files to a PC, or using a favorite application (from the Play Store), prior to upgrading the software.

Via:  ATT

  • Ishan Patel

    People still keep stock ROMS on their phones?

    • LionStone

      Why would you not?

  • RockMarz

    How about fixing ringer and notification volume levels..typical lg sucks at this..but everything else is awesome.

  • mcdonsco

    Mine works great, but I never use it, so that could be why.

  • Stacy Nolin

    My phone got this update tonight and it got stuck on a black screen. Now all you can do with it is restart it and it tells you it has a rebooting error, and back to black screen. I am so thrilled that my phone no longer works because of a “minor update”

  • Gabriel Guerra

    Can someone tell me about the warranty process for LG? I have had my G2 since late November and noticed that my battery life is average to poor. I researched alot of Android phones (I was previous iPhone owner) and came to choose the G2, as the battery life was a big selling point. Just looking for LG user info on warranty process (web searching didn’t answer my questions). With the Apple warranty I had about a $700 hold on my checking account until Apple received my old phone. I also had a Blackberry in years past and didn’t have any type of hold on bank account to receive replacement phone. Just hoping someone can let me know what to expect. Thank You!

  • Marty Fried

    I got that update, with absolutely no warning. I was outside working in the yard listening to music, when it stopped playing, and I looked and saw it was doing an update. My phone was made useless without my permission. Good thing I wasn’t using navigation, or about to make an important call. Fortunately, it only took a few minutes, but it restarted by itself, too, so I could have lost data.

    • CoreRooted

      That’s really odd as the update app cannot be triggered to automatically install and reboot the device without your intervention. I’ve looked through the update manager code A LOT (tinkering to permanently turn it off) and can honestly tell you that there is no intent or methods at all that supports the update manager installing and rebooting the device on its own. The update manager prompts you once when there is a software update available with a notification in the status bar that MUST be clicked (or one could manually navigate to settings to initiate it). Then, you have to click the download button to initiate the download. Finally, you have to give it permission to update and one more click before it reboots.

      • Leon Wells

        Mine did the same thing with no warning or notification beforehand. I was glad it had a good charge and the update didn’t take too long.

        • CoreRooted


          BTW, I’m in no way calling anyone a liar… I’m actually wondering if maybe they changed the update manager code in D80010o or something like that.

      • Krononaut

        That happend to me when I first powered up my phone a couple weeks back and again when the 15mb update came out. The second time I was in a meeting and my phone did the bootup sound. The boss and bosses boss were not pleased.

        I looked for a setting to stop this to no avail.

        Running AT&T stock unrooted FWIW.

        • CoreRooted

          Yeah… I was skimming through the update manager code and lo and behold, if an update is considered critical, it can force the update without user intervention. -1 to LG for allowing that crap. :-/

  • antinorm

    AOKP officially supports the G2 now (VZW variant, plus probably some others) if you don’t want to wait for KK. Of all the non-stock G2 ROMs I’ve tried, it’s the only one I’ve used for more than a few days before switching back.

  • DanielMena9

    I need that Kit Kat for NFC payment and adobe pdf printing!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    fragile POS

    • What smartphone in 2013 isn’t fragile? Any phone will crack if it lands on the display.

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        True. But compared to other phones? C’mon! http://www.androidauthority.com/lg-g2-drop-test-282528/

        The thin bezels do not do it justice. Fine, the screen can crack, but at least remain functional. My friends doesn’t work, mine doesn’t work, and android authority’s doesn’t work. I did have an incipio case on it, it does have a thin profile. My experience was not good and i’m just upset.

        • I had a Note 2 which was replaced twice due to it breaking with when the slightest of falls.

      • bringbackGnex!!

        Not from 2013 but my Gnex has been abused, dropped, thrown, and the only blemish is a chip in the lower right corner of the glass.

  • apackofmonkeys

    I just wish they’d fix the weak GPS connection. Worried that it’s a hardware problem rather than a software one. Honestly, I’m about ready to get rid of this phone since it will lose your GPS connection for minutes at a time while you’re driving.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Sure that’s not google maps acting up?

    • Mike

      Get a replacement. My G2 has had impeccable GPS and I use navigation all throughout the country. It’s not uncommon for it to be a manufacturing issue.

      • RTrece6415

        мʏ в­­­­­­e­­­­­­ѕт ғʀι­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɴɖ’ѕ ѕιѕт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ-ιɴ-ʟαա мαĸ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ѕ $72/нօυʀ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ιɴт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­т. ѕн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­e­­­­­­­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɴ υɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­мքʟօʏ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɖ ғօʀ ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ιɢнт мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ քαʏƈн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ƈĸ աαѕ $14661 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ιɴт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­т ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. ʋιѕιт ʏօυʀ υʀʟ SaveJury&#46com

    • SplashMTN

      I’ve had the G2 for 3 months and haven’t had this issue yet. Faulty unit maybe? I’m not saying it isn’t an issue, I just haven’t run into it yet. I will say that sometimes it will take a minute or two to get an accurate location though.

      On a side note, I really hope they get rid of the grey gradient in the notification panel with the update to 4.4.

    • G2 Owner

      Hmmz… no problem with mine. i navigate often.

    • The Narrator

      Works flawless for me (Verizon)

    • aye_winchell

      so using navigation (the google one or another?) it loses where you are? just wondering, never really used navigation yet on it, ill see if i get similar results though, because so far i have no complaints with the phone (now that im rooted and xposed) but honestly dont think ive really used gps. location services seems to work fine withing google now, but thats not gps alone so ill have to give it a try and see.

    • d-rock

      I’ve never had a problem with my G2 and navigation and i’ve used it extensively. Have you tried loading an AOSP rom to see if the problem still exists? Sounds like a hardware issue and I’d get my device replaced if I were you.

    • gpaine

      It does it for me too. I think it’s a hardware issue. The phone seems to do it more when it’s sitting in my lap. If it’s vertical in the vehicle or being held, it never loses GPS. Perhaps my fat thighs give off interference….

    • CoreRooted

      As an avid Ingress player, I can tell you firsthand that the G2 doesn’t have any GPS issues. I’m going to agree with the other posters here that it probably is faulty hardware in your unit as I run GPS/data for at least 4-6 hours a day and never have lock on issues.

    • No issues here either.

    • mcdonsco

      Mine works great, but I never use it, so that could be why.