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Influx Icons Arrive on Google Play

Another week, another great icon pack released to Android users. The newest entry in a growing list that we can’t seem to stop switching between is Influx, from Alex Miller. I have actually been testing this pack for a number of weeks and would suggest you all take a look to see if its 630+ hand-crafted icons will meet your needs. Yes, it has long shadows, but it also features rounded edges, a bright-but-not-too-bright color palette, and a set of wallpapers that may justify the price even if you don’t need another icon set.Β 

If you were looking for even more value, Miller tossed in a Widgetlocker theme, plus a set of Zooper skins, all of which will fit perfectly with his icons.

You could compare it to Lumos, though these icons are even more rounded and not quite as soft in terms of colors. It’s definitely not pastel, like Cryten, one of our other favorites of the moment. It fits somewhere in between both of those.

Play Link ($1.99) | Demo

influx icons

  • viewthis66

    Can someone tell me what icon pack was used of for what looks like a folder just above the home button? I need that asap. Thanks.

  • Richard III

    what clock is that in the first picture?

  • rotz055

    I would be much more interested in this if it didn’t have the long shadow. Same with Lumos.

  • Cowboydroid

    Now if I could just find a decent launcher based on the GEL which I could use these themes with…

    • The Dude

      If you’re rooted, you can install Xposed and then install Unicon from the Play Store and use the themes with the stock GEL launcher. Exactly what I did on my N4 until I upgraded to the Moto X. Now I just rock Nova Launcher, since I like customizing things to my liking. Touchless Control and everything that makes the Moto X awesome remains in place and working, so best of both worlds for me.

      • Cowboydroid

        I was hoping go without rooting my N5, but the temptation is strong…

        • js

          thy shall root thou Nexus

      • Leonard Gonzalez

        I’ve been waiting months for unicon to release the update to allow us to change the icons individually, I don’t know what happened , the dev was posting teasers in December …

  • Disqus_n00b

    Can you install any icon packs without a custom launcher? I would like an icon pack for the stock UI while retaining the Google Now panel..

    • OligarchyAmbulance

      The closest you can get is KK Launcher. It has minimal settings (like grid size) and allows for new icons.

    • Root/Xposed installer/Unicon from the playstore/any launcher you wish including stock GEL

      • Elliot Kotis

        Can i select different icons for single apps using UNICON?

  • Mariano Corzo

    Somehow it reminds me of VSCOcam

  • Tiago Pestana

    I like it but not my favorite..anyway for the mods here, you guys should make a comparison between Influx, Lumos, Minimal UI Go, Axis, Nox, Stark and some others!

    And when I say comparison , I mean a side by side comparison with the most used icons (chrome, dropbox, gmail, twitter, youtube, instagram etc etc) some other games and with some alternatives…

    I already bought Minimal UI Go, Flatro, Click UI…but now for example in between this amazing Lumos, Axis and now Influx!! o.O

    I love this kind of icons packs, but like some users are reporting they are starting to show “the same between them” so yea please make that πŸ˜€

  • α•™(⇀‸↼•)α•—

    Request for Droid Life: For your next “Icons and UCCW” article please do your best to pick icons that aren’t flat and don’t have that annoying shadow effect. If you do though, hopefully it brings something new to the table because these are getting rather boring incorporating similar designs.

  • kevin_gee

    All these new icon packs with the icon having a little shadow, look pretty much the same to me.

    • mrjayviper

      I got flatro and got tired of the design soon after. but that’s just me (for those you will downvote)

  • Qbancelli


  • Rob

    How do you get the custom icons to work? I haven’t done any tweaking other than using Nova. Is it a setting in your launcher? Just install the app and follow instructions?

    • silver_arrow

      In Nova there should be a theme setting go in there and you pick

      • Rob

        That simple? Nice! Thanks.

    • Tojen1981

      Go to Nova settings then go to look and feel then icon theme.

      • Rob

        Thanks for the comment! I was hoping it would be that easy!

    • Adam

      A lot of these icon packs also come as an app that will let you set them as your default icons (for the common 3rd party launchers). Look for the app in your drawer, find the “apply this theme” part and click okay and it should change every app that it can.

      • Rob

        Thanks, I checked it out but didn’t like how it was making icons that didn’t have a special design have the corners rounded and only a portion of the actual icon showing up (a teal oval around it).

        • Adam

          Yeah, it does do that. You can change icons manually in most launchers by long pressing on the icon (at least on your homescreen) and then editing the icon. If you wanted to do this it might be easier to apply the icon pack to everything then go and switch back your non-skinned icons.

          • Rob

            I ended up buying Flatro. I like what it does to the icons it doesn’t have a special redesign for. Plus it is on sale for 99 cents.

  • NAM37

    I wish I could use these with the Stock MotoX launcher.

    • jnt

      It’s a bit of a headache, and not as seamless as a custom launcher, but Desktop Visualizer should be able to do it for you.

  • FYI, most of those walls can be found on unsplash.com

    • Alex

      True, but I have touched them up a little, except for one that is in there at the request of a user without the effects.

  • Tim Wing

    Is it just me or is this flat ui crap getting old and boring.

    • KingofPing

      Not just you. Not at all…

    • sc0rch3d

      amen to that. my phone is meant to feed me information…i don’t want icons all over the homescreen. 4×5 is barely enough room as it is since not all apps are offering great widgets.

    • OligarchyAmbulance

      It’s just you. The alternatives that we’ve come from are gaudy, glossy, bubbly, and “fake leather.” No thank you.

      • Tim Wing

        What do you consider gaudy, everyone laughed at Apples flat design and now its all the rage in android, I just dont get it.

        • Cowboydroid

          Um, what? Apple’s flat design was a reaction to what everyone else was doing, including Google. Flat design was the rage before Apple followed.

          I don’t understand how people have such short memories.

        • OligarchyAmbulance

          You do realize that iOS 7 brought a flat design *after* both Android and Windows Phone, right? And I don’t recall anyone laughing at it (other than the fact that it was colorful) as it was a much, much needed improvement over the very things I just mentioned.

        • Elliot Kotis

          Wow…..Google had flat before Apple did, apple’s is just over colourful and ugly.

    • Tojen1981

      My personal favs are Glass Theme and Konect Theme. Very slick.

    • Steve B

      Not just you. It’s a trend like anything else and something new will come along soon enough that we will all jump on.

      • α•™(⇀‸↼•)α•—

        The flat icon addiction has been around for some time though so it’ll probably last for a while. I remember I bought my first true flat icon pack back in early 2012. I don’t mind them but the shadow effect is getting old.

        • Steve B

          Cool name bro

    • patbat

      Definitely not just you.

    • Raven

      I agree, I am waiting for something far more 3D to come back into style. We have all of this power in new phones and yet plain flat boring icons are all the rage. I want semitransparent alpha blended icons that look nice over a subtle live wallpaper. It is almost like people are starting to forget that the alpha channel even exists or that it supports more than 00 and FF but also everything in between.

  • BTLS


  • George Fayad

    Nice to see them doing a demo. Wish more icon devs would do that.