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Tuesday Poll: From What We’ve Seen So Far, Would You Choose the HTC M8 or Samsung Galaxy S5?


Rumors for both the HTC M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are at an all time high, so it’s time we ask where you all stand as of this very moment. From what we think we know, the Galaxy S5 will launch with either a 5.25″ QHD display or a 1080p display, but that’s if there aren’t actually two different variants of the device; one premium model and one less-premium model. The device is still rumored to feature a 16MP rear-facing camera, a quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and launch with Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat.

The HTC M8 is currently rumored to launch with a 5″ 1080p display, dual rear-facing cameras, a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and come out of the box running Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat. Luckily for HTC fans, reported pictures of the M8 have been popping up here and there of the device, while Samsung fans haven’t been as lucky.

So, if both phones were released tomorrow, which one would get your vote?

From what we have seen so far, which phone would you choose?

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  • James Vincent


  • Anon

    I’ve got a Droid MAXX with 4.4 that says…neither.

    Seriously, this is the best phone I’ve ever had, and not just because of the battery. No Touchwiz, no Sense. Active Notifications. Moto Assist (meaning tons of hands free and automation options). Really good performance, even if I don’t have a Snapdragon 800. And battery life that means I don’t have to turn stuff off ever to make it through a day.

    Get me a Galaxy S5 with a matte textured back and no Touchwiz, or an HTC M8 with no Sense and a guarantee of reasonable software update timelines, and I might think about it, but right now, this is the best smartphone I’ve ever had (and my first was the analog Kyocera 7135 flip, PalmOS unit back in 2005).

    • Anon

      2003, actually. By 2005, I had a Palm Treo.

  • Rob

    Neither, nexus or go home.

  • tommy

    If they put a removable battery and a micro SD slot on the M8, that’d be my choice. But as is, I’m just too spoiled with my interchangeable parts… So I choose neither. I’ll wait on the Note 4, Samsung’s real flagship phone.

  • William_Morris

    Next version of the Moto X…

  • Michael Hammond

    Neither. I think since my upgrade from my OG RAZR to the S4, I won’t be upgrading for quite some time. My S4 meets and exceeds my needs in a smartphone.

  • heldaavid

    Bring on the G3. Any fan of Android / educated consumer should realize the G2 could probably compete with an S5/M8. The G3 will just crush all three.

  • Dorian Brooks

    Honestly neither of these phones do anything for me. Why?
    I don’t mind the design of the Galaxy S it’s all the bloatware & the UI I don’t like. Sure I would like a significant body redesign on their part. I don’t even mind plastic.
    HTC has burned me too many times on updating their phones. Also following the incremental device upgrade trend will definitely kill them faster. They have to come with “NEW HOTNESS.” They don’t have the option of sitting on their laurels.

    Currently the ONLY phones I’m giving attention to are Nexus line, GPE’s, & MotoNOVA or is that LeMOTO?

    • Epic Tea

      Funny i got kitkat on my one before samsung note 3 or gs4.

      • Dorian Brooks

        Maybe this time, but ask anyone who’s had a “flagship” device before the ONE. Say the DNA/Butterfly, One X/One X+, Rezound, EVO, Amaze, Sensation, Thunderbolt. I can go on.

  • dazz1996

    Locked bootloaders for us Verizon customers and UI’s that you need a map just to change a setting in the settings menu. I will pass

  • Hothfox

    I have never been a fan of the Samsung lineup because of build quality and software. I can deal with HTC’s Sense skin, and I like what they did with the HTC One, so I would choose them at this point. After the Moto X, I’ve been less interested in rooting and just using stock, so that will play a big part – will I feel like I have to root my next phone to like it? If yes, no dice.

    I will actually be waiting to see what Motorola comes up with in the Fall before I make any decisions, though.

  • Epic Tea

    After using almost every flagship device in 2013 From samsung galaxy to htc to lg to motorolla to the iphone and with htc slowly going under and samsungs crappy software And with samsung slowly using knox to completly stop people from rooting (or at least making it harder) i don’t think i will ever use a non nexus device again love my Nexus 7 2013, although i do have a black htc one which is a nice device im about to switch to Nexus 5, and might sell my Nexus 7 for the Nexus 8 if the rumors are true.

  • Epic Tea

    Nexus 5.

  • Adam Truelove

    Nexus 5 2014 edition (or what some are calling the Nexus 6)

  • Severo Rivera

    HTC m8 if I had to choose

  • MichaelFranz

    Could there be an option for “i’ll wait until both are annouced to decide”. I will say right now i’d lean towards the HTC but i would be picky depending on if that black bar exists or not. It does cosmetically look disgusting to me. Very redundant for the design. Not to say its a deal breaker if it is the overall better phone at the end of the day but I will say im not a fan of it. I think sammy has a big surprise in store for us. I’m excited to see what the bring to the table and hope it is something that will attract me back to samsung. I loved my S3 but hated the plastic feel of it and the battery was sub par.

    For me it has to be a phone that can pull me away from Moto’s software suite and active display etc

    • Epic Tea

      The black bar is fine on the M7 htc one especially on the black model which i have, but yeah if they add on screen buttons its useless.

      I am curious to see what the moto x 2 will bring that is probably my favorite non nexus device i tried last year.

  • wtsamatta

    Had too many problems with samsung phones to bother any more. 2 original nexus phones, micro usb port broke on both…decided to to move up to the Galaxy S2. Had the first one a month, screen broke. Got a insurance replacement, had it a week and the screen broke again. 4 sammy phones in the matter of a month broken. Had my Droid DNA over a year now with no problems.

  • IJS

    At what point doors the size of the Galaxy S series and the size of the Galaxy Note series become the same?

    • IJS

      doors = does

  • agrivated

    Lets be real…. as soon as these to devices are released you will be speculating about the next HTC and Galaxy S whatever. So why bother doing this poll?

    • Captain O’Captain

      Why bother on commenting on a useless poll?

  • dlegendary0ne

    Galaxy Note series only for me. Thanks.

    • jbegs

      This is where I’m at as well. Where’s the Note 4?

      • PoisonApple31

        About 8-9 months from launch.

  • John Kitchen

    Until Samsung puts some quality in their work, I will never buy one of their products.

  • Kavin Nguyen

    Happy with my G2. No giant home button, super thin bezels, 5.2 display, and running android 4.4.2. Seems like the other two are playing catch up.

  • fr231

    GS5 GPE unlocked.

    • Epic Tea

      I think they should get rid of the physical buttons on the play models i hate buttons.

  • schlanz

    I’m sorry HTC but I prefer the front of my phone to be as much screen as possible. Boomsound is a worse gimmick than anything samsung does when the end user almost always uses bluetooth earbuds/speakers.

  • Richard Giordano

    I’m just going to sit here and wait on my Droid Maxx to see what moto has to offer this year. They changed the way we use our smart phones with Features like touch less control and active display. last year was a great year for them.

  • Hector Abreu

    I’ll hold off and see what LG and motorola have to offer. They were game changes for me in 2013

  • jack

    Two words. Removable battery. Gotta have it.

  • waleed300

    http://phandroid.com/2014/02/11/purported-samsung-galaxy-s5-box-lists-some-quick-specs/ S5 box leaked, 20 MP camera, 3000 mAh battery, 2K screen

    S5.. Doesn’t take a genius, better hardware, better software, and more developers to bake for us. + Removable battery and Micro SD card.

    • Nikuliai

      that’s the problem, the spec war is kinda boring

      • Tim242

        A better camera and bigger battery is far from boring.

        • Nikuliai

          I guess we agree to disagree… a bigger camera and battery are boring to me (changed the word since to me it doesn’t adjust to what you’re saying)

          More megapixels doesn’t mean the camera is better, it just means it takes bigger pictures, the spec war on cameras should transfer to the sensor tech and the camera tech itself (like focus and exposure), but it won’t cuz people are dumb and think that > MP implies better camera and better pictures but it doesn’t

          Battery LIFE is important, the software changes they do to keep the phone alive more time are interesting, the changes on the technology on the Lithium battery is interesting, putting a bigger battery on a case isn’t

          I really hope Samsung and HTC actually archieve better cameras, I think HTC may be on a better track there since they seem to be using dual focus tech, but to me having a 20MP camera over a 16MP is a boring change all the way

          PS: downvote me all you want, the spec war turned out quite predictable, all the tech bloggers actually say the same, that’s why the Moto X made so much noise, cuz it’s something new, it failed, but it’s something new, which is something we’re missing

          • Patmw123

            I thought he was being sarcastic, but who knows.

          • Nikuliai

            hope so, but I don’t know either, I’ve seen some comments from him where I’m like “wow, nice!” and others that make me think “wtf? seriously?” so I answered thinking he was serious, but nobody knows but him 😛

          • Tim242

            The S4 has a pretty good camera. It takes pictures, with great clarity and detail due to its 13 MP camera. Megapixels aren’t everything, but they are important They don’t just make the picture bigger, they make it look better, much like 720 to 1080p does for a display. I have no doubt that it will also have improved sensors and OIS. The Moto X made a lot of noise amongst silly tech bloggers, but not with anybody else. The camera is terrible on that thing. As someone that takes lots of pics, and doesn’t want to carry around a second device, I am very excited about better cameras and more MP. Then again, I don’t take pics to post on Facebook and instagram.

          • Nikuliai

            well it looks like if you edit a text to remove words Disqus finds offensive the post disappears lol… so making it brief

            kind of agree: S4 has a pretty good camera, Megapixels aren’t everything but are important
            agree; samsung will probably have better sensor and OIS, Moto X camera is terrible, Moto X sucess differs on types of people
            disagree: MP makes the picture look better, much like 720 to 1080… noooope, can’t agree with that, it’s just pixels, I can strech a photo of 40×40 to 2MP, I mean I can, but it will look horrible, you need better sensors, contrast ratio, auto focus, picking the colors on the right way, tons and tons of things, MP means size

            I do respect the fact you care about cameras and don’t wanna carry a second device, but I would like details about the whole camera, not just the MP, cuz 20MP tells me nothing (well it does tell me something, that I’m gonna have to watch a lot of youtube videos and pics before I figure out if the camera is garbage or not)

            PS: people who take pics to facebook and instagram are fine with the standard 2MP on the front camera since they add noice, especially on instagram

          • Tim242

            Unfortunately, they don’t put sensor specs on the box. Luckily, the announcement is soon. I just have to figure out my excuse for buying another phone full price so soon : /

          • Nikuliai

            They should tho :/ gsmarena has some of the camera features but it’s not near enough… I would rather have specs of the sensor quality than the MP, but the MP number is bigger and sells more ¬¬

            But yeah, I wanna check the Unboxed 5 and the announcement from Huawei, Huawei doesn’t have much penetration on your market (assuming you live on the US) but they seem to do fun stuff where I live (Huawei is like low-mid end oriented imo), so I would love to see a smartwatch/band or even a tablet with their perspective

            PS: I’m gonna let my wallet rest on the phone market a while, at least 6 or 7 months to know the cards of all the players first, if you buy in sept-oct you have like 4 months without a single phone released so your wallet can rest a while (well that and the fact I spent 1k on tech last month), besides if I buy now I will wanna buy the next high end too, better to wait lol

    • trevorsalienarms

      …and yet I still don’t want it. According to “the specs” that should be unpossible, right?

      Look, I’m sure the S5 will bring the horsepower, but so long as Samsung insists on the physical button, TouchWiz and sickly smooth, greasy plastic backs, I just don’t care. If I’m I’m gonna commit to a phone for awhile I’d at least like to look at/hold it without feeling I gave up what is really important to me just so I could temporarily brag that my phone has the fastest/best insert spec here.

  • Orlando

    I try gs4, htc one, and they are nothing like the moto x.

  • Orlando

    Once you go MOTO X, you’ll never come back baby, lol….

    • Epic Tea

      I did lol but thats because i swap phones with people all the time i will say the Moto X suprised me i think the one and moto x have the best in hand feeling when holding, and that touchlesa control feature is great.

  • Orlando

    Once you go MOTO X, you never come back….lol

  • Jonathan

    Honestly, the improvements aren’t that great which makes my decision easier. I’m actually saving up money for an 8″ Windows 8 tablet (ASUS Vivotab Note 8) and just keep my current phone for at least another year.

    • cree

      Same here! Looking at the ThinkPad 8 (1920×1200 screen, USB 3.0 and video out) and the same ASUS Vivotab (active digitizer!). Since I have grandfathered Verizon unlimited data, I have to pay full price for phones now (the workarounds I’ve found aren’t great) which kind of made me look more into other devices more often. So far the whole dual UI thing on Windows 8 is perfect for an 8″ screen (not so much on notebooks and desktops though). The new Intel Bay Trail Atoms are a lot faster than the ones I’ve use on netbooks as well.

      • Owen Howe

        next moto g

  • Trevor

    I’m about at the point where its Nexus or nothing. Though I am still interested in what Moto pushes out to the world.