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Qualcomm Glance Looks to Make Your Homescreen Better By Learning Your Habits

Since the introduction of Android’s notification bar, the focus has been getting the information you want, when you need it. Up until the release of Android 4.2, the Android lockscreen was unexplored territory as far as getting your notifications and information, but that is quickly changing. Qualcomm Glance, its lockscreen replacement now in open beta, wants to learn from your habits and surroundings to give you information at a glance. 

What makes Glance different from other lockscreen replacements is the amount of your phone’s info that it has access to. To install Glance, you also need to install Qualcomm’s battery monitor, BatteryGuru. I’d like to say that setting up Glance is a quick install, but BatteryGuru and Glance both have menus that you need to tweak before they really kick in.

BatteryGuru and Glance monitor your phone’s apps, data intake, and when you use your device to best deliver the information when you need it. Current weather, upcoming appointments, and relevant apps are all featured on your screen whenever you wake it from sleep mode. Hitting home or back takes you to your regular lockscreen or straight to the homescreen if you have it disabled. The app is still in beta and Qualcomm is asking you to help work out the kinks, but as far as lockscreen replacements go, Qualcomm has a good start here.

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  • Jason Brown

    incompatible with my gnex. =(

  • Jeremy Druhot

    I really like where this app is going. I just wish it had music controls, loaded the icons faster, and had an easier way to unlock.

  • uzo ufondu

    What time and wearher widget is that?

    • cortesjues

      pretty sure its part of the qualcomm app

  • It Just OK. I don’t like the fact you need to press the home button or back button to get to home screen. Kind of want a area to slide to unlock. Do not like the branding on the bottom of the lock screen. We don’t need that. Need the option to choose more wallpapers. Add app to the bottom row as well if we want. Change weather refresh rate. i guess its in BETA so lets see what happens.

  • Gerardo Hidrogo

    I have a lot of faith in Qualcomm, but I just started to use slidelock. I guess I’ll give it a couple of months to change it.

  • Philip J. Fry

    I never could get it to “learn” my nexus 5.

  • Guest

    Qualcomm seemed to have messed up the part about unlocking to the homescreen except by pressing home button. Don’t know how they let that fly over their heads.

    • I agree with this.

    • Adam

      Seems like more of a homescreen replacement instead of a lockscreen replacement. Kind of like mashing Cover and Aviate together. I can’t say I really like how it works with my current habits, maybe it’ll get better as the beta progresses.

  • Adam

    I wouldn’t mind a nice detailed DL post about all the decent lock screen replacements that have been cropping up. I’ve tried many myself, but I would be curious as to what the DL staff think and use for themselves.

    • PHure1958

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  • Droid Ronin

    How does this compare to Cover?

    • Cover seems to do more with out the weather option. I like cover. I cant decide what is better. LOL

  • The Narrator

    In Qualcomm We Trust.

  • samosa queen

    Was the Qualcomm Snapdragon logo on the homescreen really necessary? This takes branding to a whole new level.

    • They need to remove that ASAP.

      • The Narrator

        It’s a beta, relax.

    • TSON1

      I think it’s tastefully placed, to be honest. What else would you put there?